Cathie Wood's ARK files for new transparency ETF: no oil, banks, booze, chemicals or candy

Cathie Wood's ARK files for new transparency ETF: no oil, banks, booze, chemicals or candy

  • By - dhpw2


At this point I wonder if she is just looking for themes that may excite the retail crowd.


I don't see an ETF with no alcohol, tobacco or junk food catching on over at WSB


I'm going to launch my own inverse ETF with blackjack and hookers!


In fact, forget the ETF!


Ah forget the whole thing




Ah screw the whole damn thing!


Son of a bitch I’m in


I would be into a guns, booze, weed, psychedelics, and gambling ETF.


Is $DGEN taken?


Yeah, someone from upcountry took it.


Fuck that.. cocaine etf.. pays dividends in the form of straight up blow


You mean coke, meth, and shorts?


I mean, yeah, that’s literally their job. Nobody is trying to start a retail fund that nobody wants.


Yeah. The whole retail boom we've seen is really a market on top of a market. If the CEO is charismatic and as a good spiel and the product is/looks/sounds cool then demand booms. It's crazy, unbelievable, and frustrating.


Middle East appeal


No, she's very religious. This is basically a JTF. JesusTF.


I feel more like she is looking for themes that Jesus will buy into. I mean the funds are even named ARK. The last investor I had heard of who was this religious about his investments and beliefs was Bill Hwang. Didn't end too well for him.


She’s just gonna buy most of the same shit in her other funds


She's gonna buy her own ETFs in this new ETF lol


Number one holding, ARKX, number 2, TSLA


Now ARKX invests in this new ETF






An etf made of etfs, what could go wrong?


I know you're thinking "what the fuck is a synthetic CDO?"


"An ETF within an ETF. We call it ETF squared." "That's fucking insane." "Naw man, its awesome!"


Lmao 😂 💀


You’re not wrong. Just so she can prove Burry’s puts wrong. The media would destroy her.


ETFS all the way down......


Her space ETF owns her 3D Print etf.


She's milking the shit out of those high fee etfs with heavy overlap. Gotta respect the scam.






30%+ average annual return since inception... 😂


In an insane bull market that you have to be a complete dolt to lose money in... Google alone is up over 60% this year, I believe.


Yeah. And Arkk still beats Google in the last 5 years lol It's true. Goog 280% Arkk 500%


How much of that is tesla I wonder


they got lucky lmao on tsla


Arkk opened in 2014 because of Tesla. I would not call that luck.


But this time with more Jesus Edit: When I realized she named it Ark because she's a Jesus freak, I sold all my ARK. It hasn't gotten back to where I sold at. Edit 2: I got nothing against peoples religious beliefs but I also am not going to trust my money with someone that deep in the lore. I dont need to delegate poor decisions to be made by irrational logic. I am more than capable of that and my form of irrational logic is way more fun than Christian irrational logic.


Satan pays better divvies.


Jesus saves but the devil pays


Jesus saves, but Yahweh invests.


The problem is that eternal damnation tax once you exit.


Damn that tax. Damn it all to hell.


The Deaderal Reserve also gonna burn ya on interest rates


OK, this is bad enough pun that I want my award back.


*sinterest rates


Look, we've only heard one side about this whole damnation thing. Might not be so bad.


The vice fund is for you! https://money.usnews.com/funds/mutual-funds/world-large-stock-blend/usa-mutuals-vice-fund/vicex


Yup, gimme those Lmt dividends


Upvoting Satan paying divies but downvoting something they think is wrong (defense contractors). How ironic


I'd buy a Satan ETF if their main holdings were JPM (banks), XOM (Oil), and MO (Tobacco).


The fund you'd be looking for is $VICEX. It's basically booze, guns, and tobacco/weed.


Felt this


It's your money, but the religious beliefs of the manager, however fervent and in disagreement with your own, are a strange way to make investment decisions. If the Dalai Lama was compounding capital at a high rate, I wouldn't pull out because I don't share his religion. I would pull out, however, if I thought that his track record would not continue. I have no Ark funds and never did.


Quite possibly the best post I've read all year. Cheers!


Aw fuck. I’ve been had by the financial equivalent of a televangelist?


Bill Hwang invests on behalf of god, your money would do great with him!


See Mike Lindell. I never trust a person who shoves their religion - in any form - in customer's faces. She's using this to bring in money from vulnerable people. Lindell just makes a shitty pillow and the Jesus people stand by it because he wears an obnoxiously sized wooden cross. It's the same angle he took begging for money for crack, but sober and with the insanity of a dry drunk.


What? Where do you see them advertising her religion? To my knowledge I’ve seen it in one interview asking her what prompted her to start the fund in the first place.


With how much the "religion" thing is thrown in everyone's face who mentions her name on here, you would think it was the focus of every interview she has ever made or intends to make until she dies. If it truly was a 1 time mention, thats pretty sad that shes getting so much flak for it. Typical of the average redditor though, hating on others for whatever reason is what drives them to feel better about themselves.


I'm not sure they are "shoving" their religion on anyone. Absolutely, people use religious symbols and may even walk the talk but from what I see, in it's most cynical form, it is simply creating a bond with a potential customer based on the perception of a shared belief. It's no different than any other branding tack: ESG, political ideology, progress, tradition, elitism, celebrity etc. Hell, "woke" is a current branding band-wagon and seems as religious as anything else.


Believe it or not, grifters exist and a lot of them prey on the religious. If we kept our faith to ourselves, it wouldn't be used to sell shitty pillows.


I agree. Grifters are everywhere. Religion is just one avenue they use to gain confidence.


“Sold all my ARK” lmfao How much did you invest anyways? Like 500 bucks? People make the wildest claim on here with zero proof. At least post a screenshot like wsb does. Edit: oh wait, the guy STILL hasn’t posted a simple screenshot to support his claim. You would think it wouldn’t be THAT difficult unless he made this shit up lol.


At least wsb bans you if you don't post positions.


Good move, she is nuts. She just got lucky with the irrational market, every hype meme stock going up and mainly she got famous off Tesla going parabolic. Btw you are just crazy holding Tesla to those insane valuation, anyone who still holds the stock, I have no respect for.


Explain the luck prior to 2020 then? What about the funds that don’t hold any Tesla that significantly outperform their relative index? What about if you remove Tesla from ARKK it still outperforms there QQQ?


Lol she's been lucky for like 6 years now




True. She was all over Amazon when nobody liked it.


Leave it to redditors to claim everyone who is more successful than them irl is because of luck.


Her religious beliefs are one thing but in different interviews she almost sounded like a politician (similar to Hillary on the Breakfast Club) where she shamelessly says different things depending on which demographic she's talking too. I do still hold ARKQ because I like the holdings.


Q and W were my favorite Arks


If Jesus tells me to do something, and I end up as successful as her, I'm thinking there might be something to jt, and I fucking hate religion


Cathie received her Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, in Finance and Economics from the University of Southern California in 1981. In 2019, Fortune named Cathie to its exclusive roundtable of experts in the annual Fortune Investors Guide: The Best Investing Advice for 2019 From Fortune's Experts. I would argue the above has more to do with her success and she is selling herself short giving the credit to Jesus, who is 100% not talking to her.


she thinks she god dude just cuz all her thematic stocks went up on the pandemic


The Christian faith has always been a money maker. But it needs a lot of unfortuanate people to support it though.


If an adult believes in an invisible man in the sky (and that the man speaks to them somehow), there's no way you should be trusting them with your money.


Everyone has faith in something that they can't possibly prove. It's just a matter of what you invest that faith into.


Atheists act like religious people are nuts/fringe yet are in the minority globally.


>Atheists act like religious people are nuts~~/fringe~~ yet are in the minority globally. Does being in a minority make us wrong? Or does it have no relevance?


If a majority of people cut off tips of their penis would you ….


If a billion people do a foolish thing, it's still a foolish thing.


Popularity isn't proof of rationality. Abolitionism was a minority position in most of the world, like anti-nazism was in Germany. Besides, no one's a majority anyway.


Lordy I had no idea that was the case. I’m with you here.


Never trust someone who says she does “God’s work”


Atheism edgelordiness was popular 10 years ago.


Being skeptical of religious fundamentalism does not make you an atheist edge lord. Don’t be so sensitive.


It's going to be ticker $GOD for all those "holy" companies haha


Yeah I don’t get that. A lot of companies overlap in her ETFs. Many of them feel like a reach at best. I was excited for space ETF, weird make up (even holds Netflix- might do something with broadcasting from space idk). Genomic ETF’s largest holding is TDOC. I’m just not understanding her criteria.




Coming soon, the Devil fund. ARKD. It’s main assets: ARKK, ARKG and Ali Baba.


Maybe, if Alibaba takes off again she will be into it again. Than when they tank she will sell it at a loss again.


Only ARK ETF I like is genomics. I feel like there isn't too much woo-woo there in terms of "lifestyle" or anything and there isn't too much overlap with other ETFs. But I do want some exposure in my portfolio in this area and I'm not sure what companies to go after either.


ARKF is pretty solid too. Some great picks in there and it didn't get slapped as hard as some of the other funds did recently.


And she actually seemed to change it to medicine. She’s not too heavily invested in genome editing companies anymore so I got out of it


There's lots of funds like this, but unlike the rest she seems to have conspicuously decided not to exclude the gun industry. It's usually top 4 of what these kinds of funds ban.


number one holding, Ruger. number 2, Smith and Wesson.


Conservative Jesus loves his AR15




Booze, candy, gambling, and cigarettes are destroying the planet?


No just people


So investing in hamster stocks?


Well, those things help reduce the number of people, so I guess they are actually good for the planet.


No, they just make the products that help devastate regions like Mexico, the Middle East, or Myanmar.


Do you know how much war pollutes?


Just buy KRBN etf if you want a “green” play.


I'm looking for a KRKN ticker that's slecialises in shipping....


ZIM is my shipping investment. They’ve been a long time customer of ours. Great company. Stock is a little pricey at the moment though.


You missed it. (Kraken krkn, shipping)


Oh I got it, just thought I’d share an actual shipping company.


Now she's just milking it ffs


ohh, a dairy etf?...Great idea! \--Cathie next week


I am still waiting for the gourd ETF. Just an ETF filled with gourd futures and literal holdings in gourds.


Incoming 10% Tesla fund


No chemicals in rocket science?


No, we gonna use alien technology for rockets.


~~same with fossil fuels. how is she gonna put ARKX into this ETF?~~ **EDIT** I'm an idiot, but not afraid to make corrections. Though ARKX does hold LHX, LMT, BA, DE. Which all use fossil fuels and I'm sure over half that ETF does as well. So my point still stands.


Chemical companies ≠ chemicals. Chemicals as a concept (lol) are not responsible for RoundUp/Agent Orange.


But using slave labor in China is fine.


Never heard of this slave labor industry before. Which companies sell those? Seriously though, it's easy to exclude industries, a lot more difficult to find out which companies are secretly doing unethical shit.


Oh you didn't know? % slave labor for a company is usually listed right under the market cap


The super happy funtime re-education summer camp and glorious leader patriotism reinforcement ETF


Uhhh but everything is chemicals…. Next you know she will ban dihydrogen monoxide


Every time the word chemicals is mentioned on Reddit


To be fair it's one of the most annoying arguments one can make, "natural good, chemical bad".


I’ve heard bad things about that stuff! /s


I hear it's insanely addictive. If you cut it cold turkey your body shrivels up and you die in 2 weeks.


Yea I'm not sure on the exact numbers, but more than 95% of the world's population is addicted. It's not just humans either. This is an interspecies problem.


Apparently, people who have died drank it at least once during their lifetime...


Hitler used it every day.


I heard that shit just fucked up Louisiana.


I love me some ARK and they have made me money over the years but I’m staying away from this one I think. At least for the first year or so.


If someone creates a non-transparency ETF, it will likely perform better.


uh... doesn't she own a bunch of draftkings?


I was thinking exactly the same


She wants more and she can’t make it 20% of portfolio so she’s starting a new one.


Can you read? This will be a separate ETF


I realize that, so this is the pure honest etf and the other ones are not?


the point is that it may appeal to people who invest partially with morality in mind. she isnt moralizing all of her other ETF's with this


Yes, the point of a new etf is that it's different from the other ones.


I can’t believe this needs to be said lol


A better ESG rating will increasingly attract more capital given a choice between two similar investments. ESG is of course not a perfect system and it's refreshing to see an attempt to overcome its flaws. Funds like this and the research behind them will likely bolster confidence in ESG-based investing. Whether you care about ESG or not, other investors do. It would be an oversight to not at least consider ratings when choosing how to invest.


So more tesla?


I recently exited ARKG (genomics) because there's a bunch of stocks in there that have nothing to do w/genomics or pharma. Super frustrating. I switched to IDNA. If anyone has a better recommendation, let me know.




Was this her latest message from God?


Guns are ok. Chemicals are bad


The Louis Vuitton she prayed for has been shipped.


Anyone else getting to the point where they no longer believe that she’s some market genius? Does it feel to others that maybe she’s a huckster selling financial products?


I'm not knocking on anyone in particular but I have noticed just how much hate she gets now when she got a lot of love around a year ago on here. If nothing else, Cathie Wood's funds are perfect for those whose investment style is risk/reward.


It’s just that everything is really just millennial flavor of the week shit.


I think arkk got lucky with tesla and a couple others. People saw the potential of the ark etfs and blindly piled into risky etfs at ATH where they don't even know the holdings. Then the tech pullback and people rag on her left and right. If you were watching her purchases and seeing the etfs in etfs, you should have had an inkling that maybe she isn't the God people were touting her as a year ago. ARKK has HOOD as a top 10 holding. Read that again and tell me ark funds aren't just letting cathie gamble your money at the price of maintenance-feeception.


Isn't HOOD up like 30% so far? It might just be chasing memes, but as long as it makes money she's not wrong. And I say that as someone that wholeheartedly wants to see lots of these meme stocks and moves fail.


>ARKK has HOOD as a top 10 holding. Read that again and tell me ark funds aren't just letting cathie gamble your money at the price of maintenance-feeception. HOOD is ranked 31. Where do you get your information?


Arkg outperformed arkk and has no tsla. She had many great picks and macro conditions have been absolutely perfect for her style of investing.


I think they are mad they got into ark funds after they blew up and arent making the returns that others did.


No concept of valuation, just riding the hype/momentum train with most of the gains in 2020


Why is "transparency" considered investible? Why are companies in all those industries not considered transparent?


Some facebook user data research probably found that the target market for this fund uses the word "transparency" incorrectly as morality.


Can't wait for the metals/chemicals free EV! What will be the ticker, HPCT?


This is very interesting tbh, it might appeal to a segment of the market that we are not taking into consideration. The muslim investors aka Halal shit. they are about 25% of the population.


A plant based alternatives etf is next


Facebook is more unethical than any of these.


Probably not looking for a blowout on this, but good picks with those qualities will likely be steady gainers if the company is profitable. John Q. Public fucking loves corporate transparency, and a lack of scandals makes for a bright future. Now the only problem is that companies are run and staffed by people, and people often suck.


The first company staffed/run by 100% robots that operates ethically will be a killer investment imo lol. I agree with you - people do often and imo, frequently suck.


Lack of REPORTED or DISCLOSED scandals. As I knew before but really learned during my thankfully few years on the business side of a so-called newspaper, there are lots of stories that manglement spikes about businesses, usually because of the size of the company or its local prominence or its presence in the current flavors-of-the-week on the national stage.


The same thing I would say about Elon Musk and Telsa. I have been following Elon Musk for about 10 years. At any time I would say Tesla was overpriced (at any level). At the same time I think Elon Musk is one of the most brilliant people on earth, and one of the most interesting. Telsa is the largest holding for Cathie Wood's ETF's.


So basically an inverse of my portfolio


Woke go broke


Damn. That’s like my entire portfolio.


Out of all her etfs I’m most interested in this one, excited to see what she picks. Her space one is redundant and I feel like “space etf” is just clickbait


Repacking the same stuff over and over. It reminds me of the Mezzanine tranches in 2008. Repackage to diversify… but at the end is always the same horseshit


The way she shills HOOD is what really pisses me off. Anyone of us who logs onto Fidelity should be able to immediately see how bad RH is and anyone involved in the equities market in January should be able to remember how malicious RH was in intentionally stopping user buys in an active market. I would never invest in a fund that purports to stand for ethics whilst treating retail traders as product to shill.


Most things use chemicals and/or metals. I call it the "No-returns" ETF.


Ya we dont have the modern world without metals and there is no alternative currently. Not the case with fossil fuels.


man where would be without fossil fuels. Plastics, transportation - fossil fuels are so important.


Aka “what a religious nutjob thinks is ethical” etf


I’m glad I got out of ark. Amazing how it didn’t take much to see them in a whole new light.


Add military industrial complex to the mix too while you are at it


cathy woods new hyper space etf to include no space or hyper.


To be fair there's very few space companies out there, and most of them are still private, hence she can't invest in them.


hmm so alcohol is bad because people use it to have some leisure time with their friends but I guess it’s ok to invest in companies that abuse their employees and cheat the tax system, Tesla for example is such a good company, only being 30x as dangerous in their car manufacturing factories as other car companies, and they’re so environmentally friendly pushing out real transportation investments in high speed rail and instead wanting everyone to get their car and still have massive rubber tire waste and if people charge their cars using not green energy if our society as a whole doesn’t switch over as a whole, than electric cars don’t mean shit. We here at ark only invest in innovative companies such as Tesla, who built an unsafe tunnel under Los Vegas with gamer lights in it, and Tesla is so innovative with their self driving that they need drivers to operate their cars in their own tunnel.


There’s some nice mental gymnastics going on here.


All these people on Reddit talking shit about ARK yet she’s the one who’s got the company.. Let’s see you do better than ARK ETFs if y’all know so much and have so much shit to say. Go ahead, create an asset that manages billions of dollars. Let’s see what y’all can do instead of talking shit on Reddit.


I’m over cathie hype. No thanks.


While she is possibly more intelligent and def more wealthy... I don't like the cut of her jib... she rubs me wrong at a glance... I will be avoiding her and any of her mechanisms if at all possible... I'm being wary of this lady (and isn't she some 'god freak', meaning I would rather rationale be made from 21st century thought, not a story book written a couple thousand years ago, that makes me worry too... religion has killed more than every war put together)


On that last statement, bullshit.


How about a life-of-the-party ETF? Chock full of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gambling, chemicals, and weed.


VICEX "The investment seeks long-term growth of capital.Under normal market conditions, the fund will invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus borrowings for investment purposes) in equity securities of companies that derive a significant portion of their revenues from a group of vice industries that includes the alcoholic beverages, defense/aerospace, gaming and tobacco industries. It will concentrate at least 25% of its net assets in this group of four vice industries (but no more than 80% of its net assets in any single industry)." It has underperformed the S & P 500 on a 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year basis. But as a former owner, I can tell you that in an age of ESG holier-than-thous, it was fun to own.


It’s all good, she’s doing God’s work isn’t she…




Ok, I hold lots of Ark, and I can see why all the other portfolios enable 'innovation' investing, which is supposed to be Ark's thing. But transparency? That seems a bit off mission for Ark. No thanks.


No thanks, I'll pass


How does one judge ARK funds anymore? I'm not sure if Cathie Wood is really smart, really lucky, or really savvy (or if it even matters.)


She's selling stories. People love stories. Especially those that give them a warm feeling. That's her product. She's giving people what they want.