the funny thing is once you unlock dance of wrath you probably dont even bother with heavenly strike anymore (especially on lethal when normal hits are 1 hit KO anyway)


Why even use dance of wrath if you have smoke bombs, kunai, stickys, black powder at your disposal This game just developed the old assassin’s creed problem from AC: Brotherhood. Lots of ways to people means you have an answer to everything at all times with little worry. The only “hard” thing in this game is boss fights, when you’re stripped down to sword combat and nothing else. Otherwise it’s a cake walk once you’re familiar with resolve usage, ghost weapons, and stances. Not to mention an extremely forgiving stealth mechanic with distracting bells *that can be modified to be instant kills without revealing you while keeping you from a distance*


Yeah the difficulty is really uneven at times. Regular enemies are always absurdly easy, but the bosses on lethal get ridiculously hard. And not much in between.


The thing with the bosses on lethal is, you either die in 3 seconds, or you absolutely destroy them without taking damage. And not much in between.


That’s the point the combat is lethal


And for some that’s why we love those difficulty levels. Us masochists who sl1 in dark souls and stuff like that. I just beat kojiro and the final boss (the ACTUAL final duel, don’t wanna spoil because idk how to do that spoiler tag) in lethal mode and while incredibly difficult, my god does it give you satisfaction when you beat them without getting hit after 3-4 perfect parries. Only boss fights I consider harder than the above 2 on lethal are SS isshin in Sekiro and Sigrun from GoW4 on the hardest difficulty. I had an easier time fighting slave knight Gael in Ds3 tbh.


DMC on Hell and Hell would like a word with you.



Oh don’t get me wrong! I’m in that group of people, though none of the bosses in GoT (on lethal) gave me anywhere near the challenge that the soulsborne bosses gave me


BOW is best weapon if U do the right build u can have infinite concentration and arowws


I made a ridiculously OP Tayadori build and ended up getting rid of it because it made everything boring. I was just endlessly sniping everyone before they could get near me.


See and this person agress very OP build


Best maybe, but the point is they're all *extremely* effective. It's an amazingly fun game, but it ain't a hard one.


What’s the charm for arrows? I’m near the end and I can’t recall anything that replenishes arrows.


Its on headshot 40% chance but i made it 80 with charms its a non minor charm


I came back to this comment just to say I *finally* found this charm. When I originally visited the shrine it’s located at in Act 1, I didn’t have the grappling hook, so I left it behind. I forgot about it, and I’m in the end game now and was wondering “where’s the last shrine I’m missing?!” Lo and behold, it’s this one. Would have been useful in the game.


I only use Kunai as a last resort or to initiate a battle; when I'm surrounded by 5+ enemies, I focus more on trying to aggressively stagger each one. I pull out a dance of wrath if I find that I'm being overwhelmed. Ghost weapons are great and all but that requires me to have to switch to the right once (or go into the menu) and that kinda takes away from the flow of the game. I play with a Gosaku build that has charms for heavy resolve regeneration. Especially when there aren't ghost weapons readily available (especially post game when all camps are cleared) it's a lot easier to regen resolve than say a sticky bomb.


I use dance of wrath all the time bc it’s fun. Regardless of difficulty I find this game tons of fun, to play however I feel like at the time. I personally don’t see it as much of a problem bc I don’t want every game to be like dark souls or something. Sometimes I want to chill and feel like a bad ass samurai ninja


I RARELY died while playing Read Dead 2 and that was easily one of my favorite games in recent memory. Sometimes I like a game that kicks my ass (like the Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes especially when playing on Hardcore) but just because I didn’t die too often after the first few days of playing Ghost of Tsushima (outside of some boss fights) didn’t make the game any less enjoyable for me. I played it on medium difficulty my first time though & just platinumed the game this past weekend & I’m considering playing through again on hard before Legends drop. The scenery that’s everywhere around you in Ghost is reason enough to play the game, I found myself just riding around looking for the best spots to take pictures lol.




I use Dance of Wrath because it lets me kill like three dogs at one time.


BECAUSE I HAVE HONOUR!!! Caps intended


That's why I sword combat everything.


Yeah, people saying this game is too easy are like the cowardly assassin that tried to fell your uncle--be a man, face your enemies with only steel and courage! The true samurai way!


That's what I did. Tried to follow the samurai way as much as possible. Died once in the second act and haven't died said. You become OP very quickly if you liberate all of Act 1 before digging into 2.


I'm about to finish the entirety of that portion of the island before rescuing uncle, and it's true--I'm pretty OP. But it feels earned? And I'm sure the slew of tougher enemies in the next area will bring me back to reality. I still get overwhelmed and ganked occasionally, but that might just be because I'm bad at the game. ;P The only thing I permit myself to use is the kunai, and only if it's an emergency.


They get tougher on lethal as the act goes on so you'll still get a pretty decent challenge. Not to mention the actual duels.


I lost more standoffs for sure, but I still never died. I died several times in one of the duels at the end of act one, but breezed through the final boss.


Lol Khotun is a joke. I almost beat him on the bridge but I guess that's not allowed cuz he starts doing some really off the wall moves.


Then the Mongols win.


Toxic Demise, I use it when I'm feeling overwhelmed and Bamham-ish, Joker gas!


I think it’s like a reward. Like if your willing to do the million side quests then yeah you basically become OP. But if you play the game without those then I have to say the sword fighting difficulty really ramps up.


Personally, the only way to really enjoy the game is to only use the sword. I found the swordplay mechanic on lethal to be so enjoyable. Dance of wrath was my get out of jail free card if I was ever in too much trouble. It still felt like cheating.


Tbh, boss fights get easy at like mid end of the story as you get dance of wrath and heavenly strike. If you have a full focus bar, you can just start off with a few deflects (because dance of wrath doesn't register sometimes if you start it off with that) then do the dance of wrath, then heavenly strike a bit. If you want to finish it off cool, deflect and evade to get focus then dance of the wrath, otherwise, deflecting and counteracting or evading to the back of the boss is cool as well.


Ya but then uncle isn’t pleased! We gotta walk the righteous and honorable path!


Naw man, proto-ninja for life, making it storm so wild that the peasants of Tsushima might never see the sun again


I've done it both ways and I love how you can make the playthroughs feel totally different even though the basic narrative beats never change.


Cus it's fun to use it and we don't have to play the game the most optimally to have fun


Playing with any semblance of thought destroys all enemies. With so many tools at your advantage and so many charms/armor sets that boost raw stats to make you incredibly lethal and durable, the game just bends over and asks you to be gentle at the end of act 1


The dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your family! And your cow!


Yep, this bothers me quite a lot. I love the game, but the way the gadgets are balanced, it's ridiculously easy, even on lethal. 20 dudes running you down on lethal? No need for a build, at all. Put on the kensei armor and just use all the insanely OP gadgets and special moves, the fight is over before it began. Which is such a shame, early-mid game is a really fun challenge.


The armour that increases Ghost Weapon DMG plus a few charms makes Kunai insane.


>Otherwise it’s a cake walk once you’re familiar with resolve usage, ghost weapons, and stances. I've found it's less so if you stick to ronin, kensei, or travel armor instead of the samurai armors. yeah it's still pretty easy but those samurai armors soak up a ton of damage and make a pretty big difference wrt difficulty imo also it's not like you *have* to use the ghost weapons, you can simply choose not to use them or to even use stealth at all


Dance of wrath takes 3 resolve though, and it doesn't do that much on hard difficulty. Sometimes I just use heavenly stroke with the big shield guys to open them up.


Yea it's interesting because on lethal Dance of Wrath basically kills 3 people for you with one use. And that's perfect because it allows you to change up your strategy mid combat when you're being outnumbered.


I rarely get three to die with it. One person usually takes two cuts on lethal.


With a maxed or major charm of Imari it’ll usually cut through three. Same with Sakai or Ronin armor. Melee boosts are useful in lethal


Yeah I max Inari and it basically turns Dance of Wrath into an insta-standoff button without the standoff part. DoW can take out three archers, dogs, or spear-boys easy. Usually only 2 if you hit a tank.


the big brutes and big shield guys take 2 cuts. otherwise DoW is normally 3 kills.


you probably need to upgrade your katana


It's maxed since the beginning of act 2


Lmao I finished the game with 2 upgrades left to get, how do you find so much resources?


Liberate the settlements and just generally exploring. I didn't touch most of the main story without finishing side quests


Right? I never got it to hit 3 people people. I just figured my controller was jank.


On hard if you're in the snowy region with lvl 3 enemies it kills 1 and damages 1.


3 insta kills is strategy? Filthy cas


>Heavenly stroke with the big shield guys to open them up Huh, you unlock that by visiting a geisha? I bet that opens them up, alright.


This joke is about five hundred years too early but I’m here for it 😂


Your mom gave me her heavenly stroke


I had a heavenly stroke last night


Heavenly "stroke"?....that sounds like something you'd do in your bedroom.


My girl loves my heavenly stroke.


>heavenly stroke Huh. Wasn't aware of this technique.


That’s what she said


Yeah on hard dance of wrath doesn’t even kill most enemies with one slash it takes 2. Heavenly strike is good as a quick and inexpensive add on or combo ender. Dance of wrath can be useful in duels, but even then they kick your ass on hard so you might need it for health.


Heavenly stroke 😳


How'd you stumble upon this, it's from 2 months ago!


I like to sort subreddits by top of all time so I can see the best of the subreddit first!


Oh, cool, welcome!




True. However You can use heavenly strike to counter unblockable attacks, super effective on any enemy because the buffing time is almost zero.


Even on lethal, dance of wrath + heavenly strike is a great combo for one on one duels. 1 dance of wrath quickly staggers the opponent and heavenly strike does more damage on staggered opponents so its a quick and easy combo for a bunch of damage in duels.


Heavenly Strike is one of the best attacks to quickly interrupt un-blockables and close the gap during duels. You’d be wild to not use it anymore lol


Heavenly strike does massive bonus damage to guard broken enemies, though, and can thus be very useful against mongol leaders if working a guard-break build with gosaku's armor. Simply swinging usually won't kill the leader before they regain their guard, even on lethal, but a heavenly strike absolutely will.


I never knew if that was supposed to be funny, cause man I was dying at that part.


I jumped up and ran around my apartment howling


i started pulling out my hair and shitting on the floor while yelling in a language i didn’t know


Sorry, I missed a mongol and accidentally hit you with a poison dart


I died about 7 times. Then I remembered that parrying is a good idea


I never really partied before that duel


I love finishing with heavenly strike to terrify enemies. Combi with ghost armor and you won't have to do much fighting


With the right mods you can pretty much have infinite resolve as well.


Can someone list them?


Samurai Clan armor with resolve charms that boost gains alongside a charm that gives you resolve when breaking an enemies posture gives you something pretty close


By the end of the game I had my whole kit built around terrifying enemies and getting the ghost stance as much as possible. I feel like I spent more time chasing after fleeing enemies than I did fighting enemies face to face.


That side mission was epic!!! Demon Rush is still my favorite, but both have the absolute perfect atmosphere.


Is that something you get at the endgame? Otherwise I must have missed something.


It was the... second? Mythic ~~Mission~~ Tale. You find it in Yuma’s home island, the one that rebelled. As always, the bard will give the mission to you. I have no idea how to even try to spell the name of the island. Also, talk to random people ALL the time, they will give you info on your map, and tell you where you can find side mission’s. Failing this, Yellow Bird Bro will guide you to the bard if you pass by his location.


Oooh do you mean the Dance of Wrath?




A grade editing!!


Everyone out here talking bout heavenly strike, wraith dance, bows etc... I’m out here playin like a teemo main #darts


poison was never the way of clan sakai young master.


Papi Sakai might have approved. He wasn't that rigid and conventional.


>papi sakai # lol # yeah but papi shimura will not be pleased!


Papi Shumara is an idiot. Well, he has a point about literal war crimes not being a-okay, but one needs to level the playing field.


#we are samurai we face the enemy with honour and courage look them in the eye only cowards strike from the shadows lord sakai.


"Honour honour something, now send these men to die, honour honour something".


You get what you fucking deserve


Best technique in the game


That’s my favorite special ability.


He zap


I was confused af when I saw that 😂😂🤣 Dude got smoked


What movie is that animated scene from?


I think it’s Disney’s Hercules




Glad you're enjoying the game friend. Everyone else though, I think I now understand why game development is so hard. I knew there were people out there who complain about everything in a game, haven't seen it until now. It's kinda sad tbh.


What happened?


Amazing edit. I still just spam sticky bombs and kunai though, maxed out is OP AF


With how swapping equipped items well in combat can be a bit clumsy, I just keep the kunai equipped. Simple to use, effective and on lethal mode, and near guaranteed kills since the enemy gets pretty much stunned. And I'm not even using the charms to make them more OP


That was dope af


This was a good movie when I was a kid btw. One of my faves




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Oh my goodness this crossover! Now I kinda wish you always thunderbolt zapped them when you perform Heavenly Strike during stormy weather, but that would be too much.


This is amazing.


This made my day




I have never ever used heavenly strike. I only remember that I have when I’m scrolling through my skills.


A shame, it is super useful, especially in duels.


Well, let’s hope for NG+ then 😏


Yeaaah they need to add that for sure! They probably will eventually.




I thought the lightning was gonna strike every time I did that even though that’s unrealistic haha BUT I hope it will happen in the coop since we won’t need realism




Bro, i just finished it 100% yesterday and now it comes to my mind that i haven’t used this a single time...


Late in the game with Gosaku armor, it becomes amazing against ronins and in duels. It does a ton of dmg when the enemy is staggered.


I hardly use dance of wrath. Heavenly strike I use more by accident than when planned.


I think a Broadway production of Hercules would be soemthing to see


From where is the first part? Hercules the game? Nvm it s hercules from Disney


How did you get lightning? Mine is just an unblockable attack. Help


Kenai opener then heavenly strike. And then watch 2/3 people try to run lol


It's even more relevant now


I guess. I only used it about five times the whole game and most of the time was an accident. What is so great about it? If you get enough charms and use them right you don’t really need heavenly strike. 50 percent chance for double damage and 75% terrify really makes any resolve ability gimp and worthless


Because of dismemberment