i use dino storage so my game doesnt run at 4 fps and when im moving bases i dont have 50 dinos getting stuck on a 1 foot rock, ark 2 is supposed to be better optimized so hopefully we wont need it tho


tek i could care less about, all i want is a bow, maybe a true lever action rifle but idk


that's why I love the compound bow / pump shotgun so much. It just feels like the perfect peak of "yes this is absolutely viable a person with the right knowledge and all the resources we have could theoretically make this"


Same but cowboy rifle go brr


This! I never cared for tek, i played a ton of ark in 2016 before any of it really existed and in my opinion the game was much better.


I agree. But did you know it will he entirely in 3rd person? It’s supposed to have the feel of like a soulsborn game.


Idk what souls is but it looks cool


They mean the dark/demon souls series.


I hope the fight mechanics are good. Ever since i played conan ive been itching for a survival game with good fight mechanics.


Better fighting is what I like more about Conan, the player isn’t useless


I started playing ark 1 in 3rd person only to prepare for the change lol.


I'm so excited to be a Bob again.. I'm excited to suck at this game again haha


I don’t need to wait to suck at the game as I already do lol


Haha i played way too much tbh


No such thing as to much 😂


True story


You pvp or pve?


Mmm pve I can't do pvp. People are toxic.


So true. I’m currently playing official pve but sadly solo


Oh I have a person I play with we play together. It's fun.


Must be nice lol


Do you make a new character for each map or did you just have one for all of them?


I've always end up making a new character for each map. Why don't I just transfer? Idk it makes it fun to start over


No I agree, plus a lot of servers don’t allow transfers


Well, we have our own servers so we try out different maps and mods. We always try new maps, but that just means we end up wiping and starting over


I think wirh improved pathing in the dinos, there won't be a "need" for a lot of tek items. Im relatively new and thought it weird that most of the games premise (taming and exploring) was largely ignored for anything land based. After trying to walk a bunch of dinos halfway through the map (swamp) i can see why. If the pathing was better and dinos didnt get hung up on a rock or small tree, it may not be as bad. I like my medieval playstyle though. Crossbows are as far as ive got. There's genuine danger in going places (though argy has made it easier and safer for resources)


Absolutely, pack bonuses for Dino's could be 1000% more powerful than it currently is and it still wouldn't be used often because of how difficult it is to keep your Dino's following you without getting stuck


Medieval no-taming servers is legitimately some of the best ARK that I've ever played.


After the last few weeks on Fjordur I have remembered why I love the early game: it's more challenging overall, crafting and taming feels like a real achievement, and getting even average loot is a big deal if its something you're lacking. If the map is well designed, or has a built in teleporter system like gen 1 or fjordur, then the only tek stuff I would miss would be the tek trough, cryopods and tek canteens. Oh and maybe the exo mek when I'm building and mess something up. But I would be totally fine with an improved primitive life. Unga bunga forever!


Good! I'm all for dino storage and tek but that's just because they exist and I don't want player tames to melt my server. If Ark 2 does it better without tek then I'll love it.


That's how I feel. There's a lot that can be done without tek. I do hope it's still obtainable, just not nearly as quickly as it is currently


I'm glad plenty of other people are excited about the primitive focus. My only question now is how will they approach land grabbing/pillaring.


My favorite mods are the ones that bring the terrible to usable, such as Atopsu's PvE Rebalances or Kraken's Better Dinos. Having a damage rating on Boomerangs is a game changer. Being able to use Electric Prods more than for 1 shock, but using Angler Gel as a fuel. Making Kapros able to be bolaed, making them easier to tame. We don't need TEK to have a fun game


kbd And lethality reusable and S+ are the qol mods that make vanilla with sprinkles fun


Exactly, we'll be fine without TEK


Rolling dodos, we will pay to see it.


Play as dino mod in ARK 2 will surely have the option


Idk man it sounds kind of beautoful. It'll be a different game, and I'm all for it. My friends and I mostly kept our dinos out and in barns anyhow.


No no I'm totally hype for it don't get me wrong


I'm of the opinion the game is too easy once you learn it (PVE). I also don't like how on most maps I just end up spending most of my time on a wyvern flying to my destination, then using the cryo pod to get the dino I actually need. A more primitive game with maps that don't require flyers to zoom around would be a great.


Precisely. I have to handicap myself on purpose by disabling flyers and using hard-core mode and no tek boss hunting to enjoy myself now. Wasn't always this way tho I suppose I used to love it.


I just restarted after a 1+ year break on Ragnarok. Guess who had a wyvern by level 50 because I didn't want it to take forever to go places?


Flyers kind of ruin the challenge of the game on most maps. Aberration, when fliers were not allowed on the map, was the closest thing to reliving Ark as a bob. The map felt a lot bigger, it exaggerated the verticality, and made it feel more dangerous when having to traverse on foot. Finally getting Rock Drakes really felt rewarding and end game. Aberration with fliers is just incredibly easy and boring, almost all danger is nullified by just being in the air. Hopefully, the better pathing and line of sight/senses in Ark 2 make land travel much more interesting, whether it be by making stealth an option, or it being viable/necessary to travel with a pack of tames as body guards (which don't just get stuck on every stone and stick on the ground.)


Cryopods and quality of life is fine, but honestly I much much much prefer the primitive life. Everyone I know that I've tried to get into Ark that hasn't like it, doesn't like the sci-fi stuff in their "dinosaur game" which is understandable honestly Seeing a Tech dino breaks immersion fast (even if it's all on a space ship story wise) and just playing with a bow and living in a stone hut is way more interesting than all the tek crap and weird sci-fi creatures I hope they limit / remove flyers as well. Flyers completely and totally change the game, and not really in a better way. They make it 200 thousand times easier, and turn the majority of the map into "Fly over territory". Without flyers you have to make dangerous treks across the map bringing bodyguards and using rafts etc to risk your life getting around. After your first Argy you saw lolno and barely ever touch the ground again and can easily tame most dinos and escape nearly all threats


One thing I never see anyone talk about is how extremely messed up the lighting is on ark and that's my primary reason for flying over a bunch of it. If there are just a few too many trees, I can't see anything on the ground and all the forests look the same besides redwoods. So I just fly over them all


Is this a console thing? Or maybe because I turned off light shafts and bloom so I can actually use my map but I don't really have that issue. I actually like how it's darker under huge trees and how you can take the trees out to see better, but I guess it may be personal preference


I agree. I could see them nerfing fliers to either slower than hell, or with no weight to them. Wyverns really made flying OP. I remember my first month on Ark, before I knew about cryos and the only flyer I had was a lvl 50 ptera. He could barely hold me with empty inventory. Moving my herd from my starter base to my new base I lost 40% of them. A trip to get metal was a mad dash to try and mine and jump back on my dino before something ate my face. That is why I play Primal Fear mod. No matter how tough you are, you can get clapped by random run ins.


IMO Argy is where the game flips. Ptera are too weak to carry stuff like you said, but Argy suddenly make it easy to tame anything in the game and can carry thousands of pounds easily


I was playing when scorched earth came out and I can absolutely say wyverns ruined the game. Before that you had to choose a quetzal or Arg, severely increasing your risk of death. People would build cool armor trap on their quetz platforms. Loved that era.


That comment about a tek Dinos breaking immersion is really sticking with me.


Yep, I've heard it several times and kind of agree honestly. The first time you are running through the woods and in absolute awe of the giant trees and massive dinosaurs stomping around etc, and then randomly a mecha RGB dinosaur runs past and ruins the whole image You can try to explain to them that the entire game is actually on a space ship, but that just makes it worse for them, not better. At least from the groups I've managed to get to even try Ark


I was complaining to all of my ark friends when they started to add all of the fake creatures/tek and no-one cared at the time. They all just wanted wyverns and rock monsters. I hated it, it was the end of Ark for me for awhile. I didn't play again till 2019. Everytime I come back to play I have to convince myself that I'm not bothered by all of the bs but I am lol. Can't wait for Ark 2.


Joke's on you, I'm too lazy to bother with tek stuff anyway! My time is at hand!


Ark 2 will have mods, you'll be fine. Especially since one of the things you mention is a mod.


**Do you not think they're going to use magic instead of TEK?** Clearly they're not going backward with game play where people literally have to stay up IRL just so their babies dont starve to death. The mechanics that work will carry over. The skins they're using on the otherhand wont.


Dino storage is a godsend it maked having a huge amount of dinos much easier and breeding is also a lot easier as i alows you to search for stats


Are we sure it's third person only I always found it to be awkward in third person


I'm still upset about 3rd person. I exclusively play the game 1st person.


Cryopods are absolutely absurd to me. I didn’t play much after those dlc and whenever i pop back in it’s always out of my mind that I can just pokeball things up


It really grinds my gears that the solution to many caves now is "cryopod in something bigger that would otherwise fit", which to me defeats the point - if it is truly intended that you can bring big things in, just make the entrances support that without a workaround?


I mean, people did that anyway, if I recall? They'd just hatch and raise the dino after the entrance if the rest of the cave was big enough for them anyway. The workaround was always there, just both a bit more effort and penalizing. I think the cave itself needs to reflect this, not the entrance.


I do kinda miss the days of a long caravan of dinos traveling across the map. Wasn't easy but it was another level of play that doesn't exist anymore.


Can't wait to be exotic Robert once again!


Idk man just do use the tek stuff see how you like it


Good think i suck and never got tek stuff except maybe the replicator


About the guns, I think there will be some, but those are the end game weapons. Since it’s supposed to be primitive and realistic, it will most likely be slingshots, bows, crossbows and other weapons they add. About the cryopod thing, I don’t think they will force you to walk your bronto across the entire map for 4 hours. The game isn’t out yet but I’m positive that they will add different gameplay mechanics to combos that


Well despite what many people in the PVE scene think ark has become so heavily familiar to every one in PVP servers, even with a new dlc give it a month and everyone already knows the meta there is nothing new nothing more to bring in crowds of new players especially with how old ark is. In 2015 the game was massive because people had a sense of wonder not knowing what’s coming next or how to play really, and there was always something to explore and learn which might give you an advantage over other people. I think ark is trying to get people back into the game where no one knows the meta or how certain things should be done, this could help new people not be afraid to jump in and try the game out. When you first play ark it’s a very different game when you have wooden structures, basic dinos, etc. Where as comparatively when you have a full TEK base with TEK turrets, wyverns, manas, etc. I think going in this primitive direction along with good marketing can bring them a lot of success in getting people in the game even more so on people who left ark when it was primitive because they couldn’t compete with more advanced players.


I remember joining when it was first steam early access. There was almost no information on how to do anything. The concept of kibble was so forlorn, and taming was truly difficult - I think it was several times longer to take a lower level creature than now, and getting prime meat was damn near impossible. (2 minute timer made it very difficult). Getting a rex was such a pain and so rewarding. Having a good one come out of enemy base during a raid was a real concern. Now I just sit 15 feet above and lightning wyvern it to death in 5 seconds. Every new dino was a game changer. Going from parasaur to trike to bronto... When frog/mammoth came out... Now I have the one-solution down pat. Spawn rag NE to slaughter a sheep, foundation spam to level, get a PT, get a wyvern or argy, get anky/doed. Then I'm just left with logging in and out every day to resource grind and stat breed rexes for boss. After 5-10 hours, im about done. Why bother taming the rest of the BS creatures? Grinding turret resources is such a pain. Need 4000 turrets with 40000 bullets, and it might not matter because guy has a tek rifle and snipes your base from out of render. Dodo bombs were way more fun.


This is my opinion but for me ark was best when it was early days, I hated all the dlcs after it, all the over the top tames. I miss good old fashioned fights, now it's just gun towers and wyverns. When I saw the recent map trailers I was so excited because they looked so primitive but after playing for one day it was the same over the top crap.


Honestly I love the early game primitive pvp. Even things like longnecks, c4 for blowing up srucutrs etc. I really dislike the late game tek stuff and flamethrowers etc I have so much nostalgia for the early days of ark when everyone was a bob living In stone or metal bases and nobody knew anything.


People freaked out when they heard "souls-based combat" but in reality it will probably be the same thing like in conan exiles


I refuse to use cryopods when possible and never use tek anyways, so i dont think it will affect me much


I've been playing ARK since it came out, top in PvP on my servers but, this primitive style based game play, it's my weakness, tho don't get me wrong I do love primitive style warfare and anything primitive in general, but if there is no TEK for achieving "above and beyond" by defeating "apex" tier bosses, then I'm afraid that it might be a step down from what ARK is now. And without cryopods, how else am I going to transport my best fighters quickly enough to help my tribe on the opposite side of the entire map? If they do make it as primitive as it seems, or as we think it will be, I don't think that it will have *positive energy* from players like me, or anyone else in general.


Cryopods weren’t always a thing, neither were all the crazy tek stuff we have now, we’ve made it work since day one and we’ll find ways to make it work when Ark 2 releases, a new different experience shouldn’t be a bad thing, it just means we all have to work hard to figure out the best way to get stuff done again which is part of the fun of ark that’s been gone for a long time


I know all of that, I had of course to adapt to cryopods and other TEK stuff when they came out, but I wasn't always on top before then, I guess I'm to adapt to "high tek" stuff. It was rather easy for me to adapt to TEK when I first got it.


That makes a lot of sense, and I hope the tek stays in some way, maybe with consequence like lore indicates or just make it harder to get. I'm excited nonetheless but I'm sure WC is under a lot of pressure


Most of what you mentioned is just things you have to consider. Your tribe on the opposite side of the map...why? Have them closer. The "Rewards" for defeating the apex, well that doesn't have to be TEK to be good does it? A mythical bow, sword, crossbow, gun. Unbreakable armor? A special insane stat dino? Or dare I say, the boss itself (with stat nerfs of course), could all be possible. With primative imagine how much more challenging PVP would be. No tek jet packs zipping around, no dam near unbreakable structures, etc. Don't you remember your beach bob days? The thrill of what could be around the corner? I think you'll have fun mate.


True, I remember always bolaing people and shooting them in the head with my crossbow, I might have fun, it's just been awhile. Oh and my tribe was across the map because usually I go "travel" to help our allies or just go mining in their territories, or just going around the map looking for something to tame.


Frankly i dont care about tek except for the cryopods just because they are necessary. I know not everyone plays pvp but you need them. They are a core part of the strategy and hiding your tames.


There are things about the proposed Ark 2 that sound ungood, but personally I'm OK if the tech level is low. I"m not against tek, either...I just don't think the game hinges on that. Don't want a fancy combat system, mission-based play, or Vin Diesel. (Not really against Vin Diesel. But I have no need of him. Would rather have turtles.)


S+ should have been part of the base game since it came out. Not my fault wild card is trash. Do it right or atleast fix their shit? Nah. Compress their files do the game isn't half a terabyte, nah. Honestly I hope when ark 2 comes out, they abandon ark 1 so people can actually keep mods up do date without wildcards pointless 50gb updates. In the last 2 months, ive lost over 150 hours of breeding and base building, losing >10 different map saves. I started using mods after all the crashes because ultra stacks makes building a new base every day almost not drain my love for this game.


Dude right now I play with only S+ and no other mods its fun and the start is so much harder then I remembered it being


I like to play each new map as a Bob before I bring my character over with the tek. Starting a new map with all my tek and resources just feels too easy. I haven't done it with Fjordur or the Genesis maps, they feel like they almost require a vet character.


For me personally I'm worried the game with stop at around what mid point ark is right now. I love early game and I love late game. But the mid game in Ark to me is boring. Certain tames (here's looking at you meawing) and engram level adjustments have made it less tedious, but its still not great. I'm worried the end game will just feel like that. Also not A fan of third person except for dino riding, but I do play Conan exiles and am fine with it on there so I'll give it a shot.


This is why white listed groups are pretty nice. You can just exclude all Tek items


Cryo's are a god send. If they are taken out in ARK2 though, I will be fine with it, just give me a thematic reason for it. "No element and barely any way to make modern things due to the crash?", cool with me. To be honest I am most in love with the "oh shit", of the game. The new character trying not to die 900000000 times while getting up a 4 x 4 shack. If Ark 2 is a return to a more primative style, I will be thrilled. That said I do play on modded servers, but for things like Primal Fear or Hunted,


The same modders will be fixing ARK 2 as well. It's a huge shame that Wildcard is already relying on modders for basic game functionality, like having a first-person camera.


It’s a good thing, back to what the games all about hopefully


Ark 2 will have mods. Modders will add that stuff. Nobody plays official anyway.