Videos like this preying on the gullible

Videos like this preying on the gullible

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"The results are unbelievable" ...Yeah because they aren't believable.


You can see a buldge un the shaving cream at the top left that after he goes get the thing he uses to whipe of the cream magically dissapears, I mean man, if you are gonna make a crappy-ass video at least do it well.


They did…it went viral and is now on Reddit and you are commenting on the post…..


Posting on reddit is fine. Watching it here doesn't generate ad revenue for the scammers.


The frame isn’t even the same. It’s flat with the broken mirror and ridged with the fixed one.


If you look while he's putting on deodorant it's the same style frame you can see in the close up


Oh now I see it. Potato quality video and shaky filming, it looked more flat.


I’ve always wondered how these are even popular… like who’s their target audience? And what are they trying to accomplish. I just don’t get it…


Their targets are view count and duration. I doubt hardly anyone actually believes these videos, but if they make them so completely ridiculous and weird a lot of people will sit and watch it. And maybe even share it with their friends


"5 min crafts" is a pefect example. So stupid and ridiculous that it has a following to see what the next cringey video will be. People even make videos recreating what they do either for laughs or to see if it actually works.


My 7 year old niece recently went through a rabbit hole of 5 min crafts videos and went out thinking that she's been blessed with infinite wisdom. I tried telling her that those tricks don't really work but ignorance is bliss.


Young kids on the internet are where some of these things can be genuinely dangerous. Not sure little kids are going to go around breaking mirrors though... you never know. They could just get excited to know and try to share the knowledge.


It's not the same thing but when I was about 5 I saw a milky way advert where the kid flew into space after taking a bite of one and standing in a superman position, the next time I had a milky way bar I tried it and stood there for 5 minutes straight wondering why I wasn't flying into space, so I can definitely see kids trying this


Many years ago Gatorade had a commercial where athletes would drink Gatorade and then sweat out the color of the Gatorade they drank. My oldest was 3 at the time and was so upset that he wasn't sweating blue sweat


That's actually exactly the same thing. This is the evolution in a new context easily accessible to all who create and consume media.


Raise the teacher wages, and invest more in education then this wouldn't be such a big issue.


Truth! Better hide from the government. You have some radical ideas, my friend.


This is like when I got the Guess Who? game as a kid and got upset because the cards didn’t actually talk like in the TV advertisement.


I never ate gushers because I was terrified.


Yeah... my friends and I used to spin around in circles for 30 minutes straight at recess. We had it in our heads that if we spun fast enough, we could airbend and make time stop. In retrospect, we'd probably just been spinning too much.


Lol I feel you man, I spent many hours in the bath trying to waterbend


I think it's good to teach them you can't believe anything on the internet at a young age.


There are plenty of adults who needed that information long ago.


There was actually a case where two young children were killed by an explosion attempting to recreate a "lifehack" where you use a soda can to make popcorn.


Tbf if you mean the chinese girls then instead of heating a can containing popcorn kernels using an alcohol burner they just put alcohol in a can and heated that instead. It then exploded.


No. It was the bottle of alcohol they were using to add alcohol into the can-burner (from the same video). The fire climed into the bottle and blew it up spraying them with burning ethanol....


they poured alcohol straight from the bottle onto an open flame, which then exploded


Two kids in China died with burns after trying something at home they saw in one of those videos. There’s a YouTube channel from an Australian woman where she dedicates some videos to talk about it and debunk some.


We need more people like her dedicated to debunking things people see. I would hope they find their way into the suggestion lists of these videos.


Her name is Ann Reardon and her YouTube channel is How to Cook That, for those who don’t know her. She’s fantastic.


Most of this stuff is for really young kids For example my sister (who is 7) is in youtube and she likes every video where the chanel tells the watcher to like Most of this stuff is just to get videos and likes from people who don't know what they are talking about or just really young kids who are new on the internet


Yeah a lot of this stuff isn't just destructive but dangerous. I like watching How To Cook That's videos testing out these "Food Hacks" and she calls out the ones that are dangerous, like when it comes to dealing with hot food or putting things in the microwave that can explode. I would think most adults know better but I worry about kids and maybe teenagers who think this stuff is real and end up hurting themselves.


Introduce her to [How to cook that ](https://youtu.be/pvqa8dsBtno) on YouTube she does great debunking videos of 5 min crafts


Ann Reardon is fab. She really gets to the bottom of these things.


I second this. Ann Reardon is amazing. I love her debunking videos.


There are some pretty prolific cases of people being seriously injured from 5 minute craft advice, namely the microwaving eggs one.


Now when I was a kid, pre-internet, the biggest debate was whether you could freeze an egg. The myth was that while technically you can freeze raw or cooked eggs, but it would leave frost like patterns in the white and yokes of your cooked eggs. Like 99.9% sure this is bullshit, but I also can't figure out why you'd need to freeze an egg on it's own, raw or cooked. As part of a recipe, sure, but we all know cookie dough and cake freeze and thaw with no problems so... Now youtube is telling kids to microwave coins to shrink them, or a ball of foil and it'll come out smooth and perfectly spherical.


I have to freeze an egg now


Awesome. You do that one & let me know how it goes. I'll do the coins in the microwave one.


If they freeze thoroughly enough, they expand and crack. We’ve had it happen occasionally with our chickens during the winter.


Let me know how it works out.


He's dead, Jim.


Just the same for me. I have a 11 yearly old nephew and omg, that kid will drink sulphur acid one day.


Poor John was the chemist's son. Poor John is no more. For what he thought was H₂O, was H₂SO₄


That's a good one Two chemists walked into a bar First said ill have h2o Second said I'll have H2o2 (too) He died


No sir, I died reading that. 🤣💀


I have an intense love/hate relationship with jokes that require me to use Google I love the cleverness, but damn, if I wanted to feel stupid, I'd call my step mom😂


That reminds me of that greentext that told people how to make crystals using cleaning supplies, and it made mustard gas instead


Exactly. I teach 5th grade and I continuously have to turn down science fair proposals that reference these awful “experiments”. “No, you can’t turn a piece of bbq charcoal into a diamond by putting it in peanut butter for your science fair project. Yes, they lied. Yes, it does suck.”


Culinary YouTuber Ann reardon does a great job of debunking 5-minute crafts videos in a way that would be totally appropriate for your seven-year-old needs to watch. You should get her into the debunking videos instead of the actual craft videos themselves. You get all the satisfaction of seeing the craft video and then you get the satisfaction of feeling even smarter than the craft video makers.


I remember watching “How to cook that” on YouTube when she debunked food hack videos. I was blown away when I saw her go to the video and showing how they trick people by formatting the details under the video so only when you press read more does it show “for entertainment purposes only” and “do not try this at home” it made my blood boil cause they absolutely knew what they were doing and purposely hide it from people! It’s like terms and agreements, it’s practically implied that nobody actually reads them, but it still counts as an out if the company ends up in trouble because of their content😡


And maybe share them on Reddit ;)


omg are you saying i’m part of the problem? 🤯


No, you are u/spf73




No, this is Patrick


Your mother and I always told you that, but really you're the entirety of the problem.


I enjoyed the video. True I skipped a lot of it, and was more in it for the terrible actress saying stupid things. But also, if I were to see more of this more than once every few months I'd unsubscribe.


Wait, are we the baddies


I mean, it appears to have been downloaded off of another platform and re-uploaded here as a v.redd.it. The original creators aren't benefitting too much from this, unless the OP is the creator, but their account doesn't look like it.


It's the same logic though, OP got ~~16K~~ 40k karma from it, and this will get reposted for decades to come by bots farming karma accounts to sell, and "enlightened Redditors" who are vastly smarter and superior to the fools who fall for this, will continue to watch it and upvote


> I doubt hardly anyone actually believes these videos. This guy would. >Why a bank robber thought covering himself in lemon juice would help him get away with it. https://qz.com/986221/what-know-it-alls-dont-know-or-the-illusion-of-competence/


You might sit and watch one time, but I assume they are also targeting recurring watchers. Who would subscribe to their channel to actively choose to watch something like this? I get stumbling upon it and watching but I'm betting they have subscribers... Ugh


It's not about subscribing, those videos buzz just because of post like the one we're commenting Everyone is feeling smart and saying "wtf it's not possible are they dumb ???" + Voluntary shitty acting so people react even more. They have what they want : views and reacts, we're the dumbs in the story.


Yeah they are mimicking the as seen on tv/gvc/shamwow thing so it works... There are people who genuinely like it and then everyone one who's shitting on it. Either way they win :(


I noticed on IG, they usually have videos like these in carousel posts that feature an ad for a product in the second or third frame. The content is targeted at people who enjoy tutorial videos. The idea is to get the user to start watching the video, possibly lose interest, and swipe to the next frame in the carousel where the ad lies. That’s my theory at least


An example of which is me trying to figure out when they switch the broken mirror to a proper mirror, which was at like the very end so I watched the entire video


Also kids. Shit like this is what kids enjoy watching


> I doubt hardly anyone actually believes these videos Oh, my sweet summer child..


i just watched it lol


every time I see a video like this it makes me angry because you look at the time stamp and they are always around 3 minutes. It means it was probably intended for facebook. that’s the minimum required time for facebook to monetize a video. so they are always these long drawn out experiments or explanations that never seem to get to the point


These are definitely for Facebook. There's a very popular account that's really similar. Man does something stupid or shows up some stupid product while attractive wife looks confused or amazed.


This women looked so annoyingly confused I didn't even notice if she was attractive.


Are you crazyyyyyy? That's 7 years of back luck!


It’s like the video equivalent of food blogs that make you scroll through 50,000 screens of inane SEO-chasing filler text before you can get to the recipe.


Same with the articles "Jada Smith couldn't believe her son said this to her".. And it's like 30 slides of 2 paragraphs a slide where the whole story is Jada and will parent with the kids having too much freedom. Which led to Jaden moving out early and willow resenting her music career pressures. And every page has like 3 ads. Then a paragraph. Then another ad. Then paragraph. Then an ad that says "next" in a big button to trick you into clicking it taking you to the ad page and under that ad is a super small grayed out next.. the fact that I know lik 70% of elderly and ill informed get their news from similar content and people's family are just incessantly flipping through pages of garbage reporting and conspiracies.. and there is nothing that can be done. The internet is an amplifier.. that's it. And if you want to do good you will reach people you never could and achieve things never thought possible. But unfortunately the opposite is true and dark evil things just perpetuate and nothing can be done.


Or how about that setup where the bf or gf is blindfolded and told to wait for a big surprise while they’re holding a bunch of white posters explaining how their partner caught them cheating and now they’re going to pay by being publicly humiliated, all while standing their with a dumb smile on their face. I see the first 3 seconds while I’m scrolling along and can’t move past it fast enough. Barf.


Children. It’s always children.


I don't know. I know some grown adults who watch stuff like this.


I teach children and the amount of them that watch these videos and go off to break a mirror to try them out is insane


It’s true. My 10 year old and all his friends have to be repeatedly told that they cannot trust someone just because they’re a YouTuber. They take this shit as the gospel.


I had my kids tell me the least smart things they’ve ever done and half of them started with “I saw this person on the internet do-” you name it. Most of them learned after the first two incidents you can’t trust everything on the internet


And it's so sad, because the internet *is* truly an amazing place to learn new things and just constantly pursue knowledge. And sure, there have always been trolls that take advantage of this. "Microwave your phone to get rid of water damage!" But the monetization aspect has made it so much worse. You've got thousands of "content creators" who require no skills or knowledge because the "fun facts" and "cool life hacks" they spew are complete garbage. And for rational adults, it's relatively easy to avoid those things and find the *real* knowledge that we want to find. But kids have no way of knowing whether or not something like this is fake *until* they learn it for themselves. And these types of videos can't even hide behind "it's a prank", because they're just so mundanely stupid. They're *obviously* catered towards kids or completely uneducated people, and it's really something that worries me. We're going to swing right back to the dark ages of the internet, where parents and schools will have no choice but to tell kids that **nothing** on the internet can be trusted.


My mom.


Funny part is he looks at the mirror ans says "thats me" Wtf did he expected of a mirror




I appreciate the new DnD idea... Sorcerer who resides in the mirror, but captures the souls of those who looks upon it I'll have to use it


I can see you hiding it in plain sight in a dungeon with a cute little warning sign next to it. Just to punish an overly curious murder hobo.


Well it's the same guy that had a Hard time remembering the last magical ingredient..which is basically covering the whole mirror in front of his face. We shouldn't expect too much from him.


This video doesnt even show the full process, it only works if you add the 4th ingredient; a sprinkle of bullshit.


Damn, I was expecting the secret ingredient to be another mirror.


That's my favorite part


No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.


Overselling the trick …. Lol


Anyone dumb enough to believe this needs to keep their mirrors intact so that they can see how stupid they really are


I imagine a young impressionable kid seeing this and then smashing their bathroom mirror lol


Or cutting their fingers up and getting glass in them by rubbing on a cracked mirror. I don't think I would have dared break a bathroom mirror but definitely might have tried a hand mirror and cut my self up.


What really hurts me is that someone’ll probably cut themselves up doing this and then make that worse because of the lemon juice and shaving cream getting into the wounds.


That’s hilarious, I’m imagining the explanation the kid gives to the parents.


It's not my fault dad! All we had were limes!!


A broken mirror is a small price to pay for your child to learn not to believe in everything they see on the internet. If they don't learn the lesson you can always put them up for adoption.


if I was a parent and my children did something like that I would laugh my ass off, and then take their phones and shit away and ground them for a week so he can think how stupid they are. I wouldn't be mad a mirror is not that expensive. but I would still ground them.


rubbing their hands on shaving cream covered broken glass seems like a great way to fuck up finger tendons.


Kids should definitely be monitored on the internet until they’re old enough to be skeptical and to not try everything they see online. Videos like this are the prime example. If a kid saw this (kids believe anything they see) and went and rubbed shaving cream all over some broken glass they could get really hurt. When i was younger, the internet was a different place than it is now, and I could totally see myself believing and trying this being the little shit that I was.


Thats a good roast


The most amazing part of this video is they thought we would believe her acting


I would think stepping out of the porn industry should be applauded not shamed.


Plot twist the porn started after this scene duhhh


“That fills…the gAps?”


“No...THIS fills the gaps...” *unzips pantaloons*


*rubs dick into broken mirror* "W-whoa, careful! Not with your dick, not with your dick! Use a knife!"*


Something something.... Lemon stealing whores




That doesn't exist but does r/cuttooearly?


Here's a trick for those who are grammatically challenged: If the *to* you're using means *more* or *extra*, add an extra O. Too many, too much, too little, too often. Remember that extra means *to* gets an extra O. Cut too early means it was cut extra early, so add another O to make it too. *Cut to early* sounds like film jargon for jumping to morning time, and doesn't make much sense.


The funny part is that some people will believe it and try it


To clear that up then for anyone who watches this and tries it, when the camera panned away from the mirror to see his fooling around with the thing to remove the cream, he just got a new mirror and covered it with cream to, so it looked like a fix, but nothing happened


Yeah, it's pretty obvious after the close up with him and the squeegee, that the amount of shaving cream on the mirror is different. Lumpier as well.


I’m mean honestly, they could have tried harder to make it look more reasonable. If they did the cut in a less obvious fashion, not even panning away from the mirror, we could have believed it more. Except it’s obvious that using material that melts away would not make a cream that fixes mirrors.


>To clear that up then for anyone who watches this and tries it, when the camera pans away from the mirror to see him fooling around with the thing to remove the cream, **he just swapped it out with a new mirror that was already covered in cream**, so it looked like a fix, but nothing happened Just to make it even clearer.


There's a clear scratch as well on the original mirror's frame, on the front left from our perspective, and it mysteriously also disappears, despite not having shaving cream and lemon juice on it.




then you would have to make a cut in the video. why do that when you have the illusive only-zoom-in-close-for-this-one-spot-that-doesnt-look-out-of-place-at-all technique and just swap the mirrors? big brain moves


Really piss poor acting, the the shrill in her voice 😱


The people that are dumb enough that believe these videos aren't smart enough to be able to tell they are faking it.


There go my last 2 brain cells


Congratulations you're ready to be a showrunner for The CW.


Nah bruh you’re giving them too much credit, you have to have negative brain cells to create crisis on infinite earths.


I used to love watching Arrow and Flash years ago, I believe I stopped before all the crossovers happened. I recently checked it out again and honestly don't know how I used to be genuinely entertained


Because the first season of arrow fucking slaps


I think you mean the First two seasons. Slade was amazing.


Weird coincidence, earlier I was watching some YouTube videos of people shitting on their shows and I didn’t truely understand how awful it was until it was pointed out to me


It's not even mild, I genuinely hate it.




That’s sham .. WOW..!


Honestly, I turned it off once he applied the lemon...


The “acting” was just horrible. How do people watch this crap?


the target audience is children, the acting can be garbage since children can't really tell the difference


Considering that this got 20,000 upvotes - probably half a million views - I'd say the target audience is adults sharing it with each other saying "lOoK HoW StUpId ThIs Is"


He even glanced at the crew changing the mirror. Then laughed. Horrible!


Me too. I don't watch stupid shit.


this is porn tier acting


When i was younger my mom had just got me a phone i was like 10 and i followed one of these things it was a while back it was like put tooth paste or somthing on it so i did that and i ruined my phone and got a ass wooping.


At least you were 10. When I was around 17, a friend of mine followed an online tutorial that told him to cut his sim card in half. He did that before even watching to the end of the video. If he had, he would have seen the guy put mustard on his phone and throw it in the bin, and would have then realised it was a troll video before destroying his own phone.


Excuse me what?


There was also one that tricked some people to put their iPhones in the microwave a while back lmao. These were adults and older teenagers. At least you were 10.


People also got tricked into putting toothpaste on their nipples to get high. Shit was hilarious


Remember when everyone started drilling into their IPhones to get back the headphone jack?


Toothpaste actually isn't too crazy for very light scratches. Most toothpastes have a mild abrasive in them that can buff out hairline scratches. Kinda a poor man's buffing compound. It's a popular remidy for eyeglasses, but I don't think I'd try it on a non waterproof phone.


Yeah they even said to apply mayo and i look back and i just wonder what i was thinking.


I'm not sure I'd ever trust anything or anyone that said the words "now apply mayo"


1) Fucking horrible acting 2) Fucking horrible camera movement 3) If you believe this you're just a straight up fucking idiot.


Imo the horrible camera movement is actually part of it, they're building you up for the just him shot so it's not as noticable that the viewer doesn't see the mirror anymore. It's part of the grift


Oh wow, I skimmed through the video really, really quickly trying to see if I could find a spot where they could cut and insert the unbroken mirror, but they're not even using editing tricks they're just hoping the person watching is dumb enough to not think they'd replace the mirror? This is much, much more stupid than I thought


I mean not gonna lie I didn't notice until I read your comment. I too was looking for some kind of edit.


It's so bad, I slowed the video down to .25x speed and you can even see the original mirror in the "reveal" shot lmao https://imgur.com/9hRuSJ7


To be honest that looks like something inside the house on the other side of the window. Edit: something not someone Edit 2: I just realized it could also be the reflection of the mirror in the window.


The joke is on you. People like this make BANK on millions of views, they are often the same videos: \- Drill a hole in an iPhone to get the headphone socket "back". \- Find a Hi-Fi stereo on the beach, totally rusted and banged up, a little patience later and you have a brand new stereo. \- All these impossible restoration videos, anyone with any knowledge can tell it's fake, and impossible, but people wanna believe. \- Life Hacks, a little wire, a few magnets - and FREE ENERGY! OH NOES , the secret the power companies don't want you to know about. \- Some cucumber, mixed with some spices, and all of a sudden whatever that ailed you before is now permanently cured, look at me! I can walk again! And then you have the SMASH-EVERYTHING-NEW videos, be it a new playstation, a 3090 card, a new Xbox, a new phone...etc, someone sits and wait in a queue to be the first, becomes the first - and smashes it in front of a shocked audience who have also been waiting for days in a queue, in tents and whatnot... ...still worth it for millions and millions of those views. You're still the enabler, for clicking on those, well knowing that it's not even remotely true.


The amount of waste these videos create really bother me. Like nevermind global warming, 5 minute crafts needs to make some sandals using a glue gun that will clearly go straight to landfill


That's not just gullible, thats full on irreparable brain damage gullible.


Preying on the gullible? This is preying on the stupid.


I don't even knows if this counts as preying. Are they really turning a profit from this? They're not selling anything, they just get some views on social media *at best*. I mean, this is not even mildly infuriating. These dudes can't hold a candle to stuff like megachurch pastors.




This is clearly a video created by the big mirror corporations to get people to buy more mirrors after they smash theirs. It’s all part of the racket.


For some reason, reading your comment made me think of John Lovitz in the critic cartoon saying “that’s the ticket.”


Cover in shaving cream so we can zoom in on the con artist with the squeegee and you won’t be able to tell we switched the mirrors out. - Also, can we talk about this weirdo on the left spreading shaving cream with a dang butter knife?! I think I found your sociopath trait, friend.


That’s definitely when they switched the mirrors out.


Yeah I hate when shitty magic tricks prey on the gullible. Like that time I accidently cut my wife in half.


Bro just last week I saw a trick and accidentally burned my house down with a battery accidentally. Stupid Tiktok smh my head but at least I don't have to pay those pesky house loans anymore


I get your point, terrible example, who could believe this? I mean I understand the science behind putting your iPhone in the microwave to charge it. Now that’s solid. But deodorant and shaving cream to fix broken glass? Pfft


When glass breaks the cracks are where the highest stress was, these pressures actually slightly change the composition of the glass along the crack. Lemon juice chemically bonds to the cracks in the glass, this allows the deodorant to itself bond with the cracks in the glass (without the lemon the deodorant would mostly just be sitting on top of the glass and wouldn't seep all the way through the cracks coating the entirety of the inside of the crack). Then with spraying on the shaving cream the cream interacts with the deodorant, inside the cracks themselves the reaction super heats the glass which causes it to melt and reform into the normal glass (instead of the new composition I mentioned above the glass along the cracks reforms back into typical glass), the super heated glass slightly melts and seamlessly fuses back together, like this: https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Self-Healing-UI_03.gif The above is as scientifically accurate as "microwaves can charge batteries", if you "understand the science" of microwaves charging phone batteries then you should also understand the chemical science I laid out above. Both are equally fantastical bullshit.


So basically we need to be extremely careful when shaving that we have removed all deodorant from our bodies so we don’t melt. Got it.


if u fall for this, you deserve it tbh


Looks legit to me. Gonna try it on my switch


Update us bro pls


They always label this garbage as "for entertainment purposes only" I always just click stop from seeing this on fb since they pay to make us watch it


This reeks of the shitty videos found on Facebook


This is just shitty street magic


"What the F, David Blaine?"


Cheez-Its Cheez-Its Cheez-Its Cheez-Its


The only reason to watch is to find when the liars switch the mirrors.


You can drop the acting, honey. No ones buying it


That girls voice is so annoying. She was just like “sO yOu aDd tHe lEmOn tHaN tHe dEoDoRaNt?” It really pissed me off for no reason.


That woman needs an acting class. And a muzzle.


Those idiots swapped it when the camera panned off the mirror , see that the shaving creme is different.


Idk bro it looks pretty real to me. I’m gonna try it.


Wow, what mystery will you unravel next?


They needed a close up of the jackass putting shaving cream on the squeegee to swap the mirror. It’s so obvious it’s lame


My brain didn't think of that, I looked for a cut... I did see the ram being slighlty different but keept looking for a cut. Thank you.


I mean, I know there is people really ... but like really, really, really, REALLY stupid in the internet but I don't even think they would believe this...


I want to have the entire world punch people who make videos like these in the nose.


This...mirror....is....in....unacceptable...CONDITION!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!


Author of this video only pointing out fact, that his/her audience is stupid af


This is how qnan got started and idiots turned it into a religion.


Shit like this makes me appreciate more the acting in movies. Film actors are actually really good lmao


Too fucking long, the punchline is obvious from like 3 seconds in and no one is saying anything half the time


99% of people don’t fall for this, which means a couple of idiots will, and they will post about it, and that’s the real punchline.


They’d have to be incredibly gullible where “gullible” equals “stupid.”


Sorry guys, no time to read the comments. I gotta go buy a lemon!