There is a swing revival band that mixes rock guitar really well with big band jazz. It’s called Brian Setzer Orchestra Trouble train - one of my absolute favorite songs in general. House is Rockin - (make sure it’s by Brian setzer orchestra) Americano Ghost radio Rumble in brighton Switchblade 327 Mr. Surfer goes jazzin’ Love Partners in crime Dimes in the jar - this one is slower, but still mixes guitar and jazz well That’s pretty much all that I remember from that band (from here on out I won’t have Brian Setzer Orchestra) Jazzman in the Rave - SOIL & PIMP SESSIONS - Ok so this one doesn’t have guitar, but it does have some synth and it sounds *kinda* similar. Go Next! - SOIL & PIMP SESSIONS - a lot like the one before this one Teenage brain surgeon - cherry poppin daddies The contender - royal crown revue Mata Hari - atomic fireballs If you have any more questions about fast paced jazz music hit me up if you want to


Hey, man. Thank you for the thoughtful response! I just gave literally all of those a listen. :) I think The Contender was my favorite, overall. I can see why Trouble Train is a favorite of yours! I'd love to hear some of your other favorite songs even if they don't relate to this post or fall in the same genre! Thank you again for sharing. :)


Pretty much the entire cuphead soundtrack is really good. It sounds like big band swing jazz straight from the 1930’s, and it’s really fast tempo. Some of my favorites are: Murine Corps Dramatic fanatic - this one is cool because it has some really good tap dancing in it. Ruse of an ooze