Sorry but super noob question.

Sorry but super noob question.


‘Cost basis’ column is the price you sold it for. ‘Current value’ is approximately how much that option is currently worth. ‘Total gain/loss’ is your unrealized P/L on the option, or how much your gain/loss would be if you bought back the option.


so i got this going [on](https://i.imgur.com/fvQggza.png) and its showing the cost basis value same as the current value. i don't remember how much i sold it for but i know it was more then .05. am i doing something wrong there?


Look at your account history, it should show you what you got paid for selling the call. If today’s price is less then what you earned from selling, then you’re making some money. If it’s more, then the position has moved against you.




I use Fidelity. In your position window if you sell or buy anything if it red, the price went against you. The cost basis is what your profits should be after commissions.