Mass Effect 2 Final Mission Flowchart

Mass Effect 2 Final Mission Flowchart


That was such a good ending. After beating the game I actually went back to a previous save, finished some side quests to raise loyalty and did the ending again selecting different characters for different tasks. There was a sense of accomplishment getting everyone through.


I am considering this before i move my save games into ME3 so I have my favorite characters that I lost the first time through


But doesn't it give it more of a feeling of importance to have that character dead? If it was me I would continue with the first savegame and play another game after that with my newly gathered knowledge.


That's kind of how I felt. They're dead and that makes it so much more significant. But, then I was like Mordin's dead and now he's not gonna be in ME3. I loved Mordin :(


Go back and fix it, dude. Mordin has one of my favorite scenes in ME3.


Mordin has to be the most badass character in Mass Effect... And he proves it in ME3.


You obviously didn't see Thane fight Adam Jenson


I didn't because my Thane died in ME2. This caused [a chain reaction that allowed Leng to kill the Salarian Councilor which made me get zero support from Salarians.](/spoiler) ಠ_ಠ


Obvious spoilers [what you missed](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGOVP_mNXAA)


Gaaaaah. You know what sucks? I would totally replay mass effect 2 save him if the ending of Mass Effect 3 didn't make all of it pointless.


[You know the real ending requires the Salarians, right? The problem is it's so hard that most people have gotten the bad ending.](/spoiler)


You know what's fantastic? Spoiler tags. They are pretty much the best. [And yeah, I know you're talking about Kai Leng even though he looks more like Nightwing in my opinion. I wondered if there would be a confrontation... Just tag that shit next time, please.](/spoiler)


Who replaces Mordin in ME3 if he died during the suicide mission in ME2?


He gets replaced by Not-Mordin.


he still [sacrificed himself to cure the genophage,](/spoiler) so he's cool I guess


I.AM.A.FUCKING.IDIOT. There was even a spoiler tag. ಠ\_ಠ


Turns out spoiler tags don't show up in alien blue. I may just cry slightly :'(


I'm so sorry.


Random Salarian STG specialist named Padok Wiks. Sadly, Mordin died in my last ME2 runthrough... Padok is every bit the hero, though :)


Of course this means that someone else wouldn't have gotten it wrong thus Mordin's [reason behind sacrificing himself is incorrect](/spoiler)


Not if you do the renegade choice. I get the impression from the renegade choice [his comment of "someone else might have gotten it wrong" refers to Shepard's incorrect decision to sabotage the cure, and not Mordin's ability to fix it](/spoiler). Edit: BTW, if you've beaten the game and have not seen the renegade choice for Mordin, you should [check it out.](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aUtHB6oiCI) It's probably one of the most painful things I've had to watch in a video game, and I don't think I could have brought myself to do it if I had gone renegade. Spoilers in the link obviously. Also, for all you know [not telling Padok means he doesn't notice the problem on his own, in which case Mordin's logic still stands.](/spoiler)


Damn. That was kind of hard to watch. Mordin was the only one of my ME2 characters not to make it through the suicide mission, as we were loading up to get out of the collector ship it showed a 2 second scene with his body on the ground. He was one of my favorite characters though and to see shephard shoot him in cold blood was pretty devastating.


I gasped when he screamed: [I made a mistake](/spoiler "ME3")


Thanks DinoThrasher, I was making a replay as pure renegade but after watching this I know my heart can't handle being renegade... damn it.




Yah but the Mordin lines are pretty good. Running tests on seashells indeed.


Honestly, I had no idea the voice actor was different until reading it on reddit. And I played through 2 the week before 3 came out, so everything was still fresh in my head; still couldn't tell the difference. The new voice actor did an amazing job.




I likened it to Mordin's age catching up with him. I don't know how old he actually is. But with a lifespan of only 40 years and the stress of a Collector Base attack, 6 months time could cause some big changes physically.


It's Mark Meer, the same guy who voices Male Shep.


Actually, I looked it up and a dude named William Salyers voices him in the third game, though I had heard that Meer voices in the press stuff for ME3 early on.


> I played through 2 the week before 3 came out Same here and I had no idea. Reminds me of how Tara Strong played Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham City.


You should *definitely* replayed ME2 to get Mordin through, then. Otherwise, you'd miss a really important, and emotional, story piece involving him in ME3.




ME2 was better overall, ME3 had by far the most emotional moments.


Don't even get me started on the music that along with Harbinger saying **ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL**, **THIS HURTS YOU**, **EMBRACE PERFECTION**, **THE FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE BEND TO ME** in the background, the whole collector base gave a sense of awesome.


I fucking love Harbinger. Seriously, what a fucking amazing villain. He is so powerful, every time you see him, and he says the coolest shit: **I AM LIMITLESS. YOU ARE BACTERIA.**


I still think that ME1 was better simply because I like flying around space seeing all the cool species, architecture and culture the galaxy has to offer more than I liked the dystopic doom of ME2 and ME3. Not to mention that the first game didn't have any ammo, but for the second game they decided they should use ammo again? Doesn't make much sense.


I especially liked how they replaced loading screens with elevators, and a lot of people said 'this is actually pretty cool, even if there are a lot of them'. Then in ME2 more loading screens? :S


I fucking loved the elevators, crew banter, news reports, and it made the world feel more open. In ME2 I felt like I was playing individual levels because of the loading and mission complete screen. I hated it.


The mission complete screen in ME2 was the most off-putting thing ever. In ME1 you had those awesome debriefings. Made it feel real. In ME2 it's like an arcade game or something.




ME1 seemed to have a lot more thought go into it, and there was a lot more going on in the background. I loved being able to go down to a planet just to see what was there. Even if there wasn't anything there, I never felt like I had wasted my time. I'm still blown away by how much unique terrain there was in that game. ME2 seemed like they took away a lot of the depth, assumed that you had learned everything about the universe that you were interested in in ME1, and filled in the gaps with large explosions and dramatic set pieces.


I'm currently playing through all 3 as femshep infiltrator. Mass Effect 2 was by far my favorite because of how amazing and lively the ship felt and all the cool aliens and everything you can learn about them (mostly Thane) Even though they were all present in 3 you just didn't have the same personal closeness to them that I missed from 2. And Kelly Chambers is awesome, and getting drunk with Chakwas.


I lost Garrus my first time through. I NOPED all over that and was able to save him but lost Jack the second time through. Wasn't upset. I keep thinking if I made the right choice though. Having such a major character die in ME2 I wonder how it would affect my character in 3?


I lost Mordin : ( He was trying to shut a door behind us and got shot in the head. I also "NOPED all over that"... his death seemed so accidental and pointless. I felt like my poor planning let him down.




[look on my face](http://mclean.alltheragefaces.com/img/faces/large/sad-crying-l.png)


[jack plays an interesting but not really significant role in 3. Maybe not even interesting if you don't care for her much](/spoiler)


She's also a lot hotter


I want to know what percentage of ME2 players chose Jack as their LI. I accidentally missed my chance with all the love interests except for Jack in my playthrough. Decided my Shep was just holding out for his true love with Ashley. There was no way I could survive a sexual encounter with Jack and keep my dick intact.


How is that a spoiler?


I wrote more, but deleted it after, whoops


* Play through ME2 even though I have no ME1 data because of not owning the game but finished ME1 before * Get the loyalty of all party members and become the most badass Paragon Shepard out there before doing anything with the Omega-4 Relay * Upgrade the shit out of everything associated with the Normandy except for wasting time on the scar machine (Because I'm paragon) * Go through Omega-4 Relay as soon as crew get's captured * First time through, loose no team members, rescue full crew, and get to final boss battle doing everything right. * mfw I beat the game and give the bird to The Elusive Man. :I I was actually disappointed by the ending of ME2 until I read this. I was seriously expecting one of my characters to die and I was wanting to loose a crew member and such. But after reading this, I realized just how BADASS I was in thinking through my decisions.


This is just so you can really get a feel of te choices you made and the outcome of how it'll affect mass effect 3


So what happens in ME3 if Shepard died at the end of 2?


If your Shepard dies, you can't import him/her into ME3.




I think that's kind of lame that they did that... They should have had at least a quick "But the future refused to change..." or something... Maybe see Earth explode or something, I don't know. But a just a quick 2 minute scene showing that without Shepard the entire galaxy gets fucked up.


I think that the last few weeks have proven that EA doesn't shy away from "lame".


Stop placing all the blame on EA. It doesn't make you "cool". Bioware is the developer. EA is the publisher.


but wouldn't it be EA who pushed them to release the game quickly, thus causing them to not fully implement the ending everyone wanted and so forth? I had a lot of bugs in my playthrough and it really felt like the game was rushed at a certain point. . . especially the ending


Tons of people from the original teams are gone. It's clear from BioWare's talk on the game before release and statements post-release that they aren't driven by the same corporate culture anymore.


I haven't played the game, but everything I've read indicates that it's fantastic right up until the end making me think it was related to either missed deadlines or being over budget (or both).


Because you couldn't have thought of that yourself.




ME has always been about Shepard's story. BioWare said multiple times that if Shepard dies in ME2, you won't be able to import your save into ME3, because Shepard's story is over. To replace him with Major Coats would have changed the entire game, really. You'd have to make double the dialogue. So that wouldn't be feasible. Also, Major Coats isn't so random. He's the subject of the first reveal trailer, when he was sniping husks from Big Ben. I think it was cool of BioWare to include him in the game like that.


Related question, what happens in ME3 if Garrus, Tali, or any other storyline character dies at the end of ME2?


SPOILERWITHOUTSPOILERTAG Their lines are delivered by "understudies", that fill in.


Do you still get to use them as squadmates?


Garrus, Tali and Liara (if you played the Shadow Broker DLC) are recruitable characters from Mass Effect 2, as well as 1. Wrex and Ashley/Kaidan are recruitable in the first game but not in the second. The rest from Mass Effect 2 are not recruitable even if they survived the suicide mission but still show up in 3.


Yeah, but my question is if Garrus/Tali dies in the final mission in ME2, do you get to recruit their replacements into your squad ME3? Or do you just get one less possible squadmate.


I can confirm that there's no squad mate replacement for Garrus in ME3. Poor Garrus :'(


Tali has a replacement who fills in her role but not Garrus. So if Garrus died, there's no replacement (just an empty slot) and if Tali died then someone else steps in for her.


Or they never show up at all like with me and Jacob (thank the FSM).


Garrus is far too awesome to die anyway.


*shudders at the guilt from ME2* dammit, why did I let him die!!!


In my mind ME3 ended like this: GIANT EXPLOSION with Shepherd and Garrus walking away in slow-mo (and not looking at the explosion because that's how cool they are.) They both put on some shades as the camera zooms in on their faces. Garrus says "Deal with it." Credits Roll


But none of those are really choices, unless you are trying to get people killed you never get anyone killed. I never even realized any of that happened, on my second play through I tried to get people killed and I could only get one person killed I think.


This is what I was thinking...my whole crew survived and I had no issues whatsoever. I didn't even realize everyone and their mother could die.


I just finished my first playthrough with ME2 and honestly, I had no clue as to who was the better guy for things so I got Grunt, Jacob and Zaeed killed. It's not that hard. And I got all of my crew killed because I got the IFF before realizing what I did.


All my crew died too because this was the first game I've played where "leave now for the final mission" actually means "no, really...leave right fucking NOW!"


Yeah, for literally decades I've been trained by games to assume that "The world is in immediate danger! You **must** stop the evil forces **right now**!!" means that you must go and do everything you want to do *before* confronting the evil threat. Most of the blame goes to Square of course!


The whole mission had an awesome feel to it. But remember, they were still constrained because they had to funnel everyone into the same basic ending. (Variables are who lives, and what happens to the base). Now that Mass Effect 3 is ready to end the series, the developers are free to develop really branching endings. There's no Mass Effect 4 that requires everyone to have the same basic storyline in their saves. I imagine they'll really cut loose and give us a ton of great divergent paths. Right? Right?


They gave us 3 endings with different colors. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?


Why is Miranda so GODDAMNED HARD TO KILL? It doesn't matter if she's loyal for most of these checks, she's excluded from the deaths from the normandy armor, guns, and shields, and she gets better odds when holding the line. There is only one reliable way for this woman to die, and that is to bring her unloyal to the final fight.


She is hard to kill because she is perfect.


Plus I imagine she's actually been training for this mission, whereas pretty much everybody else just tags along.


Also because tits.


and dat ass.




have her escort the surviving crew back, while disloyal.


Oh yeah, so 2 reliable ways.


I killed her by leaving her alone and unloyal to hold the line. But then again I was trying to kill everyone but garrus and 1 other so I'd survive, which ended up being Mordin.


you could put her in the vent.


You can't select her to do that. It only lets you choose Tali, Mordin, Thane, Garrus, Jacob, or Legion to go into the vent. [Video proof.](http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=htAkZEFWfz0#t=274s)


crap, you're right. They have to have tech ability, don't they? I guess I just WISH you could send her in there. :P


And despite all this, and me trying very hard to get the perfect ending, she died in my game :(


Wish I knew that when I played it the first time


In my opinion one of the best things in the game was trying to figure out what choices would be the best in the final mission. The only thing is that I felt kinda shitty because I hadn't upgraded my ship at all.


Same here. I just finished Mass Effect 2 Friday night. Boss recommended it to me, never played a game like it before. Absolutely stunning. Came in at 50hrs of gameplay, and even though I had everything upgraded and all crew loyal I lost 4 members of the team because of my choices of squad members and stands. RIP my favorite characters Miranda, Jacob and Thane. :(


Who's jacob?




Stero-type black dude who headed up armory


I don't remember him in ME2. Are you sure he existed?




Still drawing a blank.


Hes in ME3 too. But hes not ur homeboy


Haven't met him, and I beat the game.


Yup, the only character with the balls to [cheat on Commander motherfucking Shepard.](/spoiler "ME3")




you know at the beginning of Mass Effect 2 when you only have two squadmates, that white girl with the ass and that black guy... he's the black guy...


All I remember is an ass.


An ass. [You mean like this?](http://i.imgur.com/8RbtH.png)




Black Carth.


I kind of liked Jacob, he was kinda interesting. The person who I can't stand is James Vega, i.e. random military man you have on your team. I could care less about what happened to him. I just didn't feel a connection to his character and felt that he was bit of a "fill in" to your team.


Looks at comment, says 4 members died, only lists 3 (favourite). Y U NO NAME OTHER?


Because who cares about Samara? Only listed my personal favorites ;)


I didn't give a crap about Miranda and only part of a crap about Jacob. Samara was maybe 3/4 of a crap.


I liked Samara for being a badass that -excused- her gratuitous TNA. I feel that if a female character is just tits and ass, they better have a badass personality that makes up for it. Samara did. Her assets were symbols of status, rather than tools of attraction in my eyes. Miranda? Not so much. Probably why I said 'fuck no' to the reporter who wanted to come on the Normandy in ME3. All cleavage, her real-life counterpart is a useless trollop, she would be annoying, so no.


...How can you Not buy upgrades. If you just go to every vendor once, and buy them straight as you see them, it's not a problem unless you're an ADHD (non-OCD) gamer that skips all the shopping.


The problem is that you're given no *reason* to buy them. Your ship doesn't do battle in any way during the course of the game so you don't have any reason to buy upgrades that don't do anything. Kind of a cheap shot to take you all the way to the last mission and kill 2 members of your crew over something that never mattered at all before that.


>The problem is that you're given no reason to buy them. It was fairly obvious to me, the entire point of the game is preparing for the suicide mission. Jacob even flat out tells you when you ask him about upgrades that if you don't upgrade Normandy's armor people *will* die.


Fair enough. I never talked to Jacob so I probably deserved what I got.


Hah. I wouldn't put it quite so bluntly, but yeah, basically.


I can't watch people play that treat every game like it's some kind of speed run.


Meh, I was too lazy to do garrus's side quest because I just wanted to skip to the ending... man I am stupid.


this. After that convo i bought all the upgrades


> kill 3 members of your crew Armor, Shields, Weapon upgrades can save 3 crew members. RIP Thane, Kasumi, and Jack :'(


The entire final mission, set to the awesome music and Harbinger taunting you the entire time was the pinnacle of the Mass Effect series in my opinion.






Tiny mistake in the chart: http://imgur.com/Z4Vqa


Good eye, son.


I want to bring Legion with me on Tali's loyal mission. Looks like I can't do that without someone dying...


That's my one real gripe with the structure of ME2, that they introduce legion so late in the game that you dont really get to chat with him until pretty much the post-game.


Same here, particularly with him being my favorite character in the series (haven't played ME3 yet though). Legion is a really fantastic representation of a fictional AI.


Legion is pretty awesome in ME3.


Minor Spoiler: Siding with Legion in *that* decision in ME3 was one of the greatest gaming moments I have ever experienced.


Legion, Mordin and Thane. They are the embodiment of badassery in ME3.


What about Grunt?


[He completely thrashed his enemies but he lived, which is why I didn't include him. Legion, Mordin and Thane gave up their lives for a greater good.](/spoiler)


That's possible, actually. I've done that a few times. Just make sure that you have everything else done that you need to in the game. Provided that you've spoken to Tali about her loyalty quest and *then* obtained the EFF and Legion from the Derelict Reaper, the game will give you enough time to take Legion on Tali's loyalty quest as well as doing Legion's loyalty quest before you're forced to take the shuttle to your next destination.


I did that but I was never paragon enough to get both Miranda and Jack loyal.


I think you can hack him in early with a save editor.


Yes. It's worth doing too at least once. Even though the only way to bring Legion on the early missions is to use a savegame editor Bioware STILL wrote lines of unique dialogue for him for those missions. The dialogue on Tali' missions are great too. Kal'reegar says "YOU HAVE A GETH STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU" and Tali will start shooting him.


IIRC, that dialogue is present because you used to be able to get Legion as a squadmate right away, then they pushed it to later on in the game.


Interesting, thanks.


My last playthrough, the derelict Reaper mission was available at the same time as Tali's recruitment mission, so you can definitely have Legion on both that mission and Tali's loyalty mission. And it's possible to keep Tali alive during the suicide mission if you leave her with the rest of the crew during hold the line and their defense is high enough. The only people that will die is some of the crew.


I brought Legion along on Tali's mission (and vice verse). You can still have them both be loyal, as long as you have enough paragon/renegade. (And even then, you don't need them both to be loyal to have them survive.)


Same deal with Miranda and Jack, you can have them both be loyal if you pass a Paragon/Renegade check.


I was able to accomplish doing that without anyone dying. I don't know the exact order I did things in, but I was able to take Legion on Tali's loyalty mission, plus gain the loyalty of everyone, and still save the entire ship crew.


I think you can skip her loyalty mission until after the final battle (you can pick up any side missions left over). Just don't send Tali on any tasks or bring her in your party for the final mission and it looks like she can survive.


My Tali died during the approach... which looking at these flowcharts doesn't seem possible! I also never got Kasumi.


Kasumi is DLC. And it looks like Tali can die during the approach if shields are un-upgraded, you don't have Kasumi, and Legion is in your party.


Yep, that sounds like my situation exactly. I guess I just got impatient and skipped the shield upgrade.


Well you can, all you need is high paragon/renegade and you can diffuse the argument properly.


If you do everyone's loyalty mission except Tali's then recruit Legion you can bring him. After that you can do Legion's loyalty mission then the suicide mission becomes available.


Not really as complicated as it seems. They smash you over the head repeatedly during the dialogue with hints as to who would be the best person for each job.


See what I heard... and my thought process was as follows: We need someone to *crawl through vents*. I know! We have a assassin vent crawling specialist! Go go Thane!... **DEAD** We need someone to lead the troops! Quick pick someone with experience! - Miranda (Supposedly... Never lead so much as a tour in my game. And I didn't trust her... she wasn't loyal) - Garrus (His entire squad died under his leadership... uh no... I'll pass) - Jacob (I actually forgot he existed... generic character is generic) - Tali (Hey whatcha know... she's lead troops and they didn't die... good enough for me...) Hmm... Looks like I'll pick Tali... **DEAD** Well crap... Its time for the last battle and my two standard party members are dead... uh... get over here Legion and uh... Get over here Miranda!... **DEAD**


I don't even know what the hell was going through my mind when I told Thane to do the barrier. The sight of Grunt flying off with bees was the most horrifying moment ever.


The name's Bubble Man and I've got somethin' to say... **DEAD**


You could tell Miranda was a good choice because she was a top level member of Cerberus, she was the person leading the Lazarus project to revive Shepard, so she has leadership ability. Garrus only lost his team because he was backstabbed, otherwise he's great. Jacob... is Jacob, no one knows anything about him. I don't know of anytime that Tali lead any troops.


That tells you Miranda was good at politics and paperwork, not necessarily combat leadership. Still didn't trust her though. It always felt like she was going to tattle on me to daddy Cerberus if I do everything just the way Cerberus wanted it.


the most annoying thing for me was the crew dying.. I did all the things before going through omega 4 relay :| oh, and mordin died on my me2 save and he showed up in ME3 anyways <_<


Wish they kept some sort of structure like this for me3


I'm glad to say that I got the perfect ending on my first play through.


Ditto, high-five!


[I always let Jacob die!](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CRrenJ3dkXk/T1T9hsipmCI/AAAAAAAAC6s/w4u0Vdz9MZE/s1600/24c17TobeyMaguire_Born_To_Be_An_Artist-s475x487-177403-535.jpg)


The fact that he can cop it by grabbing a rocket to the face is fantastic. EDIT: [Clip](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztMCsZLEfqs)


I really disliked this system. It was obvious from the start that if you wanted everyone to live, you'd do their loyalty missions and upgrade the ship. And you'd have to be a straight up retard to pick the bad choices for the biotic, etc. teams. It left you with knowing how to save them, and it was really lame. I wish there was some other method of deciding who lives and who dies, more invisible than this system. I WANTED someone on my team to die but they all made it through. The only curveball thrown my way was that my entire normandy crew died because I was busy with loyalty missions. **Edit** A good solution, for me, would've been having to keep choosing between two characters in the suicide mission: One would die and one would live. And it would be like that all the way until you're out of characters. So half your team would die. Tough decisions, those. *But you wouldn't know who would live or die unless you had a guide.*


They did that one will die one will live thing in ME1. I feel like doing it again in ME2 would have been a bit much.


It was honestly stupidly simple. I just beat ME2 about two weeks ago without a single casualty. I went right through the Omega 4 Relay thanks to a gut feeling honestly, but everything else was really, really simple I think. Upgrading was stupidly obvious, loyalty missions are stated about a thousand times (every time you talk to Jacob) and it just really, really obvious aside from maybe "hold the line".


Get the same ending in ME3 anyways


And nothing you did in Mass Effect 1 changed the ending in Mass Effect 2.


Sure, except that it was the middle game in the series.


I feel like the ending was total bullshit as it wasn't an ending AT ALL. When you want to put an end to a series you really have to end it. They didn't. Instead, it seems like they raised more questions then they answered. The ending doesn't conclude anything. [What happened to Earth? What happened to the reapers? What happened to the other fucking races? What happened to Miranda/Liara/Ashley (depending on who you boned)?](/spoiler).


I agree that the ending left a lot of unnecessary ambiguity. But people seem to forget that the choices you made in the previous games still led to the same ending in those games. Sovereign is still destroyed in the same way and the galaxy goes on no matter what choices you made in the game. The human reaper is still encountered and destroyed in the same way regardless of the choices you make in ME 2 or ME 1. People seem to want something that Bioware never gave them to begin with. And that's what I was commenting about.


Yep. My gripe is with the lack of a proper ending. In ME 1, Sovereign is destroyed. In ME 2, the collectors are destroyed. In ME 3 ? That's the problem, we don't know what happened. I completely agree with your point about Sovereign and the human reaper. It's just that sometimes the people can't exactly pinpoint why they are angry and just hop on the bandwagon of hate, whichever one comes first. But still, fuck that ending of ME 3.


Well you know... Oh shit I just started to write to you about that and realised NOTHING actually counted towards that. Wow.


Here, I made one for Mass Effect 3: }\ }\ \ }--------end }/ / }/


wow now i'm kind of amazed I got to the end with everyone saved and no deaths, got lucky there, seems like a ton of variables. Shame now its all just, which colour do you like?


i saved everyone on my first play through without guides... when i told my friends they were like WTF how. my answer... dude i care.


Mass Effect 3 Ending: What is your favorite color -> [Red, Blue, Green] -> [Pretty much everyone is doomed, general higgledy-piggledy ensues]


I never knew why my damn crew died. Every squad/team member survived, all loyal, everything upgraded. Apparently doing more after opening the relay caused them to die, how about that.


Fuuck, I'm on my second ME2 run and just learnt that... All I wanted for this game was to have sex with Chambers. And now I can't because I already did 5 missions after opening the relay. FUCK.


but i had a tali doing the vent, she was loyal, and garrus leading the second team, and he was loyal, and tali still died, everyone was loyal but miranda


I have a save where I romanced Garrus and only Garrus and Mordin survived, gonna be a fun ME3 play-through (until the ending ruins it at least)


So at Hold The Line, as long as either Thane, Legion, Samara, Jacob or Miranda is there and they're loyal, they save Jack, Kasumi, Tali and Mordin? Then why do Grunt, Zaeed and Garrus count as a higher average?


Thank you. I managed to get the exact ending I wanted because of this. Now I have everything I sorted out for ME1 and 2, I can finish it and move onto ME3. I **will** get everyone without [wiping out the Quarians so I can have an army of Geth](/spoiler)


Wow and to think that I was under the impression that the fact that I got everyone through the first time was no big deal


ME2 ending was epic. LOVED how all my choices mattered. I felt like a real commander. Someone should do this for ME3. Show us how everything doesn't matter in ME3. I have beat ME3 and know how it ends.


This makes me amazed that I saved everyone without using any kind of guide for that last mission. I wonder what my odds were.


Same here, I remember going to the forums after the game and reading about how people had so much trouble with keeping their squad members alive. I thought it was super easy just do all the side missions and pick not bone-headed choices at the end (well, I got lucky in that I didn't like Jack so I sent her back with the crew).


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can actually squeeze the Legion loyalty mission in there before the final fight and still have the entire crew survive...


When I first ran through it, Tali was my specialist. She took a rocket hard to the face and I say NOOO! Start scrounging on the internet take a random forum's post's advice and get all my team members saved. But the game knew better. Did too many missions after Omega Relay opened. I watched Kelly die. It still hurts. I think I almost started crying when I heard her peppy voice amongst the shadows in the ME3 dream sequences.


Losing Kelly hurt more than losing Tali. She was the best <3