Thanks for another year subvertadown. Won the ship this year thanks in large part to your help.


Seconded! HUGE thanks. I've only been playing & watching 4 years and have made it to the finals, and won 2 ships with your tool and info.


Great to hear, glad I could add-- and thanks!


No question a bad year for QB streaming, from someone who drafted Tannehill in all my three leagues and had to scramble. Taysom did ok as a streamer but not much more than that. Thanks for all of your help and hard work!


Exactly. I bounced around between Winston, Wentz, Newton, Tag, Hill, Bridgewater, Carr... it just never caught like it normally should when going by match-ups. Drafting Lance was a surprise mistake too.


Yeah I had the great fortune to play Wentz, Newton and Carr in weeks when they scored four to six points - with a plus matchup. I remember the week I played Newton, and he scored on the first drive. I thought I was a genius! I left my house to play ultimate Frisbee, and didn't check my phone for a couple of hours... When I found out that he hadn't scored any more fantasy points.


Tannehill was probably the most disappointing QB after a good showing last year. He did have to deal with a lot of injuries to the talent around him so he could be a last round stash for me next year


Agreed! I looked at the 33 passing touchdowns from the prior year plus all of his rushing TDs and thought what could possibly go wrong. Turns out a lot could go wrong!


This year has traumatized me away from QB streaming. May end up burning a pick on a QB after round 3 as opposed to round 8 now lol


Same, though i guessed on the wrong QB. Hurts was drafted after Tannehill. And I could have drafted Brady but thought he might finally be on the downside. Every theory I had on QB was totally wrong.


Very tough year for QB. I kept Tannehill from last year and I was using him, Darnold, Wentz, Jones and Taysom as my QB for the year. Very ugly.


I also drafted Tannehill, but won my championship by streaming with Tannehill/Burrow/Carr. Started Tannehill for most of the season (way too long to be honest), Carr for 1 game, and luckily started Burrow when he caught fire down the stretch.


/u/Subvertadown thank you so much for creating these every week! Posts like yours make the sub the great place it is, I wouldn't have won without them


Hey thanks for saying so. Glad if I can make a (positive) difference


My favorite stream play of the year was Kadarius Toney week 5 vs cowboys. 10 rec 189 yards for 29 points in PPR. Won me that week.


And destroyed a number of us who trusted him after that 😀


Yeah I dropped him shortly after but was worth the add to win a week.


Dolphins definitely saved me this year especially in the semifinals! Won my first big-money league! Thanks for all the help!


What is your take on Dan Carlsen for kickers? I held him for the last 5 weeks or so and got some solid plays down the line


Side note first of all, that Carlson was my favorite kicker of 2020. Very consistent production as K3-- it felt like he just gave 10 points every week, not much more not much less. This year he had 4 weeks under 4 points-- and among those, weeks 4 and 5 burned (should have been 9 pointers). His big 21 point game-- before you grabbed him-- should have been his lowest score at that point in time. But I've got him in the top 25% for kicking accuracy. And luckily he had a decent finish like you say, but his opportunities weren't very predictable through the season.


Thanks for the recap! I didn’t realize he was so shaky in the beginning. I guess the easy correlation is to say that some of that can be attributed to the whole raiders situation at the time. Thanks for the awesome recap post


Thanks for another season of great content! You definitely help raise up the standard of this subreddit, hoping you stay active ❤️


Was streaming defenses for awhile until I picked up Dallas and they decided to punch everyone in the dicks on the way to my championship win. Thanks for all the content! I used it every week.


Thank you for everything that you do. 3 championships in 2 years, you make me a better competitor.


I won ships this year in 3 out of 4 leagues. We removed kickers and defenses in the 4th, but I exclusively used your streaming recommendations for those positions in the other 3 all year long. Coincidence? I think not!


For RB’s I’d say: Khalil Herbert, Darrell Williams, Rashaad Penny, Sony Michel, D’Ernest Johnson, Justin Jackson (only one week but at a crucial time) I’m ignoring heavily owned handcuffs (AJ Dillon, Alexander Mattison, Tony Pollard, etc.) and guys who were pretty inconsistent when started (Alex Collins, Chubb’s Hubbard, Boston Scott, etc.). I thought about including guys like Rhamondre Stevenson or Patterson or the Jacksonville guy with the long last name but they wasn’t streamable for long enough; only Jackson made the “1 week rental” club because it was 35 points in the playoffs.


This might have been one of the weirder season progression "arcs" I've ever seen in the NFL. Normally, there is some chaos early then the dominant teams start to separate. It was wild this year. Favorites won early on then anarchy developed and no team could separate mid-season. Some weeks in this span, underdogs won outright more than the favorites (or came too close). Then the dominant teams started to separate as the season went on. Because of this, the most consistent team - the Tennessee Titans - will end up with the #1 seed in the AFC. My hypothesis: an overreaction by coaches to manage workloads mid-season with the extra game and is a one season abnormality. But we'll need to monitor next year. Additionally, the first season back with fans might have had an impact.


Thank you for all that you do!


Panthers DST was huge weeks 1-3 as well


I think the days of streaming QBs may be ending. In most of the savvy leagues I play in, QB is being drafted earlier and earlier and more are being held on benches. Streaming has been slim pickings and if you don't end up with one of the top guys you are looking at a variance of singe digit scores to 15ish, whereas the top guys have a floor of 18-20.


ARSB before he was cool J Patt last week Boston Scott v detroit Ty Johnson v Colts Taysom Hill v Jets Dontrell Hilliard v Pats