Each to their own but I’d stop using Uber and not encourage this crap behaviour. As others have suggested the 13cabs app is pretty good, I’ve had no reason to go back to Uber.


Yep! Uber was needed to shake up the taxi industry and get some changes happening, but the time has well and truly come to not reward Uber for their increasingly bad behaviour.


Happy Cake Day!


Thank you! 😊


Sadly I had the same experience with 13cabs that I had with Uber. Yesterday I booked though the app. Eventually it found me a cab which was literally across the road from me. I walked over. Showed the driver the text with his number plate one it and he just kept shaking his head and said, no, I don’t have a booking. Then drove off. Then I get a text saying another cab has been assigned. Then another 5 minutes and I get another assigned. Then another. Time to buy that private helicopter.


What is the reason they are cancelling the bookings?


Yes. Good question


I use Didi quite a lot, it’s cheaper than Uber and I’ve never had problems with the drivers


For now, until they turn heel like Uber.


It's the same drivers.


The drivers aren’t the issue.


true, as an ola and didi user myself i cant fault them. But as it has been said, a lot of uber drivers use didi and ola as well,im sure u can guess which one they are going to accept a ride from first?


The one that pays the most, assuming they haven't already accepted an offer from a different service and that other service doesn't apply a penalty for cancelling. What's your point?


The drivers are motivated by the systems which competitors have every reason to copy. If it’s the same drivers we’ll have the same problems, because we will have the exact same type of company. The two solutions to this are at the driver end (unionisation) or above the company end (legislation).


Uber takes 30% didi takes 5% guess which one drivers will use


Ola does not take 5% that's what they used to offer to get drivers on the platform for an introductory period. Last I checked with drivers it was 15%. This may not be current.


Learn to read mate


Didi is the same. None of them take 5% outside of introductory periods. Didi is around 13% Most Uber drivers are on less than 30% too. They are all shit but let's at least use figures that are close to accurate.


The cars are badly behaved?


Judging by the fact that every one I've caught have all had the Uber, Ola and Didi signs/stickers then yes, 100% this.


The problem with alternate gig driving apps is they’re all running multiple apps and usually preferencing Uber even if they pay worse because their scoring system hurts the drivers if they don’t.


What I've found happens a lot is that they accept a fare on one app while still completing a fare on the other. So your driver starts out 2 minutes away, then drives halfway across the city before finally coming back. And if you cancel the trip, you get a penalty for it that you have to go through all kinds of hoops to contest. Or they accept the trip, then get a better offer on another app and cancel. Sometimes after you've already waited 5 minutes. But by far the worst behaviour I've seen personally is where drivers will accept a fare that has tolls included, then switch the app off, take another route that has no tolls, then put the app back on. The app assumes that they took the planned route, so you still get charged the tolls, which the driver doesn't have to pay and thus pockets. I had this happen to me with a driver not taking two tunnels on the way home from the airport, but still charging me for both. The trip log showed the tunnels, but thankfully my own google maps history showed the real path. I even saw the guy turning Uber off and on again before/after the tunnels. After a few days of back and forth, Uber refunded my money, and hopefully banned the guy.


I just screenshot and cancel, if they try to charge I dispute. I always get the money back. The most frustrating one is when an Uber driver doesn’t want my short trip but refuses to cancel, so they’ll just park nearby and have their lunch/dinner not moving at all waiting for me to get the shits and cancel so they don’t lose marks on their driver rating.


I spam call them when this happens. First message "why aren't you heading towards me" and wait a little, then spam. They get sick of hanging up on you and cancel.


I can't remember needing this arsenal of tricks and hoop jumping in the old taxi days. Did we actually wind up with a better system? I don't think so. But I'm glad everyone fought tooth and nail for uber to setup business here because they got a cheap fare a few times in the early days.


Aren’t they mostly the same drivers?


I would love to use Didi and persisted for a good year or so but drivers would cancel so often I gave up on it


Didi keeps increasing the price AFTER I've booked, sometimes as much as $10. I accept one price, then when they get there and we get going, I notice the price went up, with no explanation edit: Apparently I can't type today


Uber does this to me with their time estimates, it's a nightmare. I accept a 2-5 min away fare and it changes to 20min away. Not safe for getting to work on time.


Trouble with the cabs is they have not improved their behaviour or service in response to ride shares. My brother booked a cab the other day, gave more than 24 hours notice and when it was time for the ride he was told that the driver was still 45 min away so he had to make other arrangements. There are huge problems with ride share and different problems with the traditional taxi model.


The other day I looked at the fare from my place to the city and it was $183 on 13cabs, $158 on uber and $133 on didi


Where were you coming from for it to cost that much? I haven't taken a cab in years so I'm out of the loop.


InDriver also just launched. So plenty of other options




I've had them not turn up, or call saying their on their way 40 minutes after the time you said for pick up ( not ideal when your trying to get to work on time) regional areas 13 cabs are just useless, they have been caught cancelling jobs on people with disabilities or just leaving them and driving past. Others pick up jobs decide they want to go home and turn off the system causing the job to disappear it's quite a joke


I've had 13 cabs take a booking, 30 mins later say it was never logged even though I'd spoken for a couple minutes to book it. So I then just went back to Uber and promise a tip to get there in time. 45 minutes and 2 calls with 13 cabs with an ETA not available to be given. If I'd gone through Ubers crap eventually I would have secured a driver still before a cab arrived. Shits fucked.


Supplementing wages through tipping is a sure fire way to drive wages further down or keep it stagnant at the very least. Let's not encourage it here in Australia.


This country cannot become like the fucking basket case that the USA is. It’s up to UBER to pay THEIR workers more. Not the customer. I don’t pay my staff so that they have to beg my clients for a tip when they do their job onsite. Besides that, there is no reason to tip. It’s pick up, drive, drop off. It’s not like they are doing some exceptional work along the way.


Yeah, their tip culture can fuck off


Absolutely. Tip culture is cancer. It's a one way route to customer confusion and worker exploitation. Reject it.


Exactly. The USA is a country that has a 400 year history of exploitation of people to make others wealthy. It’s peak capitalism. The US Govt has done everything it can to reduce people to virtually nothing. No medical. No decent minimum wage. No employment contract protection. It’s ludicrous. This cannot be allowed to come here.


Yeah well too late, we allowed Uber to bring their dog shit policies into Australia when it meant cheap rides and this is the long term result. Turning up fees was always part of their long term plans. Uber absolutely should have been mandated to make their drivers employees in Aus. Tipping works atm since there is an under supply of drivers, the drivers are going to pick the most profitable trips - supply and demand. To give you insight into the financials, Uber says they take 25% of the ride cost - however they don't include the booking fee and 'safe ride fee' within that 25% which are flat values. For short rides, this means Uber can be taking up to around 42% of the ride cost - this is why short rides are cancelled often. Out of the remaining money the driver gets they need to subtract Income tax, fuel & vehicle depreciation. Also factor in the return trip, which might be wasted driving time without a passenger if there aren't any where they drop you off (eg, suburbs etc)


The problem is, when they arrived they paid the drivers like 50% more than they do now. We paid a bit more as consumers but it was still cheaper than a taxi and infinitely better. But they kept whittling down wages, which degraded the service and now the drivers are shit, the cars are shit and it's impossible to get a reliable ride.


I guess theres also didi and ola if you want to go that route. Ive found that they are way cheaper than uber. ( when ive done comparisons even in peak times, they have always been at least 4 - 5 dollars cheaper than uber.) And the drivers get paid well and dont have a massive chunk taken unlike uber does ( unless thats changed i havent kept up with this recently)


Uber drivers aren't employees. They are contractors. Taxi drivers were employees for the most part but we let uber smash that industry. Taxi industry was a sham, govt made up "taxi licences" and limited their supply. Lots of people about to retire bought licences which they leased to yellow cab drivers or B&W cab drivers - this was their retirement plan. Since uber came in with no limit as to drivers, the artificial cab licences aren't worth anything. Can't even sell them. Lots of people lost nearly everything they invested.


Can't say I feel too bad for the people scalping licenses to make a parasitic income, if I'm honest.


Can drivers and shitty financial decisions name a better combo


I lost some investments on the ASX that didn’t pan out, where’s my hand out?


The person you replied to knows they’re contractors and is arguing that they shouldn’t be. Alternatively, they should have more protections in the contract.


>Taxi drivers were employees for the most part but we let uber smash that industry. Almost no taxi company in Australia has "employees", the industry is based around dodging payroll tax by having sham contractors instead.


100%. A tip shouldn't be expected before the damn jobs even done. If you want a tip, then try earn it.


Just stiff the cunt anyway.


I think the only solution (for better or worse) is to unionise the sector. Collective bargaining for an award rate, or a minimum schedule of rates like taxis do (did?) for contractors. Otherwise they will exploit drivers by putting them on the bare minimum. And with the recent court ruling that contractors fall under contract law, therefore you are a contractor if your contract states you are a contractor (as opposed to previous opinion that you are a contractor if you met certain conditions e.g. you were free to do other work, not all of your income was sourced from a single contract, you don’t have conditions typical for employees such as start and finish times, breaks, managers, etc). So if you sign a contract agreeing to drive people around for 10c per km, then that is a legal contract. I’ve also noticed the charges seem to have not increased since fuel has shot through the roof. I doubt Uber are wearing that cost… 🤔 I would prefer to tip in cash, as I believe it should be a bonus for work performance or exceptional circumstances or at the discretion of the client. Not something tracked and traced by Uber. And as for tax implications, whether the tip is included by the driver in their tax return as income is entirely their moral obligation, not mine.


The other thing is UBER is an historically shady business. If we tip, how much do they pass on? It’s highly likely they are keeping part of that tip and stiffing the drivers.


Unfortunately the drivers are their own worst enemy when it comes to unionising. There was a situation in an American city last year, like Seattle or SF or something. The city was going to legislate unions for all ride-sharing drivers, and for obvious reasons Uber was in full meltdown mode. They spent like $20m advertising to their own drivers to vote against the union. Incredibly, they trotted out that fucking tired old saw - 'freedom'. Yep, they told the drivers that the city was going to take away their freedom. So they voted it down. This happens all the time when we finally get unions started and the push for membership going; Amazon, Uber, et al spend a few of the gold coins from their massive hoard and persuade the employees to vote against their own interests. It will absolutely happen in Oz should a push to unionise ride-share drivers get going.


exactly, they are doing the main thing in their job description. its literally in their job title lol.


Uber pay their workers fine. The minimum I’ve made driving is $25/hr - that is because it is off-peak AF or too many drivers for amount of people/food needing to be couriered. The average amount I’ve made is $40-$45/hr. My capex cost of the car and insurance is the same. The Opex of fuel is a little higher. I average around 150Kms/8hr, I use 98 Petrol so $25 for the 8 hour period, probably another $5 for the day for servicing and tyres. $330/day after expenses (which are all tax deductible) but money good.


Either way, the customer will pay the extra cost. Perhaps a $20 flag fall would work, to incentivise drivers to take shorter fares without trying to haggle for tips?


I’ve thought this should be a thing, I had an incident with a taxi drive off extremely angry with us while we were mid- removing our suitcases from the boot. The hotel was a five minute drive from Sydney Airport. He stopped at every green light until it turned red. And asked for $20 tip to compensate him for waiting in the rank for an hour. I was very sympathetic but to be fair, I could not control how long he waited at the rank, or how far away the hotel was from the airport, or that there are no footpaths and pedestrians were forbidden from being on the airport roads.


We were in Newcastle a few years ago and got an Uber from our apartment to a pub. We didn’t realise it was literally 600m and we could have walked. It was pissing rain though and the driver was good. I think I gave him an extra $5 or something in cash on top of the $7 or $8 fare. We all thought it was funny. Those days are over. No one would pick us up now for a short trip like that.


I got an $8 trip on Thursday evening


I tip because I can afford to do it. I respect the fact that these guys are out here grinding on close to the minimum wage while I’m paying $5-$10 extra for my sandwich because I’m too lazy/busy to drive 5 minutes to pick it up myself. I assume only rarely does any one ever do these jobs with a view of doing them forever, they’re doing them because they’re trying to get ahead. If I pay an extra couple of bucks to help that, then that’s ok. (Note: the guy in the OP wouldn’t be getting a tip from me. If you ask ‘how much’ tip am I giving you, you clearly don’t deserve it). Edit: really surprised how many downvotes this got. I mean, clearly people disagree with it, but I’m surprised the sentiment is something people disagree with so strongly.


People are rejecting tipping cause it encourages companies to under-pay their staff and pocket the profit.


Exactly. It’s all well and good to say that we don’t want tipping culture here (and I agree), but you have to think about the individual who has accepted to work for such a low return - they obviously don’t have many options. I can afford to tip, and I do, because these people deserve to earn more, and clearly Uber is not going to do the right thing. If it’s within my means to help another person less fortunate, then I’m going to do it. Everyone saying they would be happy to pay a higher rate - why don’t you just tip the driver the difference now and actually help another person? It’s like refusing to donate to charity, on the grounds that the government should do more to help those in need. Just because an injustice shouldn’t exist, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help the people impacted by it now.


This logic is up its ass and round the corner. Youve just advocated for the full proliferation of tipping culture and all that it entails. The issue is systemic. Tipping prolongs the current system. You might feel good but you aren't helping the industry at all. It's a sugar hit to feel good for yourself while giving zero credence to structural change. Of which nothing less is required. This is a classic middle class mentality.


Not all drivers are the same. If you've got someone to pick you up with your 2 weeks of groceries, helps you get them in the car, gets them out for you, for the 2min ride home. Don't spend that time complaining no one rushed to pick you up, then don't bother with even a $1 tip, because that's why you can't get someone to pick you up anymore


Why should I be expected to pay extra for someone doing their job well? I don't tip cashiers for bagging my groceries really fast and I don't tip KFC workers when they make my chicken properly, so why should I pay extra to a driver just for putting my bags in the boot? Taxis don't expect a tip for something like that because it's part of the job that they're paid to do. Tip culture is cancerous and can fuck right off.


You are talking about something different to a standard pick up and drop. I had a girl pick up UBER Eats for me one night and it was bad weather. After she dropped I gave her a $10 tip. As I appreciated her effort.


I kinda am, its a lot like wait staff, I don't feel the need to tip all of them, but if they've been on top of things and made my meal experience better for *their* effort, leaving a few dollars is the least you can do. If leaving $1 extra just as a thanks for making your trip easier, because they don't have to help you with your luggage, groceries, what ever else you've decided to transport. As for Taxi drivers getting out of their seat to help everyone, yeah not in the 20 years I had to use them before ride share. I tried an UBER share recently, and they guy got in, complained for the 3min he was in the car that the driver didn't come directly to him and took a long route, presumably to pick me up, and that now he was going to be late, "here's 1 Star *Mate".* People are entitled cunts more and more, if you don't show at least a little appreciation for those that do a good job, leave a thank you comment, leave a $1, well we've all seen what we get left with...


Just use a regular taxi service. Why does anyone even use Uber anymore? When it first started, it was great because it was way better service than traditional taxis. And cheaper. Now it’s driven by shitty drivers or ex cabbies anyway and costs basically the same and is way less reliable. Just use regular taxis. The service still sucks and drivers are still rubbish on the road but at least the show up instead of dick you around and wait for a tip. Leave the tipping in America and stop supporting a company that pays its staff like shit.


>driven by shitty drivers or ex cabbies anyway Hard to defend Uber's cancellations and fare surges, but a decade ago, when it was just cabs, I would get a racist/sexist/political arsehole about 50% of the time. Never had a wanker uber driver.


By contrast I’d get sexually harassed 80% of the the I wasn’t in the cab with a bloke.


Consider yourself lucky. I haven’t had any wanker Uber drivers I guess but 100% of them all drive like absolute shit (same as cabbies). Speed off before you’re hardly sat down, tail gate, weaving, aggressive all around. Oh and you’re still expected to give them a 5 star rating? Yeah nah fuck that.


I had a cab driver give me his mobile number so I could ring and get an 'Australian' cab whenever I needed it.


I remember hearing that a good number of cab drivers would do that. They would give out their number and be essentially a cheaper private drivers.


I don’t mind overall - you get a good, reliable driver that you’re comfortable with, sure, reward that. I do mind when it’s purely racism driving it.


I mean I heard of drivers of all nationalities doing the private driver gig. So it seemed to be more that guy's attempt to try and get you on board with him.


Who gives a shit about their personal beliefs, did they get you where you needed to be?


To get to work it's $22 max with a taxi it's about $30.


i cant fault didi and ola though. I know its the same drivers usually but i am more than happy to use them until they go down the same road as uber ( as a company of course, not necessarily the drivers who use them)


Ya I had an uber driver ask me on my marital and whether I worked. When I said no my that me and my partner of 8 years were married he told me that he would never let his wife go out or work. WTF


I still use Uber and have never had problem. Drivers are friendly, cars are clean. No problem at all.


You have to admit. The shakeup that Uber caused (when it was good), atleast we good some good new functionality (aka the apps) that other now more reliable taxi/ride sharing company’s have implemented.


It's the same as many businesses. Look at Netflix for comparison. Start off good, dominate the market, then start introducing shady practices and shitty business decisions in attempt to maximise profits.


Try 13 Cabs app mate. At least if they say they’re coming they have too.


It's funny you say that, just two days ago 13Cabs came under blast and issued an apology for not showing up even when booked a week in advance https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-12/taxi-company-13cabs-under-fire-booking-never-arrived/101052930


That's cos there's no such thing as a "booking in advance". Those features are just "yeah we'll try to get you a car when 15 mins prior comes around".


Yeah that's what 13Cabs says in the article


Except often they just don’t come. Waited half an hour last Friday before the app could even connect to a driver. Managed to finally get an Uber after 4 cancels before the cabs app found me a taxi. They also take the fair out before even finding you a cab, which is dodge… suppose I should try calling next time maybe


This is going back 20 years, but I still hold a grudge. Were flying to Sydney for the weekend, so we booked a cab through 131008 a few days out. No problem. Day of we are waiting. And waiting. And waiting. At 15 minutes late I call and get told the cab is 5 minutes out. They told me this again at 25 minutes late. And 35 minutes late. And 45 minutes late. At 50 minutes late we drove to the station and got the train. Missed a connection and arrived at the airport as our plane was taking off. Luckily the airline just put us on the next flight, but it was stressful as hell. Years later I was talking to a colleague and they told me the story of how they got an apology out of the cab company. Apparently, if your phone number books too many cabs and are not there when the cab arrives, then they stop sending cabs. If you ring and ask where it is they just keep telling you it is five minutes out. As I understand it, some people book multiple cabs from different companies and use the first one to arrive. The apology my friend got was not for never sending the cab. It was for when they complained to the cab company the supervisor swore at them. The bit that really gets me is that both of us had just moved, and both of us had a new phone number. We were not the ones with a history of not being there when the cab arrived.


>Luckily the airline just put us on the next flight, but it was stressful as hell Think yourself very lucky. Similar thing happened to me in Adelaide and the woman at the counter forced me to pay for another ticket because I had missed my flight, I got on the plane and there were only about 20 people on it with empty seats everywhere, I was fuming I was forced to pay twice for no good reason.


Yeah they and B/W cabs seem like the most reliable options for a few months now.


100%, I’ve been on Uber for years now, like 450 trips or something, went to get one to the Brekky Creek the other night and after a dozen cancellations one accepted for over $100. I cancelled and went to B/W app and got a $35 fixed rate. I’m no cabbie shill but Uber these days is pretty much unusable


Not from my 20 years of both anicdotal and personal experience. But short trips can be very hard to land seemingly, unless a driver is only a few minutes away and you're easy to get


The last two times I tried 13Cabs I waited 45 minutes, I got sick of waiting so I walked home in the dark. I'm definitely not saying uber is better, just my experience with 13Cabs


I’ve waited 4 hours for cabs before and after that wait your request is so stale in their system they won’t show up anyway.


B/W Cabs is most reliable in the suburbs. 13Cabs / Yellow only seem active near the CBD


That's uh, quite a different reply to the one I would've given...


Ah lol. Honestly I had like 5 cancellations I was so fed up I just gave in


Anyone who agrees with tipping culture and that it should be "encouraged" in australia needs to fuck off. Why should we put the onus onto customers to tip for "great service" when "great service" is part of the fucking job description? How about paying your staff properly? Thankfully, australia has a fair minimum wage and isnt as idiotic as america but we could get there if things go south. Im not against tipping at all, people are free to do so, but there comes a point when too much tipping can "rock the boat".


Mate you're just enabling terrible behaviour


The big problem too is the cunts doing this are fucking over their colleagues who aren't fuckheads. The amount of times there's been 6+ drivers 3 minutes away who all decline because it's not a long enough trip only to get no complaints from some poor bastard who drove for 10 minutes at 100km/hr to do the same fuckin' trip. It's bullshit, fuck these people.


yeah i've been smack bang in the middle of the city with lots of cars who are declining because it's a shortish trip. what are they expecting, it's the middle of the fucking cbd. 🤷‍♂️


I had one last night refusing to respond to my friend asking where he was parked, he just wanted her to cancel of course. So I told her not to cancel no matter what, looked at the make, colour and rego then did a sprint around every taxi rank in the night precinct I was in. I stumbled across him and said " You are picking up for Anna?" "No" "It says his last name is Singh" "Theres a lot of Singh's" "It says its a Red Camry" "Theres a lot of Red Camry's" "Well thats funny you have the same number plate, and my friends are currently getting in your back seat asshole" The gall of these fuckers


Uber are worse than the cabs now. We all need to move away from them to prove a point


Uber is worse than cabs and Air BnBs are hardly better than hotels nowadays. Was great when they were first introduced but now it seems neither really offer much advantage in most instances.


AirBnBs were something I just couldn't get behind. Hidden fees, taxked on cleaning and amenities fees, and whatever else the owners felt they could chuck in or justify. No, mate, advertise a rate and stick to it.


I mean.. this is the same as people complaining about how offering extra rent to secure a lease is only making the problem worse..


Both are correct. It’s a game theory problem that has plagued humanity for millenia. Everyone agrees to do X, everyone does X, and everyone is better off. And if one person breaks their agreement and does Y, in the short term that person is better off however in the medium term everyone other than them is worse off and in the long term everyone *including* them is worse off. Tragedy of the Commons and Prisoner’s Dilemma are examples of this type of problem.


I’ve deleted the Uber app. I’d rather be abstinent from alcohol than rely on their “services”


What happened to Uber?? Was a cool taxi service in your pocket. Now it’s beyond a scam. Everyone I knew who did Uber driving doesn’t do it anymore. I’d say it’s got a few more years to run before it’s all forgotten about.. maybe?


I have had a few dramas with Uber the last week, had a chat to the driver and apparently a heap of drivers are accepting then cancelling trips to encourage the price to surge. I’d love to come up with a way to either report the buggers who are playing funny, or find a way to counter stitch them up. (This may have been addressed in previous comments, I have not read through all comments)


The thing is, for all of ubers smarts we shouldn't need a community driven backlash. They have every metric available at their fingertips, including how many times, how often, and for what sort of job a driver will cancel. If drivers cancel routinely for small jobs, quit allowing them to use the platform. It will only take a small handful of examples, heavily advertised, at one point in time, and a couple of follow ups for the point to be made. Issue warnings to the rest when they look like they're falling to similar criteria.


I agree. But with all the metrics available to Uber, how often have we seen them monitoring them and take action from trends observed from them? One good example is the recent cancellation lawsuit.


Oh, I'm not saying dont boycott uber, because I'm all about voting with my wallet. I'm just saying that if, as a company, that sort of thing was important to them then they could fix it overnight. They're just lazy in my view.


Don't tip. It justifies insane arguments as to why Uber doesn't need to pay fairly. Also, it perpetuates that culture to the services industry undermining their bargaining power.


Tip? Lol. Don’t ever tip Uber, we get paid good enough as it is IMO.


At least Uber actually has drivers, unlike menulog.


This is an Uber subreddit now.


HEY! There's a lot of flooding talk as well


I’m disabled and my neuro has told me ~please for the love of god and the safety of the good people of brisbane do not drive~ and that’s obviously a whole inconvenient thing that is just fucken compounded by how difficult it is to get an Uber, and then how expensive it ends up being after tips. Blegh


Stop showing drivers the gate before they book


Stop using Uber. They DO NOT deserve your business. I'm encouraging everyone to get back to using a taxi. The more that do, the more taxis will come back on line.


I was waiting for an Uber in geelong so I could get to work. He stopped 3 minutes away from my house and just didn't move and if I cancelled it it would have been $10, he stayed like that for a good 15 minutes then messaged me asking if I was going to tip him, I said definitely not with how long I've been waiting, so he just ended the trip.


Just get a cab, at least you know you are getting scammed then!




black and white taxis wont pick you up if youre one on a street they dont like (had it happen to me) 13 cabs will just pull up and call out "who booked" and wont confirm if you are the booking (again personal experiance) and now i learn you have to bribe uber, hell even the public transit cards expire super quick (had mine for just shy of a month before it expired) why does it seem that if you dont have your own transport youre some kind of undesireable?


WTF? why are you introducing toxic tip culture here?


They can’t drive, I wouldn’t risk my life


He's prolly thinking ya trolling him.


I would just say yeah I'll tip, and then not :D


Uber will never have drivers as professional, good at driving, or cars as clean & well maintained as taxi service. I dislike Uber more and more the more I use it.


Use literally any other cab service uber prices are fucking insane atm A friend and I were going to uber to the next suburb to go to a gig An uber into the very edge of the next suburb (leaving us with a nearly 20minute walk to the venue) was like over $80, checked on Didi: the price was $20 *and* the cab went all the way to the venue Idk what the hell is going on with uber rn but their prices are just unacceptable


Move to DiDi, rate the uBer app on App Store and then uninstall it.


Uber entered the market with an absurd proposition, which they papered over with an idiotic narrative…which the world ate up with a spoon. The absurd proposition: Uber could use apps to reinvent taxis, and turn a low-margin business into a high-margin business by sprinkling it with high-tech pixie dust. The idiotic narrative: Uber could establish itself in the market by pouring billions down the drain, losing 41 cents on every dollar it brought in, subsidizing unprofitable rides at unsustainable rates…but someday, it would make it up in volume. https://doctorow.medium.com/the-big-lie-that-keeps-the-uber-bezzle-alive-8d6e8c0ccde7


Lol got quoted $40 from fortitude valley the the CBD tonight by a taxi 🤣




I had a door dasher go to the wrong restaurant and text me asking for more money to go to the correct one...


I get Menulog delivering to the wrong address consistently. I put my unit as 3 and in the notes say UNIT 3 yet half the time they just leave outside some random persons house in my complex


Can you upfront tip and then change it before the ride ends? Better yet, request an Uber and when they’re close, cancel it. Rinse repeat until you have an influx of drivers in your area.


Sadly not, plus there is a hefty cancellation fee for the customer. Not the driver of course... This guy I ended up having to give $15 cash... wish I could go back and view conversation history in the app


https://amp.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/apr/26/uber-faces-26m-fine-in-australia-over-misleading-cancellation-fee-charges-and-taxi-fare-estimates You can actually cancel and not get a fee if it’s under 5mins of the driver accepting.


Which is pretty useless, tbh. The only reason I *ever* want to cancel is because the driver is clearly not coming. You book a ride, it shows the driver a few minutes away, but they either don't move or go in the opposite direction (clearly taking another fare on another app). So after waiting for a while you cancel, then get hit with the fee. It's a joke.


So you set a timer. At 4mins, no movement or not happy with the movement, you cancel. I don't understand why you are saying it is a joke unless you are saying we should all get charged every time we cancel. >(clearly taking another fare on another app) You do realise that they can accept rides before they have finished their previous one. It say so on the app a lot of times if they are still dropping off their previous trip.


Yes, I'm aware that they can do that, and it lets you know. But it doesn't let you know when they've just started a fare on Didi, but then accept your fare on Uber. Which is what has happened to me many times - somebody accepts a fare, they're nice and close, you wait a bit, you give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they're taking a funny route because of traffic, etc, but then bam it's 5 minutes later and they're heading into the suburbs somewhere. I'm not saying you should always get a fee, I'm saying that the app should be smart enough to see that the driver is not heading towards you, and give you the option to cancel with no penalty.




Sounds racist, bro.


and yet


seems like you haven't been outside Australia, bro


Maybe your ancestors are also immigrants think that stupid racist


So annoying, Taxi industry hasn’t changed at all, still pulls filled with the same shady individuals Ubers got worse and over charges I think I’ll just avoid them.


Why are you tipping in the first place?


I remember a Brisbane-filmed Q&A (before it became \*completely\* unwatchable) at the ABC studios in South Bank where a Nationals MP made an impassioned rant against Uber (from memory it was still quasi-illegal at this point) and most of the crowd were relatively young inner-city types who all laughed and mocked him getting into a cab outside the studio after. His argument was in favour of people who'd taken out their life savings to buy taxi licenses and used it equity against borrowing for homes and how that was being robbed by this new perverse entrant into the market.\* "Uber used to be good" was everyone (me included) falling for their charm offensive upon breaking into the market. Cabs suddenly seemed barbaric and insanely expensive; the drivers began shifting over; you got free bottled water and mints. Everything was roses for a few years. Then, once legal and somewhat regulated, the mask finally slipped. It's just another example of unrestrained big tech Whiggism that just adds to the ever increasing insecurity and casualisation of work. Government won't do shit about it because they get their tax slice to waste and drivers get fucking railed as a subcontractor and take on all maintenance expenses themselves. In turn, consumers get fucked because short rides (like most inner city ones) aren't worth their time. Ultimately, when all's said and done, when we all bitch about Uber, or how the duopoly supermarket chains are a disgrace: our buying choices are the things that make this reality possible. Supermarkets can sell single bananas wrapped in insane amounts of plastic because they benefit from the economies of scale that allow them to do with ordinary grocers are not. Same with Uber/other garbage tech - as long as people are paying the cunts they'll keep fucking doing it. Sorry for the rant but my coffee kicked in before I started reading this thread and I'm fired up. TLDR: stop fucking using the service if it's unusable. I deleted my Uber app after my most recent cancellation-marathon and haven't looked back.


I don’t like how Uber is behaving, but taxi licenses are a fucking moronic system. If Nats were so concerned about people in that situation, they could help, but instead they picked the option that props up their donors (of course).


Oh no doubt it was a racket. I don’t mean to paint taxis as being the golden yesteryear (they were squalid), more highlighting how we as a collective mould the world we live in


Uber were only really competitive on cost because they decided to just ignore existing legislation (taxi industry and employee award conditions). The only thing they really brought in that was new and wasn't dodging legislation was their booking app.


If Uber drivers were known as reliable employees, they'd have jobs and wouldn't be driving Ubers. It's an employer of last resort, so in times of low unemployment and high fuel pricing nobody wants to do it.


I used Uber last night. Had no issues. That said Uber has a pretty big market share at the moment, doesn't hurt to use other services to keep the competition up.


What's the problem here? You offered to tip and he asked how much. Are you complaining that you 'feel forced' to give the maximum amount? That just makes you a chump


Unless extremely desperate, I cannot think of a situation where I would even need to use a rideshare service nowadays. Even if incredibly time poor, getting rides cancelled 4-5 times means it takes up to 30 minutes to even get a driver to rock up. I will just walk or catch a bus if it's nearish.


This weekend is very busy with nrl magic round and every hotel booked up. Hotels have surged their prices but don't see reddit post about that. Uber and its ilk are for demand services. People supported it now you have to live with it. Uber is a for profit company, so are the subcontractors (drivers) they have on their platform. There is public transport or pack a umbrella and sturdy shoes for cheap transport options.


Mm yeah my uber eats driver today asked me to "do him a favour" and meet him downstairs so he didn't have to come to the door. No tip for you!


If uber or the other apps suck ill call a cab. Same drivers anyway.


I've also had to start bribing drivers so they don't cancel. I figure its better to tip $5-10 than have the surge price double the original fee


I can't even hail a cab in Melbourne cbd anymore either. You'd think they'd improve given the competition from uber and now take advantage of uber being shit. Fuck them both. Go didi.


After the various governments have let "ride sharing" apps pick the eyes out of the market it would serve the public right if taxis started charging surge pricing when it's busy.


Uber is just preparing the ground for self drive cars … In a few years the algorithm will determine it all - no need to rely on pesky drivers!


You mean the AI will be able to cancel trips all by itself? Cool!


If only there was a regulated industry that has been around for decades that people could use.


Tried to get a cab from city to st kilda. Tell driver where I'm going before I get in, because it's a short trip. He says 'cool'. When I get inside, he demands $25 cash up front. Ask if he can just turn on the meter. He says no. Get out, flag down another cab in 5 minutes. Guy is chill and pops on the meter. The fare is still $23... but that dude got my money.


I’m so sick of them canceling short trips.


As previous Uber driver, you don’t expect tips. It’s awesome when you get $2-5. But there’s no expectation… if the dude needs to ask for a tip, clear sign for no tip.




Fuck no


Wait, why is it like that, could someone explain? In Perth it's still pretty alright...


And how do we fix this? Stop using Uber




Earlier this week I had a Uber driver cancel less than a 100 meters away from me 😂


Actually gonna use this. Thanks bro


This has legit happened to me. He had to come a fair while to come get me so I had to bribe him with a tip. Didn’t tip in the end.


I'm pretty pissed at uber. Jacking their prices up due to shortages is getting insane. Arrived home at the airport at 1130pm and price home was $90. Standard cab was $50 but the line for cans was 30 mins long. I went with the cab on principal..


I refuse to tip to make up for some rich person who doesn’t pay their workers enough. As if the rest of us aren’t struggling financially.


This is surely a taxi astroturfing campaign.


can someone explain how uber got like this?


Jesus Christ, Uber really has gone to shit..


Must blow for people without a car.


If I can from now on if I asked tip at the end of anything I'm going to write a complaint to the organisation to pay their workers more and that tipping shouldn't be implemented in our country


Fuck Uber, fuck airbnb


like living in a 3rd world country.


They won't even pick u up in my town unless it's a females account. So seedy.




I don't believe in tipping, nor do I want it to become the norm in Australia as I see it as a mechanism to keep wages low. Not only that, it encourages people to beg and make you feel bad 'cause you don't want to dish out an extra 5-10 bucks on top of a $20 fair. Tip if you want, sure. But personally, I feel like allowing this behaviour will make us more and more like the US, and that is one dumpster fire we do not want to be a part of...


So get public transport.