I always love it when a meme has Sarge. He is the best murderhobo NCO that anyone could ask for.


“I hope you brought your wallet, BECAUSE THE RENT IN HELL GETS PAID IN ADVANCE” is such a great one liner


“I’ve got a boner for murder”


"and the only cure is more cowbell"


"I only drink the blood of my enemies!! And sometimes a strawberry yoo-hoo..."


“Can you put that in a memo and entitle it shit I already know!”


Jesus the 4.x billion MS payed for Bethesda is looking more and more like a fucking steal.


That was 7.5 billion. Either way, still a steal.


Even game studios acquisitions come with inflation


7.5 but close enough. A better comparison is Mojang for around $2 billion, which has a powerhouse moneymaker with Minecraft.


That was the real steal. Back then it seemed like so much.


yeah they basically bought an indie game and turned it into a monay printer, and to be honest how they left the development of the game to mojang is pretty cool


Minecraft was already one of the biggest franchises ever when they got bought out by Microsoft. Microsoft didn’t turn it from indie into money printer it was a money printer before.


they made a lot more money by selling merch and minecraft related stuff, the game itself was a huge money machine before that but the franchise became even more popular


Ill agree with that. Microsoft helped develop the brand of Minecraft to how iconic it is now.


I feel so clean like a money machine


It is just so much though. These companies are playing with literal lifetimes of cash while refusing workers wage increases.


I’m convinced the schools don’t teach the spelling of “paid” any longer.




Bungie has nothing to do with Halo anymore, I don't get it


On the other hand, doesn’t Microsoft own Crash Bandicoot now?


Spyro the Dragon and Banjo Kazooie too


And perfect dark


I love ya'll, but there is literally 12 posts in the top about this merge with almost this EXACT conversation thread in the top of each one. It's kinda fascinating in a way.


We're all just submitting to a loop of predictable comments and reactions now, didn't you hear?


We're all just submitting to a loop of predictable comments and reactions now, didn't you.... Shit.


I did shit if you must know.


Same, my friend. Same.


An echo chamber circle jerk huh? Very fascinating indeed lmfao... I'm curious if there will ever be original ideas, perspectives or ideologies anymore...


An echo chamber circle jerk huh? Very fascinating indeed lmfao... I'm curious if there will ever be original ideas, perspectives or ideologies anymore...


Man I fucking LOVED perfect dark on the N64. I would play that shit split screen with my fam and it was about as fun as couch split screen call of duty mw


Yes banjo kazooie nuts and bolts was a great game. More like permanently in cold storage after that attempt.


They are going to make new ip. Sony has been looking for their own FPS series for a minute


RIP Killzone never forget


I wish we got some new Resistance games


Loved fall of man


Parappa tha Rappa still my fav fps


When I say boom boom boom you say bam bam bam, no pause in between c'mon lets jam


Kick. Punch. It’s all in ya mind


If you wanna test me I'm sure you'll find that the things I teach ya, sure ta beatcha nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacha now Kick! *Kick! Kick kick kickickickick!* now Punch! *Punch! Punch! Punpunpunpapapa!*


Turn..! ...and pose!! Listen carefully!!!


Step on the gas.


Both the Killzone series and the Resistance series were absolute top tier games on the PS. Loved both of them. Black and Bulletstorm were both awesome too.


Resistance was Insomniac, which I believe is still working with Sony or is one of the studios that got bought. Idr


Killzone was amazing on PS Vita, and I still can't believe Sony bungIed that one


I want a new crysis game or Homefront, too


I think new crysis is in some stage of development.


Imagine Sony talks Guerrilla into giving Killzone to Bungie. Destiny gunplay with the world of Killzone? I’d buy a PS5 for that.


I seriously doubt Bungie is gonna be interested in someone elses old IP. Their last two IP's are two of the best selling fps IP's in history.


That statement alone makes me confused as to why so many people are calling destiny a franchise nobody cares about


It seems a lot of people just aren't pay attention to it, and wrote it off long ago. That's their right. But the fact is Destiny is one of the most popular fps franchises in the world.


Many people wrote it off from playing it. Started out pretty great, then the campaign story started to not make sense, then all the guns that people like to use and worked very hard for were nerfed, then every time people found something they liked using, it got nerfed. Then the matchmaking in crucible got awful. There’s a reason Destiny 2 went free2play quickly. Don’t get me wrong Destiny had great things especially in co-op, but they just fiddled with it way too much. Edit: My comment isn’t clear, I was mainly talking about D1, then continuing from that into D2 not being better.


And then AFTER they went f2p, they then vaulted most of the content that was f2p and said tough luck. Now playing it feels legitimately like playing a free trial.


The need to make another game like resistance 2.


The multiplayer of R2 with the single player of R3.


It’s called destiny


Are we about to see the return of the industry buzz word 'Halo Killer'


Is destiny not already that?


I mean, yeah but destiny is a known quantity and Sony probably wants to push new markets. Sony probably doesn't justify that much money over destiny alone, they likely want an experienced fps studio so they can bankroll a new IP more than they want the rights to destiny


[https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2022-01-31-sony-buying-bungie-for-usd3-6-billion](https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2022-01-31-sony-buying-bungie-for-usd3-6-billion) "Both Bungie and SIE believe that game worlds are only the beginning of what our IP will become," Parsons said. "Our original universes have immense potential and, with SIE's support, we will propel Bungie into becoming a global multimedia entertainment company dedicated to delivering on our creative vision." Could be for more than just gaming. Bungie are great at creating lore and interesting backstory. ...and TV and movies based on gaming IP are the next big thing now.




"I dont even have time to explain why I dont have time to explain."


The lore is genuinely amazing. The way it’s presented in the game itself is not


Have you played the last year? It has been excellent in game too.


In 2007, Bungie leaves MS to be independent and start a new IP. In 2022, Bungie merges with Sony, after spending almost 10 years on Destiny IP.


everyone just thinks cause psn owns bungie theyll now have the next best game that jump started xbox like halo did but little do they know 90% of the creative team back in the glory days of bungie are gone and not to mention they've fucked over most of those old employees too, plus we have seen how they treated destiny fans for the past couple years and i wont lie its been pretty bad so i dont see this as anything other than lost dollars that will slowly make its way back. But wait they gave bungie creative freedom, yeahhh lets see how long that lasts till sony grabs em by the throat wanting them to make the money back they invested in them and then some lmao ooooo these next few months are gon be fun to watch


Xbox still owns halo


Doesn't Microsoft technically still own halo?


Microsoft owns Xbox, which owns Halo. Therefore Microsoft owns Halo. Microsoft, Xbox, and 343 Industries are all pretty much the same entity.


Yes but since Microsoft also owns Xbox, that means Xbox owns Halo. Kind of like how since I own a Windows PC I also own Microsoft, and by extension own Xbox and Halo too. Wanna buy Halo? /s just in case someone takes any of that seriously.


I’ll give you two billion for it, as I’m felling generous.


Funny, because there’s a tower in Paris I wanted to sell Like it’s really big and shit Only £1000 for you, cause you know Microsoft and France and um yeah that’s it Just £1000


Still holding my breath about who is going for the real gold gose: Take-two Edit: Just checked the market cap of T2, and yeah, noone is going to pick them up.


Why do you say that? Isn't their market cap significantly less than the price MS paid for Activision/Blizzard


It is. The market cap of Take Two is $18.83B and Activision Blizzard was bought for $68B.


It’s also important to note that Sony and Microsoft aren’t on the same level. Not even close. Microsoft at this point has virtually unlimited money to do what they want. The purchase of Activision/Blizzard alone represents 1/2 of Sony market value.


Lol bro, Microsoft could buy Sony if they wanted. edit: for everyone taking this literally. yes, there are a number of reasons why they won't, but do they have the money to? yes several times over. OK bye now


Isn't that exactly what OP was saying..? Ninjaedit: >Microsoft at this point has virtually unlimited money to do what they want. The purchase of Activision/Blizzard alone represents 1/2 of Sony market value.


And they very well could do so.. I don't believe they will, I certainly have no proof, but *if* I was Microsoft and *if* I wanted to keep buying stuff up I wouldn't do it all at once. I'd buy a big chunk, get the transition and settling taken care of, build up a little more capital, and then a year or two later just buy another chunk.. Wait a bit and, again, a year or so later..etc. Real question is: Who would really do anything about it?


Umm the government? Didn’t they just give nvidia a big fuck you to they’re attempted acquisition of that one cpu company? If Microsoft starts buying up all the video game companies the government will notice


Thanks for bringing this up I remember hearing about the deal last year, I didn't realize the FTC had sued.. had to do a bit of sifting around as there's not much info past dec. 2.. Anyway, I know the government would handle this, on paper, but I will always have serious reservations when our government+corps are in the same room together. The Nvidia acquisition was *huge*, like would've affected the global industry huge. It's easy to point at that and forget the little moves and smaller bites being taken here and there. If anything, our government steps in once it's gotten *so bad* that they literally wouldn't be a government if they didn't do anything. It's also worth noting real big league companies got involved with their disapproval over the deal. Companies like Amazon, Intel, *MICROSOFT*.. I'm not saying they controlled it but they no doubt had a heavy influence here.. Sorry, I don't mean to sound derisive towards you but I have so little faith in our government it's hard for me to even use those words seriously sometimes.


Microsoft has already faced antitrust issues in the late 90's that really slowed the company down. They could have been even more dominant, could have been the first or second option in smartphones, etc. Though I think it's because of this that Microsoft has a bit more expertise in navigating antitrust issues.


Doesn’t Microsoft cooperate with the government when it comes to security and intel? Perhaps they could leverage this when threatened with lawsuits.


Me sitting over here pretending I know what market cap even is. ELI5? I know football (American) terms well if it helps. lol


Total number of shares outstanding multiplied by the stock price


I imagine the Zenimax deal would be more akin to 10+ billion in this current market. I could see them going for Take Two at 18-25 bill easily.


Would be way more, 40b+ at least I’d say. Take two has over 6x Zenimax/Bethesda’s estimated revenue from a few years ago, can print another couple billion literally whenever they feel like dropping GTA6 in a month, etc


Activision-blizzard: ~61 billion T2: ~19 billion


Like I said, 19 is less than 61.


Oh yes, I was just providing the numbers for the sake of discussion so people wouldn't have to go look them up


Appreciated. Didn't mean it to sound as snarky as when I came back and reread my response.


now kiss


How about we stop hoping for MORE monopolies? How have we not learned from all the studios and franchises that have been annihilated by Activision and EA? The market needs variety and innovation, and it also keeps the costs down. If only one or two companies own the whole market, they can charge whatever they want to, and the quality will go down farther than it already is. Microsoft buying Activision WAS NOT a good thing. It's just more homogenization. Edit: "A monopoly is a dominant position of an industry or a sector by one company, to the point of excluding all other viable competitors." While Microsoft may not fit that in the strictest definition, they are still moving towards it as ANY publicly traded company would do. They are consolidating a share of the market and will continue to do so. They will hold bargaining power what games can be made and how they will be made, just as Activision did to their developers, just like how Disney keeps a firm hand on the shoulders of Lucasfilm and Marvel. You can call me all the names you want. History ALWAYS repeats itself. This time is no different. It is human nature and, therefore, the nature of markets to consolidate power in whatever form it takes. First, it was railroads. Then it was the telephone, then it was the oil industry, then diamonds, and the list goes on into the eons of human history.


All I want is for Sony to rescue some of the IPs that are being kept in Davy Jones Locker aka Konami


I was thinking this also but then thought that as Konami are so rubbish it might just be cheaper for Sony or Microsoft to licence the IP and pay for the development of the game than buy the whole business. As let’s face it, without Kojima the metal gear franchise is not as valuable as it once was, he was metal gear solid.


I mean blizzard games could literally not get any worse than they were with activision


Yes they can, never underestimate the ability for a company to shoot itself in the foot over and over again.


Dice is great example of this


I mean Dice isn't even Dice anymore. The majority of all senior staff are gone and replaced.


Same with R*. All these companies coasting on their laurels don't have the soul that made them into what they are.


I agree not yet sure about R though. RDR2 was great, so we'll see how they go from there. The online portion has no funding though. Which absolutely sucks ass.


WoW's situation literally can't get worse, other than the game closing. Overwatch is a dying game that tried to go into esports and failed over and over again. What do you mean Overwatch 2? Hearthstone and Diablo are the only ones that CAN get worse.


Starcraft 2 crying in the corner Warcraft 3 IP long abandoned in the trophy case.


Sc2 has Co-oP quietly rooting for it Warcraft 3 is now like a trophy on my wall. Enfos, battlships, SoLs, AEON of strife, endless TDs. Just heads mounted in my memories, I'll remember the times and speak fondly of them.


I'm all for keeping competition fierce, but I'm legitimately glad SOMEONE bought out Activision. They needed new leadership, and they weren't taking care of that on their own.


Yea, when has a small gaming company released a BETTER game than the original after a huge sell out event? This is why I support indie games. If a triple A game is, by blind luck, actually good, I will pick it up like a year later, once it is on sale, patched, has DLC, and has mod support. Otherwise I'm done with the big studios.


> Yea, when has a small gaming company released a BETTER game than the original after a huge sell out event? Um. Bungie. Halo.


100% agree. Indie devs making a game because they love games is better than AAA corporations releasing the next cash grab 99 out of 100 times.


To be fair to MS the way they've been handling their IPs recently has been pretty good. Even going so far as investing in more niche games like Flight Simulator and others like Age of Empires which most publishers wouldn't have bothered with. The likes of EA and Activision want to focus on that which nets theodt profit. What MS does in the long run we'll have to wait and see but Sony has a record of focusing on quality and taking on risky projects so I'm hopeful for something good from Bungie.


Oh god you got me thinking about PopCap, I actually kinda liked Garden Warfare but PVZ 2 was nowhere near an upgrade over the first which was so good I was hyped about the sequel then it launched on mobile only and I played for like an hour or two and was not impressed.


Except digital and creative content is vastly different than commodities or telephones. Nothing is stopping someone from creating a new studio and making their own games, there are thousands of indie studios all over the place. Microsoft buying more franchises is hardly a bad thing. And unlike railroads, Microsoft's game pass is massively reducing the cost of gaming.


Take-two market call is 18 billion. Microsoft could buy them with the cash in their couch cushions in Redmond and not break a sweat. Not saying they should but 18 billion is nothing to them.


It says they are worth 19 billion usd. Xbox brought Activision for 69 billion?


There seem to be dark tomes ahead. Just when the console wars seemed to be coming coming an end. It just like a jar full of ants, they'll coexist until you shake it, and they'll fight not knowing they are fighting the wrong person. And it's the brands shacking the jar Edit: typo Second edit: was requested to put back the typos


This is like a god tier copy pasta. My sides are in orbit.


I don't get why




K so I've got one of the typos back but I honestly can't forget which other word my keyboard went crazy with


If you can't forget it then why haven't you put it back?!?! Stop teasing us


My memory isn't as helpful as it once was


He’s joking. You wrote “can’t forget” when you meant “can’t remember”


Huh, yeah I guess my mind must've been somewhere else. Also english is my third language but I don't make that sort of mistake. Guess rhe lack of sleep is taking a hard hit on my brain functions


All good man, most people don’t even have a great grasp of the one language they know, let alone 3


Man I fucking loved that show!


Heck yeah, dude. RvB had *everything*. Good humour, awesome lore, great action... To be fair, Season 1-5 took a while for me to get into it. Seasons 6-8 were absolutely fantastic (the Warthog busting through the wall is etched in my brain forever). 9-12 had fantastic action scenes with the Freelancers (RIP Monty) but the memory plot with Church felt slow in comparison.11-13 was a masterpiece, with an amazing villain (second only to The Meta, of course) and an ending that couldn't have been any better. Overall, Red VS Blue was a wild ride for all 13 seasons, and overall, "The greatest show ever. Of all time." (And *yes* I know there's S14—S17 and Zero, but we just don't talk about those. Especially Zero.)


Season 14 still had some good arcs. But yeah I consider S1-14 to be the story with 14 just an anthology filling in some gaps and fun side stories.


Whoa TIL they kept going? My co workers and I were obsessed with that show but I didn't realize they kept going. I bought us t-shirts, I wonder if I still have mine. I was Tex and my best pal at the time was Caboose. Wow. Such delightful memories.


Yeah, they kept going. S14 is an anthology series and worth a watch, it fills in a lot of gaps between S1—S13. S15 is actually pretty good, focusing on the damage done to all the simulation troopers that Project Freelancer "recruited". S16 and S17 are... okay? But weird. Two words: time travel. We don't talk about RVB Zero, though. It's not even a Machinima anymore, and the original cast is almost completely replaced. It's weirdly edgy, and the humour doesn't really land.




There’s dozens of us! Dozens!!


I love how often I see this quote and it cracks me up every time, though I'm curious just how many people use it on reddit without knowing it's from AD.


I scrolled way to far to find you guys.


Bungies only real IP they have is Destiny, if you read the presser Sony say themselves they bought them to get Destiny 2 “and new IP” which bungie isn’t very good at making The only guy still making games at Bungie who was involved with Halo: CE is Jason Jones and he’s more of a manager now than a producer or director, that’s why this isn’t creating much buzz, it’s basically just Sony getting Destiny 2, and they likely aren’t going to make the Destiny ip PS5 exclusive they’d lose a ton of profit the same way Microsoft would making cod Xbox exclusive


They already announced that they're not making anything exclusive


They may stick with that, but that is also a very common statement made during acquisitions in order to avoid claims of monopolization from regulatory bodies. Only time will tell


Sony has been opening up to PC with uncharted, god of war, horizon zero. There's no reason they wouldn't continue on this trend as long as it's profitable to them


That’s BS Sony makes everything exclusive Edit: this was made for funnies not to start a debate hold your fucking tongue


That is true but they gain nothing from making d2 ps exclusive. They lose credibility and potentially millions of players


I think their goal is to compete with gamepass. I expect to see Destiny 2 and all expansions on Sony's gamepass equivalent very soon. Then they can sell a PS Games subscription to anyone who owns a PS5 while also selling DLC to anyone who doesn't. Their console owners benefit, while the rest of us pay normal price. This is kinda what I expect with Activision products at MS as well.


I second this, with project Spartacus around the corner, it’s gonna be about which service has the most and best games. Mp games especially fit into this business model, which Sony doesn’t have.


The funny thing is that Sony uses Microsoft Azure for that Gamepass equivalent.


And before 2018, Sony never put anything on PC. But things change.


*god of war PC enters the chat*


Microsoft is guilty of the same shit with Bethesda games now, live service ones are the only exception. Sake with bungi3 now.


Bungie isnt bad at creating new IP, they just dont do it often


Correct me if I am wrong on this but pretty sure in the past 20 years they created 2 of the biggest new IPs as new titles. In fact on checking, their past 20 years have literally been Halo and Destiny, nothing else. Edit: for clarity I am aware they are no longer involved in Halo and don't own it anymore just saying their last 2 new IPs have been good enough to carry them for 2 decades.


youre not wrong. this guy just doesnt know anything getting mindless likes cause it 'sounds' like he knows what hes talking about.


Bungie created Halo and Destiny, 2 very popular games. How are they not good at creating new IP?


My question is ... **Who cares**? Bungie is still an "Independent" studio that is allowed to do what they want with the game so..... >"I want to be very clear to the community that Bungie will remain an independent and multi-platform studio and publisher." \~ Jim Ryan - President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment This console war crap needs to die. Play your game where you're happy and get on with your life.


Sony buying bungie feels like a fat waste of money.


Many people expected Konami for years really, but it seems their market share more than doubles Bungie. So maybe this is a example of a company with low monetary power buying what it's available at lower expenses. We do that everyday in our lives, to see a big conglomerate going cheap is kinda hilarious


While is true that Konami market cap is higher no one would actually outright buy them, no one really wants the pachinko part of the business and that probably accounts for most of Konami's worth nowdays, so most likely they would just license their ip's or buy just the console games division which probably would be cheaper than bungie.


Sony doesn’t think so :)


Isn't like the only IP Bungie owns at this point Destiny? Sony can have it


This was my thought. SONY paid a whopping 3.6B for one IP (And a rumored unknown new IP) ​ Hope it works out for them but being that MS and Acti once owned Bungie we shall see.


I dont think Sony is in it for ip. Its not something they are short of. Sony is not known for milking ips to death. I think the price is for experience, tech and talant in fps, live service space. Thats why they are keeping it seperate from other studios and keeping all the heads


I think it might be more for the film and spin off possibilities. Bungie has been wanting to branch out their ip into more than just the game, and joining Sony is certainly a good way to do it. Though I'm still concerned about my favorite games future.


Destiny seems perfect for a movie or series, it's got all sorts of potential as a universe


Pretty sure they also own Marathon and maybe Myst (Unsure about that as the wiki page for Myst 3 doesn't list them which seems strange they didnt make it if they own it)


Willing to bet Sony financial department has crunched some numbers before they made that purchase.


Yeah, gotta love all the people on Reddit who think Sony doesn't know what they are doing


Activision never owned Bungie.


Well they also have Myth and Marathon…lmao


Myth is owned by Take Two. They had a stake in Bungie when they were bought out by Microsoft. They got the rights to Myth and Oni, which they rushed out the door in a poorly-finished state, the fuckers. That game had a lot of potential and some great mechanics, but T2 didn't give a fuck and just wanted a quick buck. I think they still own Marathon, but they open sourced that ages ago. I doubt they'll do more than drop little references to it in their games like they have with Halo and Destiny.


Now I’m worried, Sony is much more likely to make exclusives. Destiny will definitely stay but I’m not a fan of how Sony operates with other companies. I own a PlayStation btw so don’t come at me for just hating on Sony


“Much more likely” while Microsoft immediately made ES upcoming release exclusive upon buying Bethesda.


Damn, I always had my suspicions that es6 would never live up to the hype and this is like the first and both last nail on the coffin RIP


>Now I’m worried, Sony is much more likely to make exclusives. Uh... Microsoft says hello with Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. Current obligations will be met, but after you better believe Microsoft is making all of that exclusive.


Yeah, I'm really worried about all the Playstation exclusives they're going to get from this. Like Destiny...and... Yeah that's about it. Bungie haven't made a non Destiny game in over 12 years, or a non Halo game in 23 years (which they don't have the rights to anyways)


Yeah that's what I thought wasn't the original development team for Halo brought on board directly to make a new company called 343 which is named after guilty spark from Halo combat evolved so essentially it's a different company anyway.


I've played Halo 4 and 5 and not for one moment did I think any of the original team were involved


Maybe I'm just an old ass gamer at this point, but I've never played ANY game, particularly FPS games, that the 4th and 5th edition in the series feels like it was made by the people who made the first. Unreal Tournament: fucking please, they tried to recapture the raw speed and feel of the first so much they gave up on even selling the game anymore, and it pretty much WAS the same team. Final Fantasy: We know it's the same people mostly but even then each iteration is vastly different and every 3 or 4 games change the entire experience. Assassins Creed: Ok, this one comes close, but AC3 blew donkey balls compared to 2 and its spin offs, and AC4 was different in just the right sort of way. After that the games are good but not remotely like the originals. Battlefield: 1 and 2 were special. 3 and 4 were different but great in their own way. 1 and V were just a mess compared to where it came from. I can go on but nothing feels the same 15 years later. When Halo 1 came out I had just graduated college and we had just gotten the console and Halo was our first game. I stayed up all night playing it with my little brother, start to finish in one sitting. It's pretty much the last good memory I have of my brother (he's not dead, just a shit). But by Halo 5 I'm married with my own kid who isn't much younger than my brother was when we beat Halo 1 that night. So yeah, I don't expect them to be the same, or even good. Games that run that long tend to lose their souls. The creativity is replaced by this desire to be something they aren't, something that doesn't exist anymore. I'm never going to be that kid who stayed up all night with my little brother again, I don't expect Halo to be either.


Metal gear is all that pops into my head, I really enjoyed 4 however the shot show that was 5 probably off set how great 4 was imo


Smash Bros has stayed pretty consistent i'd say


They have a new undisclosed IP in the works right now.


Most of the recent PlayStation acquisitions are the talent they bought. I hope this stay true and hope they can turn Bungie into Imsomniac/Bluepoint like level studio.


> Sony operates with other companies You mean pays other companies to make games for their console? How dare they. At least they make a lot of original stuff.


Sony have actually said they'll continue to make multiplat games with the studio. "Destiny studio will remain multiplatform, able "to self-publish and reach players wherever they choose to play" Whereas Xbox have said they won't be releasing onto ps for the next elder scrolls.


Yea that is something that really bothers me. I don‘t have a problem with game-companies building new studios, which make new games/ip. But buying studios and their games which where multi-platform before and change that from one day to another. Especially when it is ip that was really popular on all platforms


How is Microsoft/Xbox any better? They announced exclusive games for pretty much every studio they recently bought, who were multi-platform before.


They aren't people are just standing their favorite console. Microsoft isn't better and was incredibly aggressive to make the moves they did. To not expect Sony to retaliate is asinine


So this means *Marathon* is gonna make a comeback, right?


The funny part of this picture is that Microsoft owns Halo.


Isn’t halo owned by 343 now?


I just hope these aquisitions stop at this point. While Sony and Microsoft would certainly be able to fix many issues with certain companies its arguably worse for the customer(that being us) in the long run if fewer companies own most of the industry. Its also bad for many gamers simply due to the fact it increases the problem that is exclusivity which is a **very** anti consumer tactic as it limits the accessibility of certain games for many who can't afford buying multiple consoles. Oh and for the record on average Sony earns around 67 to 78 billion annually. Microsoft on average earns around 160 to 170 billion a year*(putting Microsoft second only to Apple for biggest tech companies)*. So both of them have a lot of buying power and the Activision and Bungie purchases won't be the last mergers we see especially since Sony is always buying up game studios to pad their library of first party titles.


Jim Ryan has indicated they are going to be acquiring more studios in the near future. Not including Bungie, Sony added 5 studios in the past year. Looks like there's going to be a lot more consolidation for the foreseeable future. The Activision purchase might actually slow Microsoft down a bit as it makes it's way through regulators. Though with all the other acquisitions happening, such as TakeTwo and Zynga I'm sure everything will get waved through.


I'm sure regulators don't give a shit anyway. They clearly don't care that Facebook, google, and youtube dominate their respective markets so why would they care about other tech companies.


I think you meant amazon instead of youtube. youtube is owned by google.


Sheeeeila, don’t leave us!!! Lol




If anything is going to show how misinformed people are about this acquisition, it's these really dumb memes alluding to Halo now being owned by Sony.


Sony doesn’t own halo though. Bungie doesn’t own that franchise anymore. They literally just bought destiny for 3 billion. 😂


I hoping with a 3 billion dollar investment to destiny they make it way better than it is now


Destiny makes $300-500mil a year


Destiny and what new game they've been working on they haven't announced yet. Sony aren't likely to spend that money for destiny alone. They've likely seen what Bungie are working on.


> They've likely seen what Bungie are working on. You’d fucking hope so if they just spent $3,600,000,000 on it.


Sony paid 3billion for experience and skill more than the IP, as they stated they will let it run independently.


Bungie goes through producers like Taylor Swift does boyfriends…


Is there like a sign up somewhere for the second thing? Asking for a friend.