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I'm going to be honest here, I just wanted to start a circlejerk thread of hating on Ticketmaster. They dragged their feet on opening the return window for every concert I had tickets for in 2020, some of them took nearly a year for me to get my money back. ALWAYS TAKE THE RETURN.


I tried to convince my wife to stick it to Ticketmaster, but she refused. She bought Tickets to an Ed Sheeran consert, and while I was bored I read the fine print. It said "if a baseball game is not played the ticketholder is entitled to a ticket to another baseball game" (or something like that) and other wording implied that this ticket was for a baseball game. I was there and I am 100% certain that no form of baseball was played.


Sounds like you're entitled to a ticket to a baseball game now!


Only ticket holders who read the fine print get a free baseball game.


Maybe you had to get to second base during "Shape of You"


I would have loved to see Ed Sheeran try to play shortstop!


Trust me, if Ed Sheeran is playing, you're getting to third base at least.


I assumed Ticketmaster would charge a "return fee" of 50% the ticket's value, then a "return convenience fee" of 40% the ticket's value, then a "virtual restocking fee" of 30% the ticket's value. And then, of course, their "standard" fee of any remaining sanity you might have. As a side note, my phone keeps trying to autocorrect "ticket" to "rocket". I wonder if I need a rocket ticket.


I bought tickets about 2 months ago for a show this summer that was canceled last week. I'm being refunded automatically, but I don't know if I'll be refunded the exorbitant Ticketmaster fees. From what I've been able to find on the website, it doesn't look like it. As it can take up to 30 days for the refund to "process," I likely won't know for sure for another few weeks.


The trick is that you can only refund within a 30 day window after an event is rescheduled, and a lot of stuff was rescheduled indefinitely during the pandemic. Auto refunds are only issued if the event is actually canceled. Edit: Specifically, the return window is within 30 days of when the new date is announced, not just the postponement. So postponing without setting a date means you can't get your money back.


In my case, the event was completely canceled, not rescheduled for a later date. Useful for a refund of the ticket price, but I'm not holding my breath on getting the Ticketmaster costs back. (I've had enough bad experiences with the "insurance" sold by them so I don't shell out for the additional "protection" offered.)


Ticketmaster cant do that, legally. cause United Airlines has trademark and copyright on that level dickish assholery.


Ticketmaster has to be a monopoly. They are entirely unavoidable. Pearl Jam at their peak in the mid-90s tried to take them on and failed. They're only bigger and worse now. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/pearl-jam-taking-on-ticketmaster-67440/


The concert which took me the longest to refund was at the Boston House of Blues, which is owned by their parent company LiveNation. They kept saying that the event organizers had not yet canceled, and they wouldn't issue a refund until they do cancel or a new date was set. Apparently being one of the event organizers didn't matter to them. Or my state's AG.


It's even worse because their resale policies mean for some concerts the only guarantee of getting real resale tickets is getting them through Ticketmaster Verified Resale. That and the 'we're not giving you your tickets until 72 hours before the event' really scares me - seeing a big name act is just way more complicated now.


So you're saying that holding out hope to see Rage Against The Machine Next year was not my smartest move? PISH POSH don't tell me how to live my life.




That would be fantastic flair. Edit: yay!


How did I miss that opportunity fucking hell


I despise ticket fee companies and fuck Ticketmaster, but of the canceled covid shows I had a much faster refund from Ticketmaster than I did from Etix. Those fuckers didn’t refund me until 16 months after the canceled show was scheduled. It was never even rescheduled, just canceled and they held onto the money.


The 2020 thing was particularly bad, but aside from that they’ve actually always been pretty good to me on canceled or postponed events. But yes, always always always take the return. I’m still out over $100 a head on a festival form 2020 that’s been radio silent since allowing people to “roll over to 2021.” 2021 didn’t happen, 2022 didn’t happen, and they pulled the plug on their website. So…. Really I’m just rolling my eyes at the entire OP here. There is a huge difference between tickets to a festival and tickets to a specific band. Duh. You always take the risk of a headliner (or any performer) dropping out fr a festival, same way you take the risk of an opener dropping out of a regular concert. Don’t buy festival tickets just to see one band, and don’t buy concert tickets just to see the opener. Or at least understand the risk involved if you do.


Yup. I had a day pass to Boston Calling to see Rage Against the Machine. I jumped at the chance to get a refund as soon as possible. They were replaced by The Strokes.


Rage replaced by The Strokes is like substituting a bell pepper for a Scotch bonnet. Are they technically both peppers? Yes. Is your salsa going to suck now? Yes.


That's an apt analogy if I've ever heard one!


We had that recently nearby (and I briefly thought the OP might be talking about the same festival, but Blink 182 was here in 2019, not scheduled for 2020). Foo Fighters had to drop out, obviously, and there was angst for a bit about who would replace them. They got Muse in there so it all turned out alright. Well, I thought so. I guess I'm not sure others agreed. I kinda would have liked to have gone to either of those, actually, but I'm too old for crazy music festival crowds anymore.


I’m not in this scene, so it’s not obvious to me. Covid related somehow?


The drummer for the Foo Fighters passed away late March.


Always buy guns and concert tickets with a credit card and dispute the charge if something goes wrong. It's easier than dealing with shitty merchants.


I just resold the one set of tickets we had on a third party site (ticket hub I think) after the first rescheduling of the show. When they rescheduled the second time it was to a date we knew we weren't available. Of course, it then got rescheduled like 3 more times before it finally happened. Reminds me I need to see if they ever paid me for those tickets since you don't get paid until the show actually happens.


Huh, I have always got my money (plus booking fee back). But then I go in guns blazing with text from Which?'s consumer rights website (Resolver has something similar too).


A show I was excited to see was postponed 6 months, I still wanted to go but didn't want to be out the money that long so took the refund. Next month HALF PRICE TICKETS. Always get the refund


Ticket companies really fucked over a lot of customers due to the pandemic. I bought tickets to go see a game and they only offered a site credit that expired before vaccines were available. There’s no reason that had to play out that way, seller was refunded for the ticket.


I was planning to go to the Cubs/Padres game when the pandemic was first rumbling. I'm so glad I decided to hold off on buying the tickets because, within days, lockdowns started and the season was postponed. I feel like I really dodged a bullet.


That’s the sad thing. I purchased a bucks/ mavs game to see Giannis and Luka around March 10th. Game was around March 22nd.


Emerald City Comic Con was cancelled just a week or two before it was supposed to start. I was very sad.


Marron V were supposed to play in my country mid March 2020, I had a coworker that was very excited for it. The band had already arrived to the country when lockdowns kicked in.


A few months ago, I wanted to get tickets for my favorite artist. I was in the queue, but it was during work hours and I was 20 minutes delayed. By then, it was sold out. No problem, I'll get resale tickets in a month or so. Turns out at least half the tickets got bought by scalpers/bots and they were on resale sites for three times the cost in less than an hour. I fucking hate ticket sale websites.


And they actively encourage the botting. They could absolutely design their website in a way that doesn't allow for mass botting with ease, but it basically invites you to do it.


Jokes on them, tickets for her most recent show went on sale half an hour ago and I snagged them before the bots got to them. TAKE THAT, TICKETMASTER. I only had to break like, two traffic laws in the process!


It’s not bots. It’s that no tickets actually go on general sale. After fan club presales, credit card presales, other presales, artist holdbacks, venue holdbacks, and other various holdbacks (including direct off-market sales to brokers) you’re often seeing like less than 20% of the venue ever being sold in a general sale. We all blame it on “bots” but in reality it’s usually just too many fans chasing a mere handful of tickets.


Uh, no. Botting is a known issue. There are hundreds of different programs you can use.


It's both, Last Week Tonight had an episode on how shitty the ticket industry is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Y7uqqEFnY


It’s fairly proven that those “bots” and “scalpers” are actually just ticketmaster for the most part. They are contractually obligated to sell the tickets at a certain price. So they do. To themselves.


Also presales, holdbacks, and direct sales to scalpers. “Bots” are a scapegoat.


I pre-registered for a Rock N Roll half marathon for fall of 2020 at the fall 2019 race. Obviously it never happened, but RNR decided we really didn't need refunds and allowing us to instead participate in a race 5 hours away during a different time of year (or do it virtual which is not the point) was perfectly acceptable. If it was for an actual charity or local organization I would be fine with that, but fuck them, they knew for MONTHS it would be cancelled and just blew us all off. I filed a CC charge back that they never responded to and I got my $59 back. Yes, COVID was rough on businesses and still is, but you don't just get to keep my money because you decided not to have the event anymore!


I have heard too many horror stories about RNR to ever consider running one of their events.


I would kill to hear Tom DeLonge's weird alien cadence in person


I'll be on the lookout for your r/legaladvice thread.


The only concerts LadyWired and I attend are for Weird Al; I can’t imagine even the Evil Overlords of TicketMaster would try and replace him with someone else were he to cancel.


It was a festival, so it could really be anybody. Edit: Flaming Lips, maybe?


He's playing my city next month, and we're going and taking the kids. They were mad they didn't get to go the last time he was here because the venue was in a casino and they are both under age.


There is ApologetiX, who is basically Weird Al of the Christian world. All your favorite tunes, now about the Bible!


Like Faith+1!


Cledus T. Judd?


Missed title opportunity: “Always, I know, you'll be at my show”


LAOP: “Say it ain’t so, I will not go!”


"I don't know these bands" girl you bought tickets to a festival not a concert just go and find some new fucking music to listen to. I buy tickets to a music festival each year that sells out in an hour and doesn't announce the lineup until a few months later. Always go to sets for people I've never heard of and come back with new favorites. I promise there's been some cool new bands since the 2000s


Festivals are how I saw GWAR 4 times before I realized that I was, in fact, actually one of those weirdos who likes GWAR. Also how I saw the Deftones 7 times despite never wanting to see them, so... you win some, you lose some.


Haha yeah, the whole value of festivals is seeing multiple bands. Even day passes usually cost more than an individual concert ticket for many bands.


Yes and no. Depends on the fest. Some festivals are definitely “this sells out and you’re there for the festival experience so just enjoy whoever is playing.” But some fests are easier to get into, and the slightly higher first-party ticket price can sometimes make it easier to see a specific band. With the risk they don’t make it, obviously. But, as a rando example, I picked up tickets to Ohana festival after Pearl Jam’s actual tour date here sold out (I got in through the queue and all that was left was shit seats). So for a hundred and change I got to see them, in the pit, along with several other bands. By the beach. Similarly I went to see Guns n Roses specifically not long ago at Voodoo 2019. I was able to push up in the GA section to like three dudes away from the barricade. That same spot at an actual GnR show date would cost a *lot* more. Plus I got to see a bunch of other cool acts. Voodoo scheduling Brandi Carlisle on the stage immediately before GnR was a stroke of genius, I think I was literally the entire overlap of those two crowds. Made it super easy to push up front. So yeah, festivals are fuckin’ awesome.


Yeah I feel for them but the replies were really frustrating, it also seemed like they’d barely tried anything to sort their issue either


If he was wanting to see Blink 182 it sounds like they did him a favor. Blink 182 sucks.




Two years later?


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