>Ghost Armor: The king of all-around stealth. not much more to say though. Hum, what? You're not going to mention the fact that it reduces the kill count necessary for Ghost Stance? Or the fact that it's 30% terror effect makes it great for a terror build that can end a fight ridiculously quickly? This armor is incredible even outside of stealth.


I don't use it much outside of stealth really. Sorry that I missed that though


>Sorry that I missed that though Nah, don't sweat it. You did say it was your opinion. Probably shouldn't have expected you to exploit the potential of this armor when it was clear you didn't use it much to begin with.


Do you have any examples for a terror build?


Sure. **Armor**: Ghost *Major Charm 1*: Ikazuchi-No-Kami *Major Charm 2*: Incineration *Minor Charm 1-2*: Fire Doctrine *Minor Charm 3-4*: Fortune (I and II) With this build, you're pretty much guaranteed to make many of your enemies run away from you in sheer terror. The Ghost armor's 30% of chances to make your enemies run away with your kills by itself is already a pretty nice boost. Add Ikazuchi-No-Kami (+25%) and Fortune (+50% each), and you're most likely looking at over 80% of chances to terrify your enemies as soon as you kill somebody. And that's without using any weapon (ex: poison) or abilities (ex: mythical skills, ghost mode) that are particularly terrifying. Both charms of Fire Doctrine are there to further complement your ability to be the dreaded ghost by burning your enemies (preferably burning them to death), particularly with the Way of the Flame. Incineration gives you another burning tool in the form of a Black Power Bomb, which can to take out multiple targets at once, which help to fill your Ghost Mode gauge and make whoever survived get outta here.


Best part about Ronin is the 30% melee damage. I wish I knew if 30% on Ronin is more damage than the major damage increase from Sakai Clan Armor. Weird how they word it differently for doing the same thing.


I’m also curious about this. What the percent values are for Minor, Moderate, Major and Massive are


I appreciate the effort that went into this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts my friend. Some info is missing regarding the applications of some of the armors...but overall, it's still useful info!


[Here is part 2 if you want it, thanks for the support bro](https://www.reddit.com/r/ghostoftsushima/comments/i9b9zg/my_opinionsguide_to_stances_mythic_tales_armors/)