Didn't want to put my personal question in the original post so replying to myself... Any insight into why Boswell isn't on the kicker list? He's a stud, has a nice matchup, and will be kicking indoors. Is there a factor I'm not considering?


Vikings d refusing to get stops


Fair enough. I keep thinking in my head that Big Ben will find a way to stall drives. But maybe I should pivot to Hopkins.


im dumb but what does this mean 'refusing to get stops'? like they arent stopping the opponent so the steelers are just going to score and boswell only gets extra points?


yup, exactly. Kickers are weird


Yea they are. Planning to get rid of them in my leagues next year. Shouldve done it sooner


Same. I was trying for it last year but nobody cared. Now it seems like everyone hates them lol.


I was just wondering the same thing. Debating between him and Hopkins right now.


I picked him up about 5 weeks ago I think? And he’s been awesome so I’ve just decided to stick with him. I think when he got lit up on that fake punt and got a concussion, he has a new presence or something on the field. Drilled a 54 yarder last week, he’s been awesome. So he’s in subvert’s top 8, that’s good enough for me. I’ll keep rising him until he hurts me


Is Dallas D not a good play this week? They aren't in the top 10?


I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think the problem is that you don't really know what you're getting with both WFT offense and Dallas DST. I think it's just kind of a high-variance matchup in general, especially what with it being a division game that has playoff implications.


Have Denver and Saints. I'll end up choosing wrong.


I'm still high on Seahawks defense, but titans are available...


Think you should grab Tennessee. I got burned by the Titans goose egg vs Houston, but I have a ton of faith in the jags to make any half competent D shell out double digits fantasy points. Seattle's just a bad defense so I can't trust them even in good matchups personally


I actually ended up choosing chargers lol


Patience is a virtue, his post should drop soon


If it does I'm happy to kill this thread. Usually he posts on Tuesdays and there's good discussion before waivers so since we're halfway through Wednesday I assumed he was preoccupied.


Ya I kept searching for it yesterday and couldn't find the post. His spreadsheet is bookmarked though so I did see the rankings.


How soon?




From what I've seen, his ranking is up-to-date for week 14 if you follow his season's long link to Google Sheet but the usual weekly post announcing it never made it to the subs this week, no. At first I was wondering, if anything comes up he normally passes by to just say he's busy or something, but this week he hasn't. However, I just saw that he made a post for week 14 in r/sportbetting therefore that's probably where his energy went.


So weird seeing Brady ranked so low across the board this week. I think the Bills being "#1" against QBs this year is really misleading. They're last 6 games were against NE, NO, IND, NYJ, JAX, MIA The numbers are also skewed by their games against Houston and NE specifically. They've played one "elite" QB this year (Mahomes) and he went for 270/2 against them Just so weird opening up rankings list and seeing the QB1 on the year around #8 in a game that has one of the highest implied point totals this week


What is making Green Bay such a high play compared to Denver and La?


Chicago is trash, but they’re especially trash against the Packers. The game is also at Lambeau Field. Green Bay should destroy the Bears in a laugher. Source. I’m a Bears fan.




Monty will get his but I am going into the game with 0 expectations for the passing game. They are that bad


They truly stink.


Sometimes we keep it close sure. But that’ll be a 14-3 loss on the back of an elite D. Our defense is the key to keeping it close and right now we’re missing a ton of pieces on that end too Nagy is that bad as another commenter said our passing offense is basically 1940s level currently


Monty will get some yardage, but a few turnovers and a handful of sacks are a high probability. A pick six wouldn’t be surprising either. I see another embarrassing loss coming at the hands of Rogers and company.


I think if Dalton was still starting GB would be clear top since that defense has a great knack for getting takeaways but with Fields back in.. I don't they are clear top DST this week.


I’m playing them with confidence


Have you watched the Bears? We’re on track to average less passing yards per game than one of our teams from the 1940s


Mostly Andy Dalton I’d say. Multiple sacks and 4 interceptions last week is pretty rough. That being said, I personally like LA and Denver more


Bears suck and packers defense has been elite all year. Jets have been a major trap lately too I’ve streamed against them a lot and got crap points. I’d say they’re about equal but as a bears fan we get absolutely fucked up in lambeau on a yearly basis


I missed out on grabbing Packers but have Denver. Probably equal honestly. I do feel bears offense has no chance with Nagy at the helm


I think all 3 are in the very high end category. I might actually prefer Denver or LAC pending health of their defenses due to the higher likelihood of generating turnovers. I do think however that GB likely holds CHI to less points than at least LAC (NYG do have Saquon and LAC is abysmal against the run).


thoughts on Prater vs. Zuerlein ROS? Most of Praters down games were while Kyler was out & the offense was stalled. Leaning Prater for the better offense.


Prater gives you one of the best floors besides maybe Gay and Folk.


Are the chargers a better play vs the giants than gb vs bears?


Is he no longer doing an overall ranking for Kickers?


>Kicker is random, and we need to get away from worrying about who is "on top" (or "falling a lot" midweek)-- when the point difference is just decimals! That's his reasoning and it makes sense. He's listed them as high floor, favorable game script etc. You can pick which one you like


There's a projected points for each


I only see projection for 8 or 9 kickers, am I looking at the wrong page? EDIT: never mind I see that he only gives top 10.


Grabbed Prater. Good for this and next week. In a dome on a good team that should be playing with a lead or neutral game script Ros.


Would you keep Colts or Eagles D for the playoffs? I know the sheet says Eagles...but the Colts have been crushing it.


He got playoff ranking available ? I been checking and haven’t been able to see one.


Check his week 12 post. I checked this week against an old screenshot and it appears to update itself


You might have to subscribe to get that info.


Drop Denver for the Titans?


I don’t trust the titans


u/subvertadown Any insight to why Carlson isn’t ranked a top option lately? He’s been pretty since last year


Too few scoring opportunities seen vs kc


Do you have the sheet for the playoffs? Week 15/16/17?


I'm riding with Carlson ROS, he hasn't been getting love for a few weeks, but he's slaying, especially now that Raiders' deep threat is in the clink.


Him and Renfrow have been a godsend for me. 20 bombs from both 2 weeks ago


Wondering that as well.


I've been following these rankings every week lately for K and DST and they have literally been horrible and would have done better if I closed my eyes and chose a random one every single time


He literally does accuracy review posts that show he is among the best sources for K and DST ranking. It's extremely tough to predict so sometimes you get burned. Stay salty though...or find a magical better source?


I seriously don't care. For my players and dsts atleast he's been WAYYYY off


4 Y’s off?? That sounds seeeerious.


Even the most accurate experts are like 60% accurate.


Packers or Saints ROS? Based on these rankings this week they look about even but I’m looking for one to pair w my Bucs D I’m leaning Packers


Packers vs Ravens and Browns are pretty good plays. But I wouldn’t play them vs Minnesota. That team is weird as shit


Packers D have been pretty decent all season. Good if unremarkable, even against good teams. The Saints have not. Though they do have the occasional great game I'm going with the Packers for security


To all, If you had to pick 2 out of 3 between Cowboys, Dolphins, and Eagles, which would you choose? Clinched playoffs and MAY have a week 15 bye If you had to pick between Zuerlein and Carlson, which would you choose? Thanks! :)


Eagles/Cowboys Carlson


So Russell over Cousins?


Picked up Hopkins for my Folk BYE. Now to decide whether to play Cowboys or Titans DST....


Exactly how bad do we think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers D to be? I don't want to drop anyone and hope I can ride through a poor performance. The Browns are the best streamer available.


McPherson or McManus? Help me decide people!


Anyone know why Greg Zuerlein isn’t listed as one of the top kickers? He seems to average 8-10 game.


Starting Greg Zuerlin cost me my chance at a bye. I hope he never makes the list again.