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So much good news today, thanks Ian 😭


This isn't notable at all. Bosa is completely trusted to do his own training and is probably never going to be at OTA's. The 49ers do not care.


Right but it's the mandatory part now. While he is trusted to do as he likes to train. Deservedly so. It's nice if him to stop by in person. Here's a guy the team would straight say "yes miss whatever time you need if you just give a call" still comes through to talk man to man with the staff. I think the niners care.


Right, it's mandatory and he's there. He's never been a problem, most likely won't be. The 49ers don't care if he's at OTA's.


Got you. Those words are facts.


The boys are back in town


Thank you! Know i know what album to put on next.


Bear’s coming out of hibernation


He hungers.


I don't like how this Tweet is worded. It makes it seem like the reason for Bosa skipping OTA's is because of his contract situation when every report we've gotten locally is that the 49ers knew that he was working out with his brother and were completely OK with it. I wish the national guys actually paid attention.


Paying attention doesn't get clicks and make money. They want hot takes. That's why Jimmy being excused made national headlines. Gasp they're actually going with their top 3 pick qb over a oft injured qb? No!


We already picked up his 5th year option so he gonna get a fully guaranteed 5th year at like $17.8M. After that we will extend him until 2033 for $1 fafillion dollars annually.


While you're not wrong about the extension, we're not forced to wait until after his option year to extend him to a LTD. If we had the cash on hand, we could ink that deal today and lock him up for years. Bosa (and Deebo) are the reasons why it's incredibly unlikely that Jimmy is on the roster in Week 1. There's far wiser uses of JG's earmarked capital, especially considering that he does not factor into our long-term plans.


Oh I know, I just mean there is no reason for him to hold out unless he thinks the Niners are acting in bad faith. There is plenty of time to get a deal done and the longer it goes on the more $ he will probably command.