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GOP had a suburban woman voter problem last year. This is their answer. With margins as close as they are, it’s stupid enough to work. As a PA resident, I hate that Dr fucking Oz has a legit chance to beat someone like Fetterman just based on the R brand


Also a PA voter, and a physician. His commercials are a hoot. "I fought back against the medical establishment." Yeah, the establishment formed mainly from like...actual science. Pesky thing, science. I think I remember John Oliver doing a bit on him that I tend to agree with. If he wants to promote vague "therapies" that aren't backed up by medical literature, that's fine, but he shouldn't present them in his show as though they are. That is, instead of "The Dr. Oz show," it should be called "Check this shit out, with some guy named Mehmet." I have to acknowledge one thing, though: he's smart enough to know what to say to get stupid people to vote for him.


He "fought against the medical establishment" by convincing people to buy useless supplements or quack treatments that he was trying to push on his show to make money...


Dr. Oz is a quack peddling snake oil.




Pretty sure she gets credit for both!


Always has been 🌎🪔🔫🐍


"He fought against the legal establishment" is one way to spin a criminal record; fighting hard against the medical establishment" could mean anything, from positive to negative. After Trump, we don't need anotger TV personality in government, especially Republican.


It's amazing how all of these folks with miracle herbal cures and supplements that you can buy for mere thousands of dollars are always rejected by the "medical establishment" because they "fought against it." How unfair for the entirety of the medical and scientific community to outright reject their sheer, monumental genius for having the audacity to "challenge the accepted norms" by making things up and rejecting pesky notions like efficacy. And evidence. And ethics.


I always feel like the logic makes no sense. These people also rail against Big Pharma, which disproves this theory. Big Pharma is fucking real. If pharmaceuticals companies could make any money doing selling the stuff Dr. Oz touts, wouldn’t they patent it and sell it? Like you can literally count on the greed of those companies to prevail.


I am all for the hate on big pharma, but HOLY FUCK. I was on my ass with the flu. I took a tamiflu and that shit is black magic. Still have a cough, but I am a functional human being again after one night. 12 hours of sleep probably helped too.


It's amazing how branding himself with just his last name makes people in Pennsyltucky forget his first name is Mohammed in Turkish.


I wonder what the R’s would think if they learned Mehmet = Mohammad. And Turkish people are largely Muslim. He’s bringing Shakira law friends.


as a left-wing Muslim, this is absolutely fucked up, but push comes to shove, I'd air commercials in the reddest reactionary districts of Dr. Oz and call his medical career the "9/11 of medical ethics" or whatever it takes to scare people off, maybe find an out of context quote he makes about sharia law and blast that shit. The ends justify the means


The Democrats apparently are unable to figure out how a few hundred grand spent on targeted YouTube ads with this message would pay off. Tell one racist hick this on a anti-vaxx YouTube video and said hick tells 20 others, and so and so on. But why try to win when we can be "nice" and watch our democracy die?


His hips don’t lie…


Those commercials infuriate me.


I’m expecting him to have ivermectin ads.


>I have to acknowledge one thing, though: he's smart enough to know what to say to get stupid people to vote for him. If you ask me, that makes it even more indefensible. If you look at his academic and surgical career, whatever you think of his ethics, the guy is a legit genius. Which means that he isn't out of his depth at all. He *knows* he's full of shit on his show, and he knows full well that it's going to hurt people, and he *keeps doing it.* Morally, I think that's far worse than the crystal-groping neohippie who actually believes their own bullshit.


You know what the Left needs to counter this kind of lunacy? We need someone who promotes alternative safety methods for motor vehicles. Someone who "took on the airbag establishment" with such techniques as homeopathic pillows, prayer bubbles, and the like. We need to one up them in anti-science-ism. /s


> homeopathic pillows They already got Mike Lindell and his My Pillow bullshit, with their "3-piece interlocking fill" which is just shredded foam.


We LITERALLY had the guy who took on the airbag establishment and nobody voted for them. No, really. Ralph Nader, the author of “Unsafe At Any Speed,” who called out Ford over their unsafe Pinto ran in the 90s. We, of course, didn’t elect him.


I am sure he got a team of people testing what works on stupid people.


after the last 4 years, we all know what works on stupid people... fear, anger and insecurities are relentlessly targeted and exploited for starters.


It’s really quite simple, the pseudo “Christian” Religion in the US has extensively laid the groundwork for generations to train people to believe in authority figures with unverifiable stories instead of science and data. It also primes them for, and is built upon, perpetuating racism and fearmongering towards "others". Once people see you as an authority, you can start fabricating any reality or conspiracy theory you want your followers to believe and everyone else is therefore a liar, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence. This “religion” combined with an intentionally weakened public educational system, provides the framework that has spawned this cult of ignorance. Basically, it is mental abuse from an early age that suppresses critical thinking skills.


There’s definitely some social science on how religious folks are far more likely to believe [other, nonreligoous] nonsense claims. I’m trying to remember where I read this and who the expert was that discussed it. Surprises nobody of course.


"People conditioned since birth to believe man at podium without question, believe man at podium without question. More at 11."


Sad part is he is very smart and he could’ve done a lot of good for people with his credentials.


A good education doesn’t lead to good character.


Considering the way they won in VA and came very close in NJ, their militant stupidity and malevolence might actually help them in the midterms


im wondering if it wouldn't make sense to paint him more as just another rich hollywood elite taking advantage of real Pennsylvanians and their struggles, rather than the quack and scam artist. Tie that in, but paint him more as catering to the hollywood crowd rather than the working crowd.


His primary opponents might be able to do the most damage to him just by pointing out his Muslim and Turkish army background.


I hate how that is probably more effective. For the curious, the Behind the Bastards podcast did a [two parter on all things Dr Oz](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-the-bastards/id1373812661?i=1000517881434)


Such a good podcast


It really gets me through my work shifts, I only startes listening recently so I have so much to choose from. The megacorp podcast they did an episode in conjuction with recently is really good too


r/parlertrick that one


Didn’t work against Trump. My Pennsylvanian friends couldn’t shake “self made billionaire” from their understanding of him, and please, here in 2021, just take my word for it that I was well sourced in disabusing them of the notion. It’s like the Patrick Starfish meme with the pictures - “see this? Uh huh. And this? Uh huh. And that? Uh huh. So he must be a … self made billionaire.” *sigh* Even when it went in, it popped out minutes later. “Oh yeah, he was gifted most of his money by daddy. *blank look* So… he’s not self made? Oh, yeah, I guess. …. Hey, he’s self made!” And … these were not people you expect to have trouble keeping two thoughts in their brain. But one of them is now married to a proud child beater, and she couldn’t be prouder, so I’m writing off large swaths of the species at this point.


The secret is... they don't care if he's part of the moneyed elite. They only care that he validates them. Someone as stupid and racist/sexist/-ist as they are could become the *president of the united states of america*.


They don't care about anything except being right. They will twist themselves into pretzels to defend what they think is right and turn around and attack the other side for the exact same thing. They complain about Hollywood in politics but have elected the only two celebrities to be President. They know it's hypocritical. They don't care and you will never be able to pin them down on it.


Yep. He was totally an ego booster for them. Trump said he was going to drain the swamps and in a way he has done that by encouraging people to show their true selves.


Donald Trump was a legit millionaire at age 8 after Fred Trump opened a bank account for him. "Self-made" is far from the truth and "billionaire" is even farther, since Donald has always been leveraged to the hilt.


Which, I want to be clear, if they wanted to vote for him on the idea he did well with daddy’s money (also not true) then the fact he inherited it isn’t relevant. **I wasn’t trying to convince them for, or against, a position.** I just wanted their arguments for their position to be grounded in fact. Like, if they wanted to vote for David Duke because he was a former Grand Wizard of the KKK or whatever, that’s true - however repugnant I might find that, at least they put 2 and 2 together and got 4.


There is a sad and disturbing amount of people who don't think it's wrong to hit kids


Yeah. “Dude, you’re a grown adult and they’re a small creature that depends on you for shelter and food. You aren’t teaching them *respect*, you’re teaching them *fear*. My 8 year old is sad when he disappoints me, and it isn’t because I beat that in to him. It’s because when he isn’t misbehaving, I shower him with love and attention. Have you tried that with your kids?”


"I was smacked as a kid and I turned out ok." Makes me want to beat people when they say shit like that.


Republicans love electing elites; they just need to be elites that say the hateful things they believe in. * Reagan was the definition of Hollywood elite * Bush I was old money northeast elite * Bush II was old money northeast elite with a Texas rinse * John McCain was a military elite with a penchant for crashing planes * Mitt Romney was old money elite * Donald Trump was a New York elite Bob Dole is the only exception in 40 years


NJ wasn’t as close as it appeared. It’s just incredible the Dems cannot show up for anything other than a presidential election in this state. 🙄.


And Virginia was because of McAuliffe failing to read the room.


VA Democratic turnout in 2021 was record-breaking, blasting past Northam's record breaking numbers from 2017 and almost 60% higher than what McAullife got in 2013. McAuliffe didn't lose because of who he is, his identity is essentially "generic democrat." It was GOP turnout that did him in, and those voters aren't swing voters, they are either non-voters or republican voters. Year | D Turnout | R Turnout :-- | --: | --: 2021 | 1.60M | **1.66M** 2017 | **1.41M** | 1.17M 2013 | **1.07M** | 1.01M 2009 | 0.82M | **1.16M** The problem for the Democrats is that CRT panic is an effective republican get out the vote operation and Democrats as a party have not figured out how to counter it. CRT panic is the way Rs can win without ronald dump. He activated the latent racial anxiety in the GOP base and CRT panic builds on that without needing to keep him in the picture. It works so well because its a dog-whistle that most liberals don't recognize as an appeal to bigotry, so it does not create the kind of backlash vote that he does. WaPo [charted how often fox news mentioned CRT.](https://i.postimg.cc/Dnt5wYD8/CHART-Fox-News-Mentions-of-Critical-Race-Theory-plummet-after-Virginia-Election-2021-Jan-to-2021-Nov.png) They essentially dropped it the day after the VA election. Just like they dropped MS13 and migrant caravans after earlier elections. But CRT panic was so incredibly effective that they are definitely going to bring it back for the mid-terms. The Democrats need to have a plan to flip it on them. Maybe they can start with the book-bannings the republicans have been doing everywhere. Now that they are trying to ban Dr King and Ruby Bridges, its a lot easier for decent people to see that CRT panic is actually about white supremacy and not parental control.


You are spot on.


Okay but in 2020 Biden got 2,413,568 to Trump's 1,962,430 and in 2016 Clinton got 1,981,473 to Trump's 1,769,443. The Democrats are there in large numbers but just didn't care enough to go vote for Governor. Odd year elections will always have much worse results than even year elections.


> Odd year elections will always have much worse results than even year elections. That's why comparing gubernatorial turnout to presidential turnout is misleading. Presidential turnout is basically the upper-bound. The GOP is able to use CRT panic to get near presidential-level turnout levels and that's unprecedented. The question is what can Ds do about that? The answer is basically to make D voters understand the stakes if they lose. That any R elected to any office means more pollution in the air and the water, it means climate catastrophe, loss of women's rights, loss of black and brown rights, loss of LGBTQ rights, loss of healthcare, defunding schools, gag laws on teachers and libraries, more gun murders in schools, no safety from guns in public, letting the next pandemic run wild through the country and kill another million Americans, possibly even their own family, and more kids in cages. It also means another coup in 2024, one that will probably succeed too. D campaigns need to make their voters understand that every single R that gets elected will be part of making those things come true.


VA resident here, his stance on schools surely did him in in what was already a neck-neck contest(said parents have no business in their kids education or words to that effect)


Beto "Hell, yes, we're going to take your guns" in MOTHERFUCKING TEXAS energy. We shouldn't need to accept Manchins but play to your fucking audience.


I think that's honestly the dumbest thing about these kinds of Democrats. They legitimately never learn, they don't want to put in the effort to make a better plan to win themselves the office. They could have at least sugarcoat their dumbass message like Sienma did in Arizona (which is still idiotic, mind you, but you'll at least obtain the office).


He got undone by telling the truth. Parents shouldn't determine the curriculum at public schools.


There is a method for telling the truth in such a way that is not going to be seen as an aggressive attack on a constituency. For example he could have answered that question with a folksy take like, "our family doctor has been doing right by us for a couple decades, because he went to school and he has a lot of practice, and when he tells me, 'Terry, you need to cut back on the red meat' I listen to him. All of us, I hope, have a person like that... And that is why I, as a parent, have always trusted the teachers of our state to skillfully educate our children. Because they went to school, they have the practice, and they have been doing right by our children for as long as I have lived here. Now, do I think parents should determine a school's curriculum? I definitely think parents should get involved in their children's education, get involved in the PTA, elect school board members who reflect their values. But I just know from my own perspective, as a parent, that I wouldn't know the first thing about crafting a curriculum for my child's education. If some parents think that they could, then they should run for school board in their community, and I wish them luck." It answers the question, it doesn't create any soundbites and it bring him down to earth to identify with the voters.


Close, and that looks great overall, but > I wouldn't know the first thing about crafting a curriculum for my child's education." Is just begging to be turned into a soundbite


i vote for you as an advisor


And couldn't use half the talking points to bash his opponent because they also apply to him.


Dr Oz has always been full of it and at best he just parrots smarter people. At worst he's a liar and actually dangerous.


Dr Oz is actually a talented heart surgeon, he knows the shit he peddles is either useless or dangerous, he just doesn’t care.


The worst thing about Dr Oz is that because he's such a renowned heart surgeon it gives all of the misinformation he peddles credibility.


As bad as Dr Oz is Dr Phil is way way worse. At least Oz did do some legitimate work at some point in his life before selling out, Phil has been a conman sleaze-bag his whole life.


I read that PA doesn’t allow titles like “Doctor” on the ballot and you must run with your legal name, in this case Mehmet. While I’m sure some people could figure it out, it might narrow his margins especially in the primaries.


God I want Fetterman to win so bad.


That's the badass bald union iron worker governor right?


Yeah. I don’t live in the state but have been following him since this Levi’s commercial 11 years ago: https://youtu.be/2YyvOGKu6ds


Lt gov. But yeah.


I am not sure you should be in a panic just yet. His nascent campaign has been nothing but a dumpster fire [running from one crisis to another](https://www.businessinsider.com/dr-oz-wife-unknowingly-curse-out-reporter-who-was-on-the-phone-2021-12). By the time the general election Congress up Fetterman will have an orgy of ammo too use against him.


I’m hoping… It’s a mid term in PA though. A paperweight would be a close race against a democrat


Donald Trump claimed Mexicans were rapists and said John McCain wasn’t a hero in the first few days of his campaign. I know summer 2015 was five million years ago but every day it was something with Trump that should have sunk him. Yet he just became more popular. His Republican opponents and Clinton had mountains of ammo, and yet he dominated the primary and got over 300 electoral college votes. Don’t underestimate anyone, normal thinking is out the window.


Don't forget if you're a democrat who points these things out, you're a toxic whiner who cares more about tearing someone down than actually helping their constituents. We're literally expected to forgive and forget everything Trump did or run the risk of exciting the ire of Republicans who will come out to vote cause they're 'pissed off'. It's maddening.


>run the risk of exciting the ire of Republicans who will come out to vote Doesn't matter - Rs vote regardless. Whether they're pissed off or scared the Democrats are going to take their guns and/or force them to get abortions and/or teach their kids slavery is bad, they vote. Ds have a harder time in that it seems much more the case that there's a fair contingent that are "well, I agree with on 3 out of 4 things, but thing 4...wellll....I'm gonna sit this one out"


I hope it's Fetterman, but don't be surprised if the Democratic party throws all their weight behind Lamb so another milquetoast centrist runs and loses.


We proved as a country that we can elect con men to the highest office, no problem. Would not be surprised if Oz makes it at the least, a close race. My hope for humanity is that this does not happen.


Philadelphia Suburban Woman here. This Charlatan can kick rocks.




call him by his goddamn name. Dr Mehmet Cengiz Öz "Dr Oz" is a fucking TV personality. If he's running for Senate the public needs to know his name. Fuck!


Here in the center of the state, I can’t imagine many of the people around here voting for a darker skinned man named Mehmet, who is Muslim.


does he have an "R" next to his name? they will fucking vote for any "R". I know those people...they are related to me.


The Dems need to run a candidate named R. Luke Christianson or something.


I hate him just as much as the next person, but reading between the lines of your comment, I’d be careful about how you say that. Lots of Rs tried to virtue signal back in the day by using Obama’s full name, i.e. Barrack Hussein Obama. And we shouldn’t judge *anyone* based on their name. Judge them on their actions and values. Edit: left out a word


I second that notion. Let's not get into politicizing anyone's heritage in any way unless they do so themselves. In the bigger picture, it's a good thing for conservatives to accept diversity in their ranks.


Fetterman seems like a good person. I wish he wins everything 🙏🏽


Are you telling me that a man who promotes questionable and dangerous forms of “medicine” on his show to line the pockets of he and his producers, who “works” in New York and lives in New Jersey, but is running for office in Pennsylvania… Is a scam artist? Color me shocked.


Is Oz legitimately running to win? I usually figure these types of campaigns are elaborate money laundering schemes. Burnish your celebrity profile a little bit from the free publicity while dark money donors feed money into the machine.


I think that’s right but only half of it. I think Trump showed these people that you can run, do the laundering and dark money scam, and if you win, you get to do it in the big league: changing policy to do it even. It’s a win/win. Ever seen the political book scam? [Check it out.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/media/gop-book-deals/2021/04/15/154f3820-9ca5-11eb-b7a8-014b14aeb9e4_story.html)


Jesus Hernandez Christ… “technically legal” bullshit, AND the laws nobody knows about when they’re being passed being snuck into god-knows-what to help them circumvent earning limits. I am boiling. This is all some straight-up mob shit.


It's the same stunt school superintendents do, that's why these people so badly want to get into the seat. They can commit all sorts of shenanigans, everything from contract scams to favoritism.


The superintendent at my school district growing up got fired because he was caught in a contract scam (basically called an online-only school half a state away "in our district" or something like that, IDR the details). The big difference is if I get fired from my job, I have to give all company property back, get no kind of severance pay, etc. This asshole got a 6 figure check, the computer *and* laptop the school had provided him for work, and I feel like there was also something else... Could have been a car provided by the district that he got to keep too? And this is in a school district that served a community of <7k people btw, it's not like we were in a huge city or anything. Moral of the story is this dude got "fired" for commiting fraud, but I don't think he was too upset about it since they gave him such a lovely golden parachute anyway.


I agree that all the republican "It's not actually illegal," crap got old well probably decades ago. That so much obviously unethical stuff doesn't really do much other a few comments for a few days is just crazy. Heck even the democrats are guilty at times. Pelosi just basically said, "They are not taking away the stock market from the people that affect the stock market."


I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s really running to win… This guy’s ego is something else.


This should be a campaign ad.


I have no faith that America will do the right thing. Ever since 2016 when the obvious right thing was right in front of us, we've been fucking it up.


“Americans will always do the right thing, once they have exhausted all other possibilities” - Winston Churchill


You should watch Don't Look Up. It'll really restore your confidence


Fetterman might do this. And the sarcasm he can lay on the last line is enough to make old ladies faint and young men weak in the knees.


I love that guy.


This is all Oprah's fault. Dr. Oz Dr. Phil Jenny McCarthy Marianne Williamson She's America's number one crank enabler.


Have you seen her statement on Oz running? She’s trying to edge away without obviously edging away from him.


What did she say?


And is a republican


Can Dr Oz, Dr Phil & Dr Drew all just go away?


Can we have Oprah leave too for popularizing these charaltans in the first place?


I’d argue that Loveline is what made Dr. Drew.


Adam Carolla is a train wreck too.


For sure, I used to be really into Loveline when I was a kid. Didn't realize how insane Dr. Drew can be until recently because I'd stopped listening to the radio regularly years ago.


Dr Drew seemed all right back during Loveline (although Adam Carolla seemed like a bit of an asshole even then). I wonder if he was a lunatic just hiding it back then, or if he turned into a lunatic later.


Used to watch Dr. G and forensic shows like crazy. Then Oprah took over Discovery Health and turned it into a fucking circus. Hate is a strong word, but seriously, fuck Oprah and “Dr” Oz.


I used to watch her (Dr G) too way back when, I liked her.


At least Dr. Drew backtracked on his stupid comments, and apologized. Dr. Oz has been scamming and bullshitting his entire career, unapologetically.


Wait did he apologize for diminishing the pandemic bc any shred of respect I tried to retain was lost when that happened


> At least Dr. Drew backtracked on his stupid comments, and apologized. Yet still peddles the same idiocy. Dr Drew needs to fuck right off


Dr Drew is such a shame, he did legit good work in his career, and hes devolved into the freakshow he is today.


Wait, the same dr drew from loveline back in the day. I know they did an MTV thing but I know him best from loveline on the radio with Adam Corolla. He always seemed pretty reasonable. What did he do to upset most people?


The same, and yeah, I listened to his show way, way back too. He got caught up in being a celebrity doctor and has made some pretty poor choices. His most recent thing was blowing off COVID at the start of the lock down as a non-event and over reaction. He did retract that statement several weeks later, but damage is done at that point. Corolla is off the rails too, but thats a whole other story.


I think Corolla is largely the reason for Dr Drew's slide. Adam Corolla has actually been a piece of shit forever but because he ran that podcast network (I'm guessing he still does? It's been a while.), he was able to rope Drew in on that and just wore him down with his bullshit.


You're probably right. I stopped listening to love line around 2000 because I moved. I picked up Corolla's pod cast years later I realized either he had fallen, or he was always a POS and I had grown up.


Yeah, he's for sure always been like that. And you never truly know why/how someone changes, but I followed Drew for a long time. I was a big fan of Loveline, Celebrity Rehab, and he had his own solo health podcast that was really good, too. Then he started doing more collab podcasts on Corolla's network, and it seemed obvious that's when he started developing these shitty takes that seemed to echo Corolla's positions. It was a slow burn, but at a certain point, I just had to stop listening to him altogether. It was sad b/c I felt he was putting some really good info and vibes out there.


Will my state be dumb enough to elect this scam artist? Well, the two old men I overheard outside the voting station last election day saying how much they love Steve Bannon for being a maverick don't exactly fill me with much hope.


I'm going to appear really dumb. I don't understand how it is alright for a person to run for a Senate seat having never lived in the state. Are Pennsylvanians broadly aware of that? How can he know what the needs are of the people of the state?


He’s not concerned with the needs of the people here, and neither are his voters. He’s already taking the culture war angle and accusing the Philadelphia Enquirer of trying to “cancel” him. Being a newspaper following AP style, they referred to him as “Oz” instead of his preferred “Dr. Oz,” so he went on Fox News to cry about it.


The demographic that makes him famous and rich is also the demographic that votes. I bet he wins easily. Sorry PA.


Yeah, especially in a midterm election. One silver lining in Pennsylvania (in my opinion, obviously) is that there are strong democratic candidates for Senate. I’d prefer Lt. Gov. Fetterman, but Conor Lamb is my rep in congress and I’d be happy if he won, too.


He doesn't know what the needs of his represented people are. But then were that a requirement there'd be little to no Republicans and plenty of very different Democrats in Congress. Apparently he's using a technicality based on his in-laws living in the state or some such nonsense.


Thank you, it boggles my mind. I've been saying 'there ought to be a law' more since 2015 than I have ever in my life combined and that's saying something.


There’s plenty of laws, they’re just selectively enforced or outdated.


They don’t call it Pennsyl-tucky for nothing.


I don't know what good that would do. At a bare minimum the length of time should be the length of time required to gain residency before you can vote for an official, but beyond that it seems purely arbitrary.


Because he’s a doctor and his grandfather was a wizard.


I live in NY now but am from a very red area of PA. They don’t call it Pennsyltucky for nothing….. and I know 1/2 my family will vote for this guy if he has a big R next to his name no matter what.


Do they know he is a Muslim?


He's about as good at being Muslim as they are at being Christians so it all evens out.


When they say things like that, it's because they don't respect the job role of "governance" or the effort involved. They are unserious people making serious decisions. Would they want Steve Bannon stepping into the operating room when they need surgery? Would they want him fixing their car? Why do they think governing doesn't require any skill or experience?


I mean eventually old delusional people will stop voting, right? RIGHT?


Recently moved to central PA from SW PA...they're making young delusional folks out here faster than they're dying off


Yeah people like to think the deep red swathes of this country are just old people for some reason. Sadly, they’re not.


[Boomers are split 50/50 between liberals and conservatives.](https://www.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/FT_17.03.16_generations_ideology_2016.png) I live in Charlottesville and it wasn't Boomers marching through our streets and killing our citizens. The vast majority were Millennials and Gen X. The whole Boomer thing is just another facet of the groups that are trying to divide us.


Quite true. Liberal Boomer here from the later 'Generation Jones' cohort (born from 1954 to 1965) and it's high time that someone realized that *not all of us* are MAGA-hat wearing morons whose idea of a swell time is participating in some lame Trump car, golf cart or boat parade yelling 'Let's go Brandon!' in between swigs of beer.


Having many “friends” that are my age….young people are just as stupid


John Fetterman will wipe OZ butt.


John fetterman is pretty cool


Western Pennsylvania is pretty dumb, so I’ll say “yes”.


Am in swpa. Can confirm my county is very dumb.


Hey, that’s not entirely fair. Having lived in the middle of the state and in Allegheny county, the middle parts are even worse. Like Nazi flags at markets 10 years ago worse


Worst part is they only call him a a scam artist now. I mean he’s always been a scam artist but seriously pull him down well before he can do damage instead of 15 years AFTER he’s been peddling this garbage.


That sounds familiar.


[Go listen to the Behind the Bastards pod on him](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-the-bastards/id1373812661?i=1000517881434)


This is really good couple episodes. I like that they acknowledge his accomplishments, while explaining exactly why he’s awful.


Yup, before that episode I honestly thought he was another complete quack like Phil, but nope. They spend the opening 30 minutes gushing how phenomenal a thoracic surgeon Oz is, which makes his decent into hawking horseshit that much grosser.


Robert Evans does a good job of explaining the Bastard's background and possible motivations. Great show.


Robert Evans is a pretty good journalist.


The man's doing great work for sure


You know who else is a pretty good journalist? The products and services that sponsor this show.


But you know who _won't_ run for Senate in Pennsylvania to encourage suburban women to vote Republican?


B list Celebrities as Politicians is the most American thing ever.


D list. Or worse.


*If the cheeto can do it, so can I* ~other idiotic b-listers, probably


Wrestlers have been doing it before then, which is equally American


I will never forgive Oprah for making this snake oil salesman a celebrity.


I was just wondering where I could post these links to the two part series from Behind the Bastards take on Dr Oz. Part 1 [https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-dr-oz-why-americas-81426004/](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-dr-oz-why-americas-81426004/) Part 2 [https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-two-dr-oz-why-americas-81516648/](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-two-dr-oz-why-americas-81516648/) ​ Check them out, they are a fun time.... if your idea of a fun time is getting angry at rich asshole getting away with doing terrible things.


He should stick to telling us what our turds should look like.


He'll get a better look at them in the senate.


Or in the mirror.


He is, that's why he branded himself "GOP"


The fact he is still certified is astonishing


In general, people give doctors too much credit. Most don't have to be good scientists to do their job, and as Oz illustrates, critical thinking skills also not required.


I think he is the worst type. Smart and knows he is peddling BS. Does it anyway for money.


Yeah Oz isnt stupid, hes just a crook. People make that mistake with repubs a lot. Their base are drooling morons, but the donors and politicians arent stupid, just horribly corrupt.


Mehmet Oz? The carpet-bagging snake oil salesman from New Jersey?


Politics will continue to attract scammers, grifters, and idiots until we place some actual restraints on the system. We can't have a system where scammers can freely enter and get whatever they want. We're in such a bad place and it's an easy fix if we had the power to do it.


The people are the system to prevent this, and the American people are flat out not educationally, culturally, or mentally equipped to deal with grifters.


Yes, and the media landscape dominated by monied interests is keeping it that way. The political parties should be gatekeeping to prevent these terrible candidates, but oh yeah they are part of the grift.


Even more telling than his colleagues calling him a scam artist is that all his colleagues calling him a scam artist are only willing to do so anonymously. They don't want anyone to know that they've ever worked with this jerk.


This guy is a one line con man


This really isn't anything new. Yes Mehmet Oz is an astonishingly brilliant surgeon. But that's it. The rest of his quackery is categorically bullshit. The man has gone so far in to stupid town that he recommended that people could unblock their bowels by rubbing their stomach a certain way. It's not dissimilar to the guy who invented MRIs. Brilliant man when it comes to that. Also is a flat-earther and Young Earth Creationist. Simply having a PhD does not mean that someone is always credibly when they open their mouths.


In the 90s, Oprah was sued by some ranchers in Texas for publicly discussing her concerns about bovine spongiform encephalopathy. She had to film her show in Amarillo, TX for a few weeks while she dealt with their meritless nonsense. There she met Phil McGraw. So fuck those ranchers. I wonder which unhappy accident resulted in Oprah running into Mehmet Öz. Fuck those ranchers, too.


Dr Oz and Dr Phil, the Scum brothers


Keep saying his name as Mehmet. It's ethnic enough to give his voting base pause.


No it's not. His "base" will double down on him just so they can accuse democrats of racism (or something). They're legitimately that dumb


This man has 0 business being onTv or in government did trump not teach anyone anything. Tv stars are not politicians .


Gee, he doesn't even live in PA and he is running for PA office. Sounds like a scam to me.


Has Oprah ever created anything good? Aside from enormous amounts of wealth for herself by preying on the stupid and vulnerable?


She gave us Dr Phil and Dr Oz, and she gave Jenny McCarthy a platform to amplify antivax lies. Three strikes, you're out! Fuck Oprah.


She also gave the serial rapist, John of God, a platform.


He'll fit right in with the other scam artists.


As long as he is the craziest, scummiest, biggest asshole in the race he'll win the nomination.


The republicans would actually nominate a Muslim? That will get the GQP worked up.


Remember when electing a Christian was bad because he was a black and that made him a secret Muslim? Pepperidge Farm remembers


The "artist" part will do more harm with his supporters than the "scam" part.


Well wasn’t the wizard of Oz a scam artist as well? Can’t wait to see Fetterman dismantle and eat him.


He's an immoral unethical grifter which makes him perfectly suited to the Republican party.


Amazing how many shitheads Oprah introduced on her show, "Dr" Oz and "Dr" Phil being two awful fake assholes.


I live in Pennsylvania and I do not approve his message.


An intelligent close friend of mine bases her anti vac stance on dr oz, so I thought I’d check him out. Everything ended in a sales pitch for one of his products. He’s Trump lite.


Thanks Oprah. For fucks sake.


Perfect, he’ll fit right in.