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It’s Hufanga szn 😤


I think he could be a breakout player on defense


It's tonga time baby whooo 🇹🇴 🇹🇴


Tonga time lol. Reminds me of that Bill Wurz “history of the world” video haha


Tonga is my middle name.


I’d bet Tarvarius Moore is gonna start


How can you hate all that glorious hair?


I hate that his last impact was his dropped INT. He was never a star but he was solid. Philly got a nice starter this late into the offseason.


Anyone else feel like the dropped pick was the last straw? I honestly thought he was good enough to keep around since he’s clearly signing for cheap. They must have some serious faith in Hufanga, or Moore is bouncing back from the injury nicely. Also how the fuck has Moore been on the team for 5 seasons? Feel like we barely ever saw him play. For a 3rd round pick would he be a bust if he doesn’t show something this year? I know we had plans for him to take over at one of the safety spots, but I feel like I’ve barely seen the guy on the field. Couldn’t tell you what he looks like or even his play style.


Moore is 6'2 and ran a 4.3, that gets you a huge leash. Now, I agree I think its silly, but just saying maybe that factors in.


Dropped pick did it. It HIT HIM IN THE CHEST! All I am saying is that he would not be an Eagle if he were coming from the World Champs, which what we would have been if he caught that damn ball! Not bitter though.


Last straw is Shanny not being able to score in the 4th quarter of big games. For an offensive genius he can’t seem to score any points when it matters most.


Except you know, all those walkoff field goals/touchdowns in 2019, and 2021. Other than that, yeah..


Let's be honest though, a lot of those were in games where we let teams back into the game late and had to struggle in the final moments to win. We don't often have big blow out wins anymore.


I’ve been trying to say this about 2019 since… 2019. Why were those games so close and came down to a last minute drive? It’s because the offense would keep giving the damn ball back Hell, the most iconic play, the 4th down stop in Seattle, is because the offense was a joke before that. Not burning any clock or getting field position when we had the lead


2021 wasn't much different. The 49ers are a one half team more often than not. Usually we are a good second half team, but the Cowboys and Rams playoff games we fell apart in the second half, but it was only close because we are on our A game in the first half.




I don't buy that fully. Same thing in the* Texan game with Lance, and Jimmy would be perfectly fine for a half, playing great, and then everything would fall apart and not just him. The offensive line would collpase more quickly, the run game would dry up, and guys would drop passes. It's too consistent.


Cause we can’t score late in games. The only reason the 49ers have been relevant the last 5 years is because of our defense.


Good for him. Lots of fans blame him for losing the NFCCG which is not the case. He was a solid starter for us and I wouldn't have been unhappy bringing him back. He really should've been signed sooner than this.


He dropped that INT when there was a ton of time left in the 4th quarter. Although, if he did intercept it it might have changed the momentum greatly in the niners favor, but I don’t think he is to blame for losing the NFCCG. The niners offense easily could’ve gone 3 and out after it and would’ve made no difference in my opinion.


Even if he caught the ball I never had faith that JG would do anything with it.


The entire o line was beat up and couldn’t stop the pass rush. Blame is equally on both imo.


Williams was playing through injury for that matter


And their defense was just playing really well. I don’t get why that’s never an option in these discussions.


Eh, if you say so.


Not like he has 2 amazing drives against the rams late in 4th to get us to playoffs. But sure


Comeback win on the road to get us into the playoffs, then go to Dallas to beat the top offense in their house, then go and play the MVP in Lambo and beat them, then take the soon to be Super Bowl champs to a close loss on our 4th straight road game. People really don’t appreciate how crazy our end of season run was


In that particular game he didn’t


This has always been a silly take considering a healthy Jimmy has been better than average vs the Rams. Jimmy had a fucked up thumb since the Titans game, which he missed 1 week for. An injury which typically takes 3-6 to recover from. Then gets injured vs the Cowboys and is noticeably different in the 2nd half. Plays the NFCDG and NFCCG with an injured shoulder that required surgery. On top of that the oline was beat to shit from the Packer game. I get his limitations but our fan base is just silly with their inconsistent criticism. To me this clearly shows you how much Trey was hurt or unprepared to tale the reins.


Beautifully said. Time and time again I see people here act like he was the worst QB in the league. Obviously no one is going to mistake him for Rodgers or Mahomes or Brady but this a defense that literally dominated the cardinals/bucs until their offense started giving up stupid turnovers/ and the bengals minus one uncalled PI long td. Probably a top 3 defense overall and honestly Jimmy had been having a very good game up until then when Shanny decided to run the ball and take him out of rhythm. Otherwise though there’s a reason Jimmy had never lost to the Rams prior. I don’t expect Jimmy to be with us next year but the amount of disrespect he gets is insane considering the depths he led our franchise out from as a complete class act every step of the way, and a complete unknown at QB who very well could end up between Nathan Peterman and Mahomes


I bought a jimmy jersey this year to frame in my basement he pulled us out of a real dark stretch and made watching this franchise fun again ill never disrespect that man


If running the ball gets you out of rhythm… that says a lot…


If you don’t get how rhythm works, that says a lot. Including the previous TD drive that put us up 10, Jimmy was 6/8 for 88 yards and a TD. Not to mention Jimmy historically up until that game had done very good against the Rams. After those three straight runs and a bad 4th and one punt, we lost any momentum we had and at that point the Rams D-line began to take over


But the thing was the Rams also weren't really doing anything offensively. They were down 3 before that drive and would only score 2 field goals to win. I don't blame Tartt entirely for that loss and I think that the OLine deserves primary blame for that loss followed shortly by bad play by Jimmy. But I would say that interception could have saved the win despite the bad play on offense.


Sucks, he was really good for us and fits this scheme perfectly. Really gonna miss him. GL Quaski!


Sucks that he was on the market this long.


He was below average, whiffed plenty of tackles and blown coverages. Getting replaced by a 5th round rookie, and getting a 1yr minimum deal says a lot about his play, always getting injured as well.


We gotta start watching the games. You're describing Talanoa Hufanga not Jaquiski Tartt


Happy for Jaq but I'm going to miss him. I trusted him at Safety with us. I'd have preferred we picked him up for another year.


I'm a visiting eagles fan who knows nothing about Tartt other than the dropped INT. What should I be expecting here?


Will not turn the ball over, NFC Championship aside. Solid in run, solid technique.


Extremely solid. He's not gonna get you turnovers but he's not gonna give up big plays or tds. He'll play good run support as well and is semi decent in man coverage. Can play both twi high safety and single high but strength is in the box. Underrated due to the turnovers thing since that's what ppl care about


Good tackler, rarely gets beat in coverage, always seems to be injured pretty much sums it up


Good tackler who ranks near bottom of the league in missed tackle percentage.... Edit: For clarification. His missed tackle rate is among the worst in the NFL. Hes one of the worst in the league at tackling.


He's pretty much flawless except of his injuries. He fits the run perfectly, has a ton of range, smart, fast, plays single high if needed. If he's on the field he's excellent.


His flaw is that he literally never has interceptions


Yeah true but a lot of it is scheme


LOL he dropped a punt of a pass. Blame that on scheme.


I guess he didn't play here for 7 years and played under 4 DCs and 2 FOs. What a bum


Good not great. Has dealt with injuries over his career. I don't think he'll be a star ever, but I like the roll he played.


can't complain about his effort. but imo he lacks the special ability needed to be an elite safety. the dropped INT is just a blown up example of that. I can't think of many examples of game changing TOs that he forced.


Hes a guy that 49er fans love but his actual play doesnt back it up. Hes bad.


I know we remember him for the dropped INT, but I remember him for that sweet one handed INT against the Panthers during week 1 of the 2017 season


30 years old, always injured. It was time to go




I will still rock my pre number change Tartt jersey. Good luck to Tartt.


Good for him


Sucks, I thought he was a solid player, and a solid presence. I'm bummed his last memorable play was the dropped int.


Yeah it always sucks when players don't get a chance to redeem themselves after something like that happens. I think they should have brought him back, he was cheap and he was a solid player.


Was always a bit a surprised he went unsigned. Not shocking, since he was never a star or really good safety, but a solid vet without a high price is usually welcome. You can justify moving off him, but he’s certainly starter level in the nfl for at least 2 more years. I hope he does well and gets some good money.


My daughters still call him Jizzquiski Fartt 😞


Glad to see someone is still raising their kids to be people of culture. I salute your parenting.


Good riddance.


buh bye Jadropski




L take


We gotta start watching the games


Lol. I hate and love how true that is.


It's my new catchphrase


Butter fingers


I'm good. Wish him the best.


Gonna miss Tartt. He was a big key in that defense. He was way more than someone who dropped an INT in an NFC championship game. The Rams were gonna win that game regardless, Snoop Dogg already had his outfit picked out for the super bowl before this matchup happened. Glad he's getting paid.


Tartt is is solid player who is great at assignment football. He’s usually always at the right spot but the lacks ball skills to be considered a high end safety.


Love J Tartt.. he’ll be remembered for dropping that ball but I always thought he was solid and was one of my favorite niners the past few seasons.


Man this sucks