Who else is actually really down for an HBO Max series reboot of Harry Potter?

Who else is actually really down for an HBO Max series reboot of Harry Potter?


I want a Dirty Harry style action film about Alastair Moody’s career


Law and Auror Edit: thank you for the silver buy all credit to Binge Mode Podcast with Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. Did a huge deep dive on Harry Potter, 3 chapters per episode for all 7 books, which can be found on Spotify


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Moody: “TALK” *transforms death eater’s hand into carrot* Death Eater: “What are you insane??” Moody: “No, I’m just mad.” *looks at camera* “...Mad Eye Moody”


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You've got to ask yourself one question, punk, do you feel vigilant? Well, do ya, punk?


With Domhnall Gleeson as Moody


Molly has some explaining to do


I think that there is so much expanding they can do that they should focus on that before a reboot. In my opinion, reboots feel like a last hurrah and a final Hail Mary to make money. Harry Potter and the Wizarding World is still a VERY popular and lucrative fandom—rather than redo what exists, create something new that the fans have been asking for. Marauders Series St. Mungo’s Medical Drama The Four Founders Hogwarts: A History/ other textbooks (i.e. Fantastic Beasts) Series about the Sacred 28 Focus on new characters from the other houses Etc. There is literally so much they can do, idk why a reboot would be at the top of the list.


I don’t think that Fantastic Beasts series has been especially successful or embraced. Similarly to how Game of Thrones stumbled to the finish line without George’s books to provide the foundation, I think anything that is beyond the scope of the original books is going to have a limited chance of nailing it. That doesn’t mean I don’t want new content but I prefer it to start off in the new television medium with financial and critical success, giving future spin-offs (that you listed) a solid base and a studio green light.


First movie was fine, and a good proof of concept. The second is largely what's causing a lot of the criticism.


Totally fair. The first FB did do a good job of capturing that wonder of magic.


And a lot of the stuff people didn't like were the tye-ins to the original Potter films, too.


Maybe not so much among dedicated fans, but the first two Fantastic Beasts movies grossed $1.5 billion. And that’s just box office earnings. It doesn’t include a penny from merchandising and related revenues. So I’d say that they’re not *not* successful, at least from a business standpoint.


I personally think a maurauders series would be great. 1. Because I’d love to see a storyline of that group. And 2. Tv shows that take place back in the mid to late 20th century are big right now I guess? It’s a nostalgic theme I think that’s going on. Also a series on the sacred 28 would be dope


Mid to late 20th century is a weird way to say the 70s


Okay but like a Real Housewives of the Sacred 28 sounds amazing. 10/10 would watch


Who's the sacred 28?


It's the title of a list of the last 28 pure blood families (that are also not "blood traitors"). I feel like a series about them difficult if you want to avoid it going Nazi (similar criticism was voiced about the planned LOTR series featuring the humans of Númenor) Edited because apparently I can't spell "not"


A St Mungo's medical drama might be the first hospital show since Scrubs I actually cared about.


I worry it’d go the way of Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m just not interested in any McWitchy/McWizzy drama.


Because you would neee jk Rowling to write these


HBO Max ATYD is fine with me.


Yes. Very much agree with this. Just leave what we have, as we have it. If it's something new, set in the world, but unrelated to our story, good.


Oh my god. Please give us a st.mungos medical drama. I would never know I needed this if not for you dammit! Lololol


There is too much money in licensing that links to the movies aesthetic for them to reboot the series.


Not to mention WB/Universal has ironclad royalties contracts with the live-action film actors, primarily because Universal Studios uses their likenesses in advertising for the theme park lands.


Not to mention, the films are great. The point of redoing them would be to improve them in some way which of course can be done but not in any really meaningful way. If anything, they should redo the last few seasons of game of thrones.


A TV show is quite a different medium from a movie. The longer amount of time available could allow for a significant improvement. I do agree though, I love the movies.


Have you read the books? Does it not bother you that they left out a lot of HBP for example?


I love the Harry Potter movies, but there is a LOT of room for improvement. The first two are the most accurate, but honestly are kinda boring, and the rest of the movies had a lot of inconsistencies from the books, leaving out a lot of key stuff. I would love them to do a TV show at some point and do a season per book.


I know I'm in the minority for this but I think the movies are pretty bad. One of the main reasons I'd be up for a TV series reboot at some point.


I mean, Amazon is making their LOTR series, and I would say that those films are honestly perfect. So obviously, that's not really an impediment.


Exactly! There’s no way they’ll do an over haul of the parks to match another aesthetic. I’m sure there are contract where WB can’t re boot due to licensing contracts for many years




it’s looking like gen z teens are getting more into it? there was this entire phenomenon of #dracotok on tiktok and last years freshmen in college had a heavy supply of potter heads… i think it’s just trending towards an older audience, maybe for the nostalgia of it? maybe it’s becoming a classic lol




> The last movie came out after they were born... If that's the case, then you are talking to children younger than Harry was in the first book, since the last movie only came out 10 years and 2 months ago. There's no surprise that they wouldn't be interested in the 7-book long or 8-movies long series.




I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th and agree. Harry Potter just isn’t as popular as it used to be. Even my monolingual students don’t get the references like they used to. I also didn’t see any merchandise (folders, pencils, notebooks, etc) at Staples this year. I would love to see a reboot so I can start using Harry Potter trivia again. I also have two (very expensive) sets of the whole series in Spanish and Arabic that never get touched.




Star Wars, The Matrix, LotR, Harry Potter, Shrek.... I need new material to illustrate the hero's journey because the kiddies just don't reliably know the ones I know.


Wtf DH pt 1 came out in 2010???


This argument could be used to reboot dozens of great works of literature and film. It’s our job to share art and stories with them. If adults didn’t pass on the art we loved to kids, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon wouldn’t have been the longest charting album of all time. Starry Night wouldn’t be one of the most reprinted paintings in history. And so on and so on. Just because something has grown older doesn’t not mean it needs to be replaced. I’m certain that one day there will be a new adaptation of the HP books as has happened with countless other works of literature but we’re not there yet. Find some old copies at flea markets and garage sales and share these stories with your students.


This is why it is madness for music publishers to block YouTube videos. Bands like the Eagles are just going to disappear. Queen are already better known than the Beatles to a generation of kids.


If they do it animated and keep the score, I don't think this is a problem.


Yes I think a really well done animation would be awesome.


Yeah. Having grown up with the films, it's hard to think of anyone other than the original cast as Harry, Ron and Hermione.


I am. I rather they do a proper series of the orginal 7 books, actually trying to follow the books story as best as possible, than some random new series that may or may not be good.


Yep, just be faithful to the books. 1 book per season. Don't skip anything, don't add anything. Just adapt them. And it'll be a banger.


They can really make this good by not only following the books but adding in other parts of the stories that we don’t get to see. I’ve always been curious about what Voldemort was doing after coming back. I wanna know more about that world.


Good point. I just have ptsd from GoT. I'd say "I want the author to give their consent with new additions to the story." But considering what J.K. has "added" already, maybe it would be better if the showrunners had their say.


I'd rather JK Rowling not be involved at all to be honest. She's clearly proven that she can't handle screenwriting and I don't see what she would have to add that you couldn't get from just reading the text.


Well, as long as the makers were subject to the same restrictions as Warner Bros. No non-european actors, and no new characters. You can depend on an american scriptwriting team to introduce a Mary Sue, and an american studio to cast a blonde up-and-coming teenager as Mary Sue. There's a reason why the HP films worked so well - there was a sense of authenticity.


This 1000%. And for Merlin's sake, spend more than a year on the script. Make sure the writing and dialogue and scene breakdown and pacing is rock solid before you even think about casting. This is not a new franchise but a golden one. Invest in the time and care needed to make a outstanding show. The worst universe is one where this ends up like the Death Note Netflix film. If that's the case, kill the show with fire.


I appreciate Rowling for all she has done but she’s in Lucas territory now. Time to pass the franchise off. Before you flame me on the Star Wars sequel trilogy look up the reports of what Lucas pitched about magic trees birthing people… his would have been much, much worse.


Most of the changes in GOT while they were still following the books were good. It was when they had to move the plot forward and reach an ending on their own it didn’t work out.


I'm not sure one book per season would really work, just because the difference in length and the depth of the content has such a wide disparity between book one and book 7.


Each season could always have different amount of episodes.


The beauty of television though is that you can change the length of a season.


Also the beauty of streaming platforms is that they can make each episode as long or as short as it needs to be. One episode could be 31 minutes long, the next 54 minutes long.


Make one episode per chapter and that episode is however long it takes to tell the chapter. I have only read the books once, so I don't remember how many chapters there were.


I honestly don't think this is a good idea. There are a lot of chapters that I think wouldn't work on their own as episodes. For example, the last chapter of each book is usually Harry's thoughts of what just happened, Dumbledore's speech, the train and platform 9 3/4. I think having an episode like that after all the action/intensity of the previous episode would be a terrible way to end a season. Obviously, that's just an example. There are many other chapters that I think just don't have enough things going on to make an episode interesting.


That would be way too many episodes. The first three books are about 20 chapters each which would be a long season for a modern high budget tv production. Bht the last four books are 30 to 40 chapters a piece, which would just be infeasable. I would think something like 8-10 episodes for each of the first three books and then 12-15 episodes for the last four would be a good pace


Took the words right out of my mouth


This is for sure what I’ve always wanted to see too


I’d like to see an animated retelling of the books without leaving anything out.


Yes! I would prefer an animated reboot as well!


I would prefer an animated reboot solely because I don’t think another cast could top the trio in the movies. It just wouldn’t be the same


I personally find the trio to be the worst bit of casting in the series. The adult cast now that's something else one of the greatest ensembles of all time.


Yeah, that's how I think they'd have to do it. That way you can actually tell the full story without worrying about the kids growing up. They'd have to film all of the seasons back to back to get it to look right.


Agreed. I feel like animation is just the superior means of storytelling when it comes to things like magic and fantastic beasts.


With animation by Studio Ghibli!


I've read the books over and over. I watched the movies a plenty. I'd rather something new. Something that isn't bound by Harry Potter but rather something new and intriguing. But something where fights isn't two people shooting a stream at each other and they're connecting like in fantastic beasts. I want creativity, effects, apparition (the non shadow smoky kind) and so on.


completely disagree. I want some new stuff


The only reboot I'd wanna see is an animated reboot, because anyone else playing the roles would get rejected by the fans regardless of who they are


I would 100% support an animated series, but not because I think new actors would be rejected, I just think animation is the perfect medium to showcase all the magical elements from the books. Relying on live-action CGI is too problematic. It doesn't always age well and tends to create too many budget restrictions.


Also aging the actors properly is an absolute nightmare.


Oh man imagine if they CGI-aged the Golden Trio back to their first year selves, similar to what they did to Will Smith in Gemini Man 😳 agree that maybe an animated version is better in the long run


I mean if ANY studio has got a shitload of money to spend, it's Warner Bros., but yeah, CGI might not age well. Sorry to be the resident weeb here but I'd love to see it done in an anime style, I just think it captures emotion way better than western animation. There's a fantasy book series in the same sort of niche as Harry Potter, as in a book mostly meant for younger teenagers, called Maximum Ride. It was actually adapted into a japanese manga series and it turned out amazing. Wonder if maybe one day HP would get that sort of treatment.


We live in a world where Star Wars Visions is happening so never say never about an anime adaptation. I didn’t know Maximum Ride became a manga?!?! That’s WILD and I have to check it out.


Definitely this. It's much easier to create fantasy worlds in animation than soon to be dated cgi.


This is what I've been trying to advocate for Disney to do an *Eragon*/Inheritance Cycle reboot as well. However, the author, Christopher Paolini, was adamant early-on that he wanted the reboot to be "live-action". I'm not sure if he eventually changed his mind or not, but he was favorable and positive when I [posted animated show concept art and tagged him on Twitter](https://twitter.com/acagoldsmith/status/1406662578466590728). In general, I've noticed a lot of fans and authors seem to have an attitude of "live-action is better than animation", or that "animation is inferior to live-action". Yet this isn't true at all. If anything, animated reboots, as seen with Netflix's *Castlevania* series, are more cost-effective. There's also a lot you can do with an animated series that you can't do with live-action. However, I am also 100% fully supportive of a *Harry Potter* animated series, too. The only issue is that the series is likely to be 3-D animated, unless WB goes the *Star Wars: Visions* route. In the case of *Visions*, Disney hired various anime studios to do *Star Wars* animated concepts.


Whenever this subject comes up I always think of [Makani's art.](https://www.deviantart.com/makani/art/Leaky-s-Widget-pics-46664400)


Yess I used to be so obsessed with her art


Definitely an animated series first. Could you imagine how creative they could be with the animation, zero limitations. Then combine that with solid voice acting and music.


I wish someone would pay this girl to do this with the whole audiobook. It's my favorite Harry Potter thing https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/fvm88o/im_the_girl_who_animated_a_clip_from_the_harry


I might get downvoted for this, but, In my opinion, we don’t need a reboot of Harry Potter. The movies were great and it’s only been 20 years since the first movie (and only 10 years since the last movie.) I would like to see a reboot in the future, but I don’t think it is necessary right now.


Yeah, no need for a reboot, I’m starved of content. I just want more of the bigger HP world, away from Hogwarts and co, I want to see different types of wizards and how they live, maybe even more complex magic lore and stuff


What if rowling made a Hogwarts orgin storys book starring the 4 original house creators


That would be dope


Yes it would


I would like that as well!


stories of the marauders would be great too


If she partnered with a team of professional medievalists to make it, then sure! Source: I'm an amateur medievalist historian who has created "historically accurate Hogwarts Founders" posts and r/FanTheories that have seen some success.


Agreed. There is so much untapped potential in exploring the wider Wizarding World. The first Fantastic Beasts movie did a great job of scratching the surface of exploring this universe outside Hogwarts. Instead of rebooting the franchise, I would prefer to see the Wizarding World go in the direction of the MCU or Star Wars by focusing on new locations and characters (or exploring old characters) and following their adventures. Basically... I want a Mandalorian but with Aurors.


Starved for content is definitely spot on. I think thats a primary motivator for why Im so enamored with this thought.


I just don’t know why we really haven’t got that much source material, I look at Star Wars since the original trilogy and I get a little bit jealous lol (regardless of how Disney handles the franchise), HP barely has video games to count on


Hmm, I was thinking about this, and at first thought, I would love a Star Wars like universe full of cartoons and books and comics and so on. But thinking about it more, I'm just not sure HP is the right franchise for that. Stories need conflict to function, just because that's how stories work. Harry Potter is in a position where the story of the greatest conflict of their world has already been told, with not many gaps prior to that conflict out there to need a prequel. I think this is the difference between HP and Star Wars. Notice how much of SW expanded content is prior to the original trilogy and not after? And the films that take place after the original trilogy are often seen as sub par? This is because you get power creep if you try to manufacture additional conflict in a story that's already had it's climax and resolution. I've even seen signs of this in HP already (see Credance's strength). In conclusion, I think there's a point where the exposition, climax, and resolution of a franchise has been told already, with only reference books left to make, and I think Harry Potter may be at that point after the Fantastic Beasts series is done.


I really want the African Wizarding school story... I would geek out SO hard for that story.


Any Wizarding school I would be on board with


There was an old IGN April fools prank that was an auror TV show and I've always thought that was such a killer idea.


I think it is why I love the Fantastic Beasts more than HP at this point. As an adult it feels like a legit adult spin off and I love the world, imagery, everything! I am also a sucker for period pieces. It’s like the best of everything and I never want it to end.


I would enjoy a cartoon, closely based on the books. I think it’s different enough to not really be considered a remake and it would make up for everything that they missed in the original series of movies.


I think an animated retelling by the books could be really cool for a show, as other people have suggested. I would not really be interested in a live action retelling.


TEN YEARS SINCE THE LAST MOVIE?! Holy shit. Time flies.


I disagree with the sentiment that the movies are great. Movies are very inconsistent and I don’t think the movies, especially the later ones, do the books justice.


Meh I disagree with that. I am curious though, why do you think the movies are inconsistent?


Because if you read the books they just are. I love both don't get me wrong but the movies took almost all of Ron's big moments and gave them to Hermione and made him a mcguff. You miss out on a lot of in house drama, Luna is nothing like her book character but enjoyed it. There are many other things that I don't care to list but it would be cool to see it fleshed out and more faithful adaptation.


Art direction, and filming locations changed making the castle in the first two movies feel very different from later movies. Acting across the movies feels different, and this isn’t a critique of the actors as children I can give them a pass on the first few but by the fifth I’d expect more, this is probably more on the directors than the actors tbh. All in all I think the films would have benefited from a production team working everything out, ie art direction and story, from the beginning. Could have had a more consistent story thats more in line with the books. I think a series is better because the later books need more screen time to breathe, being able to tell the story GoF over 5.5 hours vs 2 would mean less would need to be cut.


Also little things changing between films, like the school uniform and how much time the characters spent in "normal" clothing when it goes against established world-building for wizards to do so, made it feel quite inconsistent. The first two films have a very different feel to the third, which went in a completely different direction under a new director, and again the style changed for later films. Don't get me wrong, I know the books changed as the characters grew up and the stories got darker, but it just feels very dramatic when you compare CoS with PoA, for example.


Maybe after Fantastic Beasts is complete


Same. I'd personally be up for any kind of prequel around the founders or early times.


I think the movies just miss so much though. Something that a series could fully explore, even make some subtle changes so long as your loyal to the material where it matters. Also really give it time to expand certain aspects of the wizard it world itself. Plant seeds for other shows or movies, but do it in a way that is thought out over the course of seven seasons.


It will be taken with a lot of negative flak from the mass because they'll have to recast the characters and nobody wants that. Can you imagine anyone else playing Snape other than Alan Rickman or the main 3 characters done by someone else? I think they should not do a live action adaption at all and instead make an animated series if they want to.


This is so subjective though. I know it’s unpopular but I always had trouble matching Alan Rickman to book Snape. Book Snape had a beard. And I always pictured him more expressive than stone-faced in the movies. Alan Rickman’s performance was fantastic, but it’s not exactly faithful to the books


That's your problem? Not the giant age difference?


Agreed. I’m down for side stories and prequel stories that add to the universe, but the movies are still new and popular, and the score for the movies, the visuals, etc are intertwined with the Harry Potter world now. There’s plenty of time to reboot much later on.


Okay is this thing real or not? Because I agree with you and I might be just a little upset if they're actually going to do it.


I think these are just rumors at the moment.


I'm 50/50 on a reboot because the movies were great, the casting specifically was impeccable, but a full, fleshed out series with one book per season could give us the intricate details that the movies couldn't always do.


Totally agree. The movies are near perfect with only minor things missing. My main issue is Ron as 1D comedy relief and Hermione being beautiful and perfect from the get-go with no flaws.


I agree. I actually enjoyed the movies. Besides, despite being 10+ years since the movies were made, they're still fresh in a lot of people's minds. Everyone would be constantly comparing the reboot to the old versions and finding fault in both. It's better to wait until most people have forgotten them. I'd rather see more of the wizarding world. Like Ilvermory, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and maybe a series focused on the Marauders. Or better yet, a new series focused on the misadventures of Luna Lovegood after she graduates Hogwarts.


Exactly! Reboot it when we have a generation of kids that haven’t automatically seen it since birth. 30 more years will be a good chunk of time for special effects to get even better and for the original actors to be middle aged enough to potentially still be involved in adult roles and not be totally 100% recognizable.


Great how? Sure they weren't bad and were mostly enjoyable. But they weren't loyal to the books nearly enough and that need could be filled specifically by an hbo max series.


I thought they were great adaptions. The plot was mostly the same. Sure there were some changes, but most of the changes were minor and it’s also really hard to keep everything from the books the exact same in an adaption.


....were the movies great though?


In my opinion they were


After seeing what Warner Brothers is doing to DC, not gonna lie, I’d rather the rights be sold to Amazon.


And James Corden can be dumbledore!


And Danny DeVito can be Dobby!


Now I actually wouldn’t mind that…


Scene: Dobby Devito being interviewed in the magical world: “So anyways…I started cursing. “ See? It writes itself


"so anyway, I started casting"


Please say you’re joking


I think their comments are from this fantastic madness: [POV - it's 2030 and you're in charge of selecting the most horrible cast for a HP remake ever to exist. Do your worst.](https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/pj03zz/pov_its_2030_and_youre_in_charge_of_selecting_the/) edit: I meant they're continuing the thread


I was gonna ask, "What about Netflix?", then I remembered their horrible *Death Note* adaptation...not to mention them supposedly also badly adapting *Avatar: The Last Airbender*...


Avatar isn’t even out yet, so we have no idea what that’s going to be like, and Death Note really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it got pretty much the highest praise it could have gotten (the author and artist of the manga both said that they really liked it, and specifically praised the creative liberties the movie took)


Theyre making a Sequel to Death Note too, announced in 2018 and brought back up again in april of this year to say itll be more faithful to the manga


Absolutely not because it's not available in the UK


I vote Netflix so we can enjoy it in almost every country.


It would have to be hbo because that’s Warner media’s streaming platform and they own the rights to Harry Potter adaptations


Ah, I see. It's a shame, but fair enough.


HBO might be the only platform I'd trust. Netflix drops the ball too often. Idk if it's because HBO knows who to hire but they have an esteemed lineup of classics and still manage to put out quality shows.


I feel most of netflix success come from shows and movies that only need a distributor. Their originals were good in the beginning but they've canceled most everything at this point. Hbo has decades worth of connections that are willing to come back due to hbo being one of the few networks to let them have almost full creative control


Sky Atlantic was the equivalent when Game of Thrones was on, aired the same time too




I wish we could see more of the Marauders, but ultimately I think any show wouldn’t stick to the canon (or many people’s head canon!) and would end up being disappointing. I’d love to be proved wrong though


Yeah, no. Let the dream die. It had it's time, and it was fantastic.


I agree. I want them to do so many recreates of different people’s lives, origin, life later, even a remake to match the books, but more often then not the films just aren’t as good. If they make it sick and really put time into making it amazing, of course I’d want that, but spin off’s generally don’t do well..


Agreed. I’d be down for this, but maybe in like 20 years.


I’d rather have an animated spinoff that centers around different aspects of the wizard of world, like quidditch or aurors.


Ehh, I'd prefer *Quidditch Through the Ages* to an Auror version of *Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...*


*Quidditch Through the Ages* but make it like *Horrible Histories*.


Or Drunk History




I stand by my opinion that an animated series would work really well. Opens up space for just a little bit of caricature in the designs (like Petunia having a lot of neck or Umbrige resembling a toad) and would help sell some of the Roald Dahl-esque whimsy.


I would prefer a japanise Anime Style series or sth Like castlevania


I'd hate it be a reboot. I'd rather a new story in modern times. No prequel. I despise prequels more than reboots. How about a story where the Muggle world discovers the Magical world and what the repercussions are and how it effects both societies moving forward. Hell, with a story like this you could even include our main characters Harry, Ron and Hermoine. But at the same time, I'd also be fine with brand new characters. Maybe HP characters could make the odd appearance since they'd be much older now. If we go by the ages based on when the books released, they'd be like 40 years old now? Or we could just go by their movie ages and get the same actors to make appearances, so they'd be 30ish now. I just like the world-building of it. Like, you'll have the obvious racism vs Witches and Wizards. The politics would be interesting as you'd have the magic and the muggle governments fighting one another for control. For some more light-hearted stuff, we'd see maybe shops and stuff hiring Witches and Wizards for various things. I mean, but that was also cause negative impact in the same way that robots are taking over our jobs in real life, well Witches and Wizards would take over Human labor jobs in this story. But it would mainly be about different peoples trying to live together despite their differences. Instead of having a Wizard villain again, maybe it could be a Muggle who somehow manages to steal and use the Wizarding world magic somehow. Like, even though he can't produce magic himself, he can still use magical things maybe. For example, there are many items that could probably be used by muggles. Like the invisibility cloak and maybe philosophers stone?


I would rather take an anthology series about the First Wizarding War which includes the Marauders and the OG Order of the Phoenix. Or maybe the series just explores the Wizarding World in the Harry Potter era - e.g. employees doubting Fudge's claim for return of Voldemort, or post First War trials and arrests.


Nah I'm good


The movies were fine. Maybe an animated cartoon series of it would be okay but I don't think I could ever truly imagine the characters looking different.


They'll ruin it, change my mind


as long as the cast isnt american. in fact id say no. id rather a british reboot tbh


I personally would. I absolutely love the old actors and the movies were great. However, we all know they cut out too much in the movies. A live action series with a full season per book is what we need. It would be incredible. We also know universal does not want this as they have built their park around those actors so they would be 100% against it. Most likely WB doesn't want that for the same reason with merchandise. I think an animated show is much more likely. They can make them look like the old actors while using voice actors.


I’d like to see Masterpiece do it. Some PBS magic.


I'd be wary of Hollywood again, but 100% trust the BBC to do it right.


Yes! I love me some PBS Masterpiece Theater. I feel like they would get Goblet of Fire right and include all of the SPEW and Winky parts that got cut out.


You know what I would love? "Hogwarts" Different time. New teachers, new students. *Felicity* but at Wizard school


Isn't this essentially the plot of *Hogwarts Mystery* and *Hogwarts Legacy*?


This community loves setting itself up for disappointment. Any recreation of the books will fail, and it's no one's fault really. Unless they have a new take on it, like an animated show that is more about the daily life at Hogwarts and not the main plot, they will not be able to beat both the books and movies. And if they can't beat both of them at the same time the series will not be satisfying.


I wouldn't want the series to follow the books, but simply be set within that universe. There are a ton of possibilities for original stories. I'm surprised this hasn't already been a thing, honestly, besides *Fantastic Beasts*.


No. No reboots. But please keep expanding the HP universe




Are we ready for a reboot this early?..maybe but I don’t think I am.


I want a dark-humour buddy cop series following Harry and Ron as Aurors


Honestly? No. The series is not old enough, nor so badly done enough that it needs a reboot. Prequel? Maybe. Spin off or sequel? Absolutely. But enough with the motherfucking reboots already. Are people so starved for content that they'll keep ingesting the same story over and over? Are creators so creatively bankrupt that they can't do anything except rehash the same ideas over and over? I had the same reaction to Avatar, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters and oh so many other things. For the life of me I don't understand why anyone would be so excited to have the same fucking story *that's been told twice now* when we could have a completely new and original story with new characters. I honestly don't get it. These franchises/settings are so goddamned ripe for new and compelling stories and creators are utilizing so little of it. Rather than seeing Harry Potter's story for the third time, how about a rookie auror, fresh out of training and struggling with the demands of his new job, stumbles head-first into a new an unique threat to the wizarding world? Or how about a romantic comedy about a witch and wizard who are partners in the Ministry's department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes and have to maintain their professionalism amidst the zany cases and their own simmering romantic/sexual tension? Drama thriller about a criminal witch who uses real magic to gain fame and fortune as a performing muggle magician? She's extremely intelligent and charismatic, using social manipulation combined with her magic to stay one step ahead of the aurors chasing her. There. There's three original (and I think interesting) concepts I came up with a modicum of effort. But yeah, sure. Let's have Harry vs. Voldy for the third fucking time.


oh pls no.


Rather they did a 7 season show based on Tom Riddle/Voldy. 7 seasons for 7 Horcruxes. Benedict Cumberbatch to play adult Riddle before he fucks his face up.


I’m just waiting for the thrilling crime drama “Law & Auror”


I'd love to see a series that was completely loyal to the books. Give us Winky, give us SPEW, give us the brains in the Dept of Mysteries, all of it


A show series is ALWAYS a better adaptation of books than a movies


Hot take: it’s too soon.


Lol I'd love them to do 7 season series about hp. This would help with so many forgotten side arcs. It would also possibly help with extending on current world with giving some likeability to side characters that weren't even mentioned in movies, were barely mentioned in books but could be a side characters in series.


I'm confused, is this actually happening?


Just give me a movie about quidditch you cowards


Probably not. I guess HBO would film in USA using actors with terribly fake British accents and risks sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. But also, I guess we would always compare any reboot to the original.


And Harry would be black and Ron would be trans if they made it now.




Never seen Game of Thrones. So had no idea who was or wasn't in it.


I'm not. Sorry but watching someone else replace Daniel Radcliffe as the boy who lived just doesn't sit well in my mind.