Amazon has banned over 600 Chinese brands as part of review fraud crackdown

Amazon has banned over 600 Chinese brands as part of review fraud crackdown


They’ll just reappear under some other weird name


My favorite so far has been “Retail Storee”


mines been "LINKIN PERK".


One I found yesterday was called “TOPCHANCES” selling High Voltage electrical equipment lol


Fortunately they didn’t mess with the brands I prefer such as PALLYBOO, ALBOOXA, and of course SPAALLONEBABGUSCOOTIES. Crap… my USB charger isn’t smoking this time but it is glowing and melting…


USB pocket warmer!


Usb housewarmer


Damn you guys are lucky, my usb charger just added a bunch of cool search bars to my desktop.


Ah the days of 4 different search bars on my browser.


What a time


Guy at my last job thought that was just how browsers were


That doubles as a vape!


Now with more heavy metal compounds for your brain damaging pleasure.


Pallyboo is actually a pretty good name! "New from Pallyboo..."




New from Pallyboo! The complete homeowner solution! Just plug it in, leave for the weekend, and come back to an insurance claim waiting to be called in. Be rid of all that clutter and anything you cared about within those four flammable walls. Watch your children cry as they root through rubble to find their favorite hunks of smoldering plastic. Uninsured? Pallyboo-hoo! Bad time to look for a place to live? Pallyboo-hoo! Pallyboo!


"And remember: Pallyboo is a pal to you!" -1940s TV announcer


*""Have You Played Pallyboo Today?"*


I had a iPhone cable I got off Amazon start smoking and melting….


A vinesauce reference is not something I expected here of all places


Damn what happened to SPAY ME FOR THE DOREET?




Ah thank god my NASART 1tb micro sd card is safe. I need to order another one for some reason I ran out of space super fast….


It says the files are corrupted after I put 8GB on there!


You must have a knockoff Switch. Please return it and don’t you dare sully the good name of NASART.


I refuse to buy anything from a brand or company I don't recognize. I swear, most of the names seem like they come from someone banging their forehead on the keyboard anyway.




Ive said this to many people. Shop Amazon then search the same product on AliExpress. Most the time youll find same make and model at up to 50% price difference. People are afraid or ignorant or I dunno to shop the “china” market on AliExpress but will blindly purchase anything from Amazon. Even some select things have leeched into Etsy.


Etsy is really turning into something I wish it wasn’t.


I mostly buy candles and antiques from Etsy, and thankfully a lot of sellers I follow have been establishing their own sites Etsy’s been getting… *weird* in the past few years


As someone who doesn’t ever look at Etsy, care to elaborate on *”weird”*?


Etsy was originally marketed as a folksier, more independent counterpart to Amazon. You could buy stuff like homemade candles, soaps, knitted socks, or physical fan content from independent sellers and hobbyist. But over time, more and more businesses have been creeping in. And I don’t mean like, people who are making enough money on Etsy to start up small businesses, I mean legit retailers. Also, as the other person who responded to this comment pointed out, a lot of really bizarre sexual stuff. Not to kinkshame, but you’ll see things like all ovipositors and animal sculptures with uncomfortably realistic penises or vaginas for heads advertised very liberally. Despite the fact that it’s technically against the site’s terms of service.


Etsy changed when they went public on NYSE. Now they are just another corporate shill peddling junk. I try to support legit creators as much as possible.


Recently found some cool “handmade” earstuds on Etsy for $12… then found the same ones on Ali for $2. Now they may still have been handmade, but def not by anyone at that US Etsy shop…


Most products are "handmade" in that some poor sap made them by hand in a factory somewhere.


Problem in my experience is that the price difference is wiped out by shipping unless you're buying in bulk. Like wholesale starting your own store bulk, not a singe giant pack of paper towels from Costco bulk.


Exactly. You pay back the difference in shipping -and- it arrives in 2 months instead of 2 weeks.


It was enlightening when I finally got an AliExpress account and noticed like 90% of Amazon is just re-sells at a markup. It’s become so difficult to shop for almost anything on Amazon that isn’t a knockoff of some kind. Though I will say… I wish AliExpress’s algorithm was a little less aggressive. I click on one or two of the same type of item and now that’s *all* I see in my feed.


You would never overtake Amazon with that strategy. It is literally the model that Amazon beat the crap out of. Amazon will remain king because they are a logistics company (in addition to AWS/Alexa). They get it to you faster and cheaper than anyone else could even imagine.




Didn’t know that about brands that refused to sell on Amazon. Wow!


Yea I almost never buy shit off Amazon anymore because it's a pain in the ass to filter through all the garbage and even then there's something wrong with like 1/3 of my orders. I'm back to going to local stores as much as I can.


Amazon has so many fakes, you can’t trust the brands you buy on there. I always read the reviews and if people say they are fake, i don’t buy.


Ours already has.






If tomorrow my company goes under, I will just start another paper company, and then another and another and another. I have no shortage of company names.


Ah it’s always nice to see r/unexpectedoffice


Lol, this is true though


Good, I hope they stay on top of it. Amazon has turned into a cess pool of garbage products with the actual good products either completely buried or the actual good products are no longer on the site because they don't want to be associate with the trash Amazon let's on their market place.


Even when you can find a good product there's no guarantee you don't just get a counterfeit.


That's what bothers me the most. The reviews on stuff often don't even matter because you're going to get something similar to the listing.


You want to avoid it? Don't buy Amazon. Find real businesses with real locations in their about section of their websites.


Yeah, the way Amazon umbrellas all the suppliers of the same product leads to receiving shoddy knockoffs of the thing you want half the time anyway


Killing my amazon account was one of the better ideas I've had in a while. The only downside is the difficulty of finding current comics bag and boards online since my comic shop closed a few years ago...but then I remembered the 1 time I bought boards on amazon and one corner was smashed in.


Turned into? Amazon has always been 99% shit products from China.


Not always. There was a time you could buy something off Amazon without the constant fear of it being fake. Sadly that was a very long time ago, and nowadays everything from jeans to electronics to fucking $1’s worth of cigarette filters (why would you even bother faking them, they’re just foam cylinders ffs) is often fake. I doubt banning brands will help though, most of the really cheap tat is fake products from famous brands like apple, nike and smok. Banning companies like ABECEDOCO Sichuan Corporation from selling cheap gel pens and unsafe portable chargers isn’t gonna change that


The fact that I practically can’t find shit that isn’t some nonsensical chinesium knockoff will probably be Amazon’s downfall one day. It won’t be today or tomorrow but they are slowly training me as a customer to look elsewhere and spend less when I do buy from them. I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month there most months for years. Now it’s maybe $50 and half that shit ends up getting returned as cheap junk that either didn’t work out of the box, broke within a few days, or just isn’t worth the price. I can’t believe how much I have walked into Kohl’s to return.


I doubt it. They’ve got their Prime Video, twitch, the photos app, kindle, Amazon App Store, so much stuff. Even if selling physical goods became entirely unviable for them (which I doubt, they’ve started offering £1000 start up bonuses for their warehouse workers where I am just to keep the place running what with everyone quitting all the time, and they’re still profiting hugely from it), they’ve got enough back up plans to make out through. Would they still be as huge as they are right now? Probably not. But they wouldn’t collapse. Hopefully some day they’ll have disillusioned all their potential workers, and their customers who order pay them money and get Chinese tat in return, and they’ll have to either step up or fail. But I doubt it, seems like they’re too big to fail at this point without some serious financial disaster to help it along


The fact that you can’t find them suggests either the website should be made easier to navigate you’re just bad at it. Amazon carries countless name brands and details them itself. You can easily identify them by verifying the brand/seller on the page.


I only use Amazon to buy stuff I don't care if I get a shitty Chinese version of via alexa for basically the novelty of yelling at my house to buy shit. I search amazon for selected shitty Chinese stuff to then find on aliexpress for cheaper. Anything that matters I buy from either industry sites (musician's friend, MSC, KC tool Co, etc) or from a real store after checking reviews online.


What’s in the foam, though?


It’s just like a plastic or fibreglass foam similar to styrofoam packing material, in a thin cylinder shape. It catches a lot of the larger tar particles in the smoke before it gets into your lungs. If you look at a pre-packaged cig like a Marlboro or B&H, the filter is the brown bit on the end where you put your mouth. I buy them to roll my own, since it’s a lot cheaper here in the UK than buying pre-made packs. The only reason I bought them off Amazon was because I like the flavoured ones (they have menthol capsules in them that you pop and it helps with the flavour), but they were very obviously fake so I went to the Bull Brand website after that and forked out the £3 for shipping


I think I could define your comment as a "pipe dream". I have a shocking idea -- don't purchase anything from Amazon. Ever.


That’s what I do. I haven’t bought anything on Amazon since I quit my job in their warehouse back in June, and even before then I only used them to bulk buy stuff like drinks and snacks. They’re useless for anything else, and the way they treat their workers is genuinely horrible, so I have no reason to use their services. I’d rather shop elsewhere and pay the extra few £s in shipping fees


Glad you got out of that situation. Best of luck to you.


Amazon only starting having the problem when they allowed 3rd party vendors to sell through Amazon.


You are 100% correct. When amazom did the sourcing and logistics they had better products. Now that anyone can sell on there for the most part it's full of garbage


This happened to me one time it was really really strange. Someone took over my account and I didn't know because they added a bunch of other credit cards that were not mine (probably stolen) and bought a bunch of random Chinese made stuff that just started showing up at my door. Then left 5 star reviews for them. It was strange. After I got control of my account I changed all those reviews to 1 star haha.


I was harassed for months after leaving a 1 star review for a $5 item. They somehow figured out who I was and tried every dirty trick to get me to change it to a 5 star.


That's insane. I'd report that to Amazon.


Bold of you to assume that anyone at Amazon would give a shit. If they did, this whole thread wouldn't exist.


They don’t care about the customer their own policies let them get away with shit. Years ago I bought a flag off of Amazon, it was going to take weeks to get here for some reason, I was like “okay that’s fine it’s not too important.” Weeks later I get an update from the seller, due to some bullshit excuse (can’t remember what it was) the delivery date was pushed several weeks back, I was pissed but whatever. Come the date it still didn’t arrive, I emailed the seller, waited a day for a response then when nothing came I demanded a refund, no response. I finally had enough and went to Amazon and they refused to do anything, stating that since it was a certain amount of days (I think 30?) since the order was place they wouldn’t do anything, the seller intentionally made it so that he would get paid and wait out their policy so there would be no action. Another time I was selling an engineering book, it was a good price, good condition, not bent, no torn pages, no writing in it. It sold fast and I sent it immediately, but before I sent it I took pictures just in case, when the buyer got it they sent me an email demanding their money back saying it was in worse condition than advertised and was very worn, despite having pictures to show otherwise I was told that it was Amazon policy that if the product was of mislabeled quality or damaged it was an automatic refund, they didn’t care about the pictures or my request to see the condition of the book, the best they said was I could keep like 15-20 percent of the sale as a restocking fee. Well wouldn’t you know I don’t get the book back to resell, I wait and wait and still don’t receive the book, I go back to Amazon to see if they can help with this matter explaining the situation and they couldn’t contact the buyer for bullshit reasons. I spent **TWO YEARS** trying to get the book back, all the while I just know it was a scam, they knew the policies about damage, they bought the book, said it was bad, would automatically win the a-z claim, would only be charged the small restocking fee which valued like 28 bucks for a 175 dollar book, then kept the book, even when it was clear they kept the book and got their money back they refused to recharge them for what they stole. Amazon does not give a flying fuck about anyone, because they know that you may be pissed, but they have become so big that you’ll be back, and if you’re not actually going to come back who gives a shit you are a worm to the, you are a rounding error on their account


Similar story; an ex had me sell some of her old textbooks online and one of the more expensive ones I sold through Amazon because I figured they’d be the better avenue over eBay. Book sells, I ship it, they request a refund because their daughter allegedly wasn’t going to take the class anymore and they fought me about even returning the book she wanted a whole ass refund. Eventually I get them to ship the book back but what I got was a box of scrambled pages and half the cover. All of the pages were cut out and had the marks that occur when being ran through a high yield scanner. I take it to Amazon cause now it’s literally unsellable and we’re out the already high cost of the book but now also expensive shipping back *and* forth. They basically said as long as the item was returned everything is fine and they were in the right. Fuck that noise. And a bigger fuck you to that lady. All of my other customer service experiences with Amazon have been great through but I always try to buy directly from Amazon if I can to minimize the risk of fake goods.


I left a three star review which I thought wasn’t even bad and this lady emailed me from China saying they would send me $50 Amazon card if I sent them a screenshot showing it changed to 5 stars.


This happens to my friend. He asked them to send another one and then claim it didn’t get to them. Went on for months and he made sure they emailed every day. They sent 3 and then gave up


It’s an e-commerce scam called “brushing” that’s pretty common. It basically works like this: Scammers hack a legitimate customer account for a e-commerce company like Amazon or eBay. They then use that account to place multiple orders for small, insignificant items from their own business; the items are often things like packs of small screws. They generally use their own money to purchase the items and actually ship them to the address of the hacked account. Amazon verifies that the item was delivered and the scammers write glowing 5 star reviews about the item. The end result is a company that has legitimate transactions with legitimate customers that, on paper, look to be outstanding with good reviews and lots of happy customers. Legitimate customers then purchase items and their complaints/bad reviews are masked by the flood of fraudulent “brushing” reviews. If the owner of the hacked account ever discovers what happened, they often have no idea what to do. No money was taken out of their account, so it wasn’t theft. Many guess they accidentally ordered something and forgot about it. The item delivered is often worth only a few cents, so they don’t bother returning it. Police generally aren’t going to bother with it because no one can explain what the actual crime was. The people who really get burned by the scam are the people who buy items with glowing reviews, only to discover its total crap. There’s a really great explanation of this on the podcast the Experiment in the episode “the Great Seed Panic of 2020.”


That's exactly what was happening. So crazy.


If they bought it under your account, you should have returned it all as “defective” and asked for an Amazon gift card credit to your account. I heard from a “friend” that said that the may possibly be a way for that to work, and if they did that and they would have wound up with almost $500 of credit, which they then used to buy something they actually wanted. This is assuming that said friend actually went through with it. Just be aware, that my …. Friend… said it may get you banned from all the Chinese free crap groups.


So it's a win win? I don't see a problem.


I mean, I wish someone would send me free random crap lmao


Yea. It was cool but it was not stuff that was useful or I necessarily wanted. No one wants more clutter in their house.


I’ve sold over $200 worth of crap on Kijiji. It wasn’t all bad.


But like… free stuff.


That’s how I met my wife. 4 stars.


I wish Amazon had a shop not made in China section


Or at least a filter. The thing that amuses me is the “brand” names of Chinesium products. It’s like they just use a randomizer to generate product names.


>It’s like they just use a randomizer to generate product names. They do. It's to make sure their trademarks are approved quickly. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/11/style/amazon-trademark-copyright.html


Yeah, I wish there was a filter by country of shipping/origin.


I think they are working on it, 2 weeks ago our shopping feed to Amazon broke because it was missing a variable. Which was country of origin. Which we now had to request at some suppliers, because that data was missing on their products. Although putting in China would've been correct at least 40% of the time


There's an add-on for Mozilla Firefox called Cellar that shows you the country of origin of the seller. It can be a bit buggy on search pages (sometimes doesn't load and sometimes causes the first page to reload when moving on to the next page), but it works fine on individual product pages.


Probably because they are chinese companies How would you generate a company name in Chinese?


By hiring a native Chinese speaker.


Selling phone charging accessories on Amazon doesnt have the margins you’re imagining.


I mean surely they have maybe one single friend or acquaintance who is fluent enough to help them brainstorm a real name? I feel like if my target market spoke only mandarin, I would ask my Chinese friends for some advice. But maybe that’s not culturally feasible, I know here people are happy to chat about that kind of stuff.


I know no one who speaks Chinese. Am I alone in this?


I have a couple friends who have family members who speak mandarin, and they aren’t fluent speakers, being second generation, but would have enough understanding to be able to help choose a good name for a company. I feel like that’s true of the languages that are most spoken in the world like Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, and Arabic, as well as several other languages. Maybe I just live in a diverse suburb but I know a lot of people who know a second language or who use a different language in their home. English is the majority but I mean there are enough Japanese speakers in the area that the public schools opened a Japanese immersion elementary school, and I grew up with a ton of people who spoke Hindi or Urdu or Arabic in their homes.


There’s a well-known company called Omron that sells medical devices. Do people know what it stands for? Highly doubtful, it’s named after an area of Kyoto where the company originated. Why haven’t they rebranded to Meditech or something in English if it would help sales? Probably because it isn’t worthwhile and obvious names are taken anyway. IMO, branding barely/rarely matters, depending on industry of course. People know foreign brands will have names that don’t translate in English. Who actually knows what the company name stands for, for each product they buy. What matters is how the product performs and the reputation that brand gains. The world’s markets are global, people are not as xenophobic anymore about buying foreign made goods.


I don’t know that’s a 1:1 comparison, we are talking about small businesses making counterfeit goods lol, it’s not like established medical equipment manufacturers whose products are often patented and regulated in the countries they operate need to pass for anything other than a foreign medical device company. But when buying something like, say, kids toys, which are going to go in my kid’s mouth and have been, in recent past, the subject of lead poisoning investigation, recalls, and a lack of Chinese government oversight, I’m going to scrutinize a company name like “BabyGoal” less than “TYRY.HU” even though chances are they are both manufactured in Chinese factories that are, again, largely unregulated.


Omron is well known for computer parts too.


Omron is cool sounding too


Huh then there will be no products to feature at all


Maybe five products.


For real. I would actually shop there if they did.


While not what you asked for here’s a site that let’s you determine what countries US companies are sourcing from: https://www.importyeti.com/




This won’t work. Many of the Chinese brands will have a warehouse in the US where they store their inventory. They use the US warehouse address and entity to then be part of Prime fulfillment. In the end you’re still getting the Chinese items just with faster shipping.


No it doesn't. That still doesn't solve that counterfeits get sold with real products due to the mixing they do. That's why brands like Nike, Adidas, and Underarmor left Amazon, fake Chinese shit was being sold under their name.




Pretending they don't exist doesn't make the fact that amazon, even on prime stuff, is knowingly selling counterfeit items.


I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing


What is a prime filter?


There's a slider to filter only prime delivery.


Holy shit… YES. They’d have the buying power to bring more manufacturing into the US. In fact, AmazonBasics should all be USA-made goods.


Are you guys forgetting that was a thing 20 years ago? Sears, jc penny etc only sold “good brands” then Walmart started selling a shit ton of Chinese stuff and then Jeff came along and let China sell their stuff straight to us and lo and behold, Sears is gone


…and we are paying the price now. All my craftsman tools made in the USA still perform like new. Most tools I’ve bought since they move production to China have been junk. Time to bring back quality American/European engineering or even just quality standards


Thing is, there are actually quality things made in China, but the issue is that companies compete on price, not quality, so they cut corners in manufacturing and we all know that result: made in China become synonymous with low quality. Remember when things were labeled “made in Hong Kong ROC?”


I only buy “shipped and sold” by Amazon.


Then it becomes a ship of Theseus problem, at what point is some good classified as “made in the USA?” 20%? 40%? 70%?


They'll all be back next month with new names.


Next day*


And 600 reappeared over night


Better make that 600 thousand


This will be totally ineffective. Barely a speed bump for knockoffs and counterfeiters exploring Amazon’s laziness. It’s like the business equivalent of blocking a randomly generated caller ID phone number that robocalls you.


Yep. They really need a way for customers to report listings without buying the product. I come across so many items with multiple listings that should be combined.


Like you have a product, fifty different brands, EXACT SAME PHOTO or extremely similar where it’s clearly the same item.


And just like that, the Chinese bot army reported every non-chinese seller on Amazon. And now all Amazon is chinese.


I think it is intentional that you can’t.


That would open the door to abuse.


If you saw two of the same item for two different prices on the supermarket shelf, you’d complain to the supermarket manager. All the reports would go through Amazon; same as their returns. Being asked to do their jobs is not abuse. Amazon should be aggregating duplicate listings anyways.


What you are describing makes sense. But letting customers report listings willy nilly will only allow chinese sellers to game the system and take down legitimate businesses and listings.


I guess that’s a problem for Amazon to deal with, should it ever arise. Although, I’m not sure how putting all the listings for an item on one page instead of eight would take any businesses down.


I wonder at what point Amazon is considered complicit if they participate in the fulfillment by amazon program. That seems pretty darn complicit in counterfeiting to me. If someone makes fake money and someone decides to hold it for them and ship it to someone else, guess who is still participating in illegal activity.


In America if you’re rich enough, or especially a big enough company, a lot of shit suddenly stops being illegal.


Unfortunately. Also this isn’t just America, it’s all over the world. Some countries have higher bars and different ethics practices than others though. It’s a business culture thing. Just look at VW. That came the the top and because the CEO was German, he largely avoided accountability. Even the board basically said, he said he is innocent so he must be innocent. As long as the punishment is significantly less than the gain, this will remain a problem.


No only knockoffs or counterfeit but just products with incorrect stats with almost 5 star ratings. Search for Ryobi 40v battery and you will find lots of 6ah rated batteries from different manufacturers that all look the same that according to reviewers that opened them up are just 2.5ah. So less than half of the rated capability (which also explains the less than half of OEM price).


Generating all those fake reviews takes a good deal of work


Amazon is just eBay with a different UI and faster shipping. At least with eBay there’s no pretense.


I'm old enough to remember eBay when it first hit the internet, before it got flooded with Chinese crap. As soon as Amazon started allowing third party vendors from China filling up the site with crap, I knew it was game over. These days I rarely buy from Amazon if the item is available elsewhere


eBay was awesome in the late 90’s. Back then you had to send money orders and stuff. Then PayPal came in and it was awesome until everyone had their hand in the till. Charging percentages for the sale, then another percentage for the transaction. I hated it after that. Then when the China crap started flooded eBay it was all over for me. Amazon is going to live the same fate.


eBay just went completely to shit after ditching PayPal. They put you on notice if you make 2 returns a year now.


And absolutely nothing was accomplished because this is just a weak attempt at seeming like they’re doing something about the problem. I searched a handful of brands I know for certain pay for reviews (because I used to do them…). They’re still there.


But how else am I going to get my Phone Charger, JAHMAI Nylon Braided Lightning Cable[Apple MFi Certified]3Pack 6ft Fast Charging High Speed Data Sync Phone Cord Compatible with iPhone 12 11 Pro Max XS MAX XR XS X 8 7 Plus SE iPad


I wish you could filter country of origin. I try to buy American products.


Is there such a thing anymore?


Yes but it can be a hard search and you have to accept limited selection and some times pay a higher price


I ordered a product off of Amazon, it was shit so I left a 1-star review. The next day they reached out offered me a refund, once I got it squared up they requested I either remove or edit my review to reflect my customer service experience and not the product itself. I don’t trust reviews anymore.


I left a honest 4 star review once and was harassed in emails for weeks to change it to a 5 star review, offering me Amazon gift cards that increased in price every email.. they were nearly double of what the item cost. I complained to Amazon several times but the listing was still up and I think the seller just finally gave up.


These shitty companies offer fake rewards in exchange of 5 star reviews, truly scum


And Amazon enables them.


The worst thing for Aukey and RAVPower is that their products were generally pretty good, they probably didn't need to buy reviews.


Yeah, I love RavPower. They were one of my go to brands behind Anker.


Why do you need to go somewhere other than anker?


Wanted a battery pack with more accurate estimate of what's left. At the time Anker only offered 4 LEDS while RavPower had an exact percentage. Now Anker does 8 LED which is better but not ideal. They are also a lot cheaper.


Oh shit, did they ban Aukey?


No shit, right? I always viewed them as actually having good products.


Most of the products are the same listing on Aliexpress...


Probably should be more like 600,000,000...


What would really be nice if you could filter and shop by the location or state.


Nice. Unfortunately they’ll probably be back on the platform next week under incomprehensible names like INILYP JUUHPOH or some sh*t


It was a bummer they banned Aukey earlier this year. They made great phone accessories


I refuse to buy anything made in China… I know it’s impossible to avoid everything but I try


Let’s just ban amazon that would be better I think


All this does is puts “Amazon” on the news which they could have done in an infinite number of ways anyway.


Amazon is mostly just AliExpress with extra steps and steep markup.


Aliexpress is great for when you don't need something in a hurry. Aliexpress costs pennies on the dollar and its the **exact same stuff** as Amazon.


What about all of Amazons knock off products?


They are ok because they have American logo on them, even though they are also cheap garbage from China, people will still pay premium to buy “american”. Yes people are really that dumb, look no further than the comments in this thread.


There’s nothing wrong with selling cheap knock off products, which is why that’s not the reason these brands have been removed. In actuality, they are being removed because these brands were found to have been faking reviews or gaming the system, which is against Amazon TOS and has been one of the biggest issues with the platform for a while now.


I don't use Amazon very much and it's because it has always seemed like some kind of Chinese junk store, the amount of phony garbage you have to wade through to find anything isn't really worth my time, honestly.


Oh damn they banned 600 of the probably 30,000 bogus sellers they really did the minimum to show how serious they are


I wish you could block China brands as an option, or choose US made only as an option. The brands available on Amazon are a joke.


And now we have 600 new product names.


About time


It’s gotten so bad, sometimes I will be like “how many pages do I need to scroll through before I can find a more expensive brand I’ve heard of before committing to this ice cream scoop.”


In other news, 600 completely new Chinese brands are selling items on Amazon!


They literally giving free items for 5 star Amazon feedback. This website been around for years nicediscount.com when an item have to many 5 stars, I stay away. I always look for bad reviews.


Damn. I was really enjoying getting free crap by giving 5 star reviews.


Now do the other 10,000.


Man, that’s almost all their sellers. How will they stay in business now?


Too late. They cheapened and damaged Amazon's reputation. Then Amazon doubled down on being anti worker. The decision to never buy from them again was easy. #BoycottAmazon Tbh, I'm stuffed out. I ain't buying a whole lot of stuff anyway.


Taking the ole Activision approach to bans.


*They'll be back and in greater numbers.*


The fact that it is also stupid easy to get onto the store in the first place is a problem that needs to be fixed


I stopped shopping on Amazon when it turned into Wish with the prices of items found in actual stores.


They’re doing this because I cancelled my Prime after 6 years. You’re welcome, everybody.


It’s easy to pile on Amazon but I wonder if I’m just lucky or what, having bought from them since when they only sold books, and I struggle to recall anything that was an outright fake. Sure there have been products that didn’t meet my expectations, but still not “fake.” Do people lack the common sense not to buy suspiciously cheap memory cards from random name sellers? I remember during the 2018 eclipse I bought some viewing glasses and later Amazon sent out a warning they may not meet required safety standards and refunded. Anyway I don’t doubt there’s a ton of fakes on Amazon, but at least my personal experience shows that it’s still possible to avoid them.


It's not about fakes, its about Chinese brands incentivising purchasers to give 5* reviews for free gifts. The products they are doing this with are not necessarily bad products, and certainly not fake but it's against Amazon's terms to incentivise a positive review.


I can't say I've had any problems with anything I've got through Amazon being fake either. I did see recently though someone wanting to know why a picture on Amazon was the exact same picture on some other website for the same product. I pointed out that that company that makes the product uses that picture at the many different places that they sell said product. It was clear the picture was from the company and the company is what was selling the product on both websites. So to answer your question no, some people do not have common sense. You can also click on the person's name who left a review and see what other reviews they've left. Then you could potentially report a review if you think that the reviewer is suspicious.


It’s like whack a mole


You would of think this would have been a thing


Banned 600 and added 10,000 more. That's all Amazon is is a faint flee store, dollar tree, dollar general all rolled into one


Bad grammar reviews usually the first clue.


AliExpress? I’m waiting now almost two months on something they say is in us customs. Never again.