Daily Discussion Thread for February 03, 2021

Daily Discussion Thread for February 03, 2021


GME daily thread: https://reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/lbm3vr/gme_super_awesome_megathread_weds_23/


Been a silent follower for about 6 -8 months. Just wanted to mention a stock that should be valued at between 6-9 bucks a share according to analysts. But is at $1.30 at the moment. Take a look at it! Its Dare. Their products are one of a kind and passing drug trials and are going to be released soon! Could be huge gains. Especially if the community is behind it!


AMC bounce time fellas? :)


Could the HFs have privately settled their short positions amongst themselves? Like by selling their new short positions to themselves and at the same time buying up the new shorts to settle old shorts to buy more time?


That's why we hold until hell freezes over




The real battle is starting.


TSNP looking prime


I Run A Company That Was Attacked By Short Sellers Years Ago. Here’s Why I Stand With Reddit’s WSB. by u/AxonRick https://link.medium.com/WsqMxbzrAdb


Y’all ready to get these tendies today?


Newish to stocks. Have had a stockpile.com account since 2017 when I got a gift card for Telsa stock and never added to it past that. 3 days ago I got on board with GME and AMC stocks but was not aware of Robinhood or other apps/sites for stocks. As of market close 2/3 I have .97 share of GME, 2.8 of AMC on Stockpile I am holding hard, diamond hands all the way I am Should I sell what I have in Stockpile and then buy in Robinhood? Any thoughts on Stockpiles site?


Bro, fuck robin hood. They are evil just switch to TD or Fidelity.


Ok, cancelled my Robinhood account and deleted the app. now, Should I sell what I have in Stockpile and then buy in another site?


TD Ameritrade and Fidelity offer a free transfer from your old broker. Have a chat to them to tell you what to do. I personally use TD and like it a lot. However, many people on here have recently switched to Fidelity.


Thanks, going with TD.


What the fuck is going on here with all these spam bots? WSB went down the drain overnight.


What is the plan for AMC stock buying tomorrow


buy buy buy...HOLD until we reach the moon


are we finally starting the AMC buy?


Going all in on $NOK, make your son rich daddy 🚀🚀🚀🚀


Fucking bot








Where’s the new thread lol


To all the fucks posting bullshit about how the stock market is some magical unicorn that bleeds out its asshole stfu. There is no magic that you don’t have. People just make up a reason to scare you but in reality they are full of shit. Buy what you like and believe in fuck fundamentals because all these boomers investing in fundamentals are broke right now looking at their cash disintegrate and they are pissed we are smarter finding short cuts. Hold when the wall lifts they will be looking at you flying fucking unicorns.




I threw all my money in Blockbuster $BLIAQ


Lets get them back up and running ✊🏽


This has been a fun ride, and I'll probably hold my $100 of AMC, but I'm legitimately interested in the market now and I'd love to know which app is best for cannabis stocks. I know a lot of you are really sick of AMC/GME new people and I get it. I'm guessing there are lots of people like me though, who always thought of stocks as something only rich guys do and are intrigued now. I'm seeing this as a new hobby that may or may not make me money, but it's fun. Y'all really did something . You introduced millions of people to the market and that's powerful. This will definitely change investing, hopefully in a positive way.


Thanks for coming to WSB. Your $100 is just important as DFV’s 44 million which is now less. just know that now you are part of the WSB family. You are loved, cherished, and valued unconditionally . Congratulations and fuck you.


Go with apha or Tlry. Merger should be completed around April.


For Cana stocks I hear stash is best but I don't know. if it is a publicly traded company you can buy on most apps


I'm in! Week long lurker here. 🙋‍♀️ I've never bought a stock before in my life but I told myself I'd get a share if I saw a dip. I like this dip and I like this stock.


CRSR is my stock play. Someone down voted that and I’m laughing my ass off.


BNGO for me. Picked up some March calls.


This one I almost bought. Decided to play a riskier trade with avxl, but I’ll come back to bngo soon.


Definitely do! 2000% in a month is promising


Holding. There comes a time in a man's life when he must take a stand against something greater than himself. This is that moment. ![gif](giphy|riGzWt6jfxJ3a)






Me in 2017: My ideal holding period is forever. Papa Buffett is god. I drink cherry coke and delay eating my tendies until 2050. Me in 2021: Ayyyy lmao brothas where the good meme stocks plays at? Thinking about holding some biotech stocks for more than two weeks. Investing for the long haul amirite?


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Nok up on fundamentals and earnings tomorrow, all these worthless stocks like GME and AMC are not going to make it in the real world, they will be blockbuster status.


Don’t know about NOK too. Too many shares. Going to be a slow 100 year plan for profits in this one.


I mean if we are being real. Nokia has always made shit products. Why will that change?




please be careful with your money guys and dont invest it when you know it would risk your rent or bills or security if you lost it, i don’t know how this stuff works but dont do anything rash or that you know could end up being stupid, seriously dont. it could really bring you down. much love


Will agree. Lost some of my HSA money and now I feel dumb.


First post/comments within the last 24 hours? ✅ Is bot? ✅


no just seen the subreddit in the news and wanted to help


Don’t worry, it’s good help. This sub is getting a little too crazy. Come back in a week and we’ll be back to normal lol.


is there an alternate to the discord server the subreddit uses? that one is ran by nepotistic idiots and is flooded with garbage amc/gme spam. would prefer something else


I second this.


I miss talking about earning calls...$APPS


$CRSR has a Short Volume ratio of 31%, please WSB, work your magic to blow up the shorts on the run up to earnings on this one! [https://fintel.io/ss/us/crsr](https://fintel.io/ss/us/crsr)


Could anyone suggest any good apps to invest into stocks. It can be a worldwide app or europe. Thanks!