Happy to know the elite bodybuilder understands you don’t NEED animal products. Aware he’s not vegan but baby steps lead to strides! Positive 🌱

Happy to know the elite bodybuilder understands you don’t NEED animal products. Aware he’s not vegan but baby steps lead to strides! Positive 🌱


Why did think he was an Aussie


But what's the recipe? I'm allergic to eggs, and would like to try this.


Look up ‘tofu scramble’. It’s very popular and most recipes should be vegan.


Man that's so cool. CBUM motivates me so much. Great to know this


He’s daddy


But you know his roided the the gill right?


I don’t think anyone would dare to dispute that.


Steroids don't replace the need for proper nutrition. If protein is the building blocks to muscle then taking steroids is like adding more builders, not bricks. One would still need to provide the body with nutrients to get results. I see this type of response all the time when bodybuilding and veganism comes up and I never understand the point attempting to be made or if it's a misunderstanding of steroid use.


To extend what I think is a flawed analogy, steroids stabilize a previously unsustainable building design. There’s a reason why steroids are used to combat wasting conditions due to malnutrition in hospitals.


Yeah that's fair. I'm not a dietician just relaying the same analogy that my doctor used to describe steroids (he's a GP and I'm very aware that they don't inherently get much training in nutrition and have no idea what his credentials would be on the topic of anabolic steroid use). Surely though one can't maintain a nutrient deficit and just make it up with steroids right? I don't know anything about steroid treatment for the malnourished but I can't imagine that it's anything more than a temporary fix. If you have anything to send to read more on I'm always interested in learning.


I’m pretty sure we’re in 100% agreement. I am not an expert on steroids either, but my limited understanding is that they are generally most helpful in temporary situations as you said. The real question is “how long is temporary?” People can live a long long time being nutrient deficient, depending on the nutrient in question. But that’s entirely different than choosing an optimal diet (however you define optimal) The condition of bodybuilders in contest prep is very temporary and, at elite levels, often propped up by steroids. It’s not generally sustainable and, more importantly, not particularly healthy. That latter point is why I don’t think it’s good evidence for the efficacy of a vegan diet. I hope this doesn’t come across as an anti-vegan position. I just think there is better, more truthful ways to make the case


Appreciate the response, I believe we're in agreement too and I didn't get the vibe that your response was meant to be anti-vegan. As someone who's followed bodybuilding generally and likes to lift like a bodybuilder (not a bodybuilder and don't look anything close to one) there's been a long trend of people dismissing the results of lifters as just the result of them taking steroids and that's it, ignoring the hard work and consistency it requires both in and outside the gym (and if they are taking steroids, the potential side effects they are subjecting themselves to). Now that we see a generation of successful plant-based bodybuilders that same type of reaction has morphed into one that attempts to maintain that a plant based diet isn't adequate to be competitive in the sport. Whether the argument is that someone "got big on meat a few years ago and that's why they're big even if vegan now", or they "could never look like that without steroids" the point is that people will jump at the opportunity to dismiss the successes of a plant based diet and also the hard work of that specific athlete. I'm definitely aware of the bodybuilding cycle that competitors go through for competition and how tenuous their health is in the weeks leading up to and during competition, but when you see someone who's been doing that cycle for several years now on a plant based diet, it seems hard to argue that they're not hitting the nutrient requirements on a plant based diet. Sorry for the rant, I'm not ranting at you, it's just something I've been thinking about for awhile reading posts similar to this and this conversation finally caused me to put thought to text. I just think many people seem to think that steroids=protein. And a lot of people associate steroid usage with being disingenuous with their workout results. I know it's a topic for another day but it would be nice if we lived in a world where steroids use could be more freely talked about without the risk of losing one's advertising sponsors (or being arrested for drug possession) and therefore be more honest about their use. Especially in strength and aesthetic sports where it's so euphemistically allowed in "untested" vs "tested" competitions.


People always say this about vegan lifters. Yeah he's using steroids, so it literally everyone he is competing against


And most of the insta fitness influencers.


Jacked is jacked lol. What is your point in saying this?


I believe juicing isn’t vegan either. Didn’t watch the clip


You should watch it cause I dont think they talk about steroids, I think they talk about a vegan breakfast.


Clarence Kennedy juices, he's an ethical vegan and pretty informed in nutrition and steroids, so I doubt he would use them if it wasn't vegan


Why wouldnt juicing be vegan if the drugs are made synthetically?


My understanding is that most steroids are derived from animal cells. Similarly like lab grown meat, even though it does not have a nervous system, is not vegan as it is derived (grown) from animal cells (taken from an animal in captivity).


I’m sure it depends on the steroid, but I think some are plant derived. I vaguely remember hearing about new methods to derive them from animals which makes them harder to detect in piss tests


This isn't true, a lot of gear comes from plants, since a couple decades ago


A lot of them for sure. That’s great


Thanks for letting us know you didn’t watch it.


Lol later on I did


1. Depends on the compound 2. This post is showing how plant based eating is spreading and that one of the biggest bodybuilders of our time is comfortable eating vegan meals. This is an incredible change in the space that is usually so meat and animal product focused


Step to the right direction, yes


so far\*