Always rated him.


He is very rated.


I'm gonna miss that dude.


Best of luck J.T. Unless you play us.


Not gonna lie, the eagles have made some good moves this off-season. I am bummed out we weren’t able to retain Tartt. He has been a very solid SS for us for the past few years. And his chemistry with Ward was solid. They have played together since high school, and it showed. I wish Tartt good luck. He will be missed.


Fwiw i think we were 100% able to retain him we just didn't want to.


Ward convinced Tartt to play football in high school. [Source: SF Chronicle](https://www.sfchronicle.com/49ers/article/49ers-safeties-rare-path-from-high-school-15004332.php) >Jaquiski Tartt didn’t play football at Davidson High School in Mobile, Ala., until his senior year. Basketball was his first love. But he decided to give football a chance partly at the encouragement of others, including Davidson’s star safety at the time. >“We could use you,” Jimmie Ward recalls saying.




Honestly, I was super mad when we didn’t sign Dashon Goldson when Harbaugh was still in town. But they knew what they were doing. They went out and sign Dante Whitner to a great deal. I think they are pretty high on Tarvarious Moore and Hufanga. If I remember correctly there was a lot of conversation in camp last year that Moore was outplaying Tartt, but then got hurt. Moore has the speed and the range to play FS as well. So they can hide coverage packages a lot better. I think they know what they have. I don’t think this one was about money. (Just my take). It just bums me out when we loose a long tenured player we have all grown to love. But, that is the game.


Different team philosophy. 49ers got burned by so many bad deals early in the Lynch/Shanny era (Ford, McKinnon, Kwon, Malcolm Smith just to name a few), they’ve become gun shy lately and only going after low to mid-tier priced free agents and focus on building from drafts. Rams on the other hand don’t give a damn about picks obviously. And they’ve lost some not-so-trivial players on par with Tartt - Von Miller, OBJ.


This. The rams have also done more cap manipulation. However this results in a lot of dead cap and other issues later on. The 49ers are very adept at cap management and are also not afraid to spend money. People need to drop the Rams spend more BS. It isn’t true.


Might Have something to do with the 27m backup qb. Btw the Rams are struggling with it, they just shoved all the Kupp Stafford and Donald money 2-3 years down the road. All teams are banking on rising cap, but in the Rams case even that won't save them, they'll have to renegotiate again. Basically they're where the Saints were a couple years ago, they're going all in while they have high level qb play mortgaging salary cap and draft picks from years down the road to compete right now. Like the Saints the bill will come due as these huge contracts hit and they can't keep renegotiating the money down the road, especially if they're unable to have a massive draft hit that gives massive value.


I don't know why you're getting downvoted. You're 100% right. Rams keep signing big name after big name, and we can't even retain our own players, something should be easier and cheaper to do.


They have like 6 big contracts and a bunch of rookie contracts/ufdas/journeymen


They leverage their future more with contracts and are pretty much stuck with what they have right now for a good while.


Remember, that one play doesn't define his whole career. If it weren't him, it would have been the rest of the team.


Even then he made some insane catches in the past couple years.


[His one handed pick vs the Panthers](https://youtu.be/kRwyQK14DI4) is one of my favorite plays. Amazing skill, dude held it down for us even with his various injuries wish him the best




Love you Tartt! You balled out for us for years!




He is one of the safeties of all time


He’ll forever be known as a safety.


Lott, hicks, bethea, goldson, Schutlers, ward, hanks, McDonald, Whitner, and others are better than JT. He’s serviceable but was hurt a lot and turned into Kyle Williams on the biggest play of his career


Good Luck JT -- You can come back here to retire when you're done in Phillie!!


Talanoa palomalu jr 💪


Damn capped his 49er career with a dropped INT.


The Stafford narrative went from “he still makes a huge mistake and can’t get it done” to “Super Bowl winning QB” with a single dropped INT.


Just one.


Stop that BS, there was still over 9 minutes on the clock, let’s not act like our offense was going to do anything if we got the possession, are three next possession were:6 plays and Punt, 3 plays and Punt, 3 plays and INT


Injury prone and hands of stone


Still not as bad as Jimmy capping his off with an INT


Sorry. That INT was huge. We needed it. Can of corn. Dropped. Yeah yeah yeah I hear ya but that sucked big time.


Him and Kyle Williams can go fuck themselves


Really solid player when healthy. I think he used to interact with fans on snap and stuff back in his first few years definitely seemed nice to fans


What a solid player for so many years. I was excited when we drafted him and he played his ass off year in year out. Thanks for the high effort plays.