I’m about to start working for a retailer that has over 491 styles in a size 15-16. Sometimes you just need a specialist.


I thought you meant 491 as in the New Balance model. I was gonna say, please don't I don't understand how New Balance got to be a trendy shoe after so many decades of being mocked for 40-50 year old white dads wearing them with pleated khakis But yes, there's some places, you get lucky. I've been able to buy some things in stores before. But overall... Yeah. It's tough. Imagine you see this new shoe on this street you like, or see it online or advertised. The vast majority of the time, you arent getting that thing You can shop with Oddball or a site like that and get all sorts of skate shoes and stuff in those sizes though What I'm saying is that there *are* shoes out there in higher sizes, but the quality and selection often aren't so great. And the prices are often crazy for the quality!


Yeah it's a bummer, size 16 here. I'm limited to some brands.. the worst is when I need specialized shoes for sporty activities.


It’s not that bad when they’re actually manufactured - you just have to mail order them. I seem to have equal good/bad luck in terms of pricing - either they’re the last size to sell out in a sale, or most shops never stick them so I have to pay full retail from the manufacturer. Cycling, hiking, football on astroturf, running - all the same. There’s very little choice though, I can choose from about 3 brands of cycling shoes, all of which are pricey , and pretty much just Nike or HiTec for football boots.


Economically it's a super bummer, paying the taxes, etc. And yeah no choices at all. Hiking, football, skiing, rock-climbing and scuba diving are my usual needs of specially designed footwear. The most difficult one is rock climbing I believe, but yeah it can be achieved with enough searching. And maybe even buying two pairs when you are able to find something good.


It’s a real pain on holiday if you want it rent something - I’ve been unable to rent flippers, bowling shoes etc in the past.


I had a pretty solid collection going until the economy went to crap in 2007/2008. Prior to that size 15 offerings were really expanding. After they contracted a LOT.


Vans makes some shoes up to like a 15 or something I think


Vans goes up to at least 16. They're not bad for the dough, either.


Size 13 in Canada usually have to be ordered in by staff. Now I have crippling social anxiety unless I'm being paid to talk to another human, so I just buy what's in stock or drive somewhere else to find shoes.


Oh man, size 13 isn't even around? Usually that's the last *normal* size that will be available. You can get like 90% of any shoe up to size 13 in stock. But then it drops off to like 10% of shoes when you hit 14-15 it feels like (On another note, you should definitely look into going to a doctor for anxiety if you haven't! I did, and it changed my life entirely. So, so worth it)


You should have a friend or family member go to the store and order them for you. If you get anxious around friends and family use Canada's version of an app where people are able to do tasks for you. They can order the shoes and have them delivered to you. You can communicate via the app and never see a person.


Size 12.5 here. I’m right at the cutoff where it starts becoming a little difficult to find shoes in my size. I don’t have any trouble finding them, but I think that if I was size 13 I would lol.


Thank God I stopped at 13 😅


I was a 14EEE when I was fatter, but now that I've been losing weight I'm a 13E-EE. I think I was always a 13, but never able to find shoes with a wide enough fit for my fat feet. Luckily for me, I'm right at the point where a good amount of companies make shoes for me. If you want dress or dress-casual shoes and boots, I know Allen Edmonds has shoes in the 14-16 range, with E-EEE widths.


Look into semi-custom / made to order brands - many have popped up online over the past five years, usually shipping from Asia or Europe. For example, Adelante Shoes makes shoes and boots from sizes 4 to 17. https://adelanteshoes.com/


Me! I’m a bag and shoe girl, sadly my feet hurt will not fit in size 10s 😢 I just remind myself that I’d look ridiculous with tiny feet and be even more unco 😂


18 😿


Vans makes custom shoes up to size 16. I’ve got all kinds of color combinations.


Get some cowboy boots if you can rock them. Lots of really nice/fancy boots out there, size 16 isn't unheard of.


Yeah it’s the one thing about me I really wish I could change. I’m a UK 19 (US20) and it’s so difficult to find anything at all! Like you I’ve always loved shoes and sneakers but the choice gets severely limited when you get into super sized feet. I would be happy with even a UK 17 but nature decided otherwise.


I’m 6’5 with Size 17 feet. Finding anything is a nightmare


I only have 2 pairs and a pair of sandals. No not at all.


Me who's just poor: aha, yes, I understand the giants' struggle.


i got a good shoe collection cuz my feet are small for my height. im 6’2 but wear a size 10-10.5 💀


A lot of people may not know this but stockx usually has all sizes up to 18