When you say bye to someone and end up walking in the same direction for 5 more minutes


“this your gate?”


“Oh we’re on the same flight? Haha we’ll see ya when we land” …. “Oh you’re in this row as well…”


"Wow...same hotel...What are the odds"


Jimmy G has 2 rings as a backup. Let’s make it 3?


This could be the answer to his magic


If all he needed to do was be a backup for us to win it all,... then that trade with the Patriots will be the greatest trade ever.


The biggliest trade deals in the history of trade deals




Good insurance policy and if Lance struggles at least we can salvage the season. We are a SB team with Jimmy in and with Lance that is the unknown. Either way he will have a lot of rookie struggles. It will be interesting to see how it goes this season.


It's good insurance if Lance gets hurt. If he struggles and there's pressure to bench him, it will just slow down his development. That's the one negative aspect of keeping Jimmy, but I doubt Kyle will care about media/fan noise


They've made it pretty clear, I think. Jimmy only plays if Lance gets hurt. For better or worse. Lance is the guy. Best backup in the league though.


I mean they made it clear that Jimmy was the starter last season and despite what everyone wanted. Jimmy stayed the starter despite all the struggles we went through. Kyle is one stubborn mf'er, and he will force his way to work no matter what. I don't see jimmy taking over for Lance unless the unthinkable happens.


Lol Lance would not have performed better, he played 2 full games, we saw where he was at last year, if “everyone” wanted that then they’re an idiot


Oh I know we would not have done better last season with Lance instead of Jimmy. But there were tons of posts calling for Jimmy to be benched cause the season was "over" by week 6


I can’t remember which podcast it was, maybe Lombardi’s, but they were comparing Lance to Allen, and saying how Allen took 3 seasons to really heat up. But the guest brought up a really good point, that the bills were in rebuild mode. They selected Allen because they were really bad, the niners selected Trey because the bet the farm. So Trey has amazing weapons at his disposal that Josh didn’t have.


And more pressure, higher expectations and no excuses. Only time will tell how it plays out.


No argument there. Trey will be bald by mid season. Can’t imagine being him with all the BS scrutiny and armchair analysts (me lol) pretending to know wtf were talking about.


Longest goodbye ever....


Kinda like the “goodbye” between Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston in The Big Country


Is that the one where they fistfight each other to a draw at Dawn?


That’s the one


2017: holy shit we just got Jimmy Garoppolo 2022: holy shit we just got Jimmy Garoppolo


So true! We gave a SB caliber team. One injury could ruin it all. This is great if it works in the locker room. Although kind of unfair to Lance. He has one bad game this can start to work on his confidence. I actually think by the 3rd or 4th game we will have a trade partner. My guess is the Giants. Edit: Just put $100 on 49ers to win the SB.


Isn’t there a no trade clause? I thought I saw that reported.


There is a no trade clause, which just means Jimmy can’t be traded without his approval. Jimmy could still get traded if he approves of the trade.


Good to know, thanks.




Rita over here in shambles


lol I was just thinking - oh shit - she better get busy


yay I’m gonna put my jimmy g bobble head back on my desk at work


We need a picture of Jimmy holding a clipboard and pointing for our weekly "you're next" post


This makes me realize another fringe benefit of him being back up: no helmet between cameras and that beautiful face on the sidelines. You know networks can’t resist gratuitous jawline shots for the ratings …


My jersey is still current!


Lol, same.


Excited for the Lance era but Jimmy G will always be my first jersey and the QB that brought me back to caring about football.


Hahaha same here!


Feels great baby!


Jimmy didn’t answer Kittle’s calls trying to avoid a messy breakup, now they’re right back together.. Still I’m glad to have that jawline on our sideline.


Finally, a real backup for Lance.


only someone who has backed up a GOAT and is the handsomest backup in the league is worthy of being Trey's backup


QB room in SF is the best there is!


Really come on I’m faithful to the core but even I know there are better qbs out there lol good try though lol


Best back up in the league!


Back up yes not qb room


Matt coral says otherwise about being the most handsomest backup




Today’s game requires it. You can’t count on a QB being healthy all season long. And you shouldn’t have to give up your Super Bowl dreams because of one injured player.


I ain’t mad at all. In this league you need a good backup. The cream will rise to the top.


Now’s as good a time as any to revisit this gem: https://youtu.be/8C4lK41SX-Q




Jimmy's lengthened tenure here is like the Macho Man bringing out more and more creamer cups lol


He's a good insurance policy against a Trey injury. But they could really fuck Trey up if they waver in confidence in him.


They didn’t waiver on Jimmy last year and they won’t on trey this year. Shanahan will stick with his guy, he’s known for it.


“His guy” can also be describing Jimmy.


If Trey is that fragile I don't want him leading the team. Just look at Jimmy - the man is rolling with the punches and still standing.


[I was saying this at the end of last year](https://www.reddit.com/r/49ers/comments/s1u1ft/jimmy_g_i_really_was_like_this_could_be_it/hsbjtgd/) - no one really knows how Lance is going to pan out, and if we can financially do it, we should keep Jimmy. Everyone downvoted me to oblivion for it.


That’s Reddit for you.


I think I read the deal was 6.5 million with an additional 9m in potential bonuses if something happens to Lance and Jimmy has to start.


I think the majority of the incentives are so if we trade him he can make closer to what he's worth.


He also has no-trade and no-franchise tag in the new contract, which means he won't be sent to some crappy team


I think Kyle and John have too much respect for Jimmy to trade him to a bad team anyway


Or to a competitor (Seahawks)


It's possible that if he had gotten released that the Seahawks would have been the only team bidding and wouldn't have had to go up to 6.5 + 9. So... It's possible the Niners were willing to eat a bit more of dead money in order to make it more expensive for the Hawks. And to also force them to have to give draft picks instead of getting him free after a release. Not saying I expect that to happen. But that's still a possible outcome. In a way this could be making it easier for the Niners and Jimmy to benefit from him going to the Hawks.


Respect or the fact that he’s gotten them to the big time it’s not Jimmy call to throw or run but the games before the super bowl we ran over teams and the ln we try to throw in the Super Bowl for what that’s all coaching right there Kyle good enough to get us there but not good enough to win damn he’s the bills all over again


Also, in case he gets traded and starts for someone else... He'll still make a low, but at least more acceptable salary. I don't think a trade is totally off the table still. If anything maybe more likely than before. But a release is less likely now.


"We tease him a lot, cuz we got him on the spot, welcome back...welcome back, welcome back, welcome back..."


I’m so happy right now 🥹 whatever team he went to I’d also watch just cause I love Jimmy..now I don’t have to 🥹


Ok, whew! Crisis averted. Back to being the hottest team in the NFL.


I love jimmy


I mean gives us some pce of mind and JG clearly didn’t want to play for some bums. Team is strong enough to handle the noise. Purdy is my concern tho cause he ain’t clearing waivers




It really was the best case scenario for both parties. The trade market is what it is. We did all we could and got the best backup option for us at under 7 mil! I just hope someone gives Rita a hug...


I never heard anyone suggesting this option - did I miss out on that? Now that it is a reality, it seems so simple...


Last couple days a bunch of people started saying it. Lynch has said it a few times but we all thought he was just saying GM things


Oh got it, thanks


Oh Rita, I am so, so sorry.


Get arguably the best backup QB and save money. It’s a win-win for both parties.


Jimmy mother fucken G!!!!!!!! Feels great baby!!!!




I love that this feels like a win for everyone.


Can’t like this enough! The team needs to stop screwing around and bring another SB ring home. It’s been too long!




Told y’all he wasn’t going anywhere.


You didn't tell us shit!! Lol


Yes I did! And I’m here for the meltdowns.


Wait til jimmy is starting playoff games.


I have never seen a player more persecuted by the faithful than Jimmy G. Hopefully with this contract, we can move on from the distractions. We now have insurance if Trey falters or gets injured, and Jimmy G has set himself up very well for 2023 FA.


Lol wait until Trey has a bad game


Hot take: Trey will have bad games. Many bad games.


And that’s expected. The issue is the urge to go to Jimmy instead of working through it.


It all depends on if Trey is losing us games. I've been saying it, but more importantly the media has been saying it and the team knows it too: This team is built to win the superbowl. What I don't understand is why people think that we should throw that away today in order to develop Trey. That is, Of course if Trey is losing us games. Every other aspect of this team has proven to be able to compete for a superbowl. Trey is the questionmark. If Trey is the future, but if he is losing us games, Jimmy is going out there. Fred Warner, Arik Armstead, Nick Bosa, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Mike McGlinchy, Jason Varett, Jimmie Ward, Deebo Samuel, and Elijah Mitchell are all draft picks that the 49ers drafted who have become solid starters or superstars. That is an impressive list. It is rare that a team can put something like that together. And there are many players we have drafted who have yet to develop into their potential. So, I'm personally open to anything. I just want to win superbowls.


Hot take: Jimmy G won’t win this team a super bowl. Trey may be a question mark but Jimmy is a known quantity. Putting Jimmy in for Trey in a non injury scenario is shooting our selves in the foot.


Trey stans be like: ⬆️


I remember on Thursday how people were talking shit on Jimmy how he would have thrown to a completely open Aiyuk for the first down instead of throwing to completely covered Deebo. Like do we not want first downs? Do we not want Trey to throw to open receivers? Why is a first down a bad thing? Lol


You can get away with praising Jimmy on this sub, but there’s no criticism of Trey allowed at this time. We’ll see how long that lasts.


I'm glad I don't pay attention to the hate. I love Jimmy


Alex Smith.


Not even close


See that’s my problem. The vague definition of “falters”. What does it mean to the fans? the media? the team? to shanny? This all screams to me a unfairly short leash for Trey.




It’s like he never left


Santa Clara stays sexy


This works


Just here for the fuming jimmy haters 🍿


Top 5 roster. If Trey gets hurt, the train keeps rolling.


Hats off to this guy who can stomach humble pie.


Makes me so happy. I was sad to see Jimmy go. Glad we get another season with him, even if he's riding the pine.


Given how deep this team is I think it’s fantastic to have him as a backup. Can’t throw away the season if Lance goes down.


We are in a super bowl window, gang. Can’t bank on a rook. This is good news


I have a feeling that this situation is going to make Jimmy great.


Still not sure what to make of this. On one hand, good to have a capable backup. A Lance injury (knock on wood) is definitely not out of the realm esp. with this inexperienced o-line. On the other hand, this has got to be the first time a team kept their old QB 2 years after trading up for their new one. If Kittle, Juice, Trent, the older vets start campaigning for Jimmy if Lance has a few bad games (which isn't all that surprising), a team rift / discord would make this a bad move.


If lance can’t separate from jimmy he doesn’t deserve the job


Also probably the first time a team has made their starting QB backup after extremely successful season with them. Lots of unknowns


Honestly if Lance can’t deal with a competition that he’s handed the win from the beginning then he isn’t the guy. I have faith that he does well but this wouldn’t be a case of Jimmy winning the job back, it’s only if Trey goes out there and loses it for himself. Having the best backup qb in the league on a good deal is only a good thing, babysitting our starters feelings isn’t as important as good roster building.


I think any pressure in that situation will be from the outside. Just based on how Jimmy has handled the last year and a half, from that trade to move up to 3rd up until today, he won't support that stuff and as long as Kyle makes it clear Lance his QB1, there won't be too much noise. It will have to be really bad, a bad record with lots of mistakes by Lance, for Kyle to go back to Jimmy


Iron sharpens iron. Damn I still miss Harbaugh.


Yup I kind of hate this. The specter of Jimmy hanging over Lance’s head. Fucking hell this back and forth was supposed to END, and now it could go on all damn year. Sheesh. I get that he’s an excellent safety net if something happens to Lance, but I really wanted us to dive headfirst into giving him the team and this season. Things just got way more muddy.


I'm guessing you weren't around for the Steve Young saga? Young had that specter even after he won MVP in 1993. But he didn't mentally crumble despite not living up to Joe's legacy. He kept battling, and eventually it worked out for him. If Lance mentally gets spooked due to the presence of Jimmy, and he can't play well as a result of it then he was never the QB for the future anyway. The team moved heaven and Earth to go and get him, and he was essentially handed the job as a result of it.


Imagine following in Joe Montana's footsteps. Holy hell.


There was never any back and forth. 2021 was Jimmy’s team, Lance was nothing but a spectator and that was the plan from day 1 hour 1 minute 1. This year it’s the same except their roles are reversed.


Will only work if Kyle drills it into the vets that Trey is the starter barring injury. That was easy with Jimmy cuz he's popular in the locker room, but on paper, doesn't seem as easy the other way around.


Well good thing they don't spend a ton of time in the locker room


Ah yes, hour 1 minute 1 when Kyle had all kinds of Trey packages that he implemented in regular season games


2 a game? That stopped after week 3 or 4


Ah yes, hour 1 minute 1 is now 3 or 4 weeks into the season


Kyle stated on I think the very first conference that Jimmy was the guy and that there was zero chance Trey would start. You’re sounding like those fantasy football idiots that were calling Kyle a liar and idiot for doing as he said lol


We might have two 1s


Pretty sure this restructure happened so it makes a trade possible. We shave off like 20M off his deal and he can choose his destination with a NTC


Hopefully we can get some O linemen for him


So hurting me with your truths!


Best backup in the league


I am SO HAPPY about this news


Well at least we will have a viable backup who won't completely sink us of anything happens to Lance.


The highest paid backup in the NFL.


This photo bringing me back to simpler times


You just can’t hate that smile.


Very interested to see what Kyle and John say, is Jimmy G back in the fold, playbook in hand, taking reps with the 2s, or is he literally just being paid to boost his trade value? 6mil for a 4th rounder lol


It’s like he never left


I love the move. The season is longer than ever and keeping a starter healthy through it all is pretty freaking difficult. Now they have a great tandem to get them through it.


I want to be Jimmy G when I grow up


Like he never left


When you hook up with your ex that you ended things on good terms with


A lot of you on here owe Lombardi an apology. You know who you are.


In many ways it makes sense for the team but the times when Lance struggles will be very annoying on here. I hope people remember we were about a week away from starting Lance for the rest of the season last year until we crushed the Rams and finally started turning things around


When JimmyG was struggling I was amazed how Kyle stuck with him … and then got to the Championship game. Kyle doesn’t cave easily.


Any time you can guarantee a divided locker room, you have to do it!


I think if any locker room can make this work it’s the Niners


We thrive on divided locker rooms enough to lose the sb




Lets wait a couple games to jump to conclusions.




Confident enough to post it. Not confident enough to have it questioned.


How long till he replaces Trey Lance?


Remember when he came in midway through the season and won ever single fucking game? I love Jimmy. Just wish he wasn’t such a lazy guido with a gumar in every county this side of the Mississippi. Maybe if he married a nice Sicilian girl who could cook him a good meal every night, he might settle down and actually start acting like a man for once in his life.


This shows no trust in Trey.


It’s a freaking long season, and if Lance managed to stay healthy through it all, I’d be amazed. This ensures that a quality QB is there to back him up. It’s a Superbowl-worthy team. It would be crazy not to have a good Plan B for the position.


Ayyyy at least we have one good QB on the roster now


Hey Trey, you’ve got the team for now but if you f up, we still have the guy that got us to the championship.


Are we re-signing Jimmy just in case Trey isn't ready? How do we have the money?


Jimmy took a 19 million dollar pay cut


massive restructure/pay cut


I’m hoping this takes some pressure off of Lance, he has to know he’s not ready right? Now they’ve given us a great option, but still letting Lance learn from Jimmy. I’m very happy I was really hoping they would keep JG after watching Lance


Wow we did it we gave the guy who took us to the Super Bowl and the nfc championship another chance wow we finally realized that lance is not ready or maybe not the guy I mean he’s mobile but he’s been in the league a year now and he’s not ready everyone wants another Patrick but listen not everone is like him let trey develop into what he can be let Jimmy give it his all this year here is why if he doesn’t ball out and make us a winning team he will never get another call from any other team bet on that so Jimmy will have a great year if not his best year this year so me tell trey sorry not yet son u still got a lot to learn and keep bringing him and out of games till he has the reps in just saying


Punctuation is cool


Thanks. lol, I get it. Is that better?


Does this mean we have 20 mil more cap space this year? We could use to potentially sign or trade for a IOL or something?


It sure does. I’m hyped


Yep. And it's probably all going in the Bosa bucket.


You know Sudfeld and Purdey are sweatin right now! 😂😂


So… Purdy as #3, Sudfeld cut or PS?


Welcome back Jimmy, glad to have you aboard, now grab a clipboard and watch Trey launch bombs.


Went from bottom tier starting QB to top tier backup QB at a much more affordable price tag. Ain’t mad at it


Back up super bowl magic or better trade asset now




This has A 0% chance of being a good thing.


Hell nah


Does the dude have to keep drawing him?


“The dude”??? Put some respect on Rita’s name


17-0 against the Texans. None of QB's looked good. However, with my usual exception of the O line played like shit also.


No starting tackles and a vanilla gameplan will do that.


Also, I (u/paperbackgarbage) got quite a few snaps as part of our LB corps during that game.


This is the dumbest move. Why divide the locker room before the season even starts?!