Bought Apple at $121, its now $149, time to sell ?

Bought Apple at $121, its now $149, time to sell ?


It's either going to go up or down after earnings.


My kinda investor!!!


thanks man.


Always sell on the news not buy


Can you please this more ( i have heard this before but I have a hard time implementing it ) For example if the company good earnings report would you sell it to cash in the profit or would you retain the stock to ride the appreciation in value. Let's say the company announced a bad quarter would you sell it but if you did you would take a loss wouldn't you. Let's say Apple is looking at making a car. You read a few articles and and they all say and talk about this. You buy the stock at @ $ 120 ..... 3 Months Later the stock has risen 20 % is at $144 Apple shows up at a Event where it say that it's building a Apple car. Would you sell the stoxk at this announcement because you this is NEWS and the 20% was already built into the anticipation of the news ?


I don’t know, sounds a little far fetched…


Not sideways?




For a some time now, everything goes down after earnings


Or sideways




Sage words indeed.


Big if true!


Large if perpetually unfalsified


But maybe sideways, even.


Apple is such a long term hold for me. No emotions come about regardless of the price.


point taken


I second this. Companies like Apple and MSFT are a long term hold no matter what. Don’t try to time the momentum of the market. Pick a few stocks that you would be fine with holding for the next 10 years and allocate a smaller portion of your portfolio to speculative short term investments.


I took a similar approach. Don't be worried if you invested too much in speculative stocks. Eventually you'll have a small amount of investment in speculative stocks


I see that you saw my portfolio.


Does this apply to all FAAMG or just Apple and MSFT?




In the future, someone will say this didn’t age well.


Yes, but there is a low chance of that happening. That’s the point.


Also this kinda advice has the unspoken element of... Things can change. I'm a long term investor for sure, but I'll sell if my opinion changes. unlikely that I'll think that way about Apple but if I ever believe that they're headed down a bad path, I'm okay with selling and moving on. I just don't think it'll happen.


In that case I will re-evaluate the company and sell if I think that is the right action. You can always just put all your money into diversified index funds if you are scared of making the wrong decision or just want to set the money aside and not worry about it.


thanks for the advise


I'd be careful on the "no matter what". I see myself holding both for 10+ years but I can easily see a world where either MSFT or APPL falls into "Steve Ballmer era" problems at which point I would be selling. As-is though, both companies have great paths forward in terms of both growth and profit and I think there's a decent chance they'll outperform the index.


Tim Cook has already said he plans on retiring this era. Key to AAPL success has been stability in leadership. I would argue Cook has done a masterful job of running Apple after Jobs passing. The next successor has a lot of pressure to live up to.


Not that hard to run a company with such innovative foundation. Apple will succeed by not doing something too stupid.


Completely disagree with not that hard running a company like Apple. A bad CEO can ruin a company in a short time.


Tell that to Mike Lazaridis, Blackberry was seen as a company with an innovative foundation in it’s heyday. It took all of 4 years to take it from it’s ATH of ~$133 to sub ~$10 a share due to poor leadership in the C suite. Doesn’t matter how innovative a company’s foundation is if the leadership team chokes out innovation. Mike did just that, he ignored calls from his top innovators that they needed to compete with the iPhone by making the Blackberry more of a computer in your pocket. Mike swore that no one would want what the iPhone had to offer and that people only wanted to be able to answer email on their phone and that no one would ever want to use an on screen keyboard. Toward the end both Mike and Jim Balsillie received an anonymous letter from one of the top RIM (research in motion) employees. Here are some highlights of the letter: 'Almost every project is falling further and further behind schedule at a time when we absolutely must deliver great, solid products on time.' ‘Let’s obsess about what is best for the end user. We often make product decisions based on strategic alignment, partner requests or even legal advice — the end user doesn’t care.' 'When was the last time we pushed out a significant new experience or feature that wasn’t already on other platforms?' Don’t underestimate how destructive a handful of bad decisions from the c-suite can be to a companies innovation.


Fidelity did a study of their highest earners and their top 10 were dead and the others were unaware they had an account with fidelity


Yeah, I saw that. Simple portfolios with a few stocks perform tend to better than micromanaged portfolios with complex structures.


Also, who is “they” saying it is 27% overvalued?


Sell like 20% of your APPL for profits, and wait for it to become undervalued again is the right strat.


I’m with you on the partial move. My new share of Apple Monday will be worth as much as your old share from last year. Not counting any past dividends of course. I have no emotional attachment to stocks. Take some profit here and there. It feels good.


Same I bought at 70 right as the market crashed in March or April 2020. I feel no reason to sell it other than to buy something else and I don’t have a better idea than Apple so I think I’ll just hold onto it forever until I actually need the money


I’m going to be honest with you bro. A glance at your comment history says you should stop actively trading immediately. You’ve been buying a ton of shit tier assets. Doesn’t seem like you care about fundamentals at all. “I feel like a drop is coming,” is never a viable trading strategy. Doesn’t sound like you have one. Do yourself a favor, buy and hold FAAMG and broad market etf’s. If you want to trade, go learn about fundamentals, finance and TA. Bc this ain’t it. I’m not saying this to be a dick, but to save you $


Best advice I’ve seen on these threads in a long time.


Would you recommend VTI?




VTI and chill.


fair enough.


Even trading on fundamentals people make mistakes or the wrong trades all the time. You’re right to think and consider your position, this is a good forum for it. But you should also know why you’re in a position and not because everyone else is.


Sure but batting 1.000 in stocks is nearly impossible with any strategy, however buying based on fundamentals is generally safer than buying based on which stock is hyped at the moment, I think we can agree on that. Strong financials tend to last, but hype goes away at some point. >But you should also know why you’re in a position and not because everyone else is. This is great advice. I wish people would stop thinking that doing due diligence is reading a moon boi post marked DD on wsb...


I second that recommendation. Why not build a base with boring, low cost index funds? You are young enough for them to grow enormously by the time you need them. Then you can take a portion of your total portfolio (5-50%, based on your risk tolerance) and buy individual stocks or other higher risk/reward assets. This way you can start investing now and learn the advanced strategies as you go. Edit: spelling


That dude hit the nail on the head


lol that definitely did not get through to you


Should have put more emojis


This should become a copy pasta.. could be used for a majority of posts.


F - FORD A - AMERICAN AIRLINES A - AMC M - MACY'S G - GAMESTOP Just in case OP isn't aware of what FAAMG is. Also it used to be called FAANG, but the N (Nokia) fell out of favour. Edit: sarcasm


Eh, it’s the stock market, love. You’ve gotta accept the fact that it dips. Either one of two things here: 1. You won’t sell, it’ll dip, you’ll be pissed you didn’t profit 2. You will sell, it’ll rise, you’ll be pissed you didn’t profit See where I’m going with this?


Is apple hold until you die or need the money


I bought $2,000 of AAPL around 2001 and am still holding. Best decision I have ever made


Same here. Holding since 2001. My saving for retirement is basically done. I had a little feeling about the iPod was gonna shake up the music industry.


Yup, my decision was all about how cool the iPod was


I bet when the iPhone came out you were like "great job!"


How many times did reddit advise you to sell


jesus that position is easily worth 1 million by now


Same, think I started out with 16 shares. I have 354 shares in one account - cost per share around $14. Somewhere a long the way, I sold 25-50 shares to help with a down payment on house or car - dont recall wish. I have a total of 448 shares in all my accounts. I bought 60 more after the recent split in another account.


Yeah but it’s 2021


Best advice every. I am holding AAPL since 2016.


Till I die. Holding since 2009. Average unit cost $13.02. Always been an anchor in my portfolio.


AAPL was $13 in 2009? That’s crazy to me. I remember they had Macs and iPods back then. This was before iPhone’s became as big as they are now. Sounds like a great deal to me even back then.


It wasn’t trading at $13…. It was trading in the $300 range. The stock has had multiple splits since then causing his average unit cost to go down. First one in 2014 was 7 to 1 then the recent one in august 2020 for 4 to 1. If the stock never did those splits it would be trading at $4144 today.


Appreciate you for clearing that up for me. I was to lazy to pull up there charts this late at night lmao.


The principle remains though, the cost was $13 back in 2009 when adjusted for the current float. So essentially if someone put $13 into Apple back in 2009, that would be worth $148 now. That's insane given how mainstream Apple already was back then.


thanks for this. i would like my 18k now.


Holding and accumulating since 2010.


2002, bub. Yup, I’m bragging.


Holding since $14.05 in 2008. Love my aapl, not selling until shtf




haha, thanks, are you holding Apple ?


Yes lol


Yes, till I die or need money


Was sears this too?


Almost certainly. So you need to look at your holdings every so often. If not, just let someone else aka spy. Otherwise keep a beat on it and if BB ever sells more phones than aapl maybe you need to let it go!


BB has turned into a cyber security company. They don't really do phones anymore. They do security for the internet of things


The advice is less about blackberry specifically and more about the risks of holding a company forever and not paying attention to it


Exactly. Maybe you don't need to read their quarterlies. But if you're picking stocks to hold you need to pay some attention.


What is your strategy? Are you trading or are you investing? I bought Apple at $80 and have been holding on for over a year now. I even added to my position. I see it as more of an investment than simply a trade.


He has no strategy. He is doing neither. He is speculating.


sell if thats enough profit for you


Sell if you hate money


Are you 70 years old and want to enjoy retirement? Then yes. Are you starting a family and need the money for a downpayment on the dream home? Then yes. Are you terminally ill and want to fulfill some things on your bucket list? Then yes. If you are none of that, please smack that stupid idea out of your head. I take that you bought shares, not options. There is no pressure to “take profit” like with options unless you bought pump-and-dump stocks. Is Apple a pump-and-dump stock? (If you need the answer: NO).


Based on what I’ve read, you have never invested into a solid company before. Pot stocks and gaming stocks should not be invested in with the thought of long term growth. You can try and get rich quick and be broke for life, or get rich over a long period of time and be much better off. I recommend when you buy stocks, you look at the P/E ratio. It’s price of the stock divided by earnings per share. It gives you a much better indication weather a stock is over valued or not. Don’t look at stock price or % growth, look at the P/E ratio. Right now apple is at 30. The S&P average P/E is like 15. Higher P/E the more investors expect the stock to grow. Hold apple for 10 years and undoubtedly it will be worth more than it is today (not a financial advisor). Apple is a solid buy, and it will continue to grow undoubtedly. For reference amazons P/E is in the 80’s and Tesla is in the 600’s. Focus on solid companies like apple that have a competitive advantage and will continue to grow. I’d look into a S&P 500 ETF. It’s the top 500 companies in the US. It automatically filters the bad companies out and the good companies in. Stop looking at share price and % growth, and instead look at P/E of a company that is established and has a history of growth( pot stocks will always rise and fall no matter what)


I bought apple (average price $7) and google at 85, still holding!


I bought my first share of apple in 2012. It has gone up 600% since then. Go look at their stock ticker, set the time frame to max, and decide for yourself what the best option is.




Historic Performance =/= Future Performance. If it was that easy I would be a millionaire already.


Yea, but it's apple


Way back when, it was “Sears”. It was also, “Blockbuster is in every neighborhood. What could ever happen to them.” I talked about it on America Online. Used to drive to them in my Pontiac fire chicken. All that to say, last performance is not future performance.


Sure, but Sears and Blockbuster weren’t multi-trillion dollar behemoths with their fingers in multiple sectors of our daily lives. Apple may not explode in growth again in the way it has during the last decade, but it’s pretty foolish to assume a company like that isn’t here to stay. Their balance sheet is beautiful.


Sears used to sell house kits. They were most certainly into every aspect of your life. People marked on their calendars when the new catalog would come. The old would then be used for toilet paper. Like most of the mighty companies there was a change and they didn’t adapt. The internet should have turn them into Amazon but instead crushed them to nothing. Digital photos killed a photo company that began with K. The list goes on. The point is good companies can stay good until some change rocks the business’ foundation and they adapt or die. What will be the change for apple who knows but the fall of mighty tech companies happens (think IBM) but it’s usually a long slow decline.


These guys have been burned a lot and it has made them jaded. Blockbuster refused to move into the future until it was too late and Sears had similar issues.


Dying behemoths give indication of slowing innovation , i dont think apple is quite there yet.


Wtf you make $20 and now you want to sell? Well if your going to sell maybe you can buy QQQ to diversify and still have some apple in your portfolio


I thought AAPL was the answer to my savings account needs


I use both AAPL and MSFT for that. Both have done well in that job.


Why sell at 149 when it’ll be 300+? Lol


Do we really think it can go that high? Wouldn't it literally be around $5 trillion market cap at that point (one quarter of USA's GDP)?


Inflation never stops


They are also buying back shares pretty aggressively as well. This year they are putting 80 billion dollars in share buybacks alone. This will raise their price without raising their market cap. So a $300.00 share price is possible without hitting 5 trillion dollars.


US GDP can continue to increase also


Why is it all or nothing? Take 25% and diversify into another industry.


thanks, sound advise


Stop buying meme stocks. You can hold apple


An Apple a day keeps the bears away.


Apple's a blue chip stock or long-term hold, not a swing trade. Might go down, might go up, but the overall trend will be in the right direction.


very true, but i would like to swing it. if it goes up, fine.


8/share avg cost...4 figure initial investment now near the mid sixes. planning to pass it on to kids. Moral: don’t ever fucking sell Apple.


Learn how to hold a stock for more than a couple months


If you have the funds, keep your Apple investment and buy something else. I have been investing in Apple since 2012 and have never sold anything. It’s one of those stocks that will always increase over the long term. Deal with the ups and downs, collect your dividends, and watch your portfolio grow.


We should be reinvesting the dividends right?


You clearly don’t even know what you’re buying


I would suggest holding. Unless you absolutely need the money. I generally dont buy a stock unless I'm willing to hold it for 1 to 3 years. Focus less on the stock price and more on their pipeline, financials, and sentiment. Unless you want to be a trader, then disregard everything I mentioned


Bought AAPL in 2007, haven’t sold yet.


Sell it after Apple Cars come out at least…


What was your thesis when you bought it? If you bought it as a trade, sell it. If you bought it as a hold, hold it.


I agree with the other comments in here. Stop trading - your psychology and thought process behind your trades are burning you. You're thinking like a day trader without day trading. Either day trade or hold stock long term. If you can't hold stock for at least 1 year without getting cold feet you're doing it wrong.


I sell something when I don't see the company doing much in the future... So I'm not selling aapl anytime soon.


I think Nancy pelosi shorted it


hahaha, maybe.


Hold for 10 years


my apple avg is the same as yours (120.5), if it goes down a lot im buying more. if it goes up im holding (maybe buying too depending on my cash situation and other stocks)


If you bought a billion shares you can sell.


I would hold apple until they stop making tech


My 2 cents is you hold. My sister just sold hers and it jumped of course. It’s a long term position. I am all about taking gains, but why if your strategy is long term on this specific stock. Just buy the dips


Capital gains will get you depending on how long you've held.


Im pretty sure I am tax free in this account up here in Canada.


It is hard to go wrong holding AAPL long term. Not sure how big your position is but if you ever NEEDed the money, take SOME profits. Set a trailing stop loss if it makes you feel better.


Apple those stocks you invest in because you know it’ll go up in value and is pretty stable to hold n buy…


Sell in50 years


Apple is a long hold for me.


Apple is essentially my saving account... average buy $71, I will hold it unless I see other opportunities that could yield better results! The run up from 118ish in March to now has been nice though


Agree with most. This is a stock you hold not one you take profits on. This isn’t a swing trade type of stock. It’s one of the top companies in the world. It’s a long play for me.


“They” have been saying this for years. It’s funny how wrong they have all been.


A friend at JP Morgan reckoned they would beat earnings expectations, and think they'll go to $175 by the end of the year.


In April of 2012 I broke my #1 investment rule: Don’t go chasing rainbows. (Buy hot stocks). I bought 5 shares of AAPL for about $3200. It has split twice since, I now own 140 shares. This has paid for every Apple phone and computer my wife and I have ever purchased with money left over. AAPL is the richest company in the world and we don’t know what the “next big thing” is, but they’ve got the cash to develop it. Buy and hold.


Why not just find a happy median and pull out your original investment?


Nobody ever went broke taking profits


thanks very much


First: Stop doing WSB behavior, especially if you’re new and don’t have much experience. Second: Diversifying your portfolio, consider ETFs. Third: Your morals or views don’t matter in the stock market, invest and trade in profitable stocks. Being all in on Cannabis or gaming is a 100% failure plan. Fourth: $AAPL is a long term hold stock due to how stable it is, same with $MSFT, $PYPL, $V, etc. Fifth: Going with expectations of making $20k in less than a year will set you up for failure if you are starting small. Sixth: View any gains as a plus, don’t jump ship on stocks every time you see a bit of green. Seventh: Losing money and having red days is part of the story when it comes to the stock market. I have had days where I gained $1k+, but also had days where I lose $1k+. Eighth: Know what you buy and follow the news on them, that way you know when to sell or buy. Ninth: Build a strategy, don’t wing it. The stock market is not a game of darts. So hold $AAPL, unless you REALLY need the money. You want stable growth making stocks at the moment? Here are a few to consider: $V, $AAPL, $MSFT, $MRNA, $PYPL, $TGT, $COST. Also consider a few ETFs like $SPY, $VTI, and $VOO. Stick to stable stocks, until you have more experience and understanding of the stock market. Then feel free to speculate on different stocks.


Did you buy shares with an exit plan in mind? Did you do your own cost analysis to determine under/overvalued? Do you feel there's more upside potential in this investment when compared to other alternatives? Bottom line, no one can give you a definitive answer. It sounds to me from your post that you're a newer investor and don't have the knowledge yet to perform fundamental analysis. I'd consider buying a few books, learning how to become an intelligent investor, and make these decision based on your methodologies. Blindly trusting those on the internet is a sure way to underperform the market.


Better to hold at least 1 yr for the 15% tax


apprecitate that. im in a tax free account up here in canada, i could make $10 million and not pay a penny.


My advice: 1. Don't pay any attention to analyst predictions 2. Focus on dominant market leaders 3. If you are a swing trader, then set a stop loss. If it triggers your SL but rallies again, don't worry about it. Move on to your next position.


I have no idea what my cost is and no clue how much im holding. Imma keep buying until designes obsolescence is outlawed.


What has changed about the company that makes you want to sell now? Absolutely nothing. Do not be a fool and sell




If apple is a trade for you, then I would sell into earnings. No one ever went broke taking a profit. If it is a long term hold, then let it ride. I am personally holding mine for the long term.


Think about 1.building wealth in the long run vs 2. making some money now. Which type of investment are you trying to do?


If it goes down to 120-125, I'm gonna buy some more.


You're not gonna get apple at that price again until the next market crash


M1 chips are a new chapter. I’m holding


Sell five years from now




Apple is for me a long term investment. So the common price movements are irrelevant for me because I believe that the stock price will rise steadily


AAPL has litteraly been the buoy of my portfolio, even during red days it largely compensated my unrealized losses and today it is the stock with the highest return I probably have, unless you really need cash or have very solid proof that the company has very bad news I wouldn't recommend selling


> Ive been burned by so many stocks this year by not profit taking. No, you've been burned by focusing on the short term instead of the long term. There are plenty of stocks, especially small caps, that have been hurt by the meta this year. That doesn't mean you've been burned, it just means you need to have patience for the meta to shift back.


I would hold Apple, they offer a dividend too so if it dips it’s just a buying opportunity honestly.


Apple is the single best stock on the market right now. No debate, $149 will be cheap in 5 years


My man its apple just keep buying more. If you're worried about it then stocks ain't for you.


Own it, don’t trade it


I think apple is a great medium and long term hold, if you’re looking for profits and you need them now, cash out it’s an near enough all time high, you’ve made a solid 30% - I’d sell half keep the others in the race


I hold AAPL long therm. As they keep going to buy back their own shares, the stock price itself is likely to increase. This is because, the earning per share increase du to the buy back.


Never sell..


I've missed out on about 60k in AAPL gains. Started buying it almost a decade ago and, because I'm a moron, would buy/sell for a small gain, rinse wash repeat. This is not financial advice. I'm a window licking idiot. But AAPL and MSFT are 2 stocks that now, since 2019, I have no intention of selling unless something fundamentally changes.


Lol no. If it drops just buy more. No reason to sell Apple.


Are you buying to hold? If so, then just start to hedge your position. For the record, I'm bearish leaning on Apple at the moment. I bought some October puts on Friday, but even if I am wrong I will take some of the profit from the long position periodically to average into that put position. On that I like to say that I'm never wrong on a stock taking a downturn, but often a little early... lol. If it falls then I will take profit from the puts periodically to buy more shares. I trade like this because then it matters not which way the market takes it at any given time, one side of the trade will always be making a gain. If it's the bearish side then the gains from that will increase my share position. Personally, I like to use the 50 moving average on the hourly chart to determine shifts in the trend, but everyone has their own thing.


Have you hit the price target you set in mind before you bought in? If you were to sell now would you make at least 2 times the amount you would have lost if you sold at your stop loss? You can also scale down where you sell some and hold the rest. If the stock begins to fall then sell the rest. If it keeps rising then you’ll have some shares to sell at a higher price.


I bought Apple in 2012 for $21 split adjusted. I’m glad I never took profits.


AAPL is always a hold.. unless you need the capital elsewhere.


I’m holding my Apple stocks till I’m old and wrinkly bro


This depends how you see yourself, as a short term trader or long term investor. Stocks go up and down so if you done your DD properly and the sock price goes down but the company's fundamentals and future potential still remain the same then this will be a good opportunity to buy some more. I wish you good luck anyways. This is not financial advice, I make many mistakes myself.


If you're that concerned set a trailing stop


I plan on buying/holding AAPL indefinitely. It would take a real disruption for me to sell it.


I’ve held AAPL since 2011. It was $377/share when I bought it first. Held through 2 splits now and made a killing


How many shares you have. With all the recent upgrades, aapl is expected to hit at least 170 by eoy after iphone 13 release. i would sell covered calls at a price you are comfortable at and collect premium. if it gets called away at expiry fine by me.


I'd keep it. one of my bigger regrets is selling off most of my Apple stock over the course of a few years... I won't be selling any shares anytime soon.


I have 10x my Apple investment since buying the stock. Selling because a price increase is not the recipe for long term wealth creation. Let the stock compound and stick to it.


Hold apple and pass it on to your grandkids.


Hold apple and pass it on to your grandkids.


Never sell Apple lol don’t ever make that mistake! 😢


When you aren't sure maybe sell half?


Have you considered a trailing stop order?


I really wouldn’t take advice from this subreddit because you’ll get varying answers from different types of traders/investors which can mix you up If you are a long term investor and plan to hold for years, then just hold. If you are a swing trader and rely more on TA, I would consider taking profits around these levels.


dude, your clueless. find yourself some good education to save you your cash bro, ur getting fucked


What's up with all the down votes ?


You don't sell AAPL


I sold my Apple. Bought at 121 as well and sold at 146. I needed capital for a move and almost everything else was tied up. I plan to buy back in. So can you. But it’s also good to have certain safe stocks that you never sell.


thanks for your experience. i might just put on a stop loss, this thing has dropped 20% around earnings multiple times.


> They are saying the stock is now over-valued by 27%. Who is they?


Don't sell your winners, sell your losers. You will miss out on gains if you sell.


No one can ever time anything in the market. I can only tell you what my TA teacher tells us, sometimes just take some profit.


I would sell immediately after earnings and wait for the dip to buy back in.




Hold it. Also please tell us WHEN you bought it, not at what price you bought it. For example, if you bought it earlier this year vs last year, you may pay a higher tax if you sell now.