Roll with folk till the wheels fall off!


As a Pats fan and Folk owner, that man has saved my fantasy season and our NFL season. Awesome to see him clutching out kicks week to week


Folk yeah brother


My Folk Hero 🙏


Feel like they kinda fell off last week no?


He’s missed 2 kicks out of 23. I’ll take that. If it continues then obviously it’s time to worry, but one miss doesn’t scare me too much.


If he didn’t have that miss I win the matchup. Don’t even need the make, just the -1 damn!


That’s fair


I'm sitting with Folk and Tucker. I don't need both, but I'm not dropping either of them cause I don't want anyone else to have one of them.


Uhhh - two kicker strat is something...


A guy in my league had 3 kickers and 3 QBs for half the season. He has yet to win a game


There is one person in my league that rosters two of everything. QBs, defense, kicker, TE. One of each on her bench. And they’ve only lost one game. Un fucking believable.


Need 2 DSTs in case one gets hurt *taps forehead*


The only year I have ever won in my league I had either 2 def or 2 kickers on my team, based on streaming for the upcoming weeks. Coincidence? ...most likely lol


I don't like it, but as I said...I dislike the idea of dropping one of them and they get scooped right up. One will be dropped eventually, but so far it has been working for me (6-3).


I'd only ever do that if This Week's Opponent needs a kicker. FYI: you can also just keep the spare K/Def until Friday and pick up someone else: that way, the player is unavailable for pickup for Sunday games Everyone else can die, if they die.


Am I brave enough to roll with Colts D and Joseph again?


Imagine dropping Colts D for someone else only to see Colts go 10+ on the week, would be awful. Their D looks good, it's garbage time that killed us last week as there was such a humongous amount of it versus the Jets (1.5 quarters). I really doubt we have that again this week.


Honestly, it was more like 3 quarters of garbage time for the Jets.


I didn't watch the this game, but the Dallas/Denver game made me feel like defenses should get some points of they hold a shut out for a quarter or for a half. Just kinda sucks to completely shut out a team for 3 quarters then play soft or backups.


No fear of another game of garbage time? It's not like the Jags are world beaters.


Their defense managed to hold down the Bills who are obviously struggling, but id think they could hold back Wentz some.


I’m gonna roll with them one more time, but also hopefully I can grab the Titans so if they shit the bed again I’ll have a fallback


Same pair. Ready to be hurt again


Colts should have put up more points. One one of the late TD drives a face mask gave the Jets a 1st down on what would have been like a 4th and 6. Then the next TD drive the CB barely missed a interception that looks like it would have been returned for Touchdown.


Seriously. I also have the option to pick up the Steelers, not sure who to roll with


Are you me? If so i think the answer is “yes”.


Yeah it's crazy how there can only be one person in the world who started Colts D and Greg Joseph


I'm also you guys. And yes. Think I will. Completely on a hunch that I know if I don't start them after a poop week, they'll berserk.


Lost a league this week by 0.9 points. My kicker? Greg the Leg. Pain.


That is so rough. I lost by 2 with the Colts D. I feel for anyone who started both of them, consensus top 5 options combining for 0 points.


I had the choice of Colts or Pats last week. My entire team sucked ass last week but that move still could have nabbed me the win


I dropped Dolphins Sunday morning in favor of Niners.


Did the same thing and that was the difference. Still hate myself for it.


Yeah, a truly frustrating year overall for predictability, but that was compounded in week 9. The same roster (2QB) featured material duds such as Matt Stafford, Ryan Tannehill, Aaron Jones, Darrell Henderson, Tyreek Hill and Greg the Leg… making matters worse, had Steelers DST, who up until the McLoud fumble turned TD was up by 4pts. That TD + Mooney’s TD + PAT put me from up comfortably to down a fraction of a point. In a week I really needed to win. Lots of pain haha.


started both of them and lost by 1 point


Started both but my opponent's team absolutely imploded and I managed to pull out the W.


I lost with Greg Zeurlein too. By 62 points, but still.


Lololol. Damn. Onto week 10.


Colts D and Zuerlein netted me 0 pts total and I managed to win my matchup by 3 somehow. Rolling them both again this week hope they do better.


0.5 here. Zuerlein and Toney killed me. He's got a great matchup again this week but will be hard to start.


Idc about a great matchup in this situation. If my kicker puts up a donut, automatic drop


Yeah I already dropped him lol. Fuck him and his stupid leg. But mainly I just don’t like Dem Boyz.


Same man I lost by 0.1 bc of the PIT fumble on kickoff


I also started Pitt DST on this team such a giant piss off all around.


Thank you for the KC play. No one else - or any other rankings - suggested them. Barely won my week.


I saw KC in the top ten here right when the ARod interview came out and it felt like the stars were aligning. Biggest DST play of the year (especially how everyone I talked to ridiculed it).


Alex Rodriguez or Aaron Rodgers? lmao


Lol everyone been using ARod for Rodgers this year and it has been messing with me to! Like why we talking about Alex Rodriguez right now. I'm referring to him as QAaron for the foreseeable future myself


What do you think about the Cowboys DST this week?


I’m curious as well. Unsure who to start between cowboys and rams


As a cowboys fan, I think without turnovers, this defense is average and can be taken advantage of by a veteran like Ryan. I'm also still shellshocked after this last game and normally pessimistic towards this team anyways


Yeah, I think I'll drop them for the Titans.


This. I had Cowboys DST and Greg the Leg, both disappointing


Surprised to not see the Browns DST in the top 10. I'm thinking about rolling with them or the Titans for the rest of the season outside of a couple bad matchups.


Patriots have been pretty solid offensively the last few weeks. And game is in Foxboro, you can probably do better than the browns this week


Hoping to get Titans as well


The week 12-14 stretch for the Browns is really bad… Ravens-Bye-Ravens. I’d stick with them the next 2 weeks then move on




The four of us are in the same boat? Which way are you all leaning? I'm thinking of sticking to the Pats...feel like they're doing the classic New England thing of getting better as the season progresses.


I'm sticking with them because there's not much on waivers in my league. I'm hoping they'll stack the box and force Baker to throw it more often. I can taste these 3 points already...


Drop them for Titans..?


Im in the same boat here, not sure


same. Putting in a claim for Titans based on ROS schedule.


Curious about this too


I’m a Browns fan that owns the Pats D so I will be benching them (also have Rams D). However, I think they could have a good game and even more so if Chubb is out. The one thing I’d be worried if I start them is the Browns lack of turnovers. Baker has only 5 turnovers on the year and 3 came in the game vs the Cards, and the rest of the team only has 3 fumbles. We have been susceptible to sacks but looked the sharpest all season last week (good riddance Odell)


QB streaming been rough this year. Here's to another week


This is the first year I haven't been on that ride all season. But last week with Kyler out, and then Tua, I saw what a wasteland it is. Even in a 10 team league


I'm in a 10 teamer but I have teams with 2, even 3 qbs. Pretty sure just to fuck with me tbh. My dumbass droped Burrow after week 1 too which hurts even more


My 10 team league also has multiple teams with 3 QBs. With Russ out I’ve started Darnold, Heinecke, Tannehill, and yes, you heard it here, even Tyrod Taylor. I’m so happy to have him back, but next year I’m definitely spending the extra few bucks on a Josh Allen or a Kyler Murray.


I played Tyrod this week my friend. All good. Along with Burrow, Daniel Jones, Carr, Lance, and Cousins. Woulda played Tua this week before his injury


Bills/Folk owners are you pairing anyone else up or rolling both ROS?


I owe the Bills/Folk combo my life and I would follow them into hell


Bills/Joseph gang RISE UP


I have Folk, and I’m riding him the rest of the season. There’s no one else out on waivers with the same floor/ceiling combo as him.


Folk owner riding him out here


I have Bills/Folk and will probably start them ROS.


I stole Buccaneers off waivers because someone dropped them during BYE week. I have Bills, Folk, Bucs and never dropping them even with Gay on the wire. Folk has week 14 BYE but I'll cross that bridge when I get there


Leave Folk in on bye for intimidation points


Dropped folk for Joseph after waivers cleared today. Good matchups ROS and now I don’t have to worry about a bye


Nice move but I cant bail on folk. I must remain loyal (Joseph was claimed this morning)


Given how great the Titans have been and looking at their upcoming schedule would you waste atop waiver priority to get them knowing you might lose out on a good player player on? Team is 7-2. Normally would like to save it for a possible RB pickup after injury but 4 weeks or of 8 my defense has scored -2 to3 points. Half the Teams in my league have roster 2 defenses so only they and the Browns are good defenses left.


I came to this thread to see what people thought about the titans D. I'm thinking about burning my #2 and #3 waiver on them.


Fuck it, greg the leg cant score 0 twice, right? RIGHT


About that


Yeah man wtf, chubb now my kicker?


About that.


They need to cut out all that kissing in the locker room between games.


Joseph not on the kickers list even though he has a great matchup with the Chargers. I assume he is at least still top 10?


Baltimore was supposed to be a tough matchup but he snuck away with 7 points. The offense is good enough to move the ball but not great enough for them to score every possession or for their coach to have full confidence on going for it on lots of 4th downs (unlike Cowboys, Ravens etc). Therefore, I'm rolling Joseph ROS and not looking back.


I've snagged Joseph and have finished with the kicker roulette. He has just been so consistent and already past the bye. Hopkins would be my next choice.


The Hopkins that missed an XP last week and has a HC that goes for it 10th most in the league? Staley has been going for it a *lot*, and seems like he would rather trust Herbert than Hopkins with a long FG


I did not know this. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, think I’m sticking with him until he gives me a reason not to. Vikings offense is good enough to get him multiple opportunities (maybe too good this past week, but may not always be the case), and home games indoors? Sign me up.


Dolphins W last week


I feel like Gay doesn't get talked about enough. He's the #2 kicker in my league, 5 points behind folk. He won't get you 15 points but that 8-12 points every single game is so nice.


Thoughts on Rams D going forward? Bye next week, mediocre matchup this week, only favorite matchup going forward is week 13 vs Jags. Are they a drop?


Von Miller paired with Aaron Donald could be a sack machine duo. I’m holding because my league rewards points for sacks.


What league doesn’t award points for sacks? Lol


I dropped them for the pats last week


Thanks for everything as always. I don’t love the new kicker ranking structure


TB was dropped. What FAAB should I use?




Dropping JWJ for Titans D/ST, let's rock.


If Russ Wilson starts, will that jump him up your QB list?


Aha, there was an edit. Muchos gracias


Thank you very much for all you do. It's greatly appreciated. Now im sitting here with the Colts D and wondering if I should give them another shot after that Thursday shitshow...


How do you evaluate kicker accuracy with the new format (i.e. no ranking)?


EDITED: Okay, I misunderstood the question. All my models are evaluated against the point projections that are output, regardless of whether a player or point is actually displayed on the free Reddit version I give here. (Because it's a test on the model function, as explained in past accuracy posts!)


Just a heads up but I’m on mobile and can’t see anything in the accurate or favorable game script boxes.


Kicker hasn't looked right for me for a couple weeks now


They're empty on desktop too, just FYI


Nah fam, they mean your evaluations


Any preference between GB and Tennessee defenses rest of season? Looking at them mainly for weeks 11 and 14, but I want to stash them now since I have the bench space. Thanks for the great work as always!!


I played Boswell because of your rankings and my situation, thanks, worked out great!


Any love for Broncos d/st? played well on the road against strong dallas offense and get a not too strong eagles o this week. scared of garbage time but i also don’t wanna pick up titans d/st since i have kamara lol


I feel like Hurts gives up enough sacks and the possibility of an int every game to make Broncos d worth it. Don't be surprised if the Eagles play better now that they can establish the run.


Drop Saints D for Titans?


Do you have rankings for the playoffs yet? I'm for sure making the playoffs in one of my leagues and want to make sure my defenses are prepped!


Colts blow but I’m firing them up again. Maybe they’ll catch one of those INTs this time


2 picks 6s, calling it.


Will it into existence.


How are the Ravens still ranked as a top defense? Matchup aside, they have been god awful all season


"Matchup aside" Well, that's a pretty important reason.


They’ve consistently underperformed the easy matchups this season, so yeah, matchup hasn’t been a factor


They've had 2 easy matchups with the Lions and Broncos and slightly underperformed against the Lions and did perfectly fine against the Broncos. Dolphins likely minus Tua is probably the best matchup you could ask for minus the Texans at this point.


I think it's like 80% matchup. I'm not good at basketball, but match me up with some kindergartners and I'm dropping 81


Playing Miami with Parker out, if Tua plays, he is playing with a fracture in his throwing hand. It is just Waddle, Gesicki, and Gaskin.


Well well well if it isn't my starters


I started the Dolphins last week for 17 points. Match ups matter.


Russell Wilson should be back this week. Where are you ranking him?


He's on the sheet. Right behind Herbert and Rodgers at #12.


I've been rolling with Wentz after Russ went down. Think I may let it roll for another week


Yup doing the same in a must win




3 weeks in a row of Garbage Mahomes, I don't know if I can trust him again--but I'm surprised to see him ranked so high here


How good really are the Eagle's D? They have a great ROS schedule but are they expected to be able to put up consistent points?


I'm going with Boswell as my kicker ros now. I would have won if I added him before snf over Bullock.


Are we holding on to dolphins defense? After this week they got a nice stretch of the jets panthers then giants


I’ve got the same question, person in front of me on waivers grabbed the titans but after this matchup on Thursday they look pretty good the next few weeks. Thoughts on even running them out against the ravens?


Which defenses should I keep? Steelers Bucs Ravens


It scares me not to see Joseph on the list, but my only streaming option listed would be Badgley and I don't know if I'm confident enough to do that this week in a must win situation.


How much does titans D move up now with Kamara out? Guessing 2-3 spot?


Screw Greg the Leg!


Screw McCarthy. Greg should've had a modest game if the FG/XP opportunities would've been taken.


i ignored the rankings and just rolled out SF thinking they'd rock colt mccoy. -2 points. lost by less than 2 points.




I’m trying to decide between Colts and Saints - I lean Saints, but I also want Colts for this week. Saints playoff schedule is better though-yes, I’m looking to roster my playoff defense already :)


Are we done with Dallas now? I don't see them ranked high anymore. Or, are they going to bounce back? I would like to think so. I think their defense depends on their offense scoring, which in turn forces other teams to throw and then Dallas defense can gamble for INTs and sacks.


Greg the Leg is out, though


Stick with Steelers for juicy matchup this week against the Lions and continue to stream weekly? Or… Go after Bucs or Titans for ROS plug and play. Titans haven’t had their BYE week and don’t love the idea of rostering 2 D/STs but may consider for their schedule ROS.


For "Likely Top 8 Next Week", Gay is listed but has a bye.


Thanks! Caught a formula error!


Thoughts on Lirim Hajrullahu?


Like the 70 yarder video, though with no pads. Seriously, the reason he's still highly ranked is because of the projected high game score. He shouldn't need to kick too long, so just average accuracy will suffice to support kicker scoring, as long as the game script doesn't go against expectations.


Sweet! Thanks for the info as always!


You gonna roll with him? Currently has badgley in but I like that guys name lol


You like Hallelujah over Boswell and Folk?


The goat


Thank you for your service! Also nice and early today, thanks subvertabro.


This is such a great analysis, just want to say thanks for putting these together every week


Thanks for saying! You're definitely welcome.


Your dolphins suggestion single-handedly saved my week in one league (as did the Broncos one a few weeks back)! Keep doing what you do, you are awesome man!


So I roll with same the Colts D and Zuelein combo that netted me 0 points last week? ( I know this is unpredictable but that was pretty painful)




I'm going with Colts again but screw the Cowboys. I'm not taking the chance that McCarthy keeps thinking his offense is invincible and doesn't need FGs. Pivoting to Boswell.


Justin Tucker, aka the GOAT, locked and loaded every week.


Is the Cowboys DST worth holding ROS? I have the Rams as well


I’m in the exact same position. That last game against Denver has thrown off my plans with Dallas.


Can someone who has streamed based off these analyses tell me how it went? I started to go off his defenses (have tucker so I just set and forget) and they didn’t pan out at all, but it was early in the season so the data wasn’t there yet


I streamed initially and then settled on the Bills. First week I rolled with Panthers based on suggestions who did really well, from them Bills became a consistent recommendation so went with them and they have been great. I plugged in Arizona over Bills bye week who also did well. I think 9 points is the least I have scored on defence. Kicker has been more mixed, I ended up with Folk based on these recommendations and rolled with him and he’s been great. I think the best way to stream is use these rankings early in the season when things are volatile and hopefully through the models you end up with a mostly set and forget defence and kicker by having an edge in picking them (aka Bills and Folk this year).


Streamed def and kicker based on this past two years. It has been beneficial or neutral every time. Rarely get a miss on these, but I do sometimes take a slightly lower ranked player because I have my own opinions on match-ups.


No Matt Ryan? I'd go him or Teddy before Jimmy against the Rams, or Ben's old ass Rams run defense is what sucks, not their passing defense


What're your thoughts on Patriots this week? Have ravens and titans as options but pats have been set and forget past couple weeks


Drop Gay this week for folk?


Ravens a good play this week or Tampa bay?


Someone dropped Tampa during their bye. Now I have both the Colts and Tampa. I assume Tampa is the play ROS and I can drop the Colts? I also got Tucker the same way so praying I might be able to get off the streaming train for the first time in years 🙏


don't know if I should grab the titans or colts d?


Titans DST >>>


Can I actually start the colts over panthers again this week? That switch cost me 9 points last week


Broncos D v Philly or take a chance with GB and Wilson coming back? Don't trust NO v Tenn right now


Rolling with Philly this week didn't want to waste a waiver wire pick.


So, i got koo lined up and both Boswell and Carlson are FAs... I think i have an emotional attachment to Koo, but realistically, should i drop him for either of these???


I’m torn between Steelers or Bucs?


This ‘Phins defense is going off? The last two games they played, they were 17+ points. They have the jets 2x, Carolina, and the giants for next few weeks. Source: I spent 12% FAAB on Josh Gordon and I watch Rick and morty (so I’m smarter than you)


Dolphins were listed in last week's D/ST list. Won't be surprised if they reappear in the next week's given their performances and those matchups


Drop folk for boswell ?


I was wondering the opposite drop Boswell for Folk


With the news of Big Ben being out. Im going to stick with folk, good luck!


Does no Big Ben affect Steelers D vs Lions


assuming rams d is not on here because they’re not a streamer?


They were #10. I'm guessing the Lions edged them out since Rudolf is starting for Pit.


Eagles defense and badgley for the win! God bless subavert I ride or die with you!


Lost my matchup by .14 this week on that last pass to Friermuth. Kicker (Zuerlien) and D/ST (49ers against no Kyler and no DHop) combined for -1 points. Fantasy is fun


I tested going against this post and trusting my gut and it literally cost me my week. Never again.


Lost my matchup by 2.4 points because I played colts D. Not Subvertadown’s fault though, everyone was high on the colts. Just wish I chose one of the many other DSTs on the wire that scored higher than them


All hail subvertadown, never would've played Miami without your guidance.


“In Subvertadown we trust” me after making any roster decision