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narcissism is a mental disorder but saying that it’s “nothing to be proud of” isn’t ableism ....... es just being sensitive again for no fucking reason


possible explanation, if anyone is curious: the word "narcissist" actually refers specifically to people with a personality disorder (NPD). the more you know! sometimes people misuse it as a synonym to being manipulative which COULD spread negative stereotypes about NPD being all bad people (it's basically like using "psychotic" as an insult) (remember, mental illness cannot be controlled and doesn't make you a bad person by default! being abusive IS a choice, and not the fault of a mental illness) while having NPD doesn't mean you are automatically evil, being rude and full of yourself in front of others (="narcissistic") is something you need to work on no matter what. the person who banned you was being mega sensitive as not everyone knows this information. you were literally right, you just used the wrong word


the girl i said it to made a whole post bragging about being diagnosed with NPD and was in the comments listing off people she acted like that too


well that's weird. mental illness doesn't give you bragging points doesn't matter that it is :/


Saying that it’s not something to be proud of isn’t ableist. Saying that all narcissists are inherently evil is. The language matters. No mental illness is particularly something to be proud of.


she was bragging about all the people she was a narcissist too and I said that's not something to be proud of


sooo now we’re accepting narcissist? Wtf?! Narcissism is not ableism… ES GEN mods are fucking weirdos I can not stand them, they think everything is ableist


narcissism is literally something not to be proud of, what's their point?


narcissism isn't a disability, it's a personality disorder. like borderline, histrionic, anti social etc. saying it's not something to proud of isn't ableist, it's true. as someone with a personality disorder, im in no way proud of it as it negatively impacts my life. sorry you got banned, mods and users there are generally a bit sensitive.


personally got banned from es gen for saying "are you making a church" to someone being rejected from making a catholic club


wtf you can't criticize shit here


so glad im banned from es gen, they’re garbo admins


Narcissism is absolutely not something to be proud of. Especially when speaking of the disorder NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). If anything calling it ableist is an insult to many that now deal with PTSD/C-PTSD and other disorders often caused by being in a relationship with a narcissist or being raised by a narc parent or two. I'm not necessarily calling them evil, but those with NPD are often manipulative, cunning, and in some cases abusive. I've had to live with one.


as someone with npd ik how we are too and it was extremely disgusting seeing someone brag about how they were mistreating other people and I said what I said and I asked how I could be "ableist" to my own community and the mod said I was making excuses