We do an offline draft with ESPN as our platform specifically because of how trash their keeper settings are


It’s time for a new platform. Sleeper and yahoo are so much better than espn


I agree, but people like being able to look back on the 5+ years of league history. I’m the commissioner but can’t force that


you can import to sleeper i think? we had our league on espn and we didnt import the first year so im not sure anout the first part but you can put all that in manually for sure.


been on ESPN for about 5 years in our home league. last year we voted on turning the league from redraft to keeper. There was no way to set up keepers apart from using their dumb rules so we switched to sleeper. Sleeper is amazing.


What didn't you like about the rules specifically?


When you set keepers for teams, it forces you to make them your 1st , 2nd, 3rd round picks an so forth. We have people keeping players in all kinds of rounds so it just doesn’t work for us. I guess you could just talk with your league and tell them certain players are not to be picked and all that. But on sleeper you can set it up any way you want.


We tried that the one year we went keeper and a guy D/C'd in the draft and autodraft took the wrong player. Oops. We just got the other manager to draft the opposite player, and swapped them post draft so not a huge deal. But yeah we went back to re-draft the season after. Mostly just because it's more fun.


It’s complete garbage. If you’re going to do a keeper league go to a different site


ESPN is garbage yes




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Escuchar por favor mi amore la basura el gato My friend once said this to me, and I'm pretty sure it roughly translates to "listen please, my love, the trash cat". I think it's actually two different languages, but it's always stuck with me. He's also my money league commish.


Is an offline draft possible? That's what we do for the only league I'm in that does keepers and is on ESPN. You then can make people keep somebody if thats what you want, and just enter the results in after the fact.


It is. We draft in Sleeper and play in ESPN, manual draft entry. Don't ask why


Because the sleeper app is wonky as fuck, doesn't work at the worst possible times, etc. Etc. But pretty sure sleeper pays people to hype their product up in this sub and trash the other options.


Auction league. It works great. You keep your player and it automatically deducts the amount you paid last year. Our league says it has to be a player you drafted and you can only keep a player for 1 year. This year a guy kept Henry for the second year. We noticed about 5 min before draft. (He wasn’t being sneaky, just didn’t realize he had already kept him). He was locked. So I , the commish, said who else do you want. He said Gibson. I said ok. And when Gibson came up for auction we pretended it was Henry. Immediate following the draft Henry and Gibson traded. Besides that it’s been fine


Keepers work fine with an auction draft. Though ESPN still sucks


It sucks. Use sleeper.


You don't deserve to be downvoted for stating facts


ESPN stinks. Sleeper is the best I’ve used, albeit I’ve only used espn, yahoo, and sleeper


trash ya


Yeah ESPN is shit. My work league and my money league use it and I hate it. Sleeper is far superior in every sense.


So what exactly are the rules? If I keep 2 players then I basically lose my first two picks? Someone who keeps no players will pick normally? Maybe it's just me but that seems perfectly reasonable. You keep as many players as you think are worth lose a pick.


The issue isn't that it's a bad keeper system. The issue is that there are a lot of different ways to handle keepers and ESPN only allows just the one. Sleeper, for instance, requires some manual tweaking, but it allows your league to handle it however they want. I can't remember exactly with Yahoo, but I'm pretty sure they also let you manually tweak.


I'm in a 2 keeper league and yes it is garbage. I won last year's league and had a couple of decent but not great keepers so I ended up not picking for like the first what, 40 picks or something. Just irritating and essentially useless not to just repick unless you have a true top 5ish pick. I'll say that it's of course no guarantee of victory or anything, just a bit more distortionary than a typical league. That being said I doubt many real serious leagues are using it, and my league is one with several tacos so yea. I'm sure if you're league is all serious players they wouldn't mess with it.


Or leagues can use other draft platforms or draft offline and then enter the information like one league I'm in has done for the last 10 years.


ESPN is trash for fantasy. Move to Sleeper and thank us later


It works okay for auction drafts since you can adjust the values manually, but yeah for snake it is garbage.


Why wouldn't you just draft on clickydraft or something similar?


It’s sucks you can’t use prior year draft slot as the keeper pick. Using the first 3 rounds is useless when your 5th round pick is still Available but that’s your keeper slot. Forces a lot of leagues to do offline and then manually create teams. If only you could select someone’s draft pick as a keeper.


ESPN sucks. Our league should have done it a couple years ago, but we're absolutely switching over to Sleeper next year. Here's why: Our league uses a cost system for keepers. That is, if player X was drafted in the 5th round, the cost to keep that player the following year is a 5th round pick and you're required to take that keeper in that round. ESPN doesn't have a keeper cost function, so you can't preset a keeper to any particular round. Instead, all keepers are taken before the first round in a "keeper round". This kills the competitive aspect of choosing keepers in our league. Now, during the draft, you *can* manually select keepers in the rounds they're supposed to be taken *if* everyone in your league is diligent about taking their keepers in their predetermined rounds, however this is very difficult to get right. Someone is going to accidentally pick someone else's keeper. It's happened in our league every single time. The draft has to be stopped and walked back to fix the issue. It's pretty damn frustrating. One might point out that ESPN has a function that allows you to remove players from your draft board and so you don't accidentally take them during the draft. However, THAT SHIT RARELY WORKS! Twice now we've gone through the process of editing everyone's draft boards and twice it didn't fucking work. The one time it did work, people in our league still fucked it up by taking their keepers in the wrong round. It makes no sense to me that ESPN doesn't support this feature. Sleeper does have this feature, so we're happy to make the move next year.


They're not trash, but they way they work there is no point keeping any player that is not a first round pick. People who get their panties in a bunch about it don't understand how it works. Still it would be better if keepers were valued according to ADP, and if players could be traded for picks.


Not sure why you've got downvotes, you're right. The snake draft auction rules mean that your keeper replaces your first pick, so it makes almost no sense to keep anyone who wouldn't be a first rounder, unless you just really like the name. Keeping Gibson who you drafted in the 14th in 2020 doesn't make any sense when you could just opt-out and get a top 10 pick.


4th year in a espn keeper league. zero issues. it is auction tho.