I’m even a car/motorcycle guy and it still frustrates me beyond belief that the US is such a car dependent country. The affordable cars and insurance just aren’t there which is disappointing to see as there’s no good alternative as public transport suffers a lot here.


Get a bicycle then.


I have a bicycle, the problem is that most places do NOT have the infrastructure for safe bicycling or even safe walking, so trying to do so is a virtual suicide mission!




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Meanwhile in germany: I pay 230€ (\~$242) to be a student and can use public transport for free. I take a train to the city - takes me 10 minutes - and I can get to everything. Postoffice, Groceries, Restaurants, Government Buildings for new IDs and registration stuff. I can get to like 6 stores by just walking there in 3 mins. And I get to have a good education w/o going bancrupt. I just don't get the artifical push given to car companies by building cities like crap-car-hell.


I am SOOO jealous!


jUsT mOvE tO a CiTy tHaT hAs GoOd pUbLiC TrAnSpOrT (none of them)




NO, actually with the exception of rural areas, it would be viable in suburbs and cities even as they are!




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Sad thing is that the car for that price right now is rare. In my area, the cars that were around that price a few years ago are now nonexistent. I’ve seen those cars going for 3-4000. It’s just ridiculous!