What frugal methods do you employ for getting around small living quarters, avoiding cabin fever / claustrophobia

What frugal methods do you employ for getting around small living quarters, avoiding cabin fever / claustrophobia


Is there a park nearby you could go for a walk and look at nature/surroundings at? This is something me and my family really like to do. Have made a game out of finding new things


Walking is free. You could walk outside in your neighborhood, park or around a store/indoor mall. Where I live the local community center lets people walk inside. There are walking/running clubs and a biking club in my town. Maybe there are groups like this in your area. Go to the library. Beyond someplace to hang out and read or use a computer for awhile there may be events or groups you might join. Go for a drive. Change your scenery by just going for a drive. Go visit friends or family. Do volunteer work. Sit outside. Watch free virtual tours or walking videos. There are many on you tube. There are also workout videos for small spaces like hotel rooms.


Second the YouTube Virtual Trip option. My parents have a smart tv and during the pandemic have been playing travel videos from various National parks, cities, just tourist destinations. One video kind of links to another and another, and they find authors/channels they like and go through one video to the next. They’ve found the amateur stuff more interesting (just regular people with a camera phone, not professional TV programs)


Like others have said, walking is a great option. You can even pack a small picnic or lunch and feel like you did something special. Or combine walking with a trip to get a bite to eat from a cheap fast food place. If you find a good park with seating, take a book or cheap art supplies. Make a plan to explore where you live and find new, but safe, places you didn't know about before.


I play games online, watch youtube videos, or study to get certifications. All of these things transport you to somewhere else.


Reading. Really good for Brian chemistry and makes u feel cultured


I walk a lot, either alone or with friends. We walk in the park, go hiking, or walk around a shopping mall or plaza. I like to bring my meals out to enjoy also. Sometimes we play card games too. Also check for public pool hours and play ball.


i live in a super small space too & during covid with lockdowns have been struggling a lot with things being closed & i also live somewhere pretty cold most of the year, so one thing i can also suggest is maybe trying to spruce up your place. i've added decorative mirrors to the walls (strategically) which i find brighten & open up the space and have also gotten a couple of plants. i've also gotten a little bit of (cheap) art that's pretty colourful that brightens things up a bit.


Walking and outdoor activities like the others said. Better yet, go to the gym. Strong body strong mind. Maybe you’ll find a community and make new friends there. $30 a month for a gym membership is a tiny price for that.


Getting some sort of exercise really helps me. I swear to God it feels so goofy but it really helps me feel so much better. I have a nintendo switch and some workout games for it, there's barely enough space in my room to do it but I make it work. Generally if I'm feeling crap I will do some type of self care. I'll workout, then stretch, take a long hot shower or maybe soak my feet, do a face mask or hair treatment, massage my feet and legs with nice smelling lotion. Depression is a bitch and gets in the way of doing much self care so I kinda force it and always end up feeling better afterwards.


I’m artistic and a gamer. Neither of which have to be expensive nor are necessarily cheap. If you’re already working on a computer; download steam and get a couple of games from ten years ago or cheap indie games. Even games from ten years ago can have great graphics but not be too taxing on a modern cheap gpu. Art, well, art supplies can be very expensive, but if you’re not planning on selling your stuff and just want to unwind, go to a cheap store and get yourself some supplies. If you end up loving being creative then you can upgrade later when you find the medium that you love most. Mont matre is a brand that sells in cheap stores around me. It’s pretty decent entry level supplies with serviceable pigmentation in the paints etc. a nylon brush is a nylon brush, for a beginner. Crayola and staedtler is another pair of decent brands . Don’t worry about getting the kids stuff, it’s popular for a reason. Yeah, they sell higher end stuff as well. Just, if you’re going for pencils, try for ten or so dollars for a pack of 24. The Norris club ones I bought for $2 for 24 pencils really were pretty shit. The balance of pigment and filler was off. Buy a couple of art/sketch books and some pens and pencils, go down to a local park and draw what you see. Or pull up some reference pictures on Pixabay or google. So long as you don’t sell the artwork google is fine. If you’re wanting to sell, go copyright free, which is where Pixabay comes in. If you’re not interested in creating original work, that’s fine, mindfulness colouring books are the absolute shit. In a good way. Humans really need to be out in nature at least a bit each day. Studies have been done and all that. So find a spot with some trees and a bench to sit for even half an hour. Reading, sketching painting whatever. Your sense of satisfaction will improve. If you’re in lockdown where you are, check the rules about outdoor exercise. I live on a reasonable sized block, so whilst I’m in lockdown I can be outside surrounded by trees. When I forget to do so I feel sucky. If you go for a combination of the above, you could reasonably have a good amount of variety in enjoyment for under $100. For up to a few months of enjoyment. That’s a pretty good return on investment.


If you have a yard, now is a great time to spruce it up- rake leaves soon, pull weeds, my yard personally has millions of rocks scattered amongst the grass from when the place was built (new cookie cutter suburb means bulldozer with almost no topsoil to speak of). Maybe you could get one of those window boxes and put topsoil/potting soil in it and try your hand at growing some plants. Stuff like that is really cheap. Gives you something to think/worry about/tend to. ( if you buy a flowered apron and huge watering can…that might be taking it a bit too far. Maybe.)


Lighting. Regular lights for workday, RGB LED wire for after hours. It's pretty cheap but you kinda Pavlov yourself into relaxing as soon as you change the lights over.


I’m a very frugal guy, many areas I am very cheap in, some areas of my life have carte Blanche. I am not the most social and outgoing guy, but ‘going out’ in the world or fun activities are not something I penny pinch on. Life is meant to be enjoyed along the way. If you want to go out, go out. Just do things like ‘pregame’, and then buy a couple of beers throughout the night to maintain. If I want to go kayaking, or to a concert, I don’t hesitate to pay the 35/135 dollars. Most of your living expenses are unavoidable reoccurring costs, it’s just a matter of not getting “scammed” consumer debt wise and to live well below your means. In the areas of health and fitness, you should spare no expense, going out and being social, the same. You can have an expensive hobby or pursuit, but you can only have one. If you like to paintball, you can buy an expensive competitive marker and balls and the cost of attendance at a course, just don’t also buy thousands of dollars worth of golf clubs too and a garage to put all of your dumb shit in. Life is suffering, but meant to be enjoyed. Don’t deprive yourself of good experiences. Just be responsible in how you go about them and make room for them in sacrifices in other areas.


So something that has helped me imensly was donating plasma, you have to leave your house to do it. And you get paid. I often paired my days of donating plasma with going out to town for walks or anything else. Just my 2 ¢


Thst is super tough


You can go out and find someplace nice to sit and play games on your smartphone, assuming you have one. Maybe bring water and a small meal with you. Some pretty decent cell phone games are free. You can also read or listen to an audio book. I take walks while listening to podcasts. During election season, you could try volunteering with a campaign. It's a lot of work, though. Well, it is if the campaign is good.


A small apartment isn't the worst thing, but if you're isolated there, your entire world will feel small. That gets weird/bad. Make your world feel really big - get out of the house on a regular basis. I lived in a 418sf studio for almost three years and worked from home out of it for about 2 of those years. I took my dog on a lot of walks. I went to the library a lot. Bike rides. Art walks events/First Friday (even if you don't go in anywhere, there's usually good people watching and a lot going on). Free yoga stuff in the park. A lot of museums have a free night once a month or so. Libraries often have cultural passes to museums if you can't make the free night or just don't want to be in when it's crowded. This probably worked better pre-covid, but volunteering at events to get free admission - I ran bike valet for a shift early in the day at a music festival and got in for free.


#vanlife save your rent, go to places with Nature spend lots of time outdoors


Blindfold and ocean sounds with headphones. Keeps the ambience of the surrounding environment subconsciously voided. The different sounds just take me back to my childhood summer trips to Pismo (Bugs Bunny never made it, sorry.) and Morro bay. I forget I'm home because I usually fall asleep dreaming of being there now. Usually the best memories are the sounds you need to take you back there for a nap. Relieves the stress, but be careful of the depression afterthoughts. Just try to focus on where you're at after if you try this, because the emotions can become intense and you'll want a back up sound to break the sleep enforcement that hits. Best to find a song you love having on a regular basis. May I suggest: Boys of Summer - Don Henley. Just doing stretches can get your mind focused and ready to start the day when worked into a warm up. If I could wake up at the coast, I would. The mountains would be second. Trees, grasses and waters. The basic of elements in nature, at least visually. I live depressed everyday, and I have many days where I want to just stay asleep as long as possible to see what happens. While death would be the obvious end result, I would still be me on the inside and have that curiosity. But, I have kids to focus on and I don't want them to not know who they are like I grew up doing missing one parent his whole life. They deserve better than I did. I just think to my favorite place, even if just for a few moments to stay awake and focused. Being stoned doesn't hurt either, best way of relaxing my nerves since my anxiety is 85% of the time. Blind deprivation is usually the best way to go, though, with music, sounds, or both. The Calm app helps a lot also.


Get outside, I don't know if it is possible for you to take maybe once a week take your work somewhere else. if it is then do that. Go to a park and use a hotspot to power your laptop. If taking your work somewhere isn't an option, then you get out on your own. go for a walk every hour or so to break up the continuity in the room, or at the end of your day eat your dinner outside and have more outdoor time.


Forest bathing! Get to somewhere you can see plants, the more the better.