That's just over £42 a week. Maybe their pay rise should be linked to benefits.


They should be paid £42 per week.


That would mean only rich people who dont need a job to buy food would be able to take it up. Which is currently a problem as it is


I think it’s a reasonable point as a hypothetical, but has this ever even been close to a problem?


Until 1911, MPs were unpaid so only independently wealthy people (or those with income from jobs they could do alongside Parliament, such as Asquith's practice as a barrister) could be MPs. When the first working-class MPs were elected, initially as Liberals and then for the new Labour Party, the trade unions had to raise money from their members to pay them.


You only need to look at the types of people able to take unpaid internships in London to see where this would go. I'll give you a clue, they're the types of people who say "yah" rather than "yeah".


Yes, it was a problem until 1911.


Edgy take




My MP is an ex social worker in zone 2 London (Lyn Brown). She doesn’t have savings. She wouldn’t be able to be an MP on that basis. Your rule would exclude the working class from representing us.




You're thinking like an American. Class is far more than how much you get paid.


That kind of class has relatively little meaning now, we don't inherit land or "position" any more, we inherit wealth. I do however agree with you that being an MP should be a job as it is now, but I think limits on how long a person can be an MP at maybe 10-15 years; and maybe some sort of law to help curb ex-MPs getting high payer consulting jobs from the industries they effected during their time as an MP are necessary.


*We* don't inherit land or position but the aristo families definitely still do. Admitedly that is a tiny tiny percentage of UK population..


A tiny tiny percentage, who own like a third of wealth...


My point was more than the majority of inheriting has transitioned to wealth, where as before it was just the aristos really inheriting anything at all.


>we don't inherit land or "position" any more Are you sure you live in the UK?


Class is huge, it's attitudes and behaviours, manners, dress, and even language and of course accent. The middle, upper middle and upper classes go to great lengths to differentiate themselves from the plebs. You could give a working class person 100k a year and move them into a posh area and they would stick out like a sore thumb because they don't know how to talk, dress or behave like everyone else.


I think there's "cultural class" and "marxist class". I know people who could breeze through a dinner with poshos, but still earn 30k. And then there's e.g. the Trumps, who control a huge amount of wealth and power, but still manage to be incredibly crass.


They would be middle class regardless of how their peers treated them, the difference between working, middle and upper is like the difference between a million, billion and trillion.


Should definitely be a job but perhaps not one where the people get to decide if they deserve more benefits or higher pay or longer holiday etc, maybe one where attendance is monitored and renumeration reflects that. Say 50% of your wage is paid on an attendance basis in Parliament and only if you remain for minimum of 70-80% of the allotted time With a further 25% paid in a performance reviewed system where their election promises are weighed against their actions in parliament If you fail 3 constituent filled performance reviews you are terminated Changes to pay are only voted on by the general population in a national vote but will automatically increase in line with inflation upto 5% unless mps have voted to freeze pay for another group I.e teachers and doctors. Maximum 20 year term with a 20 year ban on any consultancy role linked to anything they had influence over in their previous employ Bank accounts in your name are reviwed yearly by an anti corruption board to prevent under the table deals with immediate family also randomly checked at least once per term. Etc


True (depending on how you define class) but irrelevant! I don’t think she gets housing though. She lives in London.


If you have political pull and are sitting in parliament you are part of the ruling class …don t be fooled


Trust me a backbench opposition MP has very little power. Actually don’t trust me - look up the register of interests and see her extra earnings.




No that wasn’t my point. My point was working class people won’t be able to become MPs unless they earn a salary. Your proposal of paying only expenses would prevent that from happening.


Well she's a million times closer to being working class than people like Jacob Rees Mogg or Rishi Sunak. They would be able to remain as MPs seen as they're worth tens of millions, where as OP's MP wouldn't. That doesn't seem desirable to me.


Does she live off her wages or off of investments? That will tell you whether or not she is working class


Working class = you work to live. There are many people who each own more than you and all your friends put together, who have never contributed to society. They're trying to convince you that the 20k's and the 80k's are against each other.


I completely agree with you, we should pay our MPs. I'd rather see them be excluded from second jobs and investments be managed by a blind trust. If we're paying them 82k then it should be a full time job.


Exactly this. And they shouldn't be receiving gratuities from lobbying companies either. Doesn't matter that they get reported - if a police officer were to accept such a gratuity they'd be sacked for being bent. We should hold our law makers to at least the standard of the law enforcers.


Then only rich people would be MP’s


As has been said, MPs weren't paid till 1911. Before that they were either toffs, lawyers or at a push doctors. No one else could afford to do it.


Absolutely. I too sometimes look at our government and go man we need even more rich and corrupt people in government.


Have some humanity, some of them have families to feed! And it’s only £42 a week Michael, what could that even buy? 1 banana?


I don’t care for Gob




Gove. I'm sure they meant "I don't care for Gove" (frankly no-one does so it would make sense)


I imagine his dealer does.


There's always money in the banana stand


More then happy for them to have 82k with increases based on inflation, but they should be banned from any other sources of income, I causing investments


You mean like Rees-Mogg selling all his Russian stock a month ago?


Is there reason to believe that Moggy did this due to insider information, which he was privy to due to his position in Parliament, or did he just see the writing on the wall? Because, as a working class plebeian, I saw the writing on the wall a month ago. It wasn't so much writing on a wall, more like giant neon lights suspended in the night sky the erection of which was celebrated with a giant fog horn blown by papa putin himself.


Indeed. Anyone with holdings that have any kind of significant Russian exposure would simply be daft to not follow the news and see exactly what was brewing.


Even if he had access to the information earlier British and US intelligence services were very public that they thought Putin was serious about the invasion before it happened...


What gave it away for me was Putin's amassing of military hardware all along Russia's Ukrainian border 8 years after he conquered part of Ukraine and just after he published an essay which detailed his desire to reconquer Ukraine. I applied my military genius and deduced that he probably was going to invade Ukraine. Although he did deny it, which threw me for a loop. What was I to think?


That was very smart of him.


They should be bumped up to 100k. All future increase should be linked to benefits and the lowest paid public sector workers. Want to give MPs a 10 per cent rise, benefits and pay of those like hospital workers should rise at the same rate. Cut benefits, cut MPs pay.


Why? 82k is already a pretty decent salary, and a sizeable percentage of them are useless cretins parachuted into safe seats who do nothing more than toe the party line. I really object to the idea that they are underpaid and we should bump up their wages to get them to focus on the role they should already be fully focused on. It’s offensive.


I think they have (at least this year). The raise mps are getting is about 3%. That's what benefits have gone up by this year and i think public sector workers may have got the same.


Dude, public sector workers are still stuck at 1% rise. Anything else has to come out of the departmental budget... That means less money to actually provide the public service!


That's just shit then. Thought after having wage and benefit freezes for 10 years, that everyone was getting the 3% extra. What a load of bollocks!!


>ctor workers are still stuck at 1% rise. Anything else has to come out of the departmental budget... That means less money to actually provide the public service! I'm a doctor, I have not and am not getting a 3% pay rise. That was for consultants only.


I'm not...there's no need for any one person to be on that kind of money at all.


I think nearly 3x the national average salary is way overpaid. 50-60k is more than enough with the expenses etc. Included in the job. And until the cost of living exceeds 50-60k per year then they shouldn't really need any increases either.


£42 was what I had left after all my expenses went out. (Including bills and a strict food budget.) Fuck these people. I have to live like this and they're gonna increase my fucking bills while they get this?


Considering the tax bracket they're likely in with any side work, that probably equates to around £20/week. [That number sounds familiar](https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/23/ministers-consider-plan-to-ease-20-a-week-universal-credit-cut)


I feel so bad for them. It’s truly shocking how they have to survive on what is to all intents and purposes chicken feed.


I was looking to align it more with to the UC reduction in winter, not belittle the amount. If I get a £2k raise this year I'll be hyped, they fucking should be too.


They won’t notice. On top of the expenses, the multiple other jobs, the ‘donations’, the kick backs from those they gave contracts to with no relevant experience or ability to fulfill. Personally if I was an mp I'd be fucking ecstatic to get the pay they do and wouldn't need anything extra.


I'm hesitant to say the same, as I thought I'd be happy with the pay I'm on now, lol. I fully understand the feeling of greed, but I don't understand having the indecency to manufacture on your own prosperity while others suffer, be it via voting on your own raises or influencing more impactful decisions. Fucking lunatics.


Nah, if the people of my local area wanted to pay me 80 grand a year to look after their interests I'd be going to work every morning with a bat and a bad attitude. It should be an honour to serve your neighbours not a means to an end or an annoyance that gets in the way.


£932 increase in NI across their entire salary apart from the nil rate band, 42% tax deduction for tax bracket plus old NI. Net increase is something like £351 after tax, or £6.75 per week. But they voted for that.


Their pay should be capped at triple minimum wage, and that's very generous imo.


it should be capped at the median income of their constituents.


That's not too fair, London Mps or entrenched Sussex tories would massively gain


those are very few in number. tories are grasping shit weasels. when the tory mp's from average areas see their colleagues with massive pay cheques while they have far less, it would tear the party apart as they fight for scraps. especially when all they have to do to get a pay rise themselves, is increase the affluence of their own constituents, rather than just increase the bribes for the party coffers. and frankly, with what mp's maliciously inflict on the general population, it is absolutly fair.


I think that could just encourage the tories to do even corrupt deals than they already do tbh.


Now we know where the cut from Universal Credit went towards.


MPs should be paid minimum wage. If they want paid to be more, then all they have to do is raise the minimum wage.


As someone else said you then make it exclusively for the rich. Not to mention lower wages make the politicans far easier to corrupt with money. You also want to attract people who could be earning far more in private industry to actually become politicans. It's easy to say in practice they should be earning alot less, but in reality it's not feasible.


>lower wages make the politicans far easier to corrupt with money Because the already overpaid politicians aren't *already* corrupt to hell, right? >You also want to attract people who could be earning far more in private industry to actually become politicans. No, I *absolutely do not*. I want such money driven individuals to stay as far away from politics as possible. The fact that someone sees the role as nothing more than a business venture is already a massive red flag, and quite frankly society should be stamping these selfish people out from government. If you're in it for the money, then you're not in it for the people.


And yet public sector workers were offered a measly 1.75%, It's a joke.


I'd agree with this, they're effectively public sector workers themselves as they're supposed to be working for us. Their pay should rise at a maximum in line with the avergage public sector worker, be it Police, NHS or teachers.


From the article: “[IPSA] said the pay rise is the same as the average increase in pay for public sector employees last year.”


>“\[IPSA\] said the pay rise is the same as the average increase in pay for public sector employees last year.” The only difference is we're all on 28k and they're on 86k.


I'm a subcontractor and I've had more than one of my in-house colleagues tell me there's a level of resentment about how much I get paid in comparison... ... Except what they THINK I get paid has no bearing on what I actually get paid, my employer takes a big old chunk of that money. Not entirely relevant to what you're saying, it just happened to come up today when dealing with someone who seemed thoroughly pissed off with me for no discernable reason I could work out and that was the explanation I was given. I'm inclined to mention to same cheesed off colleague tomorrow "Like, look mate, you think you know that I'm being paid significantly more than you somehow, and to be honest I can understand that rubbing you the wrong way, but the reality is that there's little to no difference in it, I can just get booted out of here much more easily than you if the powers that be should decide to do so".


Being employed over being self employed is such a big difference that employed people just aren't aware of.


Yep. Couple of people hear me talk about my day rate and figure I'm rich... Not realising that's before tax, NI, the cut the agency takes... Sure I don't HAVE to pay my taxes until April each year, so that gives me some more flexibility sometimes, but I still gotta pay the man like... I just get bitchslapped harder once a year than mini bitchslaps every month.


Nevermind having to pay your own holidays, sick pay etc


Well wages do rise with seniority and MPs are pretty senior in the public sector. £86k seems about right I think.


I’m a police officer and my pay was frozen last year. Over a 10 year period it’s something like an effective 20% pay cut we’ve had 🙃


Civil servant, pay has been capped at 2% for a decade. And only the people in the lowest two pay brackets (entry and senior admin) have even got the 2%. Meanwhile these pricks have had a 10% bump and are still getting rises.


Not forgetting they’re often some of the richest people in the country due to their other business commitments. Transparent or otherwise.


Which are often a clear breach of trust, giving out contracts on a sector your husband just happens to have a business in? Wow would you believe it he is the best bidder on this totally fair tender..


Which makes we wonder which crevice they have pulled this 2.5% from... All of my collegues in the public sector have had a big fat 0 for some considerable time. Its anecdotal but payrises are definately a running joke amongst every single public sector worker i have talked to.


You guys got a pay increase last year?


Wait, you guys are getting paid?


I got a day off instead...


I'm not sure about that - my entire organisation had a pay freeze for everyone above 25k


I hope they factored in the actual numbers across the public sector, so the % was fairly balanced to numbers who actually got each rise i.e. "quick give 100 judges 13% to pull the average up" (no idea if judges got a rise or not)


I worked every single day during the pandemic on the front line for the emergency services. These clowns set the rules and then partied behind closed doors. They then offer insulting raises to the emergency service workers and yet rewards themselves. Fuming isn’t the word for what I’m feeling


I think MPs being paid an attractive salary is important - you want it to be appealing to the best and brightest the country has to offer, rather than them just going to the private sector because that's where all the money is. And it's also important for being an MP to be a job anyone can do; if it didn't pay enough then it could end up being a role that only rich people would be able to take. I'd actually be in favour of MPs being paid significantly more _but_ not being allowed to make money in any other ways, and their (and their families') incomes being much more regulated in general. £100K a year for 650 MPs is £65M per year, which sounds like a lot but is a drop in the bucket compared to national budgets. However, their pay and pay rises should be in line with other public sector workers, I agree. If there's no money to be giving nurses, police officers, etc, raises then MPs shouldn't be getting raises either.


1.75% of £70k plus is not the same as 1.75% of £23k


(For those that didn't read article, this proposal is equivalent to 2.7% increase for MPs)


public sector worker for the last 8 years ive never had a pay rise above 2%. has anyone got a source for the working that shows 2.7% being the average?


I believe that my work had a pay freeze for those earning above like 22 or something


And some public sector workers have had nothing. I've had no pay rise


Some… some are getting nothing for a third year in a row.


And the rest of us were told by the head of the Bank of England not to ask for a pay rise at all…


Roughly a 13% pay cut since 2008. There hasn't been a rise in line with inflation for over a decade.


From the first line of the article: >IPSA, who sets MPs' pay independently of parliament, said the pay rise is the same as the average increase in pay for public sector employees last year.


Which is utter bullshit as there was a pay freeze for public sector workers last year. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/civil-service-pay-remit-guidance-202122/civil-service-pay-remit-guidance-202122


Last year HMRC had a pay deal of 13% over 3 years, 3% backdated a year, 5% that June and then 5% to come this June. All grades below SCS got this, so about 60,000. There definitely has not been a universal public sector pay freeze, although I imagine HMRC had to fund the pay rise by cutting operational costs.


Only the lucky ones


I am public sector worker and I didn’t get this?


Fucking cunts laugh at us as they increase their own pay. Why do we put up with this shit. Fuck me we are a spineless pathetic country of people.


We need a revolution man


Be careful of revolutions. They always start with the best intentions, but they don't often end with them. More often than not they just end with a lot of people dead and not much improvement.


That's why they're called revolutions. They go round in circles.


Oh Terry Pratchett. How much richer we we're for your company. How much we lost when it came your time to depart. And how long much we wait until another such as yourself can claim to walk among us.


GNU Terry Pratchett. I'm also fairly sure he didn't originate that line, although his stuff is where I got it from.


Really? Didn't know that. Yeah its from him I first heard it as well. Thanks for the information.


So we just keep allowing ourselves to be shit on and do nothing? Yeah, guys, I found the Tory stooge.




This guy revolves.


And usually a lunatic will gain a following and put themselves in power. With all of the social media junk we will either get a putin, Boris or InFlUeNcEr type of person in power.


We need a general strike first.


Pretty much.


They actually don't. It's an independent body that decides on MP's pay.


Who employs the people leading the independent body? Im sure theres never been any business connection or old boys club friend there.


Knock yourself out. Enough links on the Wiki page to do some research. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Parliamentary_Standards_Authority Again, worth noting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer have both said MPs should not get a rise this year.


They only recommend/propose the pay increase. There are plenty of other independent bodies that make recommendations to Parliament that end up getting rejected.


Nail on the head. We’re just a weak nation of people who like being taken for a ride so much we repeatedly vote conservative just out of spite for our neighbours. A lot of brits take the piss of out of the French for being weak, but those fuckers will riot while we sit by and resort to eating our pets


Wait to you hear how much extra they claim from expanses!!


Their pay should be performance based. They should be as scrutinised as people who are on Universal Credit are. They should be paid based on the parliamentary work they do and constituency stuff like surgeries, etc.. any other work they do and money they get should be subtracted from their pay at the rate they take pay from Universal Credit.


Then they'll be left with 0


Sounds like a cost effective solution then, when do we start?


Exactly. Tories love cutting the public sector. Let's get the ball rolling on this.


They will just move the goalposts to performanced based "lying" and all get a payrise.


So basically politics will dictate pay. Have you no idea how insane that is?


Its an MP, they will forge information to make it look like they are doing something.


I feel their payrises need to be in line with public sector policy It needs to be fair for it to be accepted on mass I have no issue with payrises, I feel with inflation it’s only right for people to get rises in line with that, and many businesses do this automatically. However it always seems as if it’s one rule for some public servants and another for the rest.




During periods of hight inflation payrises shouldn’t be performance based in general, and as mentioned many businesses offer this as standard (not seen across the board but they exist) so I don’t think tieing it to happiness or any other very flimsy stat would be helpful. Although it’s a nice idea. It just frustrates me that MPs are public servants as much as any Dr, Nurse, teacher or social worker is. But their rulings on payrise caps don’t stretch to their roles. They shouldn’t be able to issue increase pay rises in addition to that set for everyone else who happens to be working in the public sector.


[this is the Republican Party UK](https://i.redd.it/jnwm8fylzgl61.jpg) they've been copying the American playbook for a long time [This is the natural result of this corrupt policy](https://i.redd.it/aplutdl110o61.jpg) They're going to drive people into poverty + crime = then claim to be the party to stamp out crime


Isn't this far below inflation?


Yep Never said it wasn’t?


They’re public sector workers. It’s crazy that they can freeze pay of other public sector workers for years at a time then get annual raises the rest of us would dream of. Just maddening.


> It said the pay rise is the same as the average increase in pay for public sector employees last year. How the fuck is this possible when there was a near total pay freeze across the civil service? People earning under £24K got a token £250 extra but that was the extent of it. As I was just above £24K I personally got nothing.




Probably the vast majority at this point in terms of actual wage bill.


Fair point. Which should mean that an inflation-matching pay rise for civil service wouldn’t impact the overall public sector expenditure much, but I bet they’ll find some excuse to weasel their way out of that and give us 1% or suchlike. As is tradition since 2010.


Because they’re looking at average salary growth. Not specifically payrises For this very reason, using whatever stat they can to make their decision look reasonable.


Good point. By being selective, statistics can be so easily manipulated.


> How the fuck is this possible when there was a near total pay freeze across the civil service? For a long time the lowest Civil Service grades got much heftier percentage pay rises, because it was the only way to stop them sinking under minimum wage. Also, this is aggregate public sector, not Civil Service. Everyone working on our world-leading Track and Trace service would have fallen into the public sector.


Depends on department. HMRC got a relatively large pay deal last June, 13% over 3 years, first year backdated and the last year is to come into effect this June. All grades up below SCS got this.


I have absolutely no issue with how much they get paid. Or with a 2.7% pay rise. Being an MP is supposed to be a difficult job with a huge amount of responsibility. What I take issue with is the fact that so many MPs don't take that responsibility seriously and don't earn the money they get paid. For so many it's just a means to lobby and make life better for themselves. Taxes get misspent, corruption becomes more overt and clear disdain for the public is so often shown. For MPs doing their job I say good on them for their achievements and for being well paid. To those that aren't I resent their every moment in the position.




Or make all there finances and incomes public and everyone can scrutinise it and what properties they own


Like the register of member's interests? https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/standards-and-financial-interests/parliamentary-commissioner-for-standards/registers-of-interests/register-of-members-financial-interests/#:~:text=The%20main%20purpose%20of%20the,as%20a%20Member%20of%20Parliament.


I don't mind them getting a massive hike. But it comes without the subsidised cheap expensive meals and drinks in Westminster, without the freedom to pick your own office locations or hire whoever you want as your staff (that'd be done by a newly set up public body) and you're not allowed to take on second jobs.




They are second rate because we abuse anyone who sticks their head up with an opinion. Why exactly would talented people give up their lives for that?


Huge pay increase that comes alongside a law that prevents MPs having second jobs or holding investments would be the solution. Massive fines that match the earnings they get from side jobs and being banned from any Public Sector work after a prison sentence for breaking the law but then MP pay is something like double the current. The double dipping, the outright corruption, that has to end if MPs want better MP salaries. Remember, expenses were introduced as a way to hide pay increase as it allows them to keep more of their income while accessing things plebs pay for with their own wage. Benefits have been slashed. Public Sector pay frozen until it ends up as a pay cut. Mismanagement of the economy worsening inflation and the strength of the Pound. Giving away billions to their friends and scammers then increasing tax. Now increasing MP salaries conveniently for when everyone else pays more tax. Is a pile up of bullshit.


Absolutely fucking disgusting. People are choosing between food and heating. House prices and rent is through the roof. The cost of near everything is way up. We were all told payrises would only exacerbate these problems. Now, here we are.


How will they explain this extravagance in the face of inflation to the Governor of the Bank of England?: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-60206564


2.7% is a below inflation increase.


Why would they have to explain the decision of a completly independent process that they had nothing to do with?


In this case, “they” would refer to IPSA. Both Boris Johnson and Kier Starmer have publicly announced they feel this pay rise should not happen (they’ll still take it, of course).


They literally laughed at us and threw parties while it was illegal for you to see your family. The news has been well and truly buried. But never, ever forget it.


They get this for “increased duties” Will they give NHS and essential workers the same raise? Of fucking course not, because they’re all corrupt dickheads. They weren’t even working properly, they just gave their mates billions and partied and broke the rules they get this money to make and follow.


They've partied so hard over the last year they deserve the pay rise. Ohh worked hard. Sorry.


I aint had a pay rise in 3 yrs and I guarantee I'm more productive than all these twats put together


My pay rise last year was £250 🙃 working in the civil service. These MPs are top class wankers


Let me guess, when they’re criticised for it they’ll all say it’s “an independent body review” that they have absolutely no say over so unfortunately have to accept it. Regardless of all the other independent reviews they’ve completely bypassed.


how long are average people going just sit and take this thinking “shucks the tories suck anyway back to trying to budget” instead of actually taking action and beginning to resist?


And the Great British Public will lie back and take it once again.


More like bend over.


I like how people support giving these cunts more money on the basis of "you need to pay well to attract the best talent" sure, but we don't have the best talent so it's just overpaying people to not do their jobs properly.


I'm the other way around. They should be paid 100k but there they need to live in a government bought hotel if they come to London. That's it. No second home or mortgage payment or otherwise.


Well that's the MP's sorted, the pay rise should just about cover the cost of living increase. Now, let's see what everyone else gets...


Let's spin the board! ​ Ooooh, i'm afraid we get fuck all. May as well just have everyone else live on Numberwang.


It's actually worth pointing out that most people in here don't know that MPs don't decide on their pay. It's the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa). "[Richard Lloyd, chairman of Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa)](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-60576639), which sets salaries, said: "This is the first increase in pay for MPs in two years and follows the average of increases across the public sector last year. "MPs play a vital role in our democracy and this is reflected in their pay. It is right that MPs are paid fairly for the responsibility and the unseen work they do helping their constituents, which dramatically increased last year. "For parliament to reflect society, it is vital that people from all walks of life can be an MP."


Lovely news after I've just seen my energy bill increase by like 40%


From April? When energy prices are set to skyrocket? That's about as subtle as a kick in the balls. Fuck these cunts.


are you fucking serious? everything that's going on and those cunts get a pay rise. i don't know why im surprised. im fucking disgusted though


Ah thank Christ I was concerned about how they'd fare against crazy inflation, but thankfully they're untouched by it which is nice


Why not just send everyone shit in the post? Because that is what they are doing. Whilst many folks have to either starve or freeze or just both, they decide to take the piss and give themselves a fucking 2.2k raise. Oh and the power companies decided to rip people off, twice before it's even fucking summer. Oh and raised National Insurance to "protect the NHS" when really, they blew the cash on christmas parties, several vanity projects, Boris's press room until he realised he would have to face the press etc.. Meanwhile, I'm a fucking zero hour contract NMW waiter who is very unlikely to never get a raise outside of NMW going up. ​ I fucking hate the tories.


Fuck off seriously? The poorest of us are fucked and they get a pay rise? Fuck me


Worth every penny. You put them in charge and do nothing when the rip you off and fail you.


They're laughing in the faces of the English people but have convinced enough of their more angry supporters they're really making fools of everyone else.


Are they taking the piss? What am I saying, of course they are. It's their default state.


Inflation for the last 12 months has averaged at 5.5%.. it's technically not a payrise, just an inflation adjustment. If you didn't get a payrise of at least 5.5%, you got a paycut And this ignores the fact the method for measuring inflation is extremely flawed and misleading (Spoiler: I didn't get a payrise)


a slap in the face to the NHS and all the other workers keeping the backbone of the economy going


3% NHS Payrise, we still thankful that you show us what we are worth to you 😘 🤮


See, the fucking MPs are getting salary increases to cover inflation. What about my company expenses scheme or my wages to cover fuel. Fucking unfair.


And here people thinking they were gonna get fined


While the rest of us plebs pay higher bills. It's disgraceful.


But I thought we weren't meant to ask for payrises? Looks at the banker pointedly.


Are you fucking kidding. So not only are MPs getting a nice lump sum towards their energy bills but also getting this pay rise. Honestly I hope some fucker bombs parliament. You thieving scummy little twats.


Wtf is this shit. That's a fucktonne, as in life-changing amount, of money to a lot of people.