Walk into the office, find the nearest partner, tell them you have a gift, pull your hand out of your pocket and flip them off. That should get the message across


What if the partner passionately puts your finger in his mouth and starts licking and sucking it?


No, it’s not wrong. I think it comes across as weak and immature, and I don’t think that’s ever a good look so I’d advise against it personally. You should expect someone will reach out to you and ask for a call soon after you share this news (unless they are not concerned about you leaving- in which case, you should definitely leave because you’re clearly not valued there and perhaps from their perspective you’re not valuable to the organization). Assuming someone does motion for a call- you should plan to participate in that call and listen. You don’t have to let them to talk you out your decision, but you should do the call. My advice- set up a call and verbalize this through proper adult communication. You’ll feel much better about yourself and your decision if you approach it this way.


At the very least, you should send an email to your boss with your official resignation. However, the most respectful way to do it is to have a closed door conversation with your immediate supervisor to give them a heads up and tell them in person. All depends on your relationship with that person and whether you’re leaving on good or bad terms. All things being equal, I’d never burn a bridge. You just never know when you might need to call that person down the line for a reference


Everything is all virtual and when I put time on their calendar it always gets pushed back and we usually meet end of day if at all. I think I’ll send the email and I won’t burn a bridge.


Shoot them a ping and say “hey, do you have a few minutes to hop on a quick call?” and tell them


I was there at pwc for 5 years when I quit I just told office hr who I was cook w then cced my rl and coach. I did tell the partners who’s job I was on but fuck that rl and coach. I then just put my date in workday and that was it! The coach does sign off in workday to get it moving and they did like the day before I wanted to leave.Easssssy


Firstly, i apologise for all the savages who have not congratulated you before they got on their high horses. Also, congrats.


Tell your RL and act all excited about your new role. Act like you’re expecting them to be happy for you just as any normal human being would when their colleague gets an exciting opportunity. Tell them you will miss working with them and should they ever need anything from you, you’re a phone call away. It’s best to be graceful in these situations instead of making it awkward by being afraid or ashamed to tell your superiors that you are leaving. If they cared about you, they’d be happy that you found something new, that will help you pay your bills, feed your family and brings you excitement.