Movies you loved as a child—but upon rewatch as an adult turned out to be pretty terrible

Movies you loved as a child—but upon rewatch as an adult turned out to be pretty terrible


First one that came to mind - anyone remember that movie Cats and Dogs? Man that was bad, but I loved it as a kid


My mom took me so see that, and later overheard her saying to my older siblings, “She better thank me over my grave for taking her to that movie”. 9-year-old me didn’t get it- it was clearly a cinematic masterpiece!


I saw it in theaters with my dad when I was 10. Afterwards he turns to me and says "So... what did you think?". I say "It was good!" and I see his face reflexively cringe then force itself into a smile. He nods and says "Okay... great!". He was trying his best.


"I'd like you to stay in here" "Why?" "Because I hate you" That line still gets used around my house


Literally came here for this. Terrible movie, great line.


Great character.


Hell yeah that movie was a national treasure in my home


It maybe be bad, but the whole Russian Blue assassin cat scene is pure gold.


I refuse to watch kangaroo Jack as an adult because I know it's going to be terrible. I have good memories of it as a child.


I watched it as a kid and felt so betrayed by the bait and switch of the commercials


For real! I vaguely remember the actual plot (chasing a microchip that was in the jacket that somehow got on the kangaroo? Isn’t that very similar to the plot of Home Alone 3? Minus the kangaroo), but boy do I remember being pissed that it wasn’t about a talking kangaroo. EDIT: it was not a microchip, it was a bunch of money. After reading some replies, I rewatched the trailer and remembered the classic Anthony Anderson line: “the kangaroo got the money! I put the money in the jacket, and the jacket on the kangaroo, and now he hopping away!!”


Two friends were supposed to deliver money to a guy. Money was in friend jacket, they hit a kangaroo with their jeer. They thought the kangaroo looked like "Jacky legs" and put friend jacket on the kangaroo. Kangaroo then woke up and took off wearing the jacket with all of the money, so they had to find the kangaroo


It’s waaay worse than that! Two friends take a truck full of stolen televisions (that they stole) back to the mobs hide out with the cops on their tail. The mob sends these two guys to Australia with money to meet up with a couple of hit men. The kangaroo steals the jacket with the money from them. they chase down the kangaroo trying to get the money back eventually running out of water and hallucinations make the kangaroo talk. The money they were delivering was to pay off their own hits in the desert. That movie is not a kids film at all!! We watched it thinking “oh kids movie from our past this will be great!!” Wrong! Brought to you by Nickelodeon


Phenomenal film. I AM BOLO MAN


Seriously, it was a *Snow Dogs* level of bullshit.


Good god, yes. I forgot how disappointed I was about that too. Except I don’t even remember the plot or what I thought the plot was supposed to be for that one. (I think he was a dentist? Why was he in the snow? Gonna have to look that up) I was pretty young at the time for both of these movies. They may be the first times that I realized in a theater that a movie can be bad


Plot is basically Dentist Cuba Gooding Jr. destroys his career to go sled dog racing in Alaska and find his White Dad.


“You like blue cheese?”


Pay It Forward meant a lot to me a bullied kid but now looking back, what a manipulative melodramatic mess.


I think of that movie as one where the acting is much better than the writing


It's really weird when that happens. Good writing with bad acting? Totally fine, I dont even bwt an eye. But good acting with bad writing is almost like uncanny valley or something, it just really throws me off


Yeah that movie was Oscar-bait IMHO. Was hoping Bruce Willis would make a cameo at the end but alas, twas not to be.


The twist was that he had already paid it forward right at the start


Alan Rickman was the only person in that movie who knew what kind of movie it was.


Absolutely. He was having an absolute ball with his line readings and the movie needed more of that energy throughout.


The prolonged attempted rape scene at the end was... something.


As was his prolonged death scene. Both were lampooned in Men In Tights.


The best argument for watching that version of Robin Hood is to prepare oneself to fully appreciate Men in Tights.


I can't say I've ever seen Prince of thieves but men in tights is easily my favorite movie. Is the extremely long (not) death of the sheriff of Rottingham only be to saved and dragged away to be with latrine forever a parody of something at the end of Prince of thieves?


Of you like it that much it's worth it to watch Prince of Thieves. It's pretty much the basis for the movie. Then watch Men in Tights again and get some new jokes!


Unlike other Robin Hoods, I speak with an English accent!




I love Men in Tights. I still sing that song daily. “WE’RE MEN. WE’RE MEN IN TIIIIIIIIIGHTS”


“Unlike other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent”






There's a different cut of the film with more Rickman, adds a subplot that the sheriff is the Witch's son I think


I've only ever seen that version, those scenes are by far the most interesting... What a shame someone would cut that.


Every film needs a more-Rickman cut, even ones he wasn't originally in.


He actually rewrote his dialogue with some friends and refused to follow the script


That movie is such a trainwreck productionwise. John Cleese was the first choice to play King Richard. Also the studio forced reshoots to give Costner more screentime because Rickman was rightfully stealing the show.


I legit thought The Lawnmower Man was the tits.


Oh yeah. I don't know if it's just me, but in the 90s virtual reality seemed like the most mindblowing thing ever. Putting on a helmet and playing some crappy racing game seemed more impressive than space travel. Nowadays i can go to a store and buy a vr set, and just think, nah, i'm good.


Coyote Ugly. When I was a teenager I thought those girls were so cool. I watched it as an adult and was shocked at how bad it was.


John Goodman improves every film he’s in by at least 73%.




And thorough.


The male lead is quite bad. The whole romantic plot felt like it was written by a 15 year old


I had such a crush on that lead actress and thought she was going to blow up after that movie; but I don’t remember ever seeing her in anything again.


She took off. Didn't you see the rocky and bullwinkle movie?


She's the lead actress in [Imagine Me & You](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imagine_Me_%26_You), and Lena Headey is her love interest.




I remember going to that movie with a friend. Two 15 year old guys going to coyote ugly on like a Tuesday. There were 4 people in the theater total. On the way out we bumped into the other two, they were two other guys from our school. We all kind of silently agreed to never talk about this interaction.


Save the Last Dance. Especially the last dance she did at the audition. Just rewatched it recently and it’s so cringe!!


I just rewatched it. I completely forgot about the boyfriend standing off in the corner creepily smiling and nodding his head as if she is really doing something great


I thought that movie was so hot when I was like 13. Had a major crush on Sean Patrick Thomas. Rewatched as an adult and possibly the cringiest scene is when Julia stiles shows up to the club in a head wrap and hoop earrings.


When my wife is getting ready for something and asks me what I think of an outfit she puts on, I often say “it’s country and you look country in it.” Still makes us laugh.


That dance… they really thought they did something there.


As a tween, I thought that dance routine at the end was perfect. As an adult, I laugh my ass off at every piece of that disjointed, crazy ass choreography.


Gave us a great K-Ci and JoJo song though.


The telescope scene from *Prince of Thieves* is such an incredible piece of underrated comedy gold.


“How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem?” 😂


The stupids starring Tom Arnold, The men in white parody, and carpool also starring Tom Arnold.


That would have to be the Matthew Brodderick Godzilla, which I thought was AMAZING with no knowledge of the originals, and the Pest with John Leguizamo. I used to think it was hilarious and now its just irritating


I used to watch that Godzilla movie religiously when I was a kid along with men in black, evolution and Tremors. Good times. Fun fact, the first CD I ever owned was the soundtrack to that movie. It had a bunch of "remixes" on it that had Godzilla's roar in the background. So bad but so good.


Men in Black and Evolution are both good, but Tremors is the tits.


Broke into the wrong gosh darn rec room now didn't you. Tv version with the swear words edited. Got to love Bert.


I had this CD as well! I loved Puff Daddy as a kid and, lacking in taste as a child, also loved that terrible song he made for the movie that sampled Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” Once, I sat around watching mtv all day just HOPING there would be a music video for that song and low and behold, my 8 year old self managed to catch the video premier. Though now, looking back, that song is almost embarrassingly bad, but it holds a fond memory for me.


"Wow.. thats a lot of fish."


The little fish icon on the overhead map just kills me.


The '98 movie is better when you look at it as a different monster movie, not Godzilla. Even Toho eventually made him a separate thing. Also, the cartoon follow-up was really good and more in line with how Godzilla should be.


Yep, then Toho had Zilla fight the actual Godzilla. Big G swatted it away and nuked it with his atomic breath in less than a minute.


The Indian in the Cupboard; Has an awful main character and the broader implications are just creepy. On the other hand, I recently rewatched Babe: Pig in the City and I'm convinced it's a masterpiece


The babe movies had a weird darkness about them that always made me uncomfortable, especially that one. Last time I watched it I didn’t feel good


If it helps, I once worked with a crew guy who worked on Babe 2. He said that Miller was so obsessive that in the scene where babe climbs up some suitcases, they went through three pigs. (Not as in killed, as in the trained piglets grew too big over the 3-4 weeks it took). The crew was pretty angry over the course of shooting, wouldn’t be surprised if that energy came through.


It’s hard to describe that feeling but I know what you mean. I feel like a lot of stuff made for kids had that feeling in the 90s. I have no idea but those I Spy books come to mind as well. There is something slightly uncomfortable that I can’t put my finger on. I still love them though and Babe.


I was talking with friends recently about this exact feeling coming from the movie Mousehunt. It had such a weird, creepy vibe.


Bruh I hated mousehunt as a kid..my mom used to have the vhs and for some reason before I even watched it I I didn’t like looking at the cover


Wow, there’s an opinion I never thought I’d see someone else have. I was *scared* of the movie Mouse Hunt as a kid, and I never knew why. I wonder if watching it as an adult might help me figure it out.


There’s a scene where a guy chokes on a cockroach or something. That scene alone made me too scared to watch it again


That scene gave me a legitimate fear of cockroaches for most of my childhood.


So odd but so true. For me every Roald Dahl adaptation had that feeling. Obviously The Witches, but even Matilda had it to a lesser extent.


Holy shit... You just gave me a rush of the weirdest nostalgia mixed with the realization of the same creeping dread I felt from seemingly innocuous things from my childhood. Why WERE those books strangely creepy?


That's because it is a masterpiece


It's been strange watching George Miller go from Mad Max to Babe and Happy Feet and then back again.




Okay but I want the cupboard still


THIS. I treasured the hell out of the cupboard VHS cover that I used to have growing up.


Yesss and the little gold coloured key that it came with!


Holy shit you guys just unlocked something in my brain I forgot I had. I remember losing the key and i was so bummed my mom bought another one just so I could have the key again. I had a good mom.


Oh no. I only have good memories of Indian in the Cupboard. I guess I'll just never watch it again.


Costner was actually told by the director that he didn't want him to do an English accent. I don't know why. Lol. Prince of thieves is still a guilty pleasure of mine though.


Lol I watched it last night. Its total fun. Costner is relatable because he looks like a regular dude. I havent seen the new one, but id wager there's a scene with Taron Edgerton shirtless with 12 pack abs, and for some reason he's glistening. Plots easy because it's based in reality, given its exaggeration. Rickman does a fantastic job at the villain, its almost like he took the Nottingham from the 70s animal cartoon and made him relevant. Oscar worthy? Not at all. Fun movie with decent action and easy script? 100%


Which lead to one of the greatest fourth wall breaks in a movie ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrFmuiF2ENY


I love Mel Brooks


Sharkboy and Lavagirl






Mr Electric, send him to the principal’s office and HAVE HIM EXPELLED!!!


Ben Shapiro played an outstanding role in that movie.


I refuse to research the authenticity of this. If only the facts cared about my feelings


Hand over the book ✋ or you’ll visit the dream world 🤛


The sheer dramatic vitriol with which that line was delivered never fails to make me laugh


As an adult when it came out and my kids had to watch it, YES! Soooooo, boring when it isn't embarrassing. I fell asleep 30 minutes in.


It’s a terrible movie. I knew it when I was 10 and I know it now. I cringe and love it. Xanadu.


One of those movie where I’ll watch it now just for the music and Oliva Newton-John. Both of those makes this movie easier to watch. The plot and acting can both go jump off a bridge.


Whaaaa? Xanadu is amazing even as an adult. ELO soundtrack? Yes please.


But Christian Slater saying 'Fuck me! He cleared it!' is still gold. And who can forget: >There was a rich man from Nottingham > >who tried to cross the river! > >What a dope to be tripped by a rope! > >Now look at him shiver.


The 1995 film Powder. It was one of the only vhs tapes we had and I rewatched probably hundreds of times. Recently rewatched for the first time in nearly 2 decades and wow it is *not* a good movie at all


That's the albino guy with electric powers right lol? My mom loved it.


There was a line from a movie that is hilarious. It was when the racist guy was angry about Powder being allowed in town. “Didn’t realize someone could be too white for you, Jeb”


Isn't the director into some shady sex thing? I feel like this movie got cancelled recently Update : The film's production by Disney resulted in a controversy over the choice of writer-director Victor Salva, who had been convicted of molesting a 12-year-old child actor during the production of his previous film, Clownhouse (1988). He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and released after 15 months.


He also made the Jeepers Creepers movies, which details his life as a creep. Haha


yikes 15 months....


Ruined a kids childhood. Had to give up a little more than a year of his life. Wtf indeed


Teen Witch. My god that movie is so bad and I loved it as a kid.


Top that!


Stop that!


I don’t really give a…about Top That!


I absolutely love this movie in all it's 80s cheesyness glory. I still watch it at least once a year. 🤷‍♀️


During the holiday season, some tv channels in South Korea screened *Batman and Robin* on television. I used to watch it as a kid, but now as an adult I considered this movie as "meh". My friend summed it up as this: "I liked *Batman and Robin* back when I was a kid for its colorful visuals. Then I watched *Batman: the Animated Series*, which made me realize that the cartoon show treated me like an adult than the Schumacher movie."


I watched an review about X-Men the Animated Series and i started remembering when I was a child. Of course I was an 4 year old that had no knowledge of english so when I binged it a few weeks later I told myself how on Earth those writers got away with half of what they did on a "kids" show. I mean that moment when Nightcrawler said he will pray for his mother's wellbeing while she told him he didn't cared about abandoning him in the first place just broke my heart.


X-men was always a pretty on-the-nose metaphor for various kinds of discrimination in our society. But yeah, that show was INTENSE. The mental traumas of characters like Wolverine and Rogue, characters like Jubilee being a homeless teenager, the entire slave-state island place ruled by sentinels. Oh yeah, and all the time travelers from horrific dystopian futures where everything is fucked. Pretty good stuff tbh.


Also, hands down the most badass into sequence ever.


Dude ... Dude. If you think that the X-Men intro is awesome (it is), then I have something that will blow your mind. Gimme a sec to get on my PC... EDIT: HERE WE GO, DUDE! GET READY, 'CAUSE THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND!! THE JAPANESE X-MEN INTRO CRANKS IT UP TO 12!! [SHOOOOOOCK!!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rSw4Xl5qfs)


The second mask movie. What the fuck was wrong with me


I maintain that to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I went on an international flight way back in 2006, and Son of the Mask was the in-flight entertainment. Keep in mind this was before it was easy to travel with your own tv and movies. I chose to literally do nothing and stare at the seat in front of me instead of watching it until the end.


I'll tell you one thing, Muppet Treasure Island still kicks ass


It’s Muppet Christmas Carol for me


Child me used to think "The Little Vampire" was cool af... ya know its got the stuart little kid in it. After rewatching it the plots terrible, dialogue is cringey and awkward, and the acting feels like a high school project.


I had the biggest crush on the girl vampire. And my sister had the biggest crush on the boy vampire. So that movie was watched a lot in our house.


I used to watch that movie constantly as a kid


It was the greatest lmao


I haven’t rewatched it since but I don’t think I will now lol. I’m sure Richard E Grant’s performance is still good.


I saw this move on release in 2000 as a double feature with The Digimon Movie (they came out roughly at the same time) AND WITH my second grade class as a field trip if you can believe it.. Even 8 year old me knew how cringey it was but I tried to make the most of it since it was basically a free movie with no classes haha *edit: gotta be clear though digimon was great. was my first time seeing movie quality anime in a theater and was amazed


As a kid I watched Armageddon on VHS like 20 times, but nowadays this movie is goofy as hell


I think you'll like this then lol https://youtu.be/-ahtp0sjA5U


Me and my brother grew up watching the Bond movies because our dad grew up watching them too. Our favorite one when we were kids was Die Another Day. We just thought everything about it was so cool. The Madonna theme, the invisible car, the tidal wave surf, the lasers! Years later we realize that everything we thought made it cool, was exactly what made it awful.


I thought The Man with the Golden Gun was a masterpiece. Thrilling, exciting, inventive film. I still defend Christopher Lee as a good villain, but I find it hard to sit down and watch.


It really reaches peak cinema when he fights a midget and has to lock him in a suitcase.


Excuse me the 3rd nipple and fantasy island guy are amazing.


[The twisty car jump over the river with JW Pepper and slide whistle just speaks quality.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzCIbhLUUA0)


I always loved “view to a kill” as a kid. Between the skiing and the blimps what more could a kid ask for? As an adult I actually love it even more knowing just how bad it is. That roger Moore was pushing 60 and was the same age as the female leads mother…. Grace Jones is so hot in that movie


Also don’t forget Duran Duran’s awesome title track. That song rules. “We can.. DANCE! INTO THE FIRE! That fatal kiss is all we NEEEEED!!!”


Love that one. It’s very 80s but still has the Bond flair to it. Also love Adele’s Skyfall.


Probably my favorite bond theme, though “the living daylights” by AHA was a solid banger as well


Christopher Walken was a great Bond villain


That hair looked amazing. The scene where he’s gunning down his own men With wicked glee get me every time


> That roger Moore was pushing 60 and was the same age as the female leads mother IIRC even Moore thought this was ridiculous and creepy, and said so at the time.


Part of the reason he quit was finding out he was older than Tanya Roberts' parents


For me it was Over the Top with Stallone. When I grew up I was really disappointed to find out that arm wrestling matches didn’t just pop up in every gas station, restaurant, or arcade I went to. My wife thought about divorcing me after I told her how amazing it was before making her watch it after finding it in a $3 dvd bin. She changed her mind when I suggested we settle it by arm wrestling as I turned my hat backwards…


Puppet Master. For some reason more series come to mind, like the graphics in The Outer Limits.


Richie Rich. My sister and I used to watch it obsessively. Then I watched it in my twenties a couple of years ago. My god it's awful. Clunky pacing and script and poor editing. Just could t stand how cheesy it was as well.


I haven’t seen Richie Rich in years. However, I’ll never forget the sight of him having his own personal McDonald’s in his house.


[It would suck to work at that McDonalds](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0BUFZUT18fM)


As a kid I loved the film Blank Cheque (or "check" for Americans), classic kid fantasy of getting a million $ (though given what he bought he seemed to spend a lot more than that) with silly hijinks. Rewatched it on Disney+ adamant that it was a classic and found out there's a whole plotline I had erased from my memory about him having a romantic relationship with a fully grown adult woman. They even kiss. Really jarring. *Edit* in the comments others have noted that the fully grown adult woman is also an FBI agent investigating the money where the kid is a suspect (or at least his fictional boss is) which adds another layer to this.


And she is an "undercover" FBI agent who works at the bank literally using her same name. Lol


There's even a wikipedia section about the kiss: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blank_Check_(film)#Kissing_controversy


I like how it wasn't controversial until 2009. Before that, everyone was just fine with it.


Like that south park joke where ike (the baby) is sleeping with his fully adult kindergarten teacher and all the cops and men are just like "Nice" while nodding their heads because she's hot.


Wait! We forgot to give him his "Luckiest Boy in America" medal!


The real crime here is that she’s not sleeping with me


My best friends wedding. I used to think it was romantic and when I watched it recently I realized Julia Robert’s was just a bitch


I don’t care about Robert’s acting anymore, so it’s fun to watch her “lose” in this movie.


Yes! She was terrible, I hated her "pick me!" speech. I do like that she doesn't get "chosen" though, I just wish they had been even more realistic and showed Cameron Diaz's character still being rightfully angry and kicking her out of the wedding like she deserved. I mean the lady did spend the entire time trying to steal her fiance.


Iron Eagle. I absolutely loved it when I was a kid but my wife had never seen it. I talked her into watching it and realized it was really bad. Also Beastmaster with Marc Singer.


Fat Albert ( 2004)


Baby geniuses 😂


Oh my god. I remember when they get too old they forget and I would just cry every single time. Thank you for reminding me; time to go force some people in my life to watch this.


Cobra (1986) with Sylvester Stallone... I remember leaving the cinema kind of mindblown with how good it was.


We rewatched the ending about 25 times to count how many people Cobretti killed and I think we got a different number every time. The most hilariously awful part is where they're at lunch and the director tries to convey the sexual tension by...squirting ketchup.


Beastmaster. It's delightfully terrible. Acting, sets, effects, everything. (Except the ferrets. Ferrets are always awesome.)


Beastmaster is peak camp. It isn’t a good film. It is, however, quite fun to watch.


Those things that had like shower curtains for arms that wrapped around a dude and then just dropped bones freaked me out so bad when I was a kid!


Beastmaster is streets ahead


I never saw beast master. I just wanted you to think I was cool.


Random side fact about Prince of Thieves. My dad was the custodian of the Castle Robins dad resided in at the beginning. He got to keep one of the sword props


Short Circuit. I loved this movie, and as far as I know, it was a huge success - but good god did I feel like an ass recommending this movie to someone. It did not age well.


Short Circuit *2* is the real classic.


Solarbabies. Really felt sorry for that little glowing orb and the deaf kid. The rollerblading seemed rrly cool when I was a kid. Also that movie had some pretty gruesome scenes that could easily give you nightmares. (Ant scene) Rewatched it recently. I’m sad I did, it was better as a memory


Had the same experience with that one. It’s weird, I remember as a kid being like too empathetic towards children in movies. Not like getting sucked into the movie and becoming scared in the character’s place, but I would get upset out of sadness for say the kid kidnapped by monsters in Little Monsters


Three Ninjas


Surf ninjas!


“First we feast. Then we felony” Greatest quote ever.


Whoa whoa let’s not get carried away here. The original is still awesome.


It’s got everything a cheesy 90’s kids movie about martial arts should have : • Grandpa who is (or at least was) a legit Ninja master, has sparring equipment on his property, and has them train while they’re over there • A Dad, who’s an FBI agent, gets involved with a mercenary ninja group and a scenery chewing villain • Said villain is Steven Seagal in all but name, literally using martial arts to beat up FBI agents and his own men when he’s annoyed • A trio of burnouts (who I *swear* are just Butthole Surfers in an uncredited role) coming to get them because we need a home invasion sequence • Having the kids play in a room with - A basketball hoop, a trampoline, an NES and Super Mario 3 and TV • The kids get ninja names and masks • The kids take on the mercenaries and win • Grandpa opens a can of whoopass on Not-Steven Seagal This film is gold just for the audacity it has to portray any of this with a straight face, giving the kids wee arcs to go through on their way to becoming ninja, and the fact that they go out of their way to give clearly white kids the fantasy that a Japanese Ninja master will train them (I know, their mom is Japanese, but the kids *are soooooo white*)


But but but Rocky loves Emily!


The Swan Princess. I had fond memories of it and when I saw it on a streaming service one day I was adamant my friends and I watch it, convinced it would be great. They’ve never let me live it down. Edit: I left this comment and went to bed. Woke up mystified why my inbox had 20+ notifs, then remembered this. LMAO people have a LOT of feelings about this movie! But it really makes me feel so much more vindicated that so many people seem to love it. I will agree that “What else is there!? You could write a book: How to offend women in five syllables or less." is indeed one of the best lines ever written. It got a huge guffaw from me when I rewatched it, that’s for sure!


I recently rewatched it and still enjoyed it for its campiness of the princess style movies from that time. It was very tongue in cheek to the Disney Princess movies. I also LIVED for the princesses of the world song as a kid and still do lol I love a fashion montage.


I rewatched it in quarantine for a laugh, and you know what? It's cute as hell. A lot of it doesn't hold up (why does she go from "ugh you only want me for my beauty bye" to "hey how into bird sex are you" with zero transition), but I definitely had This Is My Idea stuck in my head for a few days afterwards.


“Duck!” “What? Ow!” “Duck!” “What?! Ow!” “Duck!” “What?!? OW!!!” Idk why my siblings and I loved that scene so much we quoted it for years lol


C'mon that movie is great!! You were right!


“What else is there?” line oof. That was a jab at Disney.


Honestly I still love this movie as much as a did when I was a kid but for different reasons. Like *because* its silly it's great. So many quotable lines. The soundtrack is great too.


Awww but that movie has such great songs! The opening is adorable.


I've never seen the first one, only the sequel and I legit don't remember anything other than someone shouting NO FEAR and a guy using some sort of destruction magic to blow up easily breakable furniture


I've never seen the sequel but in the original there's a whole song of them singing about "No Fear" so I'm guessing it's a throwback to that.


Because it's dull you TWIT, it'll hurt more


If you want a campy Robin Hood, watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights staring Cary ~~Ewles~~ Elwes


"Because unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent."