If this was in the USA dude in the yellow would be dead


"I feared for my life, so I gave him 14 warning shots in the chest."


Because that's what heroes do


Using this in any police controversy from now on


cheers for nearly making me choke on my coffee


"And then another 5 in the back."


“He was also high on Meth mixed with PCP, I can see the chapped lips from the crack rocks”


Might get some flak for this, but here it goes: And, what is the major difference between the United States and almost every other developed, civilized country in the world in this regard? Yes, guns. The fact that we allow anyone and everyone to own a gun. If we want police to stop treating everyone like a potentially fatal threat, we have to stop everyone from possibly BEING such. Police in the United States have to act on the presupposition that everyone they encounter is armed and deadly. Any other position is fairly untenable for them as an approach. The more people think about this, the more they might realize that it is so. If you think that the number one thing on an officer’s mind in the USA when someone approaches them in a situation like this isn’t “Is this person armed or dangerous?”, you are being ignorant. Edit: Added the word “possibly” to the main paragraph, to avoid any ambiguity. A bunch of people threw their arms up, saying that I was claiming that everyone is necessarily a threat to the police, and so the police are justified to shoot them on this basis. Not my message. My contention is that by making it everyone’s natural right to possess a firearm, it creates circumstances for police officers that often cause them to act, or react, in irrational, nervous, and fearful ways. It is owing to the ubiquitous nature of firearms in the country that officers struggle so.


Or... hear me out... more and better training and education.


There is no amount of training you could give a policeman, which would meaningfully lessen the chance that someone they meet could shoot them, when nearly the entire country may be armed.


Military shows more restraint to people screaming at them in languages they don't understand, cops are a different breed when it comes to shoot first determine threat last


Ya well if we managed to disarm the nation somehow the police wouldnt have to carry guns. Shocker I know. In the UK they rarely have guns on them unless being called into a violent situation (rare). I lived there for three years, Japan for 11 years, been to every country in Europe. I feel the least safe in the U.S. and it’s not because of the cops. I am American.




But the probability of having a gun is hardly their determining factor. As many point out the racial disparities. Darker people are "scarier" and shot more, and are armed less. The war on drugs, limited public relations and positive community interaction has created a situation where everyone is a threat. I'm saying at this point, even with fewer guns, these police still are inan antagonistic relationship with the community. Police refer to citizens as civilians as if they are not civilians themselves. Military and military police face much riskier situations and have an escalation of force procedure.


No, it isn’t their singular thought, of course not. Police officers must inform themselves of any situation as best they can. If they are going to encounter a drug trafficker, they should well assume they will be armed and deadly. That goes without saying. You see, that is where you are wrong. They are in an “antagonistic” relationship with the community precisely because the community is in a threatening relationship with them by virtue of everyone having the potential to carry a deadly weapon, no reason needed.


> Military and military police face much riskier situations and have an escalation of force procedure. THIS.


It may not lessen the chance that they would be shot by someone, but it would lessen the chance of them shooting someone wrongfully. Police in the USA receive 6 months of training before they are given a gun and badge. They need more education and training. Not saying that alone would fix any one issue but it would clearly help. The entire country being armed is not going to change anytime soon so its up to them to adapt.


That's usually the trade-off when owning guns is a right. However, do note that the core issues are much more complex and there are valid reasons why gun ownership is part of the US constitution.


I am discussing this under this same thread. I disagree, personally.


Sure. I disagree about gun ownership as a right also, but it doesn't make them invalid. It takes a lot to go from disagreeing with something and to saying it is invalid. I understand the history, but realistically, modern military tech will just wipe the floor against armed civilians so it isn't nearly as useful as when the Constitution was drafted. I would say it is no longer providing the protection that was intended, with some significant downsides. OTOH, changing the Constitution regarding gun ownership isn't going to happen any time soon.


Boo you sir, you are a sociopath and cannot be trusted


The training is to prevent the needless and ridiculous escalation that they are so renowned for. The chance will not be modulated by police training, but they will hopefully stop going insane and murdering for literally nothing. 6 months of training is not acceptable and there is absolutely no fucking reason not to require more rigorous training. How in the hell do we think it is OK to give kids with an associate degree and 6 months of training a gun and task them with enforcing the law?? Guns are an issue but there is no excuse on this world for US police officers acting the way that they do. I'll admit that it is not all of them, but sitting idly by and doing nothing about it is just as evil. Also maybe we stop pushing so hard to hire vets to enforce the law right after they come out of combat zones unless they pass some really stringent mental examinations. I dunno, thats my 2 cents.




Because the police don’t know when they encounter someone whether the person has a gun or not, and because every adult in the country may potentially carry under the 2nd amendment, they have to consider that virtually everyone they meet with no prior knowledge could be armed. Think about it. Not everyone may, but they realistically have no way or knowing. That is why they ask whether you are armed or not. They don’t know.




Good point. I love guns but it is idiotic to think hundreds of millions of guns in the USA will not drastically increase the fear response in police.


This is also true as a civilian. If you don’t feel like you can handle it then don’t become a cop.


Or... Hear me out... [Why not both?](https://starecat.com/content/wp-content/uploads/why-not-both-girl-meme-social-reaction.jpg)




No amount of training and education is going to take away the fear of someone possessing the ability to take your life away.


As an American who does not own a gun and probably never will, I disagree and humbly ask you to consider my big picture response: There are too many videos online of US police executing citizens who are obviously unarmed and pose no threat. [Watch the shooting of Daniel Shaver.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBUUx0jUKxc) No conviction for the 26-year-old officer whose gun had etched in it, "You're fucked." Watch that video if you have the stomach and tell me that the murder was justified. The murderer cop's family actually came out on top with 1.5 million dollar settlements, nice! Once you're done with that one, watch the hundreds of other videos of US police murdering or assaulting obviously unarmed citizens, laughing and relishing in it. The truth is that our system selects for sociopaths and our prison systems are slave labor and there are lobbies for both that have a stranglehold on our congress. We are a morally bankrupt society of fractured cultures and we are encouraged to be individualistic and cutthroat, so that we are divided and thus weaker. We're fucked.


It's not mutually exclusive. Sure there are psycho cops, maybe a lot of them, but having the whole country armed does not help in any way mitigate this problem. Do they shoot unarmed civilians? Sure. But also hindsight is 20-20, you say it's obvious that they were unarmed but you're watching a video with a replay function at the safety of your home. I'm not advocating for the police brutality or trying to excuse it, but it's clear that if everyone can have a concealed gun then everyone is a potential threat. And if I had to enforce the law where everyone is a potential threat you can bet I would also walk with my hand on the holster, and I would eventually make a fatal mistake.


I would say any officer who treats civilians like combatants should join the army, instead. Check out the below story. Yeah, even after pulling them over and seeing they weren't armed, decides to arrest the husband while the wife gives birth on the side of the road by herself. Maybe the newborn had a gun, I dunno, right? [https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/dashcam-video-shows-arrest-of-man-driving-wife-to-hospital-to-give-birth/64165/](https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/dashcam-video-shows-arrest-of-man-driving-wife-to-hospital-to-give-birth/64165/)


I mean.. first youll have to get over yourselves and your magical normality of pulling a fkin loaded gun anywhere in public, nevermind dealing with the police. Officers in the video are from Lithuania. In my 30 years I could remember two incidents when police actually shot and killed someone. 2. Its actually a big deal if it happens, so I more or less recal. Ive seen a lot of videos of muricans misusing guns, Ive seen a lot of videos of officers pulling their guns first before anything upon arriving on scene. Its not the guns mainly. You guys just all hate eachother.


It has a lot to do with money, actually, and power. Gun sales are enormously profitable. And, yes, it does have to do with how we treat our fellow man. But, it isn’t a problem you can just wave a wand at, and it will go away. It’s engrained in the constitutional law in this country, and only a serious reexamination would do away with it.


Yes. I agree. Here, the sale of a gun is a strict and long process with various checks on you, your background, health, etc. They basically grind you down to figure out if you actually need it for legit reasons. Maybe it would gradually morph into what ur experiencing over there if given the chance. I would argue that...but who knows. Just goes to show that too much freedom for certain individuals are not always the best thing.


This is the truth. I live in Australia, and not having stacks of guns, and gun culture and tension, and school shootings is the best.




*”…bullshit to base policy off of ONE THIRD of the population”* I’m having to bite my tongue on opening this can of worms right now.


Lol. The beautiful irony of that statement.


They are trained that way for good reason. People shoot them, and kill them, and sometimes for no reason at all. If you were in that line of duty, this mindset is mandatory. It’s being careless otherwise. They aren’t basing policy off of figures like “only 1/3 of the adult population own’s a firearm”. So, then, they must be safe in 2/3 of cases, right? Realize, the police have no clue who these 1/3 of the population are that may have a gun! Thus, they have to treat everyone as if they were armed and dangerous, because many are.


I do have to say getting a fishing license every year is harder than legally obtaining a gun right now lol


Oh my gosh, as someone who worked the DNR machine at my local sporting goods store last year, you have no idea. Those machines crash every day and are so difficult to use.


I’ve never used a kiosk or machine! At the dinky little marinas on the lakes they do it for you, and now it can all be done online like everything else but I kinda boycott it, it feels wrong lol! BMV kiosks though… Don’t get me started!


You are 100% correct. Another way to think of it, most gun owners are probably normal and cool tempered. However, I know quite a few people that I would not want to own a gun. The more people that can have guns, the more of the few crazies will own them and ruin it for the rest.


Not anyone and everyone can go get a gun in the United States. In my state you have to go through a background check before you get it. If you’re a felon or anything like that you can’t legally buy a gun. But that doesn’t stop people from getting them. So if the government just yanked everyone’s guns that registered them, the people that have illegally bought and unregistered guns still. And police would still have to be cautious if someone is armed or not at a traffic stop.


At birth, everyone has this right under the constitution when they become of age. I am speaking broadly. Whatever people do to lose this right—become felons or whatnot—is beside the point.




Objection! Heresay (don't know what heresay is, but the post above this one was a dumb layer objecting his own question and it was funny lol)


Yeah, that's cause of their training and it's not a good thing. There is no need to treat everyone like their potentially armed. That's like saying I need to stand by my car and assume everyone walking by it might potentially break into it. Add a race component to it and that's the police. It's not practical or rooted in stats to do that. Our police can do better and have better training, we've already seen and read about it in other countries. And I've also seen police willfully ignore the experts in pretty much every discipline that policing requires. Who's perspective do you trust, the police who are hired on low IQ contingencies or the actually educated people who have actually studied this?


That's kind of the point of the 2nd amendment if you really think about it.


Actually, no. If you look at the 2nd amendment, and the circumstances under which it was created, it isn’t so. Back then, the militia of the United States was the common folk. We needed to allow everyone to have a weapon so that in the event of defending ourselves, everyone was already equipped. And, we wanted to prevent a tyrannical government from taking away our power to defend ourselves, because that had almost just happened. But the former is most important I think, because the pretext for the amendment is “A well regulated militia…” My question is: “Do we really need the second amendment in the present day and age? In modern society? Where the United States no longer relies on common folk raising their rifles for our militia? No, for we have a military. Back then, they didn’t. And that is the difference.


I like when people say they need their guns to defend themselves from the government. Like a rifle you bought at Walmart is going to stop the government from just blowing your ass off the face of the earth with a missile or a tank round. I really like guns, I think they're fascinating pieces of technology, but there's not really any argument you can make to convince me that we NEED them. People like to use what happened in the middle east as an example of how guns in the hands of civilians can be affective, but it was less their guns and more their ability to hide behind innocent people and use them as human shields. We could have easily just carpet bombed everyone into oblivion and called it a day and there wouldn't have been anything they could have don't to stop it. But that would be pretty fucked up.


I know very few people that don't have at least one fire arm in their home.


Yea, they’re everywhere. There are staggering amounts of firearms in this country.




That’s a good question, and interestingly worded, at that. I would propose gun control. Everyone gets up in arms about this—forgive the pun—but it makes the most sense. Gun buybacks is a great program.




Nah he’s white.


Also true.


What I was thinking. If a black guy is running at a cop car like that after being stopped he’s not living to tell the tale


Absolutely. Came here to say this. When running toward a cop car, don’t have your hands anywhere near your waist/back pocket. But good job of these cops to assess the situation properly.


seriously. jumps out of car, runs at cop car...pop pop pop. call for supervisor.


Father who was bailed out by the hospital nurses after rushing his daughter to the ER. I can’t remember if his charges even got dropped after the fact.


Yup. Was gonna say this until I saw your comment at the top




The good ol USA


No doubt about it. Once the dude was running towards the car I had to look for the license plate.


Totally, they wouldn't even wait to gun him down.


So would be the other 2 and the kid because why not!


I was so scared of that at first, aint that just fucked.


If he came out the car with his right hand hidden then yes. Ngl


Came to say that! 100%, sadly


Well that certainly wasn't in America, that cop would have shot every person as soon as they exited the vehicle


‘But your honor, they looked kind of middle eastern.’ ….’well, I’ve heard all I need here. Dismissed.’


I 100% agree that qualified immunity is a crock of shit, and I 100% agree that, in a broad sense, local police in the US. generally have too much authority. That being said, you're towing an exaggerated line that literally hurts our cause. ​ >Police pull over more than 50,000 drivers on a typical day, more than 20 million motorists every year. [This doesn't even fully account for all general traffic stops.](https://openpolicing.stanford.edu/findings/) 7,291 people have been shot and killed by the police since 2015,[of which 443 have been confirmed to have been unarmed](https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/investigations/police-shootings-database/) \- that's 63/year on average. That works out to 0.20916 people per 100,000. You're [6491 times more likely to die from unintentional injury](https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db427.htm#Key_finding) than you are to be killed by a cop as an unarmed individual in general, as a motorist or otherwise. Again, I agree that the police in the U.S. need more culpability and accountability for their actions, but this "walk towards a cop and you'll get shot" rhetoric is misguided, and it just hands over talking points to hardline conservatives as evidence of our "misguidance" Before you downvote me, a reminder than I am principally and ideologically on your side


You know you're speaking to an American when only killing 443 unarmed people is seen as an achievement lmao.


Way to completely miss the point being made.


for comparison, the German police shot 14 people in 2019, in some years this number is below 10.


The issue with this argument/analysis is that you've tacitly justified all armed killings. If gun ownership weren't a constitutional right, legal just about everywhere and an explicit goal of one political party to arm all of America, that would be fine. Otherwise, this argument undermines gin ownership in America


if you jump out of the car like that I wouldn't be surprised if you get shot multiple times...trigger happy cops fearing for their life when someone sneezes is a big problem.


So did the child live?????


If you are knocked out and stay unconscious for more than a few minutes, that's either due to a coma or severe brain damage or both. So that kid is probably not ok even if he did live.


Someone linked [an article](https://www.sunnyskyz.com/happy-videos/4463/Police-Pull-Over-A-Van-For-Speeding-Rush-Unconscious-Child-To-Hospital-Instead) in another comment that said the kid didn't make it there too late so they were able revive him and he's doing okay.


Why did you word it like that!? All I read was the kid didn't make it. Edit: At first, anyway. Reminding me of some sketch I can barely remember where the doctor always words the news so it sounds bad at first.


Right? That comment gave me a stroke


Left me breathless


like what we thought the kid was


He didn't not make it so late that he arrived not too early enough to be revived. In the end isn't not doing so bad


That comment gave me a massive stroke of genius.


He’s the doctor from Arrested Development


He's going to be all right


Michael Scott: the doctors did everything they could to save her… but she is going to make a full recovery


Right? I was like "Oh no that's hor- wait what?"


They didn't make it there, too late so the kid is dead, set to live a long and happy life.


[I'm reminded of the doctor scene in Family Guy](https://youtu.be/D-WUjM5lfBg)


The doctor in Arrested Development. [Edit] But I thought of Michael in The Office when he tells the staff he hit Meredith.


Maybe the dude is a non “native” speaker and English is his second language.


"Kid didn't make it, they're too late." F


The office has a scene like this when Michael hit Meredith I think


yeah I had to read that three times to make sure I was reading it right.


Lol, deffinetly sounded like a newfie wrote that lol


Oh god same, instant tears


This comment was a rollercoaster


more like horribly written, jeez...


… just why? Why would you type that sentence in that way lol


Your fucking grammar dude lmfao such a roller coaster of emotions


Someone linked an article in another comment saying the kid made it on time so they were able to revive him and he's okay.


Jesus man.


Came in the comments for this, thank you


You’re an idiot in forming sentences




In other words, the baby was there in time...


died. but made a full recovery.


That’s sad :(


hes alive, the person who made that comment didnt write it properly.


Yes. This was in Lithiania Kid survived


Man I sure hope so


He did. It was few years ago in Lithuania. Kid is OK


It was 2015 :)


Homie woulda got shot in the US.


Oldie but [link](https://www.sunnyskyz.com/happy-videos/4463/Police-Pull-Over-A-Van-For-Speeding-Rush-Unconscious-Child-To-Hospital-Instead) linked.




Yours is the only fucking post that matters in this thread.


The female officer upon arrival at ER was frantic(in good way), like worried mom mode . Was sweet


Yes!! I was going to post that if it wasn’t said. Lots of debate on gun issues, but that cop’s reaction said a lot about her investment in the community she’s protecting.




Probably because of the cost


No. Because of distance from home to hospital


This is Lithuania the ambulances are free




In Poland (wehere action had place), we have free ambulances


If you can’t afford to pay for an ambulance (if they charge where you live), just ask to speak to one of the hospital’s social workers. They can get the bill removed.


Not everywhere


In the US?


I've had 5 emergencies with family in my life and each time I drove them because we couldn't afford the ambulance - now the good news is it was always late so no traffic and every red light I've **carefully** ran never got me dinged by the traffic cam. But the ambulance is a better way! I just wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg.


Excellent point. Family story was that my parents did this in Seattle when my brother cracked his skull open falling from one of the old school slides at the park. Intentionally got themselves pulled over and then the escort to the hospital. That was way way back in the day. The death slide playground equipment, medic one, and police are three major aspects that make things way different today. And yeah he lived, and grew up to be fairly normal for a brother of mine.


My first thought as well… where is EMS? That said, perhaps the ambulance had an extended response and cops felt they could reach the ED in less time than EMS would take to get on scene. Hard to know what responder culture is like in other countries. Even in the US with almost universal 911, parents often scoop and run their kids rather than wait for EMS. Hard to get parents to wait, even if it is the right thing to do.


If this was any time in the last two years, there were probably no ambulances available. Where I live, it would always be quicker to get to the hospital by driving that the wait would be for an ambulance. (Call 911 and ask the ambulance to meet you could be an option, I guess.)


good and all but don't run at the cop like that first thing in a stop lmao


They are not in USA so yeah it would have been suicide by cop if it was stateside


Especially with his hand placement. Even though he was just pulling up his pants there could have been plenty left to imagine.


>he was just pulling up his pants “So then I start blasting.”


Yeah I got pulled over when my wife was in labor. Cop offered to call an ambulance. I said it was unnecessary as we just needed to be on our way and I could get there fine... He proceeded to take his sweet ass time and wrote me a speeding ticket and wished us luck. Cops in Brier can fuck right off.


Please tell us where..


I am having a very American moment because I was literally terrified the man who initially got out and was quickly moving was going to be shot by police. There's no excuse for their trigger happy tendencies... I was a 20 year old kid in Afghanistan able to discern when there was a true threat or not with literal war going on around me. I was legitimately terrified at times. I don't fucking buy it when some cop kills someone and claims they were "fearing for their life". That is a bigger croc of shit than the slogans they have written on their cruisers. Try walking around a densely vegetation covered orchard after having already been shot at and having a little kid with a toy AK-47 jump out at you and start pointing his toy at you. The thing is had I of shot that kid I not only would have lost my job I probably would've gone to fucking military prison for a decade or two. There are American police officers who get raises after killing black children by "accident". But yeah... back the blue? Gtfo of here...


Good cops 👍


I thought the first dude got outta the car twice


I see a Lithuania post, I press upvote


I wish there was sound.


Let your mind be free and sound will fill it.


All I do is suck dick and get high. I'm all full.




Holy shit that was so fucking intense, thank you!!


I want that euro Hi-Lo. We don’t get to use it here.


Oh, I'm deaf.


lucky they didn’t get 3 clips unloaded into them


Its not in usa


The people commenting that they’re surprised the man rushed toward the police car obviously didn’t notice the minivan had its emergency flashers on. The cops in the car know they’re having an emergency.


No. When you are stopped by police you are required to turn your blinkers on in Lithuania.


Are they twins? Magnificent.


u/ProgrammerWide6541 Men definitely would have been shot or atleast had a gun pulled on them


To Protect and Serve


Every time I hear this phrase I’m reminded of this [horrific podcast.](https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/articles/no-special-duty). If you think American police are here to protect you, you’re wrong.


Just read the first part of the transcript, am filled with profound sorrow right now, impotent sorrow.


"Ayo billy play dead we dont want to get a ticket"


Please tell me the kids ok


Yeah he's fine this is old I think pre-Covid age


I love to see heroes in action! I hope the baby was okay!! Please update if you can ❤️


Yes, he is OK. Few years ago, lithuania


Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that!


Good guy cops are out there.


Yeah you really don't do that when a cop pulls you over.


No worries, there are places where you can still behave like a human in need without fearing for life


Yea like the most places...


Man, when I watched this for the first time, I blinked at the most perfect time, and I swear the video had the hospital as a hundred feet away from where they were pulled over


We need more posts like this, thanks OP


You are right. In the number plate it is given AZ and that is the international vehicle registration code for Azerbaijan.


I have noticed here in the US that what was 'protect and serve' as a motto on the side of vehicle is slowly turning into 'to serve" .... they barely, 'protect' as it is


God speed


Thank goodness


Yup! I was going to say the same thing. It’s so sad.


I hope the kid is okay Edit: never mind I read the comments, the kid is okay, lol


If you live in a place with emergency services, then call an ambulance. It has life support on board, along with trained medical professionals and trained drivers who aren’t distracted by an emotional connection with the patient. It’s safer for the patient and the other drivers on the road. REMEMBER, it is a normal human reaction for sick and injured people to say they’re ok and to not call an ambulance. Don’t believe them if you aren’t trained in giving medical attention.


Always carry a sick kid with you when speeding to get out of a ticket


Same thing happened to my mom but the cop turned his lights and siren on and followed her to the hospital, apparently he struggled to keep up lol


Okay, but cops routinely do this. What makes this “next fucking level”?