That’s first time they are saving money for you. Lucky you.


They did you a favor, dude. You’re lucky. ✋😂 Yeah they truly are a bane. Seems to be a “Computer says no” situation. And, of course the poor agents probably outsourced never given actual power to do anything. Typical customer service.


Dude, forget Talabat. I've deleted the app a while ago. Constantly increasing fees and a million popups telling me to "Hurry!" wherever you click.


Or shaming people with how much money they spent on delivery fees which could be saved by buying the pro subscription which again is available only for select outlets with a minimum purchase amount.


Yeah, I switched to Careem Plus (or whatever it's called) and not looking back.


Try tweeting at them and get noon food. Ever since they discontinued Zomato talabat has gone to shit. Guess they think they have enough market share to not care.


Zomato was the fuckin bomb man, clean UI, easy-to-use filters, consistent offers, excellent tracking. Can't believe they killed it for this.


exactly how I feel.


Same thing happened to me, they just told me that they can't do anything and I should make another account with a different phone number and E-Mail address. I immediately switched over to Noon Food and Deliveroo


they didn't specify on which platform you make "new" account ;)




The marketing/customer ops team has totally seen this btw im sure they'll do something about it


Sincerely hope so - the stonewalling this guy had is crazy. If a service company is going to ban someone and they are a long standing customer, it would behoove the company to at least explain why the block happened and have a process to unblock it… not point to t&c and tell them to read and figure it out. That is crazy! PS> I get why you don’t give specifics for fraud or technical manipulation of your api, but you can still say “blocked because of a fraud rule” or “detected unusual traffic from your account” - maybe the guy has malware on his phone and knowing this would stop him from using the banking apps and more until he confirmed.


Use Careem. Never had an issue with them.


I had a Careem account and tried to book a ride once in my home country (it never booked btw) and when I came back my account was blocked. They advised me to use another number and email address to setup a new account. I have never used Careem ever since and asked them to never send me any promotional messages either.


This is honestly what happens when you outsource jobs to a poor different country to save a few $$$.


Yeah, on that note, Zomato was terrible with regards to customer service.


You can't say this over here. Zomato fanbois gonna downvote you. I agree Zomato customer service was horrible.


As if the customer service here is any better 😂 But thanks for the racist input.


Yes facts very racist. Everytime i had issues with etisalat, going to the branch solved my issue compared to their call center.


Your opinions are not "facts".


Kindly do the needful and cry racism somewhere else


I'll cry racism where I find it, and I found it here.


"" This is honestly what happens when you outsource jobs to a poor different country to save a few $$$. "" The dude didn't even mention a country's name or a person's ethnicity / color - nothing racist about his comment 😂


Little late to the game but I’ve also noticed on talabat when i place an order for food to be delivered to my home address when I’m outside somewhere else..the driver shows up not to my address in have put in the app but the location where I was when I placed the order..driver shows up and tells me “address is wrong”..this is the dumbest thing ever whats the point of entering your delivery address if the guy’s just gonna show up to your last know position? 🤣🤣…careem does not seem to have this issue


dumbest app in the world lol