My main positions are getting too expensive to dollar cost average

My main positions are getting too expensive to dollar cost average


The AAPL and NVDA splits helped out a ton with that did they not? All of those are <$300 so just wait until you have the money to add to one. Or you can move your money to an account that does fractional shares


Yes the splits definitely helped. I guess I remember when CRSP and starbucks were less than 70 dollars so maybe that's making me hesitant at these prices. Thank you for your encouragement I will just have to buy one share at a time if I want to add more.


Bro move on. We’re in a bull market for at least the next year. Goodluck waiting .. time in the market > timing the market


Have you considered a new position? I would think about an index fund or ETFs. You could choose an ETF that gives you exposure to your high conviction plays or something different for diversification.


This⬆️. I like this idea a lot for a reasonable investment strategy. OP is well position with a handful of individual stocks that he likes. The small portfolio lacks some diversity. Adding extra funds to a broader index/ETF is a great approach.


I have been looking at SPY and VTI for some time now, but they keep going out of my range. Are there any funds or ETFs around 100 or should I just save and buy en mass once a year?


SPLG is basically mini spy


Schwab etfs are generally lower price. SCHB is 106 and SCHG is 153.


Ya I was gonna say grab SPY, I grabbed a Russel 3x ETF too on Friday, if you're feeling risky.




Start just adding cash to the account until you have enough to distribute. Option 2: move to a brokerage offering fractional shares. Many of the big ones are doing it now.


Thanks. From what others have said I will probably have to be more patient and go with option 1. I read about TDA and Charles Schwab. Will I be able to get fractional shares after TDA gets bought out/ merged?


I switched from TDA to Fidelity for this exact reason and I haven't looked back since. Being able to throw $50 at GOOG on a red day feels awesome.


Do you miss thinkorswim? That was the main reason I switched to TDA from Roblinhood other than no customer service.


I still use Thinkorswim to track my stocks, watchlists, perform technical analysis, etc. Honestly, imo its the best software out there for retail traders so I wasn't able to get away from it. I never made buy/sell orders from ToS anyways, always did it from the TDA website. The other major difference between Fidelity and TDA is that in premarket and afterhours, TDA will keep updating your stocks with the PM and AH prices where Fidelity only updates during market open hours. Most of my positions are long term so it wasn't that big of a deal for me. EDIT: I kept like $500 in my TDA account specifically so I wouldn't lose access to ThinkorSwim


Thank you that's good to know. I do research and trade in thinkorswim. I think I only used TDA's website once.


Awesome. If you end up switching to Fidelity, let me know how you like it. BTW, buying/selling thru the TDA site is pretty nice. There's a "snap ticket" that pops up from the bottom of the screen with a "quote" button that you can hit with your ticker symbol and as long as you have the Price Column "unlocked" (see picture), it will update automatically as the price changes. Its great for on the fly buys and sells. https://imgur.com/a/iz7B4Ln


I will try it next time I want to trade thanks.


If I had to guess, yes. My understanding is that TDa will stay a separate platform for awhile but eventually get combined. That was how I interpreted the communication from the schwab side at least. Unless you need think or swim, I like the schwab interface better anyways. Used both for awhile but eventually consolidated to schwab


Schwab has index mutual funds with no minimum for buys. You can put every dollar you want in right away instead of waiting to buy a whole share.


M1 finance is good because you can say you want a certain % of each stock and then it will buy fractional shares proportional to your preference


I remember buying MSFT at 100 in 2018, it just doesn't feel good paying 3x the price 3 years later.


Think about how the boomers who bought at 20 and held are feeling!


I'm assuming when you DCA you maintain that rough weighting? How much money do you add each time, and how often do you add? If it's getting too expensive and you don't get fractional shares, then I guess your only option is to pick 1-3 to add every period, and rotate accordingly?


Thank you for your advice. I have slowed down with adding money recently. So I now add 20 dollars a week instead of 500 dollars once a quarter. Every time I save, I get major fomo once the price reaches new ATH. I will just have to pick one based on my opportunity cost.


If I was investing $20 a week, I'd definitely find a brokerage that allows fractional shares.


Love your allocation!


Buy ETFs heavily weighted in those stocks if you want more exposure without paying full freight.


Terrible "problem" to have. Find new positions then.


Why can’t you dca with fractional?