My girlfriend doesn't want kids- can't stand the idea of carrying a child or having that lifestyle, which I respect. I don't particularly want children either, but have dabbled with the thought, and if she would ever change her mind, I probably would too. One day she told me "The only reason I would ever consider having a child would be to make more of you". By far the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. ​


Not any specific compliment, but when I was finally putting in the effort in my appearance a friend of mine told how much of a transformation I had gone through and to keep it up. She said it totally unprovoked which was why it was nice.


I was once called a hunk by a lesbian. 20 + years later i'm still trying to work that one out.


"I may not be sexually attracted to you, but you're still attractive" Big WIN


Yes, I've come to the gradual realization that it's a compliment, which is pleasant. Dawn, wherever you are, thank you!


Straight women genuinely notice (and compliment) the attractiveness of other women all the time, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that a lesbian noticed a hot man. You probably would have had to be extra good looking to catch her eye.


Thats not hard to work out, lol. I'm assuming you're a straight male. You can probably tell when another guy is extremely attractive. Even though you're not attracted to him, you can recognize objective handsomeness. Game recognize game, you know?


Growing up through school I was bullied a lot, in high school a girl that used to bully me walked up to me in cooking class and apologized to me, it's not really a complement but it meant a lot, as I was a social outcast during that time.


Early on in our relationship my now wife told me that she usually didn't sleep well, except when I was there and then she fell asleep easily. Which is especially impressive at the time given we were cramming me (6'3") and her (5'11") into a standard twin bed.


Dopamine & serotonin are hell'a drugs. Edit: Jesus, people are tweaking out for some Oxytocin too I get it. Lol


Where can I get some


Meet Swampletics


My first girlfriend used to fall asleep within like 5 minutes, anytime we lay down together. On the couch to watch a movie? Asleep. At the park on the grass? Asleep. In bed, talking about random stuff? Asleep. It was cute.


dammm y’all a tall ass couple


Talking to my crush and I asked what she liked about me the most(not random, we were playing a game asking each other whatever we wanted) and she said: “your smile, it always lights up your face and makes me happy.” I usually have a pretty depressed look on my face just because that’s the way I look but I’ve had my smile complimented multiple times. This ones my favorite though. Edit: to anybody reading this again for some reason: I’ve got pics on my profile, at the request of someone, if you wanna verify lol.


I can relate so much dude people are always telling me 'why do you always look mad or emotionless' and then a girl I was talking to said to me 'you always look like you just murdered someone but when you smile it's fucking beautiful' now that felt good


I was singing in my car one day, and didn’t notice these two girls pull up next to me at a stop light. One of them got my attention, and told me I had a wonderful voice. Felt good 😊


did you break it to them that it was a lip-sync


Your the type of guy I wish my son grows up to be.


I’ve gotten that one, I love that one.


I have also received that, and it was the highlight of my month.


I had a girl message me the day after hanging out last week that asked me what my skin care regimen was. She claimed my skin was glowing and so plump and flawless. She insisted on knowing what products I used. I was flattered to know she picked that up, even though I don’t do anything special Edit: People messaging me about my skin care routine, seriously NOTHING. I drink a couple litres of water each day, workout after work and sit in the steam room for 10 minutes after that. Maybe the water and sweat combo?? I don't know. Seriously nothing special. Edit 2: I moisturize with "St Ives Body Lotion with cranberry". Literally bought it because it smelled nice. People think I'm out here smearing caviar on my face or some shit


ur skin so plump bb


plumpboi edit: thank you for the silvers! Who knew my first silver would be from calling another man a plumbbooiiii


She likes em big and plumpy


“It’s genetics but if you want my DNA inside you, I’m sure we can work something out”


We were talking about going bald and she said that I could pull it off because I have a symmetrical face


Strangely wholesome.


Two days later Stroke Steve came in wearing a toupee and doing that half-smile he does.


That I could be a great comedian.


Say something funny


I did standup for six years and still don't have a go to joke for this bullshit


It's like the words "tell me a joke" are a magic spell that instantly wipes all traces of humor and jokes from your memory for the next 15 minutes.


Its like when you are bilingual and someone asks you to say something in the other language and you suddenly lose it.


I always say the word "something" in that language.


Whenever someone asks me to tell a joke, I default to "Horse walks into a bar. Bartender says 'Why the long face?' Horse says 'I've finally internalized that my alcoholism is tearing my family apart,' whereupon he orders a shot of wood alcohol to begin the solemn process of drinking himself to death."


Is the horse Bojack?


The horse is a metaphor


The best compliment I ever got was by accident. I was walking along the street with my friend, when a young boy and his mother overtook us, and the boy was dumbstruck by me, and was practically walking backwards to stare at me. I was used to it and tried to ignore it. I have dwarfism, making me 4ft tall and my limbs disproportionate to my body. It also affects how I walk. The staring is just part of my life. Except my friend was absolutely baffled. She asked *"What the hell is that kid's problem?"* I laughed, thinking she was just trying to be nice and make me feel better, but I realised by the look on her face that she genuinely didn't understand what the boy was staring at. I hesitated and said *"Well...you know,"* gesturing to myself. She frowned at me for a couple more microseconds, before suddenly looking incredibly embarrassed. *"OH, I'm sorry! I totally forgot!"* Seeing her genuine revelation made me so happy, I just started laughing. It felt amazing to know that she 100% saw me as 'normal' and couldn't think why someone would find me strange. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. She just felt embarrassed. Edit: Emphasising the dwarfism part, since it seems people missed it and thought I was implying that I was really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, which I found hilarious. I mean, I *am*, but I'm also a dwarf. Call me Dwarven Steel.




The better and longer you know someone the more their "flaws" melt away. I think it's the same with beauty too. You get to know someone and get used so used to their face or physique that you no longer see it anymore. Their personality has completely eclipsed how they look, so much so that you barely see their physical appearance anymore. Or its tainted by their personality. You might like a sharp jaw on someone you like but it's too pointed on someone you dislike. There was this one girl that I worked with, she was in her teens, I was in my early 20s, and when she first showed up i was literally stunned at how beautiful she was. She was like a short hispanic pocahontas. I was intimidated. Weeks and months go by and I eventually forget about it until for some reason that time period got brought up and I told her I thought she was stunning, not merely a conventional beauty. And she was a little surprised. She knew she was pretty, but we all are busy and forget and just keep on keeping on. She also had a pretty cold personality. But it was that that made her strong in her role at work. Not her beauty. Anyways between that and drawing faces of people I knew it made me realize how beautiful most people are and how little difference there really is between "ugly" and "pretty" or "perfect" and "flawed". Especially when you see them everyday.


I don't draw, but I like to study faces. It started when I saw a poster in one of my classes of some really old black dude. I was *fascinated* by the wrinkles in his face. By the end of the semester, after having stared up at that poster for so long, I could truthfully say (as a straight guy in his 20s) that this old man was beautiful. That realization made me start studying other people's faces, and I came to the same realization that you did. I am fascinated by faces and what they can tell you about a person -- their emotions, age, general disposition. Sometimes I actually catch myself just staring at someone in class or in line or on a bus. People are really cool, man. I've been trying to pay more attention to the world around me; to *see* what I look at and *listen* to what I hear. It's made me appreciate humanity quite a bit more than I did before. I don't entirely know why I wrote this out, but it's too late to delete it now. Edit: y'all are too kind. I've been feeling down today, but all of your comments are cheering me right up. Just goes to show that something seemingly small can have a big impact. :)


Im glad you wrote this, it’s really amazing the world we live in. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own stories and forget to notice the beauty all around us


My wife agreed to marry me


>My wife agreed to marry me How long had she been your wife before agreeing to marry you? (And congratulations!)


Her: "It was a joke bro!"


I have a story. So I do theater, and I was talking to some of my friends, waiting for it to start. One of them looks at me and says, out of the blue, "Wow, your eyes are so beautiful!" Now, I had never been complimented on my eyes before, so I felt really good. I told her this, and soon everyone was all over me, complimenting my eyes. One girl even said, "I thought everyone told you that, so I didn't bother." I was blushing so hard, I had to step outside and take a moment to collect myself. Edit: I can't send a pic of my eyes, not any good ones, and I can't take another one because my phone is out of storage Edit 2: I posted a bad pic on r/eyes


I could almost feel that happiness just from reading this


Now I need a picture of your eyes.


Send eye pics


> Send eye pics Or just send eyes.


Sometimes I make food that my wife requests. I'm nowhere near as good a cook as she is but I can make sure the cheese is grilled. Sometimes after I make her something she asked for she'll text me saying that it tastes just like her deceased grandmother had made it. For someone who can't really cook that's one of the best compliments she gives me


>she'll text me saying that it tastes just like her deceased grandmother I read that as the end of the sentence. Was about to tell you that's definitely NOT a compliment. Congrats on your delicious grilled cheeses


"Yeah, we were out of pepper so I used your grandmothers ashes, I'm glad you noticed."


Home cooking really brings families together


Tie between two weird ones: you have beautiful eyebrows, and apparently I have a sexy back Edit: I'm definitely not Justin Timberlake


Sexy backs are everything. Definitely a compliment


One of the starters on the varsity women's soccer team told me I had nice calves.


“You're cute”, in a way you also say to a pet, not in the way of being a cute guy


I actually love this. It really does make me feel cute


I'll get the ball rolling. I have medium length hair for a guy, about maybe to the base of my neck at a push. A girl who was standing behind me said "How does he have better hair than me?" under her breath. That made me smile a lot.


Should've flipped it around casually while giving her a Blue Steel look over your shoulder and just said, "Fabulousness comes naturally."




"Fierce, sister. Just fierce and feisty."


>"Fabulousness comes naturally, darling."


My boyfriend grew his hair out the last couple years and I think this constantly. I just know his hair will be better than mine at our wedding.


I have hair that goes down to my shoulders, and I've heard people say to me "Your hair is so soft," or "how do you take good care of your hair." I play it cool and say "Lather, Rinse, and Repeat" (which is partly true), but it makes my day when that happens.


Same person, not sure which I liked more, so I'll tell you both. Shortly after having an epiphany and realizing my best friend liked me as more than a friend We found yet another thing we have in common and I sort of jokingly said something close to "well there's one more thing I can add to the list of reasons I like you, if I was making a list" She responded with "I don't have a list, I could write a book, but I don't think I'd ever finish it" A year later: we were talking about getting married [this is in the far off future yet] while I was packing to move and we were on the phone.... she said something very close to "I just want to have a party with a bunch of our friends to celebrate the fact that I FINALLY get to marry my best friend." I smiled. It was nice to hear, then all of a sudden the realization hit me like a ton of bricks: Dude! You're her best friend. She's talking about you. I had to put the phone down, shed a few tears, and wipe my face.




Just because I compliment a change doesn't mean I didn't like how a man looked before. I just want him to know that I see him.


true, didnt really consider this perspective




I try to compliment people when they get drastic haircuts if it looks at all nice. I figure that they might be feeling insecure about taking such a big step, and I want to reassure them that it's good.




I didn’t read your name at first so I just thought the guy was calling you “badonkadonk” as his flirt and I was just... stunned? I mean, I’m bad at flirting, but it takes serious skill to be THAT bad at it!


A girl told me I had ''Tom Hardy lips'' once, following it up with ''He's better looking though'' F


Had a girl my junior year of high school, one day the teacher puts 5 of us in a group and we’re sitting opposite end and she just blurts our that I have the nicest smile she has seen. I was super shy as a kid but that there gave me so much confidence and made me really think I wasn’t all that ugly


9th grade - wearing my ROTC uniform like some sorta nerdy failure. Cute girl looks me up and down and says, "You have a really cute butt 😉" I'm 30 now. I will never forget.


Your first sentence made me think that you gave birth to a girl


I did a stint as a DJ/Presenter on a local radio station. I did the 2200hrs- 0000hrs show 5 night's a week. A woman would ring the studio several times a week to tell me that the sound of my voice made her cum.


Curiosity noises


[here you go](https://www.cutscenes.net/videos/2889/theresa-lynn-private-parts-1997-orgasm-on-the-radio/) NSFW


okay I thought your NSFW warning was a joke and I definitely had my volume on high in an airport when an ad for hentai shit came up


Thank you fellow sir for your valuable contribution


thanks, it took me about 10 minutes to track it down. lots of dmca notices and references to the original clip from when he did i on the air, but it was worth it.


Coyote J, famous radio DJ that I know personally. At the age of 50 or so, he got that call, found that girl and married her. And she looks like mariah carey's sister, in a good way.


My pretty sister used to bug on this dj's voice but couldn't see him because his set up was in a small room off the dance floor where he would take requests through an intercom, the door had a glazed window where he could see out but you couldn't see in, sister was curious so she started slipping cheeky notes under the door asking if he was single or if he wanted a drink later, but he kept saying he couldn't leave his work station, when he finally came out to meet her two weeks later, he was super skinny, 5 foot nothing with a concave chest, he said he didn't want to disappoint her & was afraid she wouldn't like him but she didn't care, they got on like a house on fire, he did excellent mix cd's at the time & they ended up married with a kid.


Well that's just a really happy ending I wasn't expecting.


I know right, my sister really surprised me that day, the whole thing actually changed my perception of her.


It seems like she knew what she wanted and she knew she really wanted it. Props to her for following through


This guy wins. Close up shop guys.




/r/GoneWildAudio Just one script fill, that's all I ask for /s but kinda not /s


A little different than most responses here: my stepdaughter told my wife that she (my stepdaughter ) wished she could have a relationship as fun and loving as my wife and I share. As a guy who grew up with plenty of bad relationship examples, I was quite proud to hear this. Edit: Wow this comment blew up. Thanks for the silver! Nice to see people appreciate a little wholesomeness sometimes.


I dated a girl with a mental illness. It wasn't schizophrenia, but some other thing where her brain would constantly tell her the people around her could read her thoughts and were plotting against her. I know that sounds like schizophrenia but she was diagnosed and receiving treatment for something I forget the name of. Anyway ... We were cuddling in bed one night when she turned to me and said, "when I am with you, I don't need to convince myself that voice is not real. I tell it to shut up, and it's gone." Of all the things any partner has ever said to me, this one will probably stick with me forever.


Same. We broke up eventually but years later, when we met up again, she said to me: "Without you, I would not have been here anymore" That will be with me until the day I pass on.


"You have an amazing body and jawline" - for someone who's been fat for most of his life and struggled with body-image issues, this was one of the nicest things she could have said.


I was on a date with a Lithuanian girl who didn't have much English, she wasn't incapable of speaking it it was just very broken. Things got a bit hot and heavy back at mine after the date when she stopped at one stage, looked into my eyes for a few seconds and said "I love your eyes, sometimes I see angel and sometimes I also see devil". Still to this day the best thing any girl has said to me, plus she was smoking hot so that helped! I should add tho that she meant devil in the playful sexy sense rather than the evil and dangerous way.


Damn that's hot


yt meme culture has infiltrated my brain not only did i read your comment in will smith's voice, but i literally saw him walk over to binoculars, cue the meme and fucking shrek or fucking thanos meme in the viewfinder. fuck.


Congrats on the sex!


"You're like a dad in a good way, you dress all cute and shit, and you're hot" made me giggle.


"I love how you make me laugh."


"You deserve to be happier than you are."


Maybe not exactly what you asked for but it technically fits so... Last year I met a very nice lady while playing videogames. She was a fair bit older than me, like around 50 (I'm 17). She is honestly the kindest person I have ever met. We started talking more about some personal stuff and became really close. She told me about her four kids and her struggles to pay the bills and I told her about my mental health issues. Turns out she's suffered through much of the same things that I'm struggeling with. We try to help and support each other as much as we can. Well, recently she told me that she cares about me like one of her own boys. I think about that a lot. It really hit me hard.


These are some of the good stories I like to hear from gaming instead of all the terrible shit people say to each other. A 7 year old boy wanted to help me ( a 30 year old female) in Fortnite try to get my first win in Duos. He was so kind, it reminded me of my son. I snuggled my boy extra snuggly that night lol.


God that reminded me of a great memory back when I used to play fortnite, I joined a random squad and it was a babysitter who was 16ish, the kid she was looking after and his friend (both sounded under 10) they had just installed the game and it was their 3rdish match. The girl never played an FPS before, the kids knew the basic controls, but I took it upon myself to wrangle them up and teach them the basics as best I could for a few games, but it was always pretty funny when you have 3 people following you, one sees something off in the distance to loot it, but rather then regroup they just continued running away until the blue zone came in.


You’re not ugly, you’re actually pretty handsome. Guys are stubborn, little shit like this goes a long way for us. Be more direct!!!


“I always feel safe with you.” It meant a lot and was also a huge turn on that she felt like she could trust me to watch out for her and that my presence could give her piece of mind.


This past new years a friend of mine might have been drugged but ended up running into me. Since she was so messed up I took her to another friend's house, the place I was going to spend the night at anyways, so we can make sure she was ok. In the morning she woke up and was immediately like "Morning DE619, do you have any advil?". A while later when I was telling her what happened the night before I asked her "why didn't you freak out when you woke up in a house you never been to?" and her response was "Well I saw you and knew that you must've taken care of me". While not a direct compliment it is nice to know when someone can feel safe around you.


Heard two girls discreetly talking about how good my butt looked while they were walking down the sidewalk behind me. I guess they figured I couldn't hear what they were saying, but after 30 seconds of them going on about it, I thought it would be funny to embellish my walk and start really putting my hips into it. They instantly started laughing their asses off.


Grats on the booty. Far too many guys dont realize their butt is as attractive to others as they find someone elses.


My joke to my friends are that a girl must have at least as great of a looking ass as mine or better in order for me to be interested.


Ha! I'm glad my boyfriend doesnt feel the same way. I have an ok bum but his is the roundest perfect bubble butt ever. Everytime he turns to the side, I'm shocked all over again at how much it protrudes! The amount of butt-related objectifying I do of him is ridiculous.






What is butt? I seem to be missing this feature. I have, in order: back, bottom back, bottom back with crack.


>They instantly started laughing their asses off. Run! They're gonna steal yours now!


Was watching Aladdin with the girlfriend one day. The scene where he steals the bread but ends up giving it to the orphans despite being hungry himself, she points to the TV and says with a big smile, "thats you!"


I'm sorry you're an orphan :( If it makes any difference, I am actually an orphan as well. My parents deserted me when I was a baby and I spent time in various orphanages growing up. I never knew my real parents and probably never will. The silver lining is that I feel like I have become a strong and independant person through all the struggles I went through growing up. I'm sure you're probably at an age where you've overcome the situation, but I hope you know how strong you are to have made it this far!




I was biking home from the museum and this girl on a skateboard passed by and said I was "a really hot fella".


Off topic, but I’m a woman and have read a few times on Reddit that men are not frequently complimented. With this in mind, I’ve made an effort to give genuine compliments to the men in my life. A coworker of mine usually wears dark clothes, but randomly wore a bright jacket a few weeks ago. I complimented him, “Bright colors really look nice on you.” He told us he went shopping over the weekend and has been wearing lots of bright colors to work this week!


Thank you for this. Us guys like getting compliments too. I’ve gone years between compliments from people. Last one I had was “You smell good” a couple of years ago. What stuck with me was I wasn’t wearing any cologne or scented body products (ran out of cologne and deodorant was unscented). That really stuck with me.


I once got a "you smell good". I worked retail at the time and was on the floor. This woman I'm selling a printer to literally grabs my shoulders, puts her nose to my chest and inhales sharply. She followed it with "I'm sorry I dont know why I did that you just smell really good". I wasnt sure what happened and just stood there for a good 30 seconds.


This somehow seems really inappropriate and so hot at the same time. I *genuinely* wouldn't mind if that happened to me tomorrow tbh.


Heavily depends on who is doing the sniffing though.


I don't normally comment much, but this struck a chord. My ex used to criticize my appearance, to the point of... It's not really worth going into detail. She told me I wasn't in good enough shape to wear white (I've always played sports. I'm 5'11, usually weigh between 165 and 175). Eventually, she became rather controlling and I could only wear the clothes that she picked out for me/made me buy.... Long story short, I'm four years out from breaking up with her (we dated for 8 years) and I still wear mostly solid gray or solid black shirts because I'm scared to draw attention to myself. A friend recently asked me to buy and wear a shirt with color and then went out of her way to compliment me on it and it made me feel really good. So, thanks for saying that to your coworker. It's scary sometimes figuring out what to wear, especially because I'm an engineer type and I went to a school with a uniform (navy pants, white button up shirt). I get nervous trying to figure out what looks good. Every little bit of encouragement helps.


I had an ex tell me I couldn't wear white because I'm messy! It made me so mad, especially because he was right. It took me a few years to allow myself to wear white and now I love how I feel and look when I wear it. And when I ruin it? I just buy something new, but honestly, it doesn't happen that often.


My mom says I am a nice man and anyone would be lucky to have me. Edit: Holy shit I just posted this without even thinking and I come back to my first silver and then 3 more? Thanks! My mom told me I was popular once and I am starting to believe her!


I don’t think girls realise how handsome my mum says I am


"My mom says I'm cool"


You’re a good person. Jury’s still out on that one though, as far as I’m concerned.


A couple of years ago I went to a party with my friends, as usual I put on a white shirt and my typical pair of black jeans. Upon arriving to the party I realized it was a formal event, and i was tremendously underdressed. Not a minute goes by and my friends start mocking me for being so underdressed. One of my friends, who is kind of a bully, decides to make me look bad in front of some girls. He aproaches a group of girls at the party and starts mocking me on how underdressed I was. To my surprise one of the girls answered: "He does not need it, he is attractive enough to look good in anything he wears".


Your ‘friend’ doesn’t sound like a very good friend, sounds like one of those people that try to feel better about themselves by putting others down.


I have a friend who was like this. I called him out for putting others down for being insecure himself and he said yeah, he was. After that we got drinks and had a talk about it and he’s improved tremendously since then.




One time I was waiting in line for something and wearing... interestingly tight sweatpants. A girl looked at me and said “thicc”.


Username checks out


I forgot about that.


I was queueing at chipotle, waiting for my turn during lunch rush. The workers are in their groove, they’re trying their hardest to make the lunch rush line disappear, so they aren’t looking up as often as they might if they weren’t so busy. I get to the second stage of operation where they ask what sauce you want, and most people pick one of the three, but I don’t like hot sauce, and I don’t like pico de gallo. I tell her “no that’s ok, just corn, cheese and guac please”. It was unexpected enough in her rhythm that it caused her to focus on me to better understand, and when our eyes met, she dropped the spoon into the pico and screamed “Jesus Christ, your eyes are fucking beautiful” and then slaps her hand over her mouth like she couldn’t believe that just slipped out, and she apologized. It was honestly the warmest I’ve ever felt, and usually I don’t know how to take a compliment.


She wanted you to take her soul through your eyes.




That's adorable, is it weird I wanna see those eyes now?


I'm just picturing the piercing gaze of a siberian husky.


Or Alec Baldwin


I was talking to my friend and I noticed that her eyes looked really good, I sort of stopped and squinted at them and she did the same to me. I asked why she did it and I said I had never noticed her eyes, she said the same to me. Turns out there was a light that made both of our eyes look great and it was directly above us. We often talked under that light but had never noticed it before, weird we both noticed at the Same time.


And that, kids, is how I met your mother


Still a better story than Season 9.


My grandma told me I was the most handsome boy in the world Also - and I'm 100% serious on this one - a girl with down syndrome walked into a bowling alley in a group, she saw me and walked towards me as I was playing in the arcade (DDR), she stood next to me and said loudly "he's cute!" Edit: Thanks for the silver!


Aw, and it was probably a very genuine compliment


As someone that has a brother with downs it most likely was. I’ve never known him to lie unless it’s to trick my parents into some kind of dessert.


This is so wholesome I can't even.


I like both of these. I like both of these A LOT


this shit was so wholesome i saved it


She said that my voice was sultry.


You probably the coolest guy I know Man I love my mom


I asked this girl I like how more attractive a guy gets when he has abs, on a scale of 1-10. She said 4. So I said I guess if I get abs then I'll be a 4. She said I'm an 8 or a 9 without them. I can easily say my self-esteem has been better for a few weeks. Us guys will take a compliment to the grave.


"I like talking to you." One of the only times I've ever heard anyone say that.




A girl told me that I had the broadest taste in music of anyone she had ever met.


Only gotten compliments from my mom. The closest thing I've ever gotten is that my head looks like Frankenstein, so I look cool. That one got me good, but it was all in good fun.


My mom said I'm really handsome and I'll pull in all the ladies.




This is also how you low key tell someone they've been at your house too much.


My girlfriends family said I was "part of the furniture" and was welcome any time. Feels good to know they all like me.


do you let them sit on you while they watch tv?


"Nice sweater". One and only time I've been complimented in any way by a girl.


I came on this thread to find people I could relate to, I feel you man, but we're both gonna make it.


I don't remember the context, but my friend once told me that I was handsome and being the self-deprecating prick that I am, I replied "That ponytail must be really tight then". But she threw it right back at me with "Handsome isn't just about looks, its also about who you are as a person, and you are handsome both ways" Dead silence from me. Never felt better.


I've been told many times I have a great face for radio.


At the local hair and beard place I was getting a hair and beard trim. The woman doing the cutting started playing with my beard and apparently didn't realize she was doing it. "I'm sorry your beard is just really soft and I haven't felt that before. " it made me happy to be complimented on something I legitimately put effort in to for myself.


Two stories: 1) In college I was in the dorm lounge with a group of around 15 people all telling stories, etc when the girl next to me says, "You're so innocent." I cracked a self-deprecating joke about it, but then she leans in and whispers, "No.. like fresh meat" then bites my earlobe. 2) One time I was sitting in my car at a stop light and an older black lady in the next car over leans out and says, "Damn, you sexy for a white boy." Edit: thanks for my first silver, so here's another story. 3) Was waiting tables in college when I approached one of my tables (4 girls) to take orders, and the one girl with her back to me turned around and immediately blurted out, "Oohhhh! ..sorry.. you're cute!" It was the first time I ever got an audible, completely reactive cue about my looks. Feelsgoodman


> "No.. like fresh meat" then bites my earlobe. Fuck dude, please tell me you made something out of that.


"I respect you as a woman and a friend. Goodnight"


"Nah thanks, I can't drink coffee late at night it keeps me up."


Both of these make me think of Kenneth Parcel from 30 Rock


Grew a beard for the first time. A very attractive girl from the office couldn’t help but look at and say it looks so soft and she would love to run her fingers through it, but immediately snapped back that it was to forward of her to say that. I just laughed and told her to knock herself out. She did and said it’s the softest beard she’s ever felt.


“I love you so much. You’re like a brother to me.”


I have sky blue eyes, so ladies tend to tell me that they wish they had my eyes, or that they're gorgeous. Blue eyes are kind of genetic hacks though.


Not gonna lie, blue eyes creep me out, but I'm also blue/yellow colorblind


One day I felt really horrible, my girlfriend had dumped me, I bombed a test and was getting yelled at by a teacher. I go to sit down at my desk and one of the girls in my class looked at me and said “Hey, I don’t want to see those blue eyes be used for crying” and gave me a hug.


"Your hair is so soft, i wish mine was like that" - my sister in law. Quick update: currently balding.


My wife's good friend asked my wife one time if she could get a clone of me. I thought that was pretty awesome both for my wife and me.


I don't hate you.


To give you some background: I had just gone through a messy break up with my ex wife who ended up cheating on me. It was still fairly fresh at this point. I ended up getting invited to a friend's birthday and jumped on the invite knowing he usually invites one of my favorite girl co-workers for a job the three of us used to share. She is amazing. Anyways she shows up to the party (yssss) with a boyfriend (nooooo). Introduces me to said boyfriend as "This guy is the shit". Instant cloud nine, made my month. We are coming up on our two year dating anniversary in May. Edit: Obligatory wow, this is my highest rated comment! I woke up and it blew up over night. Just to clarify, I am dating the amazing girl. She is continues to be amazing to this day. I didn't steal her away or anything (as much as I would like to think I did), her old relationship ended naturally and we just started hanging out more and more.


That last sentence made me do a mental double-take


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One year I was got pretty tone. I girl I liked saw me with my shirt off. She didn't say anything but did a quick involuntary double take and her eyes momentarily widened. Made my insecure heart soar like an eagle!


One time I was just walking home from school and there were these kind of annoying kids behind me, and it wasn’t my normal route so they said something like “yo who tf it this kid” and I turned around a bit and one of the girls was just like “oh wow he got beautiful eyes tho” and I think about that a lot.


Don't know why but girls always compliment my collar bones. Still brings a smile everytime


Wait, you guys are getting compliments?


My buddy’s friend introduced herself to me and before I said my name she said “you’re fucking hot.” Gassed me tf up


Was getting my haircut and the girl pulled my hair back. KInd of playing with it she said I could be a model. (n˘v˘•)¬


a lot of guys are referring to looks and what not, i have had my handful of compliments on my looks. I would have to say the BEST compliment i have ever had and made me feel on top of the world is from my wife, who has told me many times that i am the best father and husband she could have ever asked for, and that makes me feel way better than any other woman could make me feel. I know it’s probably un-original, and cliche’ but to any fathers/husbands out there, i hope you relate to how it feels when your SO sees you with your kids and she thinks, “wow i couldn’t have asked for a better father to my children.” On top of the world.


"You're very attractive and have a great personality" from a friend after I mentioned that I don't have much self-confidence


Mine are a bit silly and long, but they mean a lot to me. One that makes my heart ache sometimes: whilst breaking up with me, she said “I don’t want to lose you. I keep going over every scenario and I just don’t know how to not lose you.” It was very touching to be missed so much, even though she certainly does not feel that way currently. One that makes my heart lift: “you are a good person. Don’t roll your eyes at me you are. I know you think you aren’t, and that I just don’t know the real you, but you are. Nobody is as hard on you are you are. If you treated yourself half as well as you treat people that have hurt you, well ... idk what but you’d be treating yourself pretty well. You are special, and if I have to tell you this every day until I convince you, I will. Because you deserve to know that, and you deserve someone that knows that. Because even if it isn’t obvious to you, it should be fucking obvious to everyone else!” And this one just confuses me: “you have amazing eyelashes”


someone said my art looks good that's it i live a sad life


I don't look that attractive, but I'm pretty happy with the way I look. Like, even if I don't like the way my nose looks, or how big my lips are, I'm still happy nonetheless, I'd never want plastic surgery. I tend to spend a lot of my time on discord, and in one of my discords, there's a selfie channel. I post in it pretty regularly, and enjoy to commenting others in order to let them know that they're attractive too. I really didn't get compliments that often, and one particular bad day, I just got done dropping off a super shitty Lyft customer. I open my phone after the ride to "hi, I just want to let you know that you're very cute". I was beyond happy, this girl was in the discord server too and was attractive. We talked for awhile after that, and really hit it off. Next month is our 10 month, and she lives in California. We've met 3 times and we meet a fourth this summer ☺


I was asked how it was possible for me to not have a girlfriend. It surprised me because I'm a pretty reserved guy and I'm not actualy looking.