Is not the character that is too slow, is IB that wants to be Bloodborne.


Fucking seriously. I LOVE Bloodborne combat but half of that is that you can move just a intuitively and efficiently as the enemies. Not so in Iceborne


In my 2000hrs of playing World/Iceborne, input reading is one of the things that get in my nerves the most. Playing with LS, trying to land that very last fucking hit so I can fill up my stupid spirit bar, the monster suddenly moves an inch or two just in time for me to miss the hit (or sometimes it gets KO'ed/exhausted, and the animations for these states strangely make it seem like the monster has been pushed away from my attack like, being pulled by some gravitational force).. Trying to land a shield bash, helmbreaker, SAED?? The monster again moves away from my attack, or WALKS forward, knowing me over like a fly, roar outta nowhere or punish attack me like some AI character from a fighting game). This and many animations taking way longer than they should (sheathing weapon, recovering from tremor, roar, windpressure or stun) make me salty af


It makes me want to finish these monsters doom style. At the end of it all, I am left unsatisfied by both the killing animation and the rewards screen. Let me rip the bastard in half for all the shit it put me through


GS TCS misses 11/10 times lol


> Controller reading is in this game. It is, you can't argue that, because facts don't care about arguments. They just exist. I still haven't heard a convincing argument on this sub that monsters read inputs and react accordingly beyond "fuck this fucker it fuckin KNOWS". Only ever played some 3U/4U and lots of World though so feel free to school me.


I don't know about reading controls but specially in IB there's a lot of tracking. Hitboxes are overall better than before (even though there are still a few ones that are broken like Tigrex' charges), so to compensate for that, monsters can track you much much better than they did before (Savage is overall a good example: charging bites into a 360 pin that is very well aimed at you, or the straight dragon breath that he can take a long time aiming before settling up for a position and shooting etc). That's probably what we get by having a character that moves faster and a lot of counter maneuvers built in our weapons.


Don't worry about it, it doesn't actually exist.


I am definitely too slow, but that's because my reaction time is slower than any telegraph


Out of curiosity, what moves read inputs? Safi will track you with its laser based on your current movement, but can be faked out by turning at the last second. R.brachy's headslams do the same, but generally only on the third consecutive ones. Other monsters have done this in the past however, agnaktor does this in G rank in 3u, for example.


This is magnificent, nice rant




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