I just received the Shoko Makinohara today by eStream Shibuya Scramble. She is so incredibly pretty in person, its hard to describe but I will give it a go. Full video review and side by side with the Mai Sakurajima: [https://youtu.be/FHSNZMGgqwg](https://youtu.be/FHSNZMGgqwg) Firstly, I think in terms of the sculpt and composition, she is flawless compared to the Mai who has color issues, Her face is uber pretty but especially from a 45 degree angle, which sadly means you see the blocky side plastic of the base, but its not a bad thing to appreciate her from different angles The background is plain but captures the feels of the scene. I think they pair up really nicely together. I like Mai more as a character but the Shoko figure is better


I dont know her, but she looks stunning!


She’s so lovely but I really wish they would release her with a super simple base. Not a fan of the scene backdrop thing they were going for.