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These are the key quotes for me: "Actually, he's processing as well as anybody," Young said. "He can understand what's happening. He can figure out who [is open]. And that's a real talent. That's not easy. That's not just given. There's a real skill there. So I have 100 percent confidence that Trey will figure out where to throw it. "The challenge for Trey is, once he knows, then how to deliver it. That's another great talent that you have to have and develop. So for me, it's the accuracy that comes with [things] as he shows his processing power. I think his body will respond, and he'll find the open guys and figure it out. And then it gives you a confidence to deliver it. "So more than anything, it's delivering the ball to the open guy over and over and over again, and getting that confidence, because that's the spot he needs to work on. This is more of a throwing thing than it is a mind thing. Some guys have mind things. Some guys have both. But Trey has a really sharp processing mind, and I think that's going to take him a long way."


Damn, that is the nicest possible way to say Trey needs to work on his accuracy.


Kind of. Accuracy is mechanical, and can be trained with repetition, and a byproduct of tactical awareness (IE, shift in the pocket away from pressure while keeping a throwing stance). The mental side of figuring out who is open is an example of what Kaepernick could never do. He had all the tools in the world, he just couldn't figure it out - even in a simplified system. ​ At the end of the day we'll just have to let this unfold. All of the analysis in the world won't tell you if Lance will panic and get the yips, or drop his eyes from the field when pressure comes, etc. No amount of college performance is a predictor of how a guy responds in these scenarios.


That's probably true. I was thinking he meant it was more along the lines of when to drop it in vs when to fire it in. and maybe when off platform or with rushers in your face. He was working on a side arm delivery. Maybe some combination of all those things.


Well, considering what we've seen of Trey so far, I would think you're right too.


Unable to process is a bigger concern because if you’re not already doing it when you reach this level you probably can’t be taught to be great at it. So that he is doing it great. But inaccuracy is still a little concerning. It’s certainly less concerning than an inability to process. But how hasn’t he learned to be accurate this far?


Because he doesn’t have that much experience. It’s not surprising at all. And that’s ok, he seems to have the desire to work hard and that should lead to improvement


A part of that is accuracy, but I remember he was asked about an INT he had throwing the ball to Kittle, his answer was literally I thought I can make the throw. He doesn't have full understanding of the type of throw he needs to make at an NFL level and that comes with experience. Year 5 Trey should be able to know how to deliver the right type of throw so it's a completion vs. an INT compared to year 1 Trey.


Trey good at football things, me like.


Man, accuracy is not often something guys develop once they're in the NFL


For sure. Josh Allen did it though so it’s not impossible.


Most guys have more than a year of experience before they get drafted


Lol. I get it but that's not actually a point in Trey's favor.


Long story short, he’s got it between the ears and in the body. Now he just needs to put it together. I’ll take that all day.


Isn’t that like every nfl QB lol?


Nope. Some can’t see the field well and rely too much on their physical skill set. When that starts to drop or defenses adjust, they are done.


This is why lance and kap comparisons couldn’t be any shittier


So… not putting it together? 🤔


Yeah but to an extent some dudes just don’t process well. Or they don’t go through reads and have bad habits like scrambling when they don’t need to (trey kind of did this in the 2 games we saw) Also jimbo just doesn’t have the arm


Some Niner fans seem determined to not get their hopes up with Lance but I'm not one of them, I think he's going to be great. Maybe not this season, but it's coming imo.


No amount of speculation and prognosticating is going to change what actually happens when he takes the field. Nobody knows, not even Steve Young.


He also could be a bust. I hope not. No one knows where he will land but he certainly has a challenge and big hill to climb. I wish for his success.


Yeah it's 50/50, he either busts or he doesn't.


Hot take


All he needs to be is a less turnover prone Jimmy. If he can protect the football and puts it where Shanahan tells him to. And let’s his receivers do the rest. That’s a play-off berth alone. As he understands the offense and takes command of it, he can start doing some magical things with the ball.


Expectations need to be tempered, He could be another Kap. Awesomely raw but never became a superstar, but was decent for a few years.


I think the ceiling with Kap was that he couldn't read defences. He would lock onto the first receiver and then throw out run. He was good enough until opposing coaches figured him out


Kap’s ceiling was one play away from winning the Super Bowl.


Soooo Jimmy?


Niners fan since I could walk, 43 for reference. There is 0% chance Alex Smith or Jimmy come back from a 17-0 deficit in Atlanta in the NFC championship game and they were really good at the time. Also a 0% chance they come back from a 24-6 deficit after halftime of the super bowl. I'm not here to put Kaep on a pedestal, but I'm here to tell you it's never happening ever with them. Again no slander on Alex, but people really have Rosie eyed glasses when it comes to his 49ers career. They made excuses for everything, every year. Even when we were stacked on defense had Crabtree , Vernon Davis , Frank gore, he still would go 3/14 in the playoffs on 3rd and short. Or any game really. Again not hating. He was the best that he could be, but there's some serious revisionist history on Alex Smith and his career. He's such a good dude! aAlways said the right things. I think nothing but the best of him. If he was feisty it would be a whole another thing with his media image. I'll never forget being at my brother's when this guy named Kap came in for Monday night football versus the Bears. We were really good at the time so I figured we could take the loss. No zero about him just wanted to win honestly. The first time I saw this guy throw it 60 yards down the sideline like he was passing me a beer, I looked at my brother and said, "this fucking guy has been sitting on the bench the entire year?" He's a die-hard Seahawks fan and he took a large gulp, and said "I guess so" nervously Edit: he still has a Hassleback Jersey so he's not one of them lol Also and you can find it online, even Brian Urlacher came up to Kaepernick after the game and said you're one hell of a player. That is not a dude that gives props to anybody


I'll take another Kap in a heartbeat. He was there most exciting this to happen to the Niners in a long time, and that team was successful as hell. Shit only started to crumble when half of the team left in the off-season. Two down seasons (one was truly awful) and they moved on. If Trey can be all of that, with more consistency and a better offensive minded coach, I'm in.


Completely agree. A Kap + Shanny + this team is good enough to win it all.


Didn’t Shanny get rid of Kaep because he didn’t fit into his scheme though?


I thought he was a free agent by the time Shanny came in?


Nah they released him the year they came in.


That's what I've read too, but Kaep was also on a severe downslope at that point. You could also blame the coaching and all of that too though


From some recent reports coming out, it sounds like Scangerello was probably the guy in the building that hated Kaep, as he's currently also hating on Lance. If you're a new GM and HC, and you carry over a QB coach who at the first sit-down is saying you need to get rid of a guy, you probably listen.


For sure, that sounds reasonable as long as he can explain exactly why he won't get the job done, which Shanahan is smart enough to understand. That's why I've never fully bought into the whole NFL is blacklisting Kaepernick thing. He simply wasn't good enough to offset the off the field stuff. Players can get away with damn near anything, but you have to be worth it on the field. He wasn't anymore.


Scangerello is hating on Lance?


I think you’re right. I think it was a mixture of his performances at the time, the scheme, and the attention the organization was getting. And John/Kyle probably wanted a clean slate with the team, which worked out well so far.


You cant blame coaching Kaepernick was a garbage tier player.


You thought going 3 and out all game was exciting. Kaepernick was the opposite of exciting he was fucking unwatchable.


Found the guy that's still butt-hurt about kneeling!


You found the guy who knows Kaepernick is a garbage tier player and isnt blind.


Weren't you people supposed to be boycotting the NFL? Who invited you back?


Tiresome. You can talk about protests and boycotts all you want. It doesnt change the fact that Kaepernick is a horrible QB.


I'm just waiting for the "Stick to sports" garbage from you pal.


Kaepernick can say and do what he wants. Doesnt make him a good QB. Sorry pal.


With all due respect to both you & Kap - who I deeply respect as a person - Lance very well may bust but it absolutely won't be as another Kap. I personally have seen nothing thus far to suggest he is any more likely than any other QB in his draft or the current one to bust. & unless you are in the organization, neither have you. Lance has already demonstrated a priceless quality Kap never did: the desire & temperament to improve. If his physical gifts revert to average tomorrow, his work ethic alone will see him through to being at least Jimmy's equal. If he just stays healthy & committed to football, he will be at least Kap's equal. Those are his floors.


I’m not saying he won’t be better. I’m saying people are saying he is either going to be a superstar or a bust. We need to take into consideration that maybe he will be neither. Basically, nobody knows, and until we watch him do it on the field, nobody knows shit. I believe Kaep was a better runner, he was fast as is Lance, but Kaep was deceptive. I have not yet seen that from Lance, but again only 2 games to base that off. Does he have a stronger arm? Ehh maybe, Kaep had a cannon as well. Does he have a better attitude? Yes, however let’s see what happens when he goes on a losing streak and the media is on his ass. Nobody knows, which is part of the fun but also nerve wracking. Basically the Niners can be Super Bowl bound or can be a shitty team next year because their quarterback is a bust.


Really? Its Superbowl or bust? Those are the only 2 options?


Playoff bound or not. If Trey is a bust do you think the Niners will make the playoffs? Did you see what the team looked like without Jimmy G in 2020?


I think the Niners could not make the playoffs and Trey still not be a bust, it depends how far off from it they end up. Josh Allen was 5-7 his rookie season. As long as he’s working on improving, and Shanny still believes in him I can forgive a bad first year starting.


Kap loved other things more than football. If his heart was in it 100%, he could have been great


But kap has a great heart nonetheless.


No, he doesn’t. When you’re wearing Fuck the Pigs socks, Castro shirts and bragging about how you don’t vote, you’re a POS. And I find it hilarious how the narrative on him has changed on as the media has switched focus.


That's just like your opinion man, just like mine. Honestly though we're both projecting since we don't know him personally. Or at least I don't


Steve young doesn’t shill so if he says trey has the foundation I believe him


He could be good but he may not be good.


Didn’t Young as recently as the end of the season say that he was too raw and wasn’t ready to be a starting QB? Now he can take them far?


too much hype to live up to.


He let the hype get to him in more ways than one!


I mean if he’s just average like Jimmy (top 20ish QB) the Niners are still likely contenders. Not quite what you want but he doesn’t have to be top 5 to be very good.


But at that point we should’ve just kept jimmy and the draft picks to make the team even better. Lance has to be a top 10 qb or it was all for naught


I don’t know if it’s hype. It is more about hope.


Who tries passing off being raw as a positive. Stoppit.