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Oh well. We're 2 different people.


No need to be upset, some people are genetically predisposed to be better at some things by default.


Yeah black people are genetically superior at almost everything


Genetics don't care about your feelings.


They should they're mine and should bow to my will


I will cry. He has better genes than me...


Your buddy is either a genetic freak, trens hard, or lies about his training. No other option. The latter 2 being the most probable


Nobody is running a sub 19 5k without exercising regularly.




Doesnt mean he doesnt train in private. I didnt attend any groups in scool and still won 90% of competitions


You don't have to be part of a running club or sports team in order to exercise.






Sorry to tell you this but you realise that 6:20 for a mile and 21 minutes for 5000m are not very fast times, especially after five years of training if you're relatively young. A 16 year old has run a 4 minute mile and 13:35 for the 5k. That's with not much more than 5 years of training. Those are world records so I'm not saying you should match them, only that your times aren't even club runner standard. Reset your goals and get some real training.




Then with regards to your buddy: accept that some people are fitter than you. The purpose of training is not to be better than him, it's to be better than you were yesterday.


Genetics man. It sound like you haven’t seen enough of the human population.


Imagine getting to witness one ethnicity introduced to another because they haven't even seen other ethnicities before


Papua New Guinea tribe videos, meeting white man for first time. They touch him a lot because they think he’s a ghost.


Ooh interesting


Life is not fair but at the end of the day, it is you who feels satisfied because you've accomplished something exeptional in your own parameters. When people dont have to work hard for anything they will respond poorly when they eventaly have to work hard (and they will, life is hard). On the long run you will have a more ballanced life. This will seem a boring life with no great story about fucking woman left and right. But your buddy generaly doesnt talk about his hangovers, his poor financial status, his lonelyness on the nights he isnt with someone else. People like to bragg and dont like to talk about the bad things in their life, so try to not compare yourself to others because there is always someone better at something, and instead look at your own life, what you've accomolished. Like your disipline on healthy eating and working on bringing that time down. I try to be satisfied, not to have the most or be the best, strife for what you can accomplish not for what someone else has.


Don't try to beat his times. Try to beat yours


You be you, focus on yourself and not what others think of you and if you do let that drive you. I use to be a small skinny runt but now I've got some muscle on me and even my 5k run time has come down significantly. I'm still not happy with the way I look but I'm improving it. But for the girls part... like that's ever gonna happen