Get inside and cooked him with body shots


left hook to the exposed liver and right straight all day, keep your foot on the outside. watch southpaw fighters and use the same tactics they use against orthodox opponents - one example is the Prince Naseem/McGregor lead uppercut and straight rear hand combo. Your lead hand should block his jab quite well, just as his lead hand will tend to block your jab.


Jab the body when they jab, or throw a right to the head or body when they jab. The key is to take away their jab and then get inside as quickly as possible don't try to box them.


Hard without seeing him fight,but most likely he will look for an outside angle (his right foot outside your left) and try to line his left straight,he can then close the door with his right hook. I would say get up close with him,you can do that by either being the one taking the outside angle in which case you essentially have to worry on his right hook or by taking an inside angle in which case you can shut him down better. Of course its not a diagram fight so its kind of hard to write about,but long story short,be mindful of him looking to line the left straight through the outside angle and get close to him


fake/ lazy jab, then power straight to the body always worked for me, if youre quick on your feet enough - in and out


Before participating in a dangerous possibly life ending combat sport, you should consult with your coach/trainer you trust to develop a game plan. as opposed to random strangers on the internet.


Oh yeah for sure! There is a game plan and I’m training my ass off but I like to do my homework as wel and try to absorb as much information that’s possible! But you are right!


Be ready to fight for that outside position with your foot placement! I use the jab a lot to fight for that position, make sure that head is off the center line. Lead right hand is gonna be huge, and do your best to close the distance and work the body. Also, try to find a southpaw and get some kind of sparring in. Having all the tips in the world won’t compare to atleast getting a real look


Jab their Jab the entire fight. Takes away so much of their game plan.


When he jabs like it's already been said throw a right straight or step in and go for a right hook. Also could try slipping left and pound him with some left body shots in combination with a left upper. Whenever he jabs using your right will help a lot, throw a clean powerfull straight and make him hurt.


Got this advice from 2 experienced boxers. A good right hand in the solar plexus can go a long way. You have to constantly fight for the foot positioning.


You may benefit from watching Modern Martial Artist's video on Manny Pacquiao and how he unconventionally uses inside lead foot position in the open stance to decimate taller, longer opponents.