[NEW SKRILLEX, NOISIA & JOSH PAN] Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (My Existence)

[NEW SKRILLEX, NOISIA & JOSH PAN] Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (My Existence)


Was losing hope that this would ever come out but its here and my god is it a banger. The synths, especially on that second drop, are so rugged and textured despite their simplicity on a surface level. Exactly the kind of attention to detail I expect from Noisia. The percussion on this strikes me more as Skrillex's work, which is interesting to me considering how well known Noisia are for their percussion. Would love to find out who did what on this someday. It's also cool how this is going to be one of the last Noisia songs, imo. Considering how Skrillex is their biggest protege, its a nice full circle moment for the Noisia project.


Great point!! Also gotta say I’m loving how the “mega-collab” trend is catching on a bit more. Personally, I like when lots of people get in the mix, and are properly credited. If someone came in and added a fat snare, they still deserve to be in the track title, in my eyes. More collaboration is exactly what the world needs.


100% agree, but I don’t know if this song really truly fits in what you’re describing as it started out as a remix of Supersonic by Josh Pan and Dylan Brady. Maybe they were both really involved in this new version of the song, and if so that’s really sick :)


I didn't know Skrillex was ever their protege! Do you have any more details about when in his career he was working with them?


He lived with them after finished the My Name Is Skrillex EP. They taught him a bunch of sound design tips and he worked on the Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP while staying with them. That’s why they ended up remixing SM&NS, since they were there for that track’s inception


Ive always wondered how skrillex learned his insane sound design. Just goes to show how helpful others can be in your own sound


NOISIA (and Spor) coached him through Scary Monsters. They were all using the same studio at the time


I dunno that snare is very Noisia to me and the kick is a lot thuddier, less clipped than what Skrillex usually uses Personally I feel like it's more Noisia drums with Skrillex patterns (especially the trap part)


The way the bass kind of bends in pitch really reminds me of Noisia as well.


...and Dylan Brady.


Josh Pan??? I remember back in the SoundCloud days he was just coming up and I thought he would be the next big thing, then he dropped off the map and I haven’t heard a thing about him in years. This was very unexpected


He was doing good trap things on owsla for a bit but he decided to pursue more vocal based music


The original version of this was by him in 2019, pretty sure this is a Skrillex and Noisia remix that they just made into an original song.


Fiyahhh!!!! That drop sounds so much like another track but in Halftime. Fuck, I cannot remember and it’s bugging me. Edit: Camo & Crooked & Mefjus - No Tomorrow


This track has been a well known, highly sought after dubplate for ages, so if anything it's more likely that No Tomorrow is copying off of this track than the reverse.


yeah IIRC its been an ID for upwards of 3 years.


Nope 1.5 years, was first played out in NZ around New Year’s Eve 2019.


Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that at all! Pretty sure I heard this banger in a few sets last year.


This and Hex cougar - Aubade


I thought so too holy fuck. Also i fucking love everything Camo & Krooked pump out.


It was really reminding me of something else too, finally figured it out. 3:48 here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5zPmpBpMu0qI26eI2lc6Bb?si=dsFI56oISNeVHIJjKf3deQ&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1


makes me think of it also


Dylan Brady getting recognition! Let’s goooo hyperpop. Can’t wait for this genre to take off


Instant classic for me. Hope to hear this on a system soon!


I thought Noisia was no more? Or are they back already? I would love to hear more from Skrillex and them.


This has been a dub from pre covid, so they are still no more as far as I’m aware :(


A real shame. Fortunately the mark they've left on the scene is indelible.


Noisia had plans to retire in 2020 but they wanted to tour one last time which the pandemic delayed. So there's gonna be a new date at which they retire which will be after they tour


Yo, thank you for the info! With any luck this extra time will give them a chance to rethink their retirement. Definitely the top of the game in sound design and all things "Neuro" or whatever is being called today.


If it’s any consolation it sounds like they’re still gonna be doing bits, but not as Noisia - Nik is releasing stuff as Sleepnet, and Thijs is releasing stuff as Thys. I’m not sure what Martijn is doing but I would be very surprised if we don’t hear some stuff from him too.


Thys is also doing ILY with Skrillex, and Martijn is part of Zonderling and Body Ocean


I've heard some of the sleepnet stuff and it's good. I'll check out Thys. Thanks again!


I dig it. The production sounds like Noisia for the most part but definitely in a more approachable way. Not the most unique thing ever but I still really like it


Song is great production wise, though I just wanted to commend Josh Pan’s song writing for a minute. When I first started listening to his producer stuff over 5 years ago I had no idea he would be such an accomplished singer with a head for ear worming vocals. Good stuff throughout, can’t wait to hear this played out


We love you NOISIA! ​ Wish US festivals booked them a little more when they had the chance. Was so sad seeing Lightning in a Bottle get cancelled (whole covid thing), because NOISIA was given a headline slot at the bass state. Finally the recognition they deserved at a big festival that would convert hella hippies into DnB heads. ​ Damn shame. Still, song slaps!


See y’all at Hula (:


skrill jumping into halftime dnb would finally give ivy lab a run for their money


Nah bruv. Ivy n Perez on sum King shit.


i mean yeah


Exactly what I was hoping for. Let’s go 2021, can’t wait to hear this played out!




Holy shit it's finally out! Yusss


Noisia just never disappoints


can really vibe to this!! makes me feel like i'm being transported into another universe


Strong song of the year contender.


This is so dope but with 3 producers on it it's kind of hard to tell who did what. I definitely hear the Noisia part but Skrillex/josh pan, kind of tougher


This song initially started as a Skrillex and Noisia remix to Josh Pan and Dylan Brady's song Supersonic but then they decided to release it as a standalone song. If you listen to the original you'll see how this song is mainly a Skrillex and Noisia production, with the original serving as the backbone to it all


Interesting, I'll check it out!


The production is exclusively Noisia & Skrillex, it was originally a remix and was always announced as "Noisia and Skrillex" in their shows


Yeah I mean it has like good sound design I guess lol but it's deff pretty underwhelming. I think the Skrillex we once knew is gone


Fucking love it


I thought that was a bobby hill meme




Killer drops, love the dirty synth and nasty distortion, just top flipping notch. A full sixty second build up is pushing my limits of patience (for an individual track), but still really good stuff.




It certainly can!


Whoooa. That works for me. :)


SOTY so far for me


I don't care about Skrillex, all I care is Josh Pan