Where is Ekeler? is he safe? is he alright?


it seems that in your anger you faded him


He just posted a picture of himself in a starting fantasy lineup for this week with a “😉”, so I’d assume he’s good to go!


I need Ekeler on the list to stand a chance, and Dak on the list to be able to play a defense. I don't think I'm playing a DST this week


Trey lance… expected to play or clipboard?


He’s not starting. Probably will use him for a few plays like we were before the Jimmy injury.


This is the last game Jimmy will start imo. Shanahan was being sketch with naming Jimmy the starter early in the week. Going to be a very short leash with him.


Why? In the 2 games Trey Lance has started, he’s averaged a 50% completion percentage(worse than any starting QB in the NFL this year, including Zach Wilson), thrown less than 200 yards each game, has 2 TDs to 1 interception, and he earned a 38.0 and 33.9 QBR, respectively. I think he’ll be better than Jimmy G one day, but he’s a project QB, and I think Shanahan needs to really start winning some games now. He’s had a losing season in 4 out of the last 5 years(including this season). If anyone’s on a short leash it should be him.


Shanahan isn’t going anywhere lol. He has at least another 2 years after picking Lance. He’s way higher up on the hierarchy in the organization than Garopolo. No point in not giving experience to your rookie in a losing season with no pressure. There’s no chance they fire Shanahan after drafting a quarterback 3rd overall within his own offense.


The 49'ers still have to pay Jimmy G $27mil next year unless they trade him. Wouldn't it make sense to play him as much as possible to maybe boost his trade value? He's 24-8 when he starts, so when he's playing he's winning. If they straight up bench him for a rookie I would think that would tank any value that he had.


Trading away 3 first round picks for Lance already tanked Garoppolo’s value. If the 49ers lose again this week and have a 2-5 record in one of the toughest divisions in the league I can totally see them making Lance the starter. They’re not competing with the Rams or the Cardinals. Starting Lance going forward helps continue to develop him. If they’re not going to be competitive this year, might as well give reps to their future in hopes to come out stronger next year with that experience.


Wonder what play means. Is he starting? Are they in a 2QB league?


I think they go back to Trey in a strictly redzone/3rd & short package until he shows more or Jimmy shows less.


It’s gonna be a weird NFL week with only 9 players active


Mayfield's arm is just gonna completely fall off right out there on the field, he'll go in the blue tent for a minute, and the Browns medical team will clear him to return.


Yeah but what about Monday? WHAT ABOUT MY BOY TONEY


I need to know too. It's either him or Fournette on my flex, but if he won't play in monday I'm fucked


Fournette obviously


Gilmore gonna effect Ridley?


As sad as it is he is my top receiver so it doesn’t matter for me.






arob shoulda been dropped a few weeks ago


Was there ever a doubt that Deebo was going to? Thought he just took Wednesday off my dudes


Should I give up on the deshaun Watson pipe dream and roster Lance instead in my 2qb league


Should we be worried about this yahoo blurb "Jerry Jeudy (soreness) rested Friday and has yet to be activated from injured reserve."