WTF? 1 cuppa tea and this…

WTF? 1 cuppa tea and this…


To be honest, the sugar is probably what did it. If you’re gonna want sugar, you may want to use like Splenda (or similar to) or stevia.


I agree! I’m not sure why milk is being scapegoated when a spoon full of sugar is also being consumed. Sugar is definitely the main culprit here. I wish it were not true, but it is.


100ml has 5g of sugar....so you had 15g of sugar in a drink and you're surprised your BG went up? Although milk does have protein and fats which normally help balance carbs/sugar, that'd only really the case when you're eating a meal...drinking means the sugar/carbs has a bigger impact. Ask your GP/endo for a referral to a nutritionist or to recommend an education course available in your country, it seems like you'd benefit from it.


It’s time to substitute the sugar. even though it’s not a huge portion, refined sugar has no other nutrients like fibre or fat to slow it’s release into your blood stream. It took me a while to find a brand of stevia that didn’t have a bitter after taste, but try out different alternatives.


Milk has sugar...and so does the sugar ;). I still use sugar in my coffee (only 1/4 teaspoon and yes I use a measuring spoon) and switched to non-dairy creamer.


As others have mentioned, there are a lot of carbs in milk, which your body turns into sugar. Then you added sugar so unfortunately that combo led to a sugar spike. If you can drink tea without anything in it as an experiment, try having some fasting and see if the caffeine boosts your blood sugar. Try changing one thing at a time. Next time add a sweetener instead of sugar and see if it boosts your blood sugar. Splenda really spikes mine so if one doesn't work, try another and be aware that even then, if you have mysterious blood sugar rises, try cutting out the sweetener again. I had splenda without issues for years, then it decided to spike my blood sugar recently. Once you find a baseline as to what tea and a sweetener do, see if you can do without the milk. If not, see if you can have less milk, try to adapt. Diabetes is a jerk that never leaves us alone and you either fight back, or it gets you sooner or later. I've watched what it does to relatives that completely ignored it. Tasty food is not worth it to me to go through those horrors.


The lactose in the milk could do it too. 200ml milk for tea sounds quite a lot


200ml sounds like most of them up. I’d use 30ml max.


Are you sure it was 200 ml of milk? That's over a third of a pint, a teacup full. You probably meant 20ml.


The lactose in milk is a form of sugar as well and if the tea has some caffeine, that may have also contributed. Maybe make some substitutes...unsweetened almond milk with monk fruit or stevia and then test your blood sugar afterwards to be sure.


Does caffeine impact BGs then?


This is from Google: Research on caffeine suggests there is a connection between caffeine and blood sugar, with doses of over 250 milligrams of caffeine a day contributing to elevated blood glucose levels. For context, this is about two cups of regular coffee.


Maybe try Oat or Almond milk? Dairy can spike you... and I find stevia has zero aftertaste and it works well for a sugar sub in my body. I wish you the best. This disease sucks!


Oat milk has a lot of carbs. Carbs turn into sugar!


Milk. Next time try same thing with the same amount of sugar but with almond or oat milk. I believe you will get the answer.


US here, no idea what 3 units means. :) Try reducing your sugar and milk portions slowly to adjust your tastes. And, do some exercise after your tea to help your body process the sugar. Use online resources to discover exactly how many carbs different types of foods (including milk and sugar) have.


Use heavy whipping cream instead of milk. No carbs. Use Stevia instead of sugar.


It never ceases to amaze me why diabetics come on here and whine about how sugar makes their blood sugar go up! You silly, silly people! STOP EATING SUGAR! There are many sugar substitutes! Lay off the carbs! Stop eating sugar!


Oh fuck off!! Who are you to say In whining? So much for a supportive community!


It is a supportive community however, when you are a diabetic saying you are using sugar and then wonder why your BG is high is like a wtf really moment for some people. If you are newly diagnosed then yep sugar and milk will pop your BG. Find a sugar free substitute and maybe use half and half or heavy cream. I'm not a tea drinker but I like coffee and I use 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and some sugar free vanilla flavoring and my sugar is fine. I'm also on metformin 1000mg 2x a day. If you have had diabetes for awhile you should no better. No more straight sugar find a substitute. My mom lost her leg to this stupid fucking disease because she didn't listen and then died a few years later.


You want us to support you killing yourself? Lmao


Caffeine raises your blood sugar. It causes your adrenaline to be released, and then your body releases sugar then it has stored in the liver, thinking that you have a fight or flight situation or you're having to do something strenuous. So yeah, every time I drink coffee with artificial sweetener and no sugar, my blood sugar goes up. That's just reality. But three points is not very much. You're talking about the units where normal blood sugar is around 100? Or are you using some other type of units? Because if you're talking about the units where normal blood sugar is around 100, then going up three points is nothing. That's just fluctuation. You can check your blood sugar twice in a row and you'll get readings and vary from each other by up to 10 points. Last, but not least, 200 mL of milk will have about 9 g of carbohydrates, and a teaspoon of sugar has about 4 g of carbohydrates. So you're talking about 13 g of carbohydrates that you consumed. That's a pretty significant amount. I would expect it to go up at least three points for that. You can't treat carbohydrates as though they're nothing, even if it's a small amount. You have to consider all carbohydrates.


Milk and sugar increase my sugars


As everyone else has suggested trying an artificial sweetener, you could also sub Heavy Cream instead of Milk.


How soon after this did you measure your BG? It's not just the spike, but more importantly, the duration of the elevation. Even someone without diabetes can spike their BG to well above 140, but this elevation is not sustained. Another issue is increased insulin resistance in the presence of fat. So while fat slows absorption of sugar *from the gut*, fat also slows absorption of glucose *from the blood* into tissues that are insulin dependent. This latter phenomenon is almost never discussed. (Of course, if you meant skim milk, then this wouldn't contribute much to already-present insulin resistance, but whole/full-fat milk would.)