bleedingcool is not a reliable source, sorry


Only if he does his signature move on the culprit


You mean the signature move of moving so incredibly slowly that they are imperceptible to the naked eye?


A really slowass Batista Bomb


Invisible Batista Bomb?!? The fuck have you just unleashed upon the world you mad man!


More terrifying than an RKO from out of nowhere.


Or a Diamond Cutter, which were way more creative in how DDP did 'em! They legit came out of nowhere sometimes.


Some of those were genius level


Like [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPRr5p8dHv0&list=LLf4KKA19Rzorg_PYQjg0lMg&index=1479) on Eddie. Pure masterclass in "the fuc- Ho- AWESOME!"


OK that was fuggin dope


How effin tall was page. He looks like a giant on Eddie.


<3 DDP. Genuinely such a good guy, love what he's done for so many ex-wrestlers and even ordinary people with his yoga and wellness programs.


I'm glad Jake the Snake made it with DDPs help. He was always a favorite of mine as a kid


Always preferred how DDP did the Diamond Cutter over how Orton did the RKO.


DDP officially signed off on Orton using the move. And I agree with you 100%, but Randy has definitely had some pretty damn sweet ones, too.


*crunch crunch crunch*


No, the Batista Bomb


Why would he put his finger on their throat?






Nah, he'll just make them walk for miles. Inside his pit of danger, to be exact.


It's definitely a place where no one wants to be.




He needs to Kevin Nash it though. Giving up all care and safety halfway through.


Wait, what happened with a manatee in FL now?


Someone scraped some algae off the back of a manatee to spell out Trump. Whether its a Trump supporter or someone calling Trump a manatee is up for debate. The manatee was unharmed, still illegal though.


Thanks for clarifying, from the photo I couldn’t tell what happened to it. Still a dick move but not nearly as gruesome as I was imagining.


I’m actually really glad that it was just algae and the animal wasn’t harmed. Still not cool, but nowhere near as distressing.


While true the animal is just fine, Florida takes their wildlife, especially manatees, very seriously. You aren't even supposed to touch a Manatee, unless it touches you. You may not follow it, or reach out to touch one if it stops touching you. You will be fined and if repeatedly done get a short stay in jail. Scraping algae off its back is obviously touching, and likely required the person to follow/grab ahold of the animal to finish. Like seriously, don't fuck with manatees. It's one of the few god damn things Florida takes seriously. Snort all the coke and bath salts you want, but don't touch the fat water cows.




Egrets and alligators for sure. The Everglades here has a tour that basically tells you everything. In school you take fieldtrips to know about it too


Shit. In Pittsburgh we tour coal mines and steel mills. I wanna school tour the everglades.


Sea turtles, if you see a turtle on the beach dont touch it, even if it looks like its dying or in danger, dont touch it. They also make beach front hotels turn their lights off so sea turtles dont get confused.


To add to that there are even more laws than that for sea turtles; such as restrictions of watercraft, flashlights, cameras, proximity, etc. Basically you must treat them as if their habitat is unaffected by humans. Cops *will* watch over their nesting areas all season. Same goes for some of the shore birds.


Use red flashlights when at the beach during nesting season. They can’t see red lights. You can stroll the beach at 9 PM on a rainy day and stumble across a massive beast pulling itself out of the water to lay its eggs. Truly incredible!


Not just hotels...every house, apartment, cottage etc.


Well you’re encouraged to murder as many pythons as you can get your hands on


I remember when our family went Florida for vacation there were signs near the place we were staying at saying that gopher turtles were in the area and that messing with them carried a heavy fine. Sure enough they were just hanging out in a burrow visible from the backyard, there were even some babies that we saw.


Same. "Defaced" paints a pretty grim picture


I was thinking Cage into Travolta defacing.


That's technically "face-*off*ing". A subtle difference.


*doves fly out everywhere*


The "article" didn't say anything about it either.


Oh so it wasn't harmed? Well I feel bett r about it now at least


Same, I thought it had been carved in! Still shouldn’t have been touched, but not nearly as bad as imagined


Yeah I thought that someone must have used some kind of blade or something I didn't really know what I was looking at. Of course don't fuck with nature is good as a general rule, but I'm much less ANGEREY about it.


Definitely don't fuck with a protected animal, especially not a gentle, and much beloved by all animal like the manatee. Now those damn Sandhill Cranes can get a swift kick in the ass. Just don't let anyone see you do it. And be careful because their beak can impale you.




Thank you for the explanation. The article was really bad for not clarifying to what degree. Like “defaced” is super vague especially in regard to an organism, and then they say mutilated. Also, WTF.


Yea take this as a reminder to cross reference your news stories. The article has a slant whether it’s intentional or not, it over represents the situation. I’d argue “mutilated” is actually straight up wrong. The touching and physical content is very wrong, but if we accept the fact that algae on its own accord is its own living species it would be separate and apart from the body of the manatee. Could there be physical harm, imminent danger, or other undesirable effect of removing the algae absolutely but mutilation of the manatee would mean destroying, removing or severely damaging the manatees body not removing a separate organism from a manatee. I’m not going to blame the source, possible they used another source that mischaracterized this action. I will say shame on the source for not cross-referencing or validating or the editor for permitting an incorrect word choice. Unfortunately this is extremely common in all media, small word choices like that can totally establish a false perception of reality and if you don’t cross reference or read with skepticism you’re understanding of reality will always be slightly off.




Yeah. Especially in these time. In case anyone hadn't heard, there are people on this planet, right now, that are using acid to actually deface themselves. And I mean that, they are burning off their skin, because some assholes decided to make it a thing. Look up "Black Salve", and make sure you didn't just eat.


We’re ignoring the possibility that the manatee did this to themselves. There’s a lot of Trump support in Florida across demographics, including the critical marine mammal bloc.


The original article said it caused scarring.




Interestingly enough, Trump made animal cruelty a federal crime. One of the few things I agreed with him on. If this individual is caught, their crimes were elevated by the same person they support. Edit: I get it, Trump didn’t write it. He still signed it without objection. I guess it could read “Trump passed an animal cruelty bill”.


The laws trump passed will also give all the people that stormed the capital serious jail time




Don't forget - Felons can't own guns! Lololol


Or vote!


Not true in all states


Haha I forgot about both of these points


The dude with his feet on Pelosi’s desk was a well known gun collector. Theres goes his whole fucking identity.


Call me a pessimist but someone else will tell them they did nothing wrong and are the real victims here, oppressed. And they will actually believe it, because it's easier to do so rather than have a shed of introspection.


Well they can be oppressed in jail for breaking the law. Out of sight out of mind.


Yeah... the US prison system doesn’t have a great rep for rehabilitation... I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out far more radicalised by the white supremacists in there than they were before


Well, at the very least, the ones who participated in an insurrection will face stiff penalties for doing so. I just hope the laws are upheld all the way through to sentencing and parol. Jail is where they should be for sure, but they are likely just going to join up with the Neo Nazi’s or some other fringe “white rights bs” gang and become further radicalized.


The fur and horns guy's own mom calls him a hero and is openly proud of him standing up and doing the things others are too afraid to do. It's crazy


She also complained that he wasn't eating because the jail he is in wouldn't provide him with organic foods. Now the jail has agreed to provide him with organic foods so he doesn't get sick. https://fox2now.com/news/national/man-photographed-in-horns-during-capitol-occupation-will-reportedly-be-fed-organic-diet-while-hes-in-custody/


This fuck is getting organic food in jail while my brother is paying for snack food for fear of food tampering? The fuck?


Who downvoted them lmao, that's how the right operates


Honestly that's how both sides operate. I have seen posts from the left and right be downvoted


Actually they are just going to say it was Antifa. Seriously, all three Maga supporters in my family (mine and wife's) have already hand waived the whole thing as false flag attack done by the Dems and Antifa. So suck on that juicy egg,


Who give a shit if they think they are victims? They still faced said repercussions of their actions.


I'm just glad the whole world got to really see who his supporters are. I tried giving him a chance for sooo loong but I just couldn't keep it up and couldn't understand how so many people could just not care about all the bullshit he kept pulling. Then I saw all those faces at the capital and it all made sense


You think they’re going to enact those charges? Doubtful imo.


If you had asked basically anyone before last week if a bunch of rednecks were gonna try to stage a coup... the answer would have been "doubtful imo." I think at this point literally anything is on the table. Throw out the script, we're doing it live.




We'll DO IT LIVE!!


you may want to watch the [FBI/DOJ briefing](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxdMf_Ugu2k) if you think this isn't being taken seriously


FWIW Trump didn't actually pass a law, he put out an executive order that says that Federal prosecutors must prosecute damage/vandalism to monuments/memorials/etc to the fullest extent of the law (10 years prison). The law that says there is a maximum sentence of 10 years was actually passed by Congress right after WWII.


prosecuting a law isn't directly related to sentencing. He can direct which crime for them to prosecute criminals under (don't plea them down to trespassing etc) but the judge/jury sets the sentence if the law isn't a mandatory sentence


You're right, but prosecutors still often recommend/pursue a certain sentence. Its why if you work with a prosecutor they're more likely to recommend a lighter sentence for your crime. But like you said, prosecutors can't just say, "you get ten years, end of story".


As I understand it, the executive order Trump signed was already law so it didn't actually do anything. He just wanted to make sure that everybody knew that in the conflict between preventing property damage and preventing unarmed black people from being extrajudicially murdered in the streets, everybody would know which side he's on.


The difference was that in his E.O. He made it a mandatory 10 yr minimum for damage etc on federal property. Iirc, the law wasn’t a mandatory sentence time previously.


I thought it was maximum of 10 years. Edit: yes, it is a *maximum* of 10 years. I just looked at the executive order. There is no mandatory minimum.


... while preemptively claiming a rigged election, he limited sentencing for damaging federal property? No... Did that really happen? edit: [the progression](https://imgur.com/Q9cMQ0F)


Unless the asshole pardons them all. I wouldn't be a bit surprised.


That asshole is more concerned with pardoning himself. He could give a rats ass about these idiots.


Logic coming back to bite idiots in the ass? Guess there really is a silver lining on EVERY dark cloud. Even if its so slim close to non-existent.




This is getting meta


Minor thing: that wasn't Trump's idea. He doesn't get credit just for signing a bipartisan bill, penned by Ted Deutch.


Thank you!!! Many animal welfare organizations and politicians were working on this bill LONG before Trump.


Not choosing the shittiest option *is* a pretty big accomplishment for Trump, don't take that away from him!


I don't think this is minor, actually - people need to have a realistic understanding of who is really doing the work at all levels of government. We often either give credit to (or hold responsible) the wrong people and that really gums up long term progress and issues.


Hard to name one good thing in his presidency that wasn't bipartisan


Him turning on the GOP and pushing for $2000 checks to spite McConnell was pretty great. Debatably was the deciding factor that cost them the Georgia senate vote.


He didn't make the law, he merely allowed it


He did not make all animal cruelty a federal crime - crush videos and crimes committed on federal land only


If it's a federal crime that also means he could pardon them if he wanted to. It kinda remains to be seen how much he'll actually give a shit about the people going to jail for him


If the pardon tap doesn't get turned back on this weekend it may not at all. It's being speculated that somebody definitively told him he would lose any court case brought about by a self-pardon, and now he's lost interest in pardoning *anyone.*


>and now he's lost interest in pardoning anyone. Sounds good!


Very! That Michael Flynn could be pardoned and go almost immediately to advocating the violent overturning of an election donnie dipshit lost fair and square really ought to make us rethink how the pardon power is allowed to work.


You realize his pardon power is gone in a week right?


Marine mammals were already protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act from 1972.


Just a reminder that animal cruelty only extends to protected animals and pets- and NOT all animals. The conditions in animal farming are animal cruelty.


Very similar to the MAGATs at the capitol who will be charged and prosecuted under Trumps executive order that instructs prosecutors to pursue the harshest punishment possible, namely 10 years in prison for injury to federal property. This is galaxy level brain stuff we’re seeing


We are in a timeline where a former WWE wrestler is putting bounty’s on the heads of radicalized political supporters after they mutilated a sea creature...I love it Edit: shocking how many of you either missed the sarcasm in this comment or decided the usage of the word “mutilated” was the hill you want to die on lmao


Not to mention that the politician those people support is a WWE Hall of Famer himself, and has been hit with a Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania.


Incredible to think he was successfully booked as a face at the time


Vince basically played himself. He's quite the horrible person and would do anything trump has if given the chance.


He is incapable of imagining himself as a heel. He’d never have done it, if that was the deal.


If someone told me 10 years ago that two WWE hall of famer’s would face off in a political bounty hunt right after one of them attempted to overthrow the government, I would’ve been concerned for their mental health


And at the very least these wouldnt be the two I’d have imagined


In the 90’s I was convinced for reasons I can’t remember that Ric Flair and Hogan were going to run against each other in 2000. Or maybe it would be Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon. But I entered middle school and realized the thought of a wrestling star becoming president was absurd...


Whose campaign was literally financed by Vince McMahon.


Sounds like a platform for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho's presidential campaign!


This is a good start for a Cyberpunk campaign


Wake the fuck up samurai. We've got some red hats to burn


"Fuckin hate these guys. They talk all high and mighty about morals, but they just act like animals." -Johnny, regarding the 6th Street gang who are essentially alternate timeline MAGAs.




You can kill them all and just take the gun.


Or do what I did, win the contest to assert dominance then kill them all.


I did this too. To be fair after you win they basically say "by the way if I see you again in the streets i'll kill you". Just saving time really.




"Make no mistake, it's not revenge he's after. It's a reckoning"


“The MAGAts are finished, you understand? I see a red hat, I kill the man wearin' it... You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?“


Political supporters of a president that is in the WWE Hall of Fame. That last bit is still so weird to me.


Any time I think too hard about current events these days I wind up somewhere like this. An excellent summation. Darkest timeline anyone?


You 'deface' inanimate objects. This animal was mutilated by MAGA morons. Put them under the jail.


So many manatee species are listed species, as in protected by the Endangered Species Act. Under [Section 9(b)](https://www.fws.gov/endangered/laws-policies/section-9.html) of the ESA, it is illegal to "take" any listed animal. Under [section 3 19 ](https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/national/endangered-species-conservation/endangered-species-act#section-3.-definitions), "The term take means to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct." Fairly certain this would be considered harassment and this (or these) idiot(s) are guilty of a federal crime. Edit: link was wonky, updated Section 3(19) link.


Manatees are in a protected class all of their own. There's a Marine Animal act *and* a Manatee Protection Act.


Manatees are also so gentle, sweet, and just doing their thing. What kind of assholes would do this to manatees?!!


Thank you for the information, I didn't know that.


Its definitely animal cruelty and Trump made that a federal crime last year.


Little known fact, they’re largely endangered because apparently they’re delicious. Several hundred years of hunting made their limited numbers endangered in the era of mechanical props.


this should probably stay little known for the manatees sake...


These recent times, have seen many mutilated by boat props. People feed them and familiarize the manatees with humans for food, then a manatee sees a boat, swims at it and BOOM. Prop to the face and it dies. Source :live in Florida and on the water. I see them almost daily! On another note, while I despise DT and love manatees, I dont think this one was terribly harmed. It seem that the algea was just scraped off its back which can be done with the palm of your hand and a little pressure. Still though. FDT and long live the Tees.


Yeah, that confused me. I got the impression it was a statue or something. I had to Google it to find an article about the actual incident. [In case anyone else was wondering.](https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/01/12/florida-manatee-trump-etched-on-back-orig-mg-dp.cnn)


Thank you. The article was very confusing. I appreciate that you provided the backstory.


Weird of an article about this to not include this info


Ugh. It’s so big! I was not prepared for it to be so big. They are such gentle creature. Also that looks like it took a long time so they held that poor creature. Sick.


Jesus, what fucking monsters would do this? This is low.


There's a wonderful fountain of posiedon in dc and I thought it was that at first. I remember it having dolphins and shit, figured manatees were there too


I figured it was either that or they cut its face off.


Mutilation is permanent, though. Last I saw the consensus is this was scraping the algae and dirt off, not damaging the animals hide. Super dick move and illegal, but not permanent harm.


The original finder thought it was scraped algae, or something like that. Closer examination showed it was scar tissue, on which algae may have had a hard time regrowing.


The wording is weird on all the reports about it. They used words like "defaced" and "etched" instead of mangled, mutilated, harmed, etc.


I'm mostly going off of [this](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/11/us/florida-manatee-trump.html?searchResultPosition=1) NYT article, though I admit I must've not read the article closely enough at first. It looks like people do (somehow) disagree. One organization says it was "written in algae" on its back, another says it was "carved" into the manatee's back, causing "serious scarring." It seems everyone is in agreement that it is cruel and inhumane, though, of course.


Snopes says it's not scarring and that information is the result of some 'early' (bad) reporting/terminology. Of course, they could also be wrong. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-carved-manatees-back/




Just a small correction, but you’re not allowed to touch them even if they swim towards you. You’re supposed to move out of their path. Touching them at all is illegal.


Our love is forbidden, you beautiful sea cows. :(


Ok, but alligators I can touch, right?


Yes, but possibly only once.


You can’t touch them at all even if they approach you. They are protected bc they are so friendly and you will get F’ed in the A bit fish and game if they catch you.


The algae on the manatees backs help to protect them from the constant sunlight that hits their backs..


Yeah. Even if this didn't break the manatee's skin, it is still cruel and inhumane. Fuck whoever did this. Some people have no respect for our fellow creatures.


I think it true that it protects them from sunlight but I really don’t think this Injured it because of how quickly the algae regrows. Waaaaaayyyy back in the day before interacting with manatees was illegal, as a kid my grandpa would wade out into a cove near his house with a scrub brush and some fresh water and give the manatees drinks and back scratches. After a little, whenever he’d come near the water like 20 manatees would swim up for back scratches. So while it definitely may not be good for them, I don’t _think_ it causes them discomfort because they seem to really enjoy it.


Last I saw there just a 10 second clip of it. Do you know where I can find this closer examination at?


[I'm not sure if this is the clip you're referring to or not, but it's a pretty good look.](https://vp.nyt.com/video/2021/01/11/91107_1_11xp-manatee-video_wg_720p.mp4) As I understand it, the concern is specifically about the white parts in the letters rather than the whole things, [as that's how manatees tend to scar](https://www.fws.gov/news/blog/images/open-spaces-blog/0316redhotpoker1.jpg) and algae won't grow on scar tissue.


that's called prop scars - there's no way a manatee is going to sit there and let you carve anything into its back


Correct, just a little rubbing and the algea comes off. Still FDT and his cretins


That title made me do a double take. At first I was all “ha, magats, that’s kind of clever.” And as I started to scroll down, “wait a minute, they defaced a manatee???”


You surprised? These are some psycho, ignorant ass cowards. Fuck em all.


Fucking Florida man, I swear at least 50% of it is inbred, 45% of them are methheads, and the rest are Disneyland/Universal/SeaWorld employees or old people.


Hey man, Florida's cities arent much diff than the rest of the countries. We just have alot of ignorant ass rural people, plus old ass retirees who always vote republican, which turns the state redder. The fact that Cuban voters in south florida will also vote for literally anything that isnt a democrat because of the association (foolish or not) with socialism also pushes things red. ​ Just saying that the methheads are actually a minority, its the rich retirees and cubans who push things red.


They scraped the algae off its back. It wasn't harmed. It's still illegal to mess with most marine mammals though.


Manatees especially. They are very protected


Oh phew that makes me feel a little better—my heart broke for the better part of a morning when I originally saw the pictures (thought they had taken like machetes and carved super deep into it to get cuts that wide). Still terrible but I’m happy the manatee probably didn’t get its skin broken


_Oh, the huge manatee_


Oh shit. Drax is after your dumb asses.


Drax: Why are their asses dumb. Isn’t that their brains?


Can you imagine having this guy be "spend money" mad at you.


That was a shit article. Can anyone provide a source that has actual information and isn't painful to read?


Like 30 percent of the article is a joke about making clickbait at the bottom. Jesus christ


Awww it's never okay to fuck with sea cows.


Wait what, OOTL


Someone scraped the word "TRUMP" into the algae on the back of a living manatee. It was found in a river and reported, authorities are offering a reward for info leading to arrest. Manatee is not hurt but it is still a federal offense to harass them. (Edit: clarifying info) [Local news report](https://www.google.com/amp/s/miami.cbslocal.com/2021/01/12/manatee-mutilated-trump-etched-back/amp/)


I’m almost positive they didn’t actually carve this into its skin. Manatees are covered with a layer of algae that comes off easily when they brush against things so you could probably have done this with just your hands. They are also like 1000 pounds and have very strong tails (plus slippery) so it seems like it would be pretty much impossible to hold it in place if it was uncomfortable. Still shitty to do but at least he’s probably not hurt!


They didn’t carve it with a knife, they just used the algae on its back, still illegal to mess with a manatee though


Fucking psychos fucked with the peaceful water cows. Party of "Law and Order" voters breaking the law is getting too damn common to laugh at even.


Can somebody explain for me, was the manatee hurt? People are acting like it was carved into its flesh with a knife, but some others are saying it's only written in the algae?


I’m like 99% sure it’s just algae. While you’re not supposed to interact with manatees, they’re very friendly creatures who will often come up to people. When my grandfather was young (before this was illegal) he would wade out into a cove with some fresh water and a scrub brush and let them drink/give them scritches. They loved it and would flock to him whenever he got in the water. I’m also not even sure it would be possibly to carve something into a manatee. They weigh 1000 pounds and are extremely slippery (cause algae). I startled one once by accidentally poking it with a kayak paddle and it was like someone set a bomb off under the water. It would be extremely hard to hold one in place if it was uncomfortable.


I had to look it up, but it was only just shaved of some algae on its back to spell out Trump. Reporting indicates it wasn’t harmed.


So now it’s Magats disguise as Antifa to write Trump on a manatee to insult Trump??


He also makes a great point about getting bologna sliced paper thin at the deli u less you’re frying it, then it’s extra thick. This man is a genius


My parents do this lol. Mom gets super thin and eats it cold, dad like his 1/4 inch thick slab charred with a hint of mustard.


I usually go with both extra thick kogels but if I get deli I go thin sliced. And if you’re not eating kogels bologna or hot dogs you’re missing out


Pinoy power get them Batista!


Holy shit! My man is part Filipino?! Never knew that. To quote one of my favorite characters ever, Drax, "YES!"


Pinoy pride!!! But honestly, how does a Pinoy get that big? Even a partial pinoy? I mean, I'm only 5'6" and when I went to the homeland I felt like a giant.


Willing to bet these people filmed what they did


I hate that I had to go through two additional links to find the answer to my question "How do they know a Trump supporter did it?" Would've been helpful if they EXPLAINED what was defaced on the manatee. FWIW, some jackass put "TRUMP" on the back of the poor animal.


Don’t fuck with our sea cow mermaids. Floridians don’t tolerate people treating our manatees with anything but the utmost respect.