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Kyle “he’s as good as anyone in this league” shanahan Fred “obviously” Warner Jimmy “great group of guys. Gotta get this thing rolling” garoppolo Trey “super excited” lance George “I mean…” kittle


Elijah “you know what I’m saying” Mitchell


Aiyuk gonna show out. Third year in the system, big arm qb and the flashes he has already shown his first two years.


I agree. Makes you wonder what they do if the sign Deebo to 20 mil then Aiyuks contract comes up


Hire whoever does the rams cap? No shade at Paraag. Maybe they could be a Cap Voltron


And he’s spent all offseason working with his new starting quarterback so I look forward to some chemistry between those two


Deebo, Aiyuk and JJ are about to be the top WR group in the NFL by a mile


Don’t forget the speedster Danny Gray


I mean, i would love to say yes but theres Raiders, Rams, and now the Dolphins with Hill and Waddle. We are def up there though.


Buddy of mine is a huge Tennessee fan. When the niners drafted JJ in the 7th he texted me and said “you guys are getting an absolute steal with him”. Took him a season and a half to really blossom but by ghawd I think my friend is right.


Watching his college video had me excited. And he delivered this past season. If Danny Gray pans out we're gonna have the deepest WR room in the league.


Agree. I liked him right away, mostly because of the attitude he plays with. It's what we've been missing at the position for years. Now having him coming up and and deebo already established, gets me excited. Hopefully Ayuken contributes to that.


I just remember seeing him get punched in the face by Rashawn Jenkins during the Jacksonville game last year with a god damn smile on his face, knowing he just got his team a new set of downs +15. Perfect teammate and football player attitude.


Lol that was awesome


Best WR core in the league incoming. When was the last time you could say that about the 9ers?


Rice, TO and JJ Stokes. I doubt they will be the best core in the league but I’d take top 5 :)


That's a bold statement. We were like 11th in team receiving last year. Long way to go to be the best.


That’s pretty neat. He can tell they had good offseason’s because the way they are.


In the best shape of their life?


If this were a Video Game Jauan would have a "high work-ethic" perk. It's like we stumbled upon another KB type player with possibly more upside.


Wait, is that a good thing with Aiyuk? Obviously he means it’s a good thing, but I’m not so sure he thought he did well last offseason.