Why Right-Wing Extremists Love the Unabomber

Why Right-Wing Extremists Love the Unabomber


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Typical of right-wingers, they coopt ideology based on a shallow understanding of the material. Kaczynski thought conservatism was just another part of the destructive push towards modernitity. >For right-wing extremists, the appeal of Kaczynski’s works originates in their identification of Kaczynski’s narrative about the development of industrial civilization and the destruction of wilderness with their own narrative about what they perceive to be the replacement and disempowerment of white people I'm pretty sure the appeal is that he wanted to burn the system down and was a violent terrorist. Looking at their love of the Unibomber in a vacuum, the author's point might make sense. But looking at overall rhetoric, the right-wing will coopt any imagery or ideology that gets them giddy for violence against the 'other'. If I went out tomorrow and committed acts of violence against brown people or liberals, but claimed no affiliation, I'd get memed and martyred on 4chan and r/conservative faster than FoxNews can spin a narrative.


Right wing fascists have been into luddite and 'alternative' medicine for a long time. It's a 'purity' thing.


Until one of em is dying of the 'rona, then they suddenly demand monoclonal antibodies.


“Ecofascist”… there’s a word I wish I’d never seen.


I’ve never been right wing, and besides bombing people teds on point.


You ever read Ted's manifesto? He was a goddam incel.


The index incel. Incel zero.


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