South Jersey: Baby spotted lantern flies all over yard already. Anyone else?

South Jersey: Baby spotted lantern flies all over yard already. Anyone else?


My baby did not see any


\*chef's kiss\*


Problem is the tree of heaven. It’s invasive, acts like a nursery for these guys, and everywhere.


My next door neighbor has a tree of heaven in his backyard. We need to ban that tree in this state. There were hundreds of spotted lanternfly nymphs in my back yard. I had to treat with pesticides, normally I try to avoid it but I didn't want a repeat of last year.


The pesticides will also kill the other bugs that may learn to feed on the Lanternflies. The tree of heaven is everywhere. I’ve seen hundreds in fields that were bare dirt just a year ago. They spread like wildfire. I can’t Unsee them lol


Kill them all and report them to the township. They're invasive pests that lead to long term tree damage.


I mean I would love to kill them all but there are too many. I can’t believe they are out so early, I mean I only saw maybe 2 in my yard all of last year Really hoping this is a small phase and not the trend for all of summer


Bug tape around your tree, chicken wire over it if you’re worried about birds getting stuck. They’re by us too, probably killed 500 nymphs so far this year. Hope it makes a difference, fearing it won’t.


Good idea, worth a shot. Best of luck with these nuisances


One bug I don’t feel bad stomping out. Kill count so far is 0 this year. Last year was 8. I want double digits this year but I’d be thrilled if I never saw one


I see them I my yard daily. I'm not sure if I didn't know what I was looking for last year, or if this year they're just that much more numerous. I was killing about a dozen adults a week towards the end of the season last year... I'd hate to think what that's going to look like this fall.


I live in north Jersey but over the weekend was visiting family in Philly (which is close to south Jersey) and THEY. WERE. EVERYWHERE. I read that you should do your part and kill them so I got out the can of Raid and made like Rambo. I didn't count how many I killed but I guess 15-20 and I was just on the deck.


There was an article on patch.com about a hs student that built traps for his neighborhood, and they worked great. It was on the bridgewater patch site about a week ago. Unfortunately can't find it now or 'd post the link.


There's at least one YouTube video on that subject.