when opening this comment section, I did not expect to see a war zone between cyclists and anti-bike people


A BITTER war at that. OP accidentally tapped a deep and hidden well, and as Switzerland (I ride the bus) I'm just sitting here in awe of the proceedings.






Ahhh the observations of those on Reddit never cease to amuse me. So true, damned true.


I saw a dog once.


"Sometimes, dogs are brown." "Yes, as a matter of fact: I do believe that this can be true, at times."


How dare your strawman say that black dogs are less seeable? Is it dog-racist? I can't believe it, your strawman is so obviously an abhorrent, lacking in basic morals thing to not be color blind to ALL dogs!


Oh sorry I should have specified to such as avoid Discourse my bad man It was the green kind that hops


I saw a dog once, too. I also saw that dog twice, but I saw it once, too.


I wasn't aware of it so clearly it is arcane knowledge of the highest order /j r/imthemaincharacter




I'm from the Netherlands so believe me when I say cars and bikes can peacefully coexist if the right infrastructure is in place


Belgium neighbor, so true, but its definitely also the culture and attitude. its a godsend to bike in the Netherlands you can see all car drivers have cyclist into account. wich is great


No need for infrastructure. You need the right *culture.* A 4x4 and a mountain bike and peacefully coexist in a jungle. It's the culture that makes the difference.


Great infrastructure creates great culture.


You're right that culture is the biggest factor, but infrastructure really ties it together and helps make it so much safer. Around my parts there are some roads where it's not hard to make a bend in the road and be surprised by someone biking slowly. They're not in the wrong, but the roads don't help the situation.


Cyclists largely share the road with cars who are forced to their speed and risk being sued as cyclists break laws, disobey signals and other traffic laws. I say this as a cyclist who exclusively rides on trails for this reason. Im not sure culture can prevent this conflict. Cyclists in cities also decide the center of the road is nicer than sidewalks or even bike lanes. Hate for cyclists is inevitable at that point.


We've got a pretty good culture around my rural part. Cyclists stick to the edge of the road and stay in a single file. Cars slow down for them and don't try to barrel past or get around. Then cyclists will actively slow down and move further over at any opportunity to let cars past. It's not inevitable. Cyclists just need to be courteous and drivers need to practice *defensive* driving and not get so uptight when they have to travel a bit slower for a quarter mile.


In Northern Colorado it exists but bicyclist actively choose to ignore it and ride in road lanes and on shoulderless roads(that usually have a bike trail near)


It's almost like there's car people who hate bicyclists and bicyclists who hate car people. And then bicyclists who shake their head at other bicyclists, like for example I stop at red lights and I will go through them and treat them like a stop sign if I am 110% sure that there is no traffic coming and no one is trying to turn right at a light that I would be cutting off etc. Then there's the odd fellow who just goes straight through the red light without slowing down without looking left or right 🤔


I just hate, easily, 70 percent of everyone else on the road. You could put an undercover cop out here in an old beater and write thousands of tickets for traffic violations. Turn signals, headlights at night, super easy shit.


This is called an Idaho stop and it decreases accidents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idaho_stop


I completely forgot it was legal in some places and there were studies showing that it actually helped improve safety. Thanks for linking!


Only because and I quote. > At present, none of the 29 municipalities have adopted the Idaho Stop Law, which was enacted in 1982 in the state of Idaho. This policy allows cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and red traffic signals as stop signs (Pedestrian and Bicycles, 1982). The details of the Idaho Stop Law suggest that it was written to align policy with the fact that many cyclists seek to maintain their energy and momentum at intersections without compromising safety I have been hit by assholes on bikes as a pedestrian. It is not fun and should be even more fun if it is legal for them to roll through stop signs. They already aren’t held accountable for the shit they do now. It’s incongruous to me that they currently aren’t safe because they aren’t taking the time to ensure intersections are clear before blowing through them. So we should make it a law that they can determine if it is safe for them to blow through a sign to maintain their momentum? When the reason they are unsafe is because the bike riders aren’t good at ensuring they’re safe? So confusing. Edit: maybe instead of changing laws so bike riders have less rules to follow. We expand bike infrastructure and crack down on the assholes on sidewalks and blowing through stop signs when pedestrians and vehicles are present.


The Idaho stop does not allow people to blow through stop signs or red lights. You're creating a straw man.


Yep. You know what else blows through stoplights and stop signs and hit pedestrians? Cars. And Empirically, they do it waaaaaaaay more the cyclist.


Shouldn't that last situation be considered running a red light? Like with a ticket? Should bikes have license plates if used on "streets"?


I don't know about the license plate part but as a cyclist, I'm always stunned when people do this. Like, we have to follow traffic laws. Why are you running red lights??


There are a few instances in my city (Dublin) where red lights dont make sense for cyclists. When I bike to work, there are a few places where I am on the very left of the road and the red light is there for a street coming in at the right. There is no traffic coming from the left side and no pedestrians in sight. In this case I cross them since the cars coming from the right should not interfere with my path anyway.


And that may make sense. I live in the US in a city where cars HATE cyclists, and the roads are less open and visible. Living in this city four months now, I've seen a couple of very close calls between idiot cyclists and idiot cars. The two don't mix well. I just behave predictably and defensively and Ive been good so far.


Running red lights and stop signs is normative behavior among street users regardless of what vehicle they're using. Right turn on red, especially, seems that no one stops unless there's a cop handing out tickets right there.


Depends on the situation, but sometimes it can be safer and beneficial for all. In Toronto, we have leading pedestrian signals which let pedestrians walk first before cars. Most cyclists also ride through the intersection during this stage even though it's against traffic rules cause: - It's safer for cyclists to clear the intersection before cars can proceed - Actually makes it easier for cars trying to make a turn I'm all for cyclists following the traffic laws, but it's clear that the traffic laws are not designed for cyclists. If cyclists are constantly breaking the law, it could mean some change is required in the law or city planning.


I think it’s crazy. If ur on a bike, and someone hits you, you’re going to die. Not just get banged up. Idk why cyclists be pushing the edge. I’ll gladly follow traffic laws while riding a bike to not get ran the fuck over.


I did. “Bike Guy” now in top 5 most hated “Guys”. List available on request.


Don't leave us hanging bro, lists are lifeblood


Please may I see the list?


We're waiting


as a bike user I also hate cyclists, they are some of the worst drivers out there. I will still use my bike and I recommend others do so as well


True, but everyone seems to miss the context. That is force is mass times acceleration.


You’d be surprised at the hate out their for cyclists. Usually from old boomer who read the Daily Mail.


I never realized there was such a war between drivers and cyclists….


Some drivers are angry at the small, yet loud minority of cyclists who seem to put themselves in danger by blowing stop signs swerving in front of you without looking and then getting mad at you for honking or slamming on your breaks so you don’t kill them. Also, some cyclists who think it’s fine to go 2 mph on a one way road with 10 cars behind them during rush hour (it’s annoying, not really worth some of the hate here). Some cyclists are mad at the, sadly way to many, drivers who are dumb fucks and don’t give bikes right of way (not perceived right away, but actual right of way) and harass cyclists simply for riding their bikes. Also the giant metal death machine thing. I just hate stupid people on the road. If you’re going to travel then be safe. Take as much, if not more, care for your own safety as you expect others to for yours. No one wants to get hit and die because someone wasn’t paying attention. Similarly, no one wants to hit and kill someone because they weren’t paying attention.


Sadly, some people DO want to hit and kill people.


This is true. My dad has literally told me to my face that he thinks any biker on the road, regardless of them being in the bike lane, deserves to get hit. He said this to me while my car was out off commission, and I was having to bike to work everyday.


Your father and people like him needs their licenses revoked. Jesus Christ…


I agree. He’s caused accidents before by driving too aggressively just because someone is trying to get over and it makes him mad. He’s a menace.


Unfortunately that is true


This isn't a war. It's one side freely admitting that they'd kill the other. A cyclist can hardly kill a cwr driver now, can he?




As a guy with a Subaru, even one with the big engine, I am not sure how anybody who doesn’t have a WRX can drive it like a bat out of hell. Mine has 260hp and I feels lazy. The ones with the smaller naturally aspirated engines are downright slow.


People have the unnatural ability to turn a slow ass car and drive it like a monkey was placed in an F1 car ^^^gentlemen ^^^a ^^^short ^^^view ^^^back ^^^to ^^^the ^^^past


But can’t Suburus climb up steep hills? I saw a video on here of one tearing up a test hill like it was nothing.


Orangutan climb gud. Orangutan no sprint gud.


My moms Subaru be like * Slightly taps gas * Car goes:ZOOOOOOOOOOOM


What do you have? I drove a '17 touring xt and that thing had some pick up and go.


Mods. Well planned mods. You can modify the engine to hell and back and keep the outside looking stock. Sleepers are how you have a fun car without being eyefucked by cops everywhere you go. Intake, exhaust (with the appropriate bits to still sound great without being heard 5 blocks away), fuel injectors (maybe a pump to go with it depending of now crazy you want to go), a tune, a better radiator to deal with the increased temps from more power, good brakes, and good tires. Boom, looks stock on the outside and is much faster than it was before.


You're vastly underrepresenting the "it goes faster" part. I went on a trip for work and it happened to be my coworker's home town (our job was 100% travel). He had a WRX that was precisely as you describe. I have driven a WRX before... Rented (just a car to get from the airport to the client site/hotel). It was very nimble but it was stock (2018 model I think?). 0-60 was probably just over 5 seconds. I definitely had fun with it though (lots of stoplights and basically zero traffic in the area). This guy's car looked *totally normal* but when he hit the gas it felt like I was in a rocket ship. I genuinely felt butterflies (and even roller coasters don't normally do that to me). He said the 0-60 time was under 4 seconds *and I believe it*. That was impressive for sure but he also replaced the entire dashboard with custom *everything* (it was all digital) and that impressed me much more because *he designed it himself*. Made molds out of wood or something (he told me but I forget) and shaped carbon fiber by hand to wrap it around some sort of aftermarket displays that were made for that purpose. Felt like stepping into some sort of laboratory test chamber, haha.






This is the funniest fucking thing I have read today.


You really just took someone else's comment and posted it to the top one huh?


I thought I’d read that farther down, thanks for pointing that out….


It's a funny joke at that. You got a hooptie? Roll with it.


oh he should try driving in a Dutch city, LMAO.


He would not live long.


Depends on his commitment to the cause.


Acting like Dutch people dont hate race cyclists with a burning passion


race cyclists are different that regular cyclists tbf. my mom used to call them “spandex monsters”. at least where i live; they seem to have absolutely no awareness of the traffic/rules/anything around them. it’s a different breed than joe jack biking to the corner shop yk


I think to a lot of people in the comments 'race cyclists' are 'cyclists', everybody I know doesn't consider random bloke James riding his bike to the supermarket a 'cyclist' he's just a dude with a bike


Here's the thing about Jackdaws


Ever seen one that looked like they were having fun?






I would bet a fair amount of money this person does not leave their home town. Ever.


At least there’s no red stains


LPT top post today said cold water is great for getting rid of blood stains. Keep up!






this comment section is a hellhole


*grabs popcorn*


Yea wtf is up with all these bike-hating people. Comes across as pathetic as hating vegans.


I'm a cyclist and vegan... *Duck and cover*




*burns the corpse and puts the remainder into a lead coffin*


Oh boy, I better keep my head down here....


I don't dislike cyclists. I do get annoyed by the ones that don't follow the traffic rules like they are supposed to, like going the wrong way down a road or passing you on the right especially when you're making a right turn (that's more of an ebike thing in my experience), blowing through pedestrian stop signs where bike trails cross roads.


Some drivers are stupid and will hate everything that is slowing them down a little or that got specialprivileges.


That’s not because of stupidity, it’s because they’re assholes!!!


Can be both 👌


Depending on the roads you’re on, a cyclist can build up a queue of two dozen cars behind him if it’s a single lane and too many bends to overtake. Basically, it’s not the fact that they’re cyclists, it’s the fact that quite often they’re cunts that don’t want to make enough room to overtake. “Oh but why are you in a rush”, because the extra 20-30 minutes in a day can make a huge difference on one’s mental health, and sometimes there’s genuine reasons to rush, like going to the hospital to deliver a baby or something.


It's not *a* cyclist that most people hate. Especially not a cyclist who is actually using their bicycle as transportation and sharing the road. It's the situation you described but with 20 cyclists taking up the entire lane in their silly uniforms. And they always choose the narrow windy roads with no shoulder or bike lane.


Get angry at your local government for not just building a cycle path


There’s places with roads that have no room for *cycle paths*, hence why a dozen or two dozen cars get backed up behind a cyclist.


I swear it is 😂 I’m glad someone else said it


It's impressive to see the lack of the word "person" in this post. Regardless of any mode or method of transportation the intentional thought to harm another person isn't a good thing.




How many of you are from Gresham Oregon haha


Considering that's always been "that city where my cool grandma lives" I know like 1 very quiet neighborhood and the rest looks pretty feral


I’m a queer dude in Portland. The buzz right now about Gresham is “stay the fuck away because proud boys roam the streets.”


Yeah that sounds about right. Glad I only go to that one residential neighborhood other than entering or leaving Gresham.




I like driving, and I like biking. Weird thing is, I’ve never hit a cyclist with my car, but as a cyclist I’ve been hit by cars more than once. What I don’t like are entitled drivers, no matter the vehicle. An entitled driver is a dangerous driver.


An entitled cyclist is a danger to themselves. An entitled motorist is a danger to everyone.


An entitled cyclist is also a dangerous (to themselves) cyclist. Not saying you don’t, but people need to just pay attention on the road. There are lives at risk all the time.




Even the first statements - fuck cyclist & fuck cars are both true. Some drivers are fucked up in the head, some cyclists are too. Cars often endanger cyclists, cyclists often indirectly endager drivers. Fuck everyone.


Yea reminds me of a post in livestreamfail where a streamer in Japan nearly got run over riding on bike while streaming. He was riding like a dick, and pretty much every single comment broke down everything he did wrong.


I typically have no problem with cyclists until they fail to follow traffic laws. So many times I’ve almost ran over someone because they run a stop sign at a 4 way. Or the cyclist who insist or riding the narrow country roads that you literally cannot pass on for miles. They refuse to get over out of the road and you’ll have 10 cars behind them going 10mph for miles. Fuck those cyclists. The others are cool.


> Or the cyclist who insist or riding the narrow country roads that you literally cannot pass on for miles. They refuse to get over out of the road and you’ll have 10 cars behind them going 10mph for miles. Fuck those cyclists. Bad enough on their own but especially annoying when a group rides 2 or 3 abreast and won't slip back into single file when traffic is behind them.


Gonna say I have more sympathy for the ones without a couple tonnes of steel protection.


I have unlimited sympathy for people who are responsible, no sympathy for whoever is endangering others, being it cyclist or driver


Idk man, while a bike can be dangerous around pedestrians, they aren't exactly a multi ton vehicle capable of going 50+ mph and kill multiple people in a bad collision.


It’s less about the bike itself being dangerous and more about the bicyclist. You’re right that cars are more damaging and dangerous as a whole but I’ve seen some very dangerous bicyclist behavior. I once saw someone on a bike dart through a red light and cause the cars to swerve into each other to avoid hitting him. Then he just kept on going like a true asshole. Not deadly, but the behavior was dangerous and resulted in multiple accidents and a few people hurt.


Yes, this is the actual danger. Sure a bike itself can be dangerous if it’s moving quick enough. But I have seen many cyclists pull an asshole move that forced cars into an unnatural and unexpected condition resulting in near misses. When a cyclist darts in front of you at an intersection you’re thinking “OF FUCK OH FUCK DONT HIT THIS HUMAN” not “hmmm if I brake quickly and turn my wheel at a 32 degree angle I can both avoid the bike and also the mother pushing a stroller.. damn I’m good”. Nah man. And what pisses me off the most IS NOT the ones that get defensive and will flip you off even if they’re CLEARLY in the wrong—it’s the ones that are *so oblivious* they didn’t even realize that any thing at all happened.


My point is that drivers are generally not in danger from cyclists.


A sudden child in the road isn't a danger to cars directly. However, it can very easily result in death to those in cars and bikes who try to avoid said child.


Man I bike to work every day. In about four months I've been harassed more than I have for being a trans women in four years. A dudes literally fucking gotten out of his car to yell at me. I've started carrying fucking mace. I find "jokes" where the punchline is "I will murder you" to be terrifying when they could easily be true.


doesn't even seem a joke to a lot of people here. sorting by controversial, there's a lot of people cheering this guy on, or implying roadside murder is somehow justified.


Yeah it’s not a joke. It’s a war that will inevitably kill me. I’d rather watch a person die in the side of the road than risk interactions divers have intentionally started. I’m in no way worried about bad driving-I have handled that for decades. In that time multiple grown men have decided to kill me in public for riding a bike. I want them dead first. I doing want to need a gun to ride my bike, but in conservative areas riding a bike is enough to send grown men into hysterics.


r/FuckYourBicycle r/FuckCars r/FuckTheOP Which is it Reddit


[It's actually.](https://youtu.be/e-Zcz9J1UOs?t=19s)


Against my better judgement I pressed play. My better judgement was right.


We have bikers in my neighborhood that insist on riding the winding, no shoulder, double yellow line, hilly roads. I'm always annoyed by them. For whatever reason, this post gave me the obvious idea to petition my township to put a bike lane on that road. Probably because I'm terrified of hitting one of them, or being in a head on collision trying to avoid them. So, thanks OP.


Absolutely petition for it. In every state in the US, bicycles are given the same rights on roadways as cars, aside from divided highways


Reminds me of the bad guys in 'The Toxic Avenger'.




Dude better hope he doesn’t actually hit someone otherwise those stickers are evidence of intent


Oh but it's just a joke! Sounds a lot like being bullied by assholes growing up who don't like being called out for being bullies, or psychos for being psychos




17 taken out, like fighter pilot tally marks.


I think thats the joke. He’s a driving ace lol.


Used to run a lot. Some of the bikers on a popular trail always seemed incredibly rude. Got old and now bike. Some people refuse to move out of the way. It happens multiple times on trail rides. I won’t be rude, but I do start to get annoyed.


Must be how drivers feel towards bikers. The problem is people are too impatient or fragile to let a minor inconvenience slide.


The trail runners are awesome. It’s the group of 4 walking shoulder to shoulder across the trail and not moving when I yell ‘bike on the left’


He better not ever get into an accident because no one’s gonna believe it wasn’t delivered


I don't mind sharing the road but some of the ones in my area take the reflectors off of the back of their bikes. I go to work when it's still dark out. City ordinance requires the reflectors AND flashing lights but a lot don't have either.


Dude has bike shaped teardrop tats on their face.


In the Netherlands that car would end up in a canal.


Maybe, but theyd take 17 cyclists with them.


Worst fucking tally system I've ever seen, counting by 4s? Diabolical.


It’s counting by 5s, every bike represents one and the tally’s finish it out to five.


You're probably correct but I still don't like it.


"Speak softly and bike with an anti-material rifle" -FDR or something, idk


The comments here have gotten out of control. Let's try to find some middle ground and at LEAST agree that [insert your opinion] is objectively worse than [insert my opinion].


This comment section is fuckin hilarious.


I’ve been scrolling and so far the only thing I’ve seen is this same comment


You gotta scroll down for the good stuff. Heavily down voted.


You know, I was all for people on bikes before I had one dude cut me off on one. I drive a 2.5 ton truck, and immediately slammed on the breaks so I wouldn’t hit him. The dude flipped me off! and for what? Saving his life? Fucking ridiculous


No problem with cyclists in general, just the stupid ones. In my city they’ll blow past a busy stop sign *after* a car has already started going from an oncoming position then yell and kick at the car. They also will swerve out of nowhere from behind cars onto busy roads and get mad when people honk. Again, not all of them (in fact, I think it’s better to bike to get around town than driving - I just don’t have a bike) but there is a loud minority of ass hole bikers around these parts. No matter your mode of transportation, pay attention. Take as much care for your own safety, if not more, that I do for yours.


Someone else on here said that the drivers are the entitled ones. This is a great example of the cyclist being entitled AF


You say it as if every driver is a gentleman


I do a lot of walking and see a lot people on their phones while driving.Some even stop on the crosswalk.You car/truck people aren't all innocent angels.Edit: I see I got downvoted.Sorry to burst your bubble but it's true.Even a police car drove right by me while I was in crosswalk that had flashing lights.Sirens weren't turned on.


A good time to remind people that distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents. Cars are dangerous, if you can't respect the responsibility in driving one enough to put down your phone, don't fucking drive.


In general, people need to pay more attention. If we’re trying to make camps here - I see plenty of “you walkers” looking down at your phones walking into a busy intersection expecting cars to stop for you. Some cyclists can’t be bothered to stop even at reds in busy intersections. And yea, plenty of drivers are idiots. No matter your mode of transportation, pay attention. Take care for your lives and those around you.


I ride a bicycle a whole bunch of miles most days of the year. I've been hit by cars twice in my life and both times were very minor incidents where I consoled the driver because I was truly not that hurt and they were absolutely devastated. So, given the fact that I've ridden all over and only had maybe a handful of incidents (none of which ended or began with injuries) where people "yell" slurs at me... this is a pretty great joke and I would have a good laugh with the driver.


This. Its a absurdly satirical take on flying aces.


As someone who has biked allot since i was a kid (been hit twice by drivers as a teen) and someone who must drive now, I get both sides. Living in Seattle tho I can confirm: Both sides are filled with jack asses. ​ Just be mindful and chill dawg <3


Maybe if bikers had common sense and realized 3000 lb hunks of metal going 20-45 miles an hour are extremely dangerous, and physics>life and traffic laws. When I bike around my city i stay on the sidewalk, fully protected bike lanes, or walk my bike. Id rather be safe than sorry to prove a point


Look I’ll be honest, bikes on the road freak me the fuck out as a driver and so I hold a little bit of resentment against bikes. On the other hand, my dad wants to get back into cycling, and it would be so good for him. I have some cognitive dissonance about it but who doesn’t about some things


Don’t have resentment towards cyclists, have resentment towards your city officials who refuse to build safe infrastructure and bike lanes! And real protected bike lanes, not the “here’s a painted white line as your shitty bike lane”


I would hate them too if they kept hitting my car


This isn't even a good joke.


Anybody who counts like this instead of making the strikes across one picture should not operate a vehicle anyway.


Its a take on how the military used to kill count, specifically the Navy did during WWII. Planes and individual gun turrets would paint their kills tallied with images on them. Not sure if the military still does it, probably not considering the modern regulation on such “vandalism” Anyway, now you know.


Obviously a joke, but you just know that the guy is a cunt anyway,


The cyclists here in Indiana are pretty ignorant and ignore a ton of major road laws so I get this energy. (These guys will seriously bike through a four-way stop without a look. They take the right of way as a death wish.)


They passed a law in my state that let's them run stop signs.


It's easier to be tough inside a metal cage.


Simmer down buddy. No one's scared of a grown adult on a bicycle.


Nice. Fuck them


Dude fuuuuuck cyclists in San Diego


My fiancé is anti-car. He cycles everywhere. He has been purposefully driven off the road by huge pricks in trucks. We just had a good friend be mowed over and killed while on her bike. Fuck cars and fuck people like this


All in good fun until he hits one of the fuckers and than he has a whole lotta explaning to do.


The stickers are funny, but there’s nothing wrong with the act of cycling, it’s the person on the bike that may be annoying, for cars, however, it’s both. Cars pollute and are way more dangerous to **others** than bicycles, put one reckless man on a bicycle, and he’ll put himself in danger, put one reckless man in a car, and he’ll put others in danger.


Honestly fuck cyclists. “Share the road.” A fucking quarter mile line of you shit heads on back country roads going 15 miles an hour in a 45 and not giving a fuck about letting anyone pass is not sharing the road. I hope all of you bike off a cliff.


he drives an old shitty subaru impreza. He'a basically only one step above a bicycle.


Well, made it all of five minutes on this thread before someone threatened to murder me for riding a bike. So please, tell me again how cyclists are the assholes




Says a lot about one’s character. Probably drives like a drunk kamikaze, but when a cyclist does something wrong goes full Tate rage.


I don't know how it is in the USA, but in my country all cyclists are jerks who don't care about anyone but themselves. The government should introduce a driver's license test, otherwise these "smart" people will never learn rules.


Drivers are required to be licensed and yet they still kill 1.5 million people globally every year. The countries with the lowest road deaths are the ones that invest in safe street design, not the ones that try to restrict cycling.


> all Generalizations are so cool


All of them?


The whole 'I hate cyclists' thing is just so fucking stupid. I cycle and drive. Because of this (but also because I like to think I'm a good driver), when I drive my van I am super considerate towards cyclists (and the new breed of e-scooter people) because I \*know\* that basically they are just out there trying to stay alive. Being close-passed, let alone intimidated by aggressive driving from a car driver is not at all pleasant - I know, so I. Do. Not. Do. It. Mind you I'm also a trained motorcyclist, so I know about 'defensive riding', where you treat everyone as if they will do the most stupid fucking thing imaginable, because one day someone will, and it'll be the cyclist (pedal or motor) who comes off worst from the encounter, pretty much guaranteed, and also even if it is THEIR FAULT. Any driver who's unaware of this is by definition a bad driver, as is \*any\* driver who knowingly and unneccessarily endangers or in any way places at risk a fellow road user - NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE DRIVING/RIDING. \*Any\* accident involving a cyclist is likely to result in the worst injuries to, surprise surprise... the cyclist. Cyclists very very rarely run into pedestrians - definitely never on purpose - and all the people who go on about 'I've been hit loads by cyclists' are lying. People who cycle selfishly like that are unpopular amongst cyclists too. On the rare occasion that a cyclist hits a pedestrian, chances are that even then the cyclist will come off at least as badly from the encounter. It's not like being in a big metal box - you're basically travelling at speed, a metre from the tarmac, on a flimsy metal frame with lots of sharp sticky-out metal bits. Falling off fucking hurts, and if you hit anything or anyone you'll fall off pretty much guaranteed. Physics is not your friend. If cyclists seem prickly, that's for the same reason that women need to be wary around men they don't know - they are the vulnerable party in the equation, and it's simple self protection. It's not a personal insult, snowflakes, it's just sense. If you don't make allowances while driving around in said big metal box, then you are the asshole, just like the creepy guy in a bar going 'What?! I was just paying her a compliment? Jeez can't a guy say anything these days..?' when he gets the brush-off. You're that guy. Just be fucking considerate - it's not hard. Be patient.


The only sane comment I could find in this thread, so thanks! Driver/Biker/Cyclist myself.




I agree I think cars was a bad movie imo.


Hold up, let's not be too hasty here


No fuck bikes. Bunch of entitled douche bags that only get in the way




This person's apparent sense of humor for making light of a clumsy accident.


[Walking into this, I feel just like Calvin](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B09eLiaIcAAh6_Z?format=png&name=small) ETA: STANCE ON DEBATE: I ride the bus please don't hurt me


There's road cyclist in my neighborhood (which has fully functional and clear sidewalks, and a motherfucking bike lane) that will not signal, will not stop, and will ride in the middle of the street. if you try to go around him, he starts to lean closer to the middle of the street so you cannot physically pass him without endangering both of our lives. (well, let's be real, mostly his life. My car will be fine... =| ) I don't have a single problem with any other cyclists, especially if they recognize that they ALSO have to follow road safety laws in order to be on the roads, but my dude holds a special place in hell for endangering the lives of others on the road.


And people think I'm an asshole for riding my bike on the sidewalk instead of an unprotected bike lane.


Oh boy, I’m gonna sort by controversial on a cyclist post


As long as this is a joke, I don’t care. That said, the damage on the fender makes me wonder.


As a proud member of TMGPS who drives for the love of driving AND a member of the League of American Bicyclists/life long cyclist/BMX/MTB on and off the road…. Fuck this post. Carry on


r/fuckcars would crucify