Right there at 30th and Graceland is John Mellencamp’s pink house according to Kenny Arnoff his drummer

Right there at 30th and Graceland is John Mellencamp’s pink house according to Kenny Arnoff his drummer


I always imagined this house on the south side, but it does fit the bill. I never understood how he could process that image so fast if he truly was driving by on the highway. More on the inspiration for the song > https://americansongwriter.com/behind-the-song-john-mellencamp-pink-houses/


>https://americansongwriter.com/behind-the-song-john-mellencamp-pink-houses/ Definitely no black neighborhoods on the South side when this song was written.


Barrington is south


It's cuz he's full of shit I dated his daughter in HS and he's a wackjob.


> It's cuz he's full of shit > > Are you sure you aren't thinking of John Denver?


> It's cuz he's full of shit He was full of THC


John Denver was a sniper in 'Nam. If he's wrong in the head, it's because he blew so many of them off.


No he wasn't, that's not true at all. This came from an old rumor.


You’re completely right, I first heard it in the April Fool’s day episode of the Disgraceland podcast


Typical discraceland....s/


When I realized what day it was I was genuinely amused. It’s one thing to casually throw that kind of joke out, it’s something else to do an hour of material as a “documentary” about it.


I expected the Rocky Mountains to be rockier.


Or John Lennon who was apparently, not a very nice person either: But a brilliant song writer.


You're talking about Mellencamp right? not the drummer? haha because I also know someone who grew up friends with Mellencamp's sister and said he was dick head.


I’m from his hometown. All my relatives that went to high school with him can confirm.


I was in Bloomington in the 90s & can confirm the dickheadedness. Aranoff, on the other hand, was always a pleasant person to deal with.


Right. Kenny was awesome. Went to school with his brother. Larry Crane, the guitarist, was a good friend.


I would like to hear more about this.


It was the late 80's and he was going through a painting phase. He'd walk around the house and the slightest incident would make him go off Iin a rage and he'd destroy so much stuff.


He's still in a painting phase. A lot of it is pretty decent.


I’d be curious as to which daughter. I work with another one of his daughter’s boyfriend


sent you a pm


Teddi? She is nuts.


I pass this house often.


I haven't taken that exit in a long time. I used to occasionally use it when I picked my buddy in the Navy Reserves up from the Naval Armory on White River. According to Google Street View, it may not be "running through the front yard," but you can definitely see I-65 from there... https://goo.gl/maps/fvj76JY4mYbUXXy96


Does the song mention anything about a shirtless dude in swim trunks smoking a cig? [screenshot from street maps](https://i.imgur.com/LGLK62A.jpg)


Maybe he does in the updated remastered edition? It seems perfect to me.


Hey, I almost got murdered near there in 2011 helping a friend with car trouble. 38th and Graceland. Good times.


Ain't that America


This is 30th


I had car trouble at ~~30th~~ 29th and Graceland when I was 17 and four crackheads with toilet paper in their nostrils pushed my car out of the way and all the way to the bank across Meridian. I honestly had a great experience. Friendly 30th Street crackheads: 10/10


She has a point. In Indy 8 blocks can make a big difference


Even worse!


She’s not wrong 8 blocks can make a difference. For instance this is 31st and Central. I used to live at the ugly blue house on the north east corner there and these shooting videos took place in the two years I lived there https://youtu.be/S_VGLCZ5918 https://youtu.be/JfG5VVeBZ2Q https://youtube.com/shorts/AHXGs8js04U?feature=share


A lot of my family lived in this neighborhood for many years. Weird to think he was driving by staring into their yards like, "Oh hey, black people."


Not true. Has nothing to do with Indianapolis. ​ Edit: **I was incorrect**. The **inspiration** house is in Indy; it was filmed in southern Indiana.


That's a confident response with no back up


He was on 65 in Indianapolis when he got the idea acrually


I love when people own their mistakes. Upvote.


I like when people do no research and are still super confident in their wrongness




Cool story.


When the song was released, it was common knowledge that the inspiration house was in Indianapolis. At least it was common knowledge for most people in Indiana.


It wasn't common knowledge outside of Indiana though. This is actually the first time I heard the house was in Indy. Always thought it was in Bloomington.


I lived in Kokomo when this song came out. Among my friends, in Kokomo, it was common knowledge the "little pink house" was in Indianapolis. I never knew where in Indy. But, we always knew it was in Indy. I believe there was an interview or two on MTV where it was mentioned that it was Indy. I think MTV actually gave away a "little pink house."


I'm surprised. The interviews I've read he makes it seem like it overlooks I-65 directly. I've driven that stretch between Indy and Louisville (with Seymour, John's hometown, in the middle) a lot and some of the property does creep up pretty close to the Interstate and John is old enough to be driving not too long after interstates got built.


I remember he was in town quite a bit around ‘92. He had a studio in the basement of Gateway Plaza on 10th and Meridian. I remember being invited by some musician friends that worked with him and were surprised I lived here in Indy (it was cheaper even back then to fly in and out of LA than to try to live in the city). Closed it soon after…in fact might have been why there was a party there.


If you look in the picture I 65 is in the background


Well.... It is G street.


You look at that house when you’re going to Butler University off the interstate at a red light and if you’re leaving children’s Museum on your way to I65


Graceland. My old stomping ground. I do know that house used to be pink in the 1980s. The house just to the west has a fence painted the same color both houses used to be (pink) in the 1980s.